Yummy Shrimp Lettuce Wraps – HCG Diet Recipe

hey there ladies and gentlemen this is gabriel joseph in my house tonight is crazy I’ve got myself my totality entire clas so I’ve got five kids plus each one of my five girls seems like they have one or two of the neighborhood friends over so like it’s a madhouse plus we have company but you know what it was 535 actually no it’s 649 now it was like coming around six o’clock I has not been able not devour any longer so I jumped in the kitchen and made up a little recipe and I figured I’d go ahead and share it with you what do you got to say howdy okay that’s crazy that’s going to the world in YouTube you got anything to say they’re little buckets No okay examine I’m going to show you guys what I made up tonight and I got a little special give I wanted to taste it before I proved you it just to make sure it was good so I cleared it all up but as you can see we’ve got right over here I had three large-scale lettuce leaves and I heated them up just a little bit to realise them soft so I fantasized I after I washed him threw him in the grey microwave for about 30 seconds and clears them a little bit softer more suggestible but as you can see in here ooh serviceman that seems good all right so this is shrimp and cucumbers and the cucumber’s I mashed up or didn’t mash up i approximate i diced them up and the shrimp I cut up into little itty-bitty pieces to conclude them proceed a little bit further and then in there we have a little bit of seasoned rice vinegar and this is a really good product if you haven’t heard about it brag liquid aminos it makes the place of soy sauce but it’s absolutely all natural and as you can see back here it’s just reasonably low-spirited in sodium but it’s got zero calories so we’re good to go on that Bragg’s Liquid aminos and I likewise use Bragg’s apples cider vinegar for a lot of robes and then I time did a lot of just different assorted spices to flavor right gone field ginger now because I like a little bit spicy I’ve got crushed crushed red pepper and then I’ve also got the zip which in here it’s got onion paprika chili pepper cumin garlic jalapeno coriander cayenne oregano and lemon oil so all of that all those spices boom going to go in here so you make it up you simply chop everything up kind of pour it in whatever whatever throw it in your lettuce leaf and you are good to go you know candidly it’s kind of like PF changs lettuce folds it’s one of my favorite things want to go to that restaurant so I figured I just go ahead and build my own recipe spurt I experimented a little bit got really gone minds out of this cookbook that I’ll share with you this morning I think it’s called the ultimate HCG dieters cookbook or something like that so awesome cookbook and anyways really there “theres going” it’s great recipe enormou opinion hope that you have fun on your food after i eat this literally i feel really really full and that meal right there is only about 230 calories so love it all right this gable joseph signing off see you last-minute good luck on a nutrition