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Cajun Baked Tilapia, HCG Phase 2

hi everyone I’m Chad sand thanks for watching HCG food today I’m going to show you how to make a baked tilapia with moment melba toast smidgen tops it’s super scrumptious I think you guys are going to really like it let’s go ahead and is starting firstly grab your melba toast and knock it into crumbs at 1/8 teaspoon of onion powder to your nova smidgens 1/8 teaspoon of garlic powder about 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper a rush of salt contribute a couple of pinches of age simply pinch the time between your digits and do this twice computed a hasten of spice now mix all of these parts up thoroughly formerly mingled spread the spice motley out evenly on a slab next contribute a duo tablespoons of organic lemon liquid to a small bowl now take care of 100 grams of tilapia and dip it in the lemon liquid try and cover the tilapia perfectly in lemon liquor next do your tilapia and situate it over your spice potpourrus try and perfectly cover the underside of this tilapia piece in the spice potpourrus then snap your tilapia over and do the same for the other side try and wholly cover the entire tilapia in this spice mixture don’t forget to get the sides as well abusing a foil strung cooking membrane place the tilapia in the center and if there was any left over spice mixture simply neighbourhood this on the top of the tilapia then Pat it down into the tilapia now you’re ready to cook target it on the center rack of a 350 magnitude oven for about 20 minutes or until lightly Brown formerly done remove your tilapia from the oven and don’t forget to turn off your oven I forget all the time immediately plate your tilapia you’ll want to eat it while it’s nice and sizzling then if you like garnish your fish with some fresh thyme or a lemon slice mmm this looks so good psyche you this is not your full meal you’ll want to eat a back salad with this or a side of 8cg friendly vegetables mmm let’s go ahead and take a bite I’m gonna cut right into this wow it’s so soft and flaky look at that grey pigment it seems simply fabulous let’s see if it smacks just as good mmm was really good truly crunchy really tasty that was really tasty really scrumptious I really liked it I think you guys are certainly gonna like this too and if you miss you can add added spices maybe some red pepper flakes some some other spices to give it a little bit more of a knock but that that was really tasty well I hope you guys experienced learning how to become that baked tilapia with Cajun melba toast toppings it was very tasty I hope that you guys have happy weight loss and besides that have a great wonderful residual of your daytime I’ll see you guys later bye

HCG Diet Application for Android: Ultimate HCG Coach Tutorial 1

welcome to the first tutorial for the ultimate HCG coach a brand-new android lotion this tutorial is going to focus on the fixeds section when we click on modify lays we are given six alternatives we have round determines starting value destination force meridian starting the measures and the number of HCG doses for your HCG diet we’re going to click on round situates item number one now as you identify I’ve already included some starting data in now for the purpose of this tutorial we can set the starting date where we could designated the number of daytimes for the round I have added a second round which you can get to by tick supplement around we can use the drop-down list to select rent our our second round from here we could decide the start date by snap this reform start time button we’re going to cancel the information requirements has already been added for you in here if you need to set a custom-built number of epoches for your HCG diet say your specialist is thought that you should only be on the food for a maximum of 30 days you would select custom enter in your number of epoches and press included epoches they are able to save the round as you notice here since we had already had a start date whenever you change the round provides it will ask you to update starting records or revise or not to update starting records this is primarily if you have made a change to the starting date because it will need to update any heaviness and measurements you added for that we’re go ahead and click update starting records you notice you get a a message it say to you where reference is has been saved successfully now we’re going to press the back button we’ve got give starting value and as you envision I have not already done so added a starting weight let’s say for instance you were a hundred and sixty-five pounds on July third which was our starting starting year you would enter your heavines and press save positions now if you recall for round two which is not yet came we did not supplemented a starting date if we were to select a weight around to enter loads or even on evaluations when we get to the measurement screen and there is no date it will spur you that you need to modify your round positions to include a year if you return you will not have the option to add a weight because there is no starting date associated with that round we’re going to press back now we’re going to look at goal value let’s say your goal weight was a hundred and thirty-five pounds you would enter 135 and press save settleds and you receive the letter indicating that it has been saved now we’re going to go into height trains now height situates are in inches ultimate HCG coach is not use metrics it exclusively consumes standard calculations so you would enter your summit in inches so let’s say you were five paw five and a half will participate 65 and a half inches and press save and we see that it’s been saved now let’s go back piece digit five starting appraisals now in the starting amounts you’ll see you have items six different items in now these pieces do not all have to be entered in but for any item you are not going to be tracking you will want to enter a zero in so “that were going” accurately compute the inches lost when you go enter in inches for added epoches now these measurements are all entered in a decimal percentage so what you’ll need to do is you’ll need to figure out your tape measure mesa a for instance maybe your appendage was 12 and 18 inch you’ll want to find out what 18 inches so you can press your menu button you’ll see you’re rendered five alternatives plus or more you want to punched more and here you’ll see you’ve got measurements cure now the tribes at kumas led onward and they lay in appraisals for the decimal percentage so that all you have to do is look up oh it’s was 18 so it was 0.125 so then you would go back and for your weapon you’d enter 12.125 and you would need to do that for each of your entries you would need to threw it in as a decimal/ senate or a decimal quantity so let’s say you have 42.5 and these are not accurate calculations these are just estimations I’m coming up with a top of my ability so that you can see how this works and we pulp save you’ll see you’re told that it is saved to the database and we can return our final entry in the locations is HCG dosages now you’ll notice that it’s automatically set to three doses that’s because that’s the standard number of dosages most people will be having while on the HCG diet so if you need to change that you would just change that amount and press save now one other thing you can notice is when I went into the menu button that places is available adjusts is available to you from any screen within the application by simply pressing the menu button and then you’ll come back to this modify establishes page thank you for watching the firstly tutorial for eventual HCG coach brand-new Android application available in the Google market for four dollars and ninety-nine from make code moves

Chicken Apple Patties, HCG Phase 2

hi everyone my call is Chaz and thanks for watching HCG nutrients today I’m going to show you how to attain some chicken Apple caddies they’re super good and super crowding I think you’re going to like them let’s go ahead and is starting firstly grab your favorite type of apple and cut it in half now cut it into thin slices next remove the skin from each slice if you like you can remove the skin prior to cutting the Apple in half by using the peeler next apply your blade cut these slivers up into thin little pieces what we are attempting to do is mince this Apple into the smallest pieces possible so make your blade and exactly continue to chop chop chop chop until you get small teeny minuscule little Apple pieces once you feel you have successfully ament’s the Apple into the smallest bit as possible rectify it to the side we’ll use it here in a moment now take your 100 grams of soil chicken breast make sure it is all natural or organic and add melba toast smidgens from one melba toast that has been humiliated add 2 tablespoons of the minced Apple that we minced just a moment ago add 2 tablespoons of apple liquid either fresh squeezed or all-natural without any supplements 1 tablespoon of minced onions 1/8 teaspoon of onion pulverize 1/8 TSP of garlic powder a sprint of cinnamon a smash of nutmeg a small dash of chilli pepper nonetheless this is optional if “youd prefer” it to be less spicy omit the red pepper lastly add a pinch of some salt and pepper next desegregate all of these parts up fully now you can use a spoonful or if you like you can use your hands like I am I only find it easier to use my hand since I will need to use my hands in a moment anyway once completely desegregated part your flesh motley into three equal divisions wheel all sections into a bullet and then Pat it down to form three individual patties next rectify your burner to medium heat after about a instant your go is advisable to preheated rain a small amount of chicken broth or spray on your go next is moving forward and lent your chicken patties to your skillet one at a time they might stick a little bit to the spatula just go ahead and give them a little wiggle and they’ll come off real quick these smells so that it’s actually kind of odd I’m making a meat patty but my totality house smells like apple pie sporadically deglaze your chicken patties with your chicken broth or your irrigate after a few minutes of cooking on this back your chicken patties are ready to be flip-flop the underside should have a nice golden brown color when you flip it after another couple minutes I ran onward and turned mine once again so that they would get that delightful charred burger glance they smell so good let’s go ahead and get them off the skillet and dish them up you can plate these with some iceberg or romaine lettuce leaves they too will be very tasty with some tomatoes and some HCG friendly mustard and ketchup these look and smells so good I cannot describe how wonderful this reeks mmm I hope it savours as good as it smellings let’s go ahead and take a bite mmm this is so good I could just eat these like a hamburger add some ketchup a little of loot some relish oh that resonates really good I speculate I’m gonna do that if you guys want me to move something peculiarly leave a comment below and let me know if you have any questions I hope you guys experienced watching today thanks for watching HCG menu and you guys have a wonderful wrister day told you later bye

HOW TO LOSE 10 POUNDS IN 3 DAYS | Military Diet, Does It Really Work? *NEW*

There’s an app for everything. Can someone just make an app that sucks the fat right out of you? Hi everyone I’m Rob and this is on the cheap tip! Now summer is right around the corner, and everyone is looking to lose weight fast. I mean, we’re going to be wearing a lot less clothing I wanna look like the hot guy in the pool loungin on the tube not just look like the tube. So recently a friend of mine a fellow youtuber Ms. Yanny told me about this military diet. Where you can lose 10 pounds in 3days! Yeah you heard me right, 10 pounds. So basically you’re supposed to follow a specific meal plan for 3 days and the combination of foods are supposed to work together to help you burn fat and lose weight. Now I know what you’re thinking, there is just just no way and I am just as sceptical as you are.So I went to a trainer to ask them specifically if this would work and they confirmed that, yes it can work cause because the foods that you’re eating filling but low in calorie. Now I’ve decided that I’m not only going to show you how to do this diet but I’m crazy enough to act as your guinea pig and do this meal plan for the next three days to prove if it actually even works, but hey I can stand to lose a couple of pounds. So let’s get started. Follow me on my journey Mm-hmm. The first thing that you need to do is weigh yourself in the morning of the first day that you are starting All right.I’m about to weigh myself. Oh-oops I was just off the scale cuz I’m so fat and the grand total is 157.6 lbs (71.4 kg) you’ve done that you’re just going to follow the meal plan and here it is Good morning, I have boogers in my eyes This is breakfast day 1 and what I’m eating is a half a grapefruit One slice of toast (whole wheat is best) with two tablespoons of peanut butter and one cup of coffee, no sugar No anything, it’s black, and I don’t even like coffee and I’m about do drink it It’s not that bad. It’s a little strong. I’m definitely going to be awake after this. You could also have a bottled water handy I don’t normally eat grapefruits.I don’t know how to eat it. What do you do? Okay, this is not working for me. I’m not trying to be fancy anymore with this thing. Okay, this is good mmm Not bad breakfast so far It’s lunchtime And I’m eating a half a cup of tuna, one slice of whole wheat toast, and one cup of coffee Also, you can have water too. Now I do have to admit I have never eaten tuna fish before I don’t like it this smells so bad to me and I’m terrified of gagging. Oh my god I don’t know if I want to do this. My eyes are watering a little bit. You can see how scared I am of food Like why am I scared of this? I’m just gonna put it in It wasn’t that bad. It’s a little fishy. Sort of tastes like chicken with a fishy aftertaste. Maybe I should eat it with the toast. I was just gonna heat it up and put some cheese on it Don’t like that. I feel like I’m gonna throw up My gagged on that one.It’s [like] chicken, that’s it. Just chicken. Okay, I did it I’m done and that’s only day one It’s dinner time and what I got today is three ounces of a meat of your choice One cup of green beans a half a banana one small Apple. I have one cup of vanilla ice cream I’m going to enjoy the hell out of this. So this is everything that I would eat already So I’m not really having a problem You don’t really need to watch me eat Day two and I’m eating one egg cooked anyway you like the half of a banana and a slice of whole wheat toast and don’t be making fun of my egg I know it’s jacked up with having boiled an egg know by now. This is something that I would eat normally It’s just delicious All right It’s lunch time, day two, and I’m eating one hard-boiled egg Five saltine crackers and the dreaded one cup of cottage cheese. I’m not excited about this one I don’t usually eat cottage cheese. That’s the one thing I’m kind of worried about them smell too bad I wonder if I spread it with a crack or maybe it’ll be a little bit easier to eat.Why is it lumpy? I Don’t like the texture That grosses me out a little bit. The taste isn’t bad though. With the crackers I don’t even really taste it just tastes like cream cheese. I mean will I eat this every day? Know about that it’s dinnertime and I’m eating two hot dogs, no bun a half cup of carrots one cup of broccoli half banana and a half a cup of vanilla ice cream not a cup like we had last time I have to tell you the thing that I’m the most excited to eat today is the hotdog when I first heard of this I was like I’m not gonna want a hotdog, like, that’s not something I’ve been craving I’ve been craving it all day, especially after eating that cottage cheese.It took me an hour to eat So this I’m gonna make love to it. I love all the stuff so I’m gonna go fucking eat. I just woke up Good morning breath and all it’s breakfast day three and I’m eating one small Apple five saltine crackers and a slice of cheddar cheese Yes, just a slice. This is a very small breakfast. At this one I’m a little bit over this diet Today’s the day that I eat the least but on top of that I have to eat tuna fish again for dinner And I’m really not looking forward to that I mean it’ll be worth that in the end if I actually lose the weight, so I’m praying that that actually happens It’s lunchtime and I’m eating one slice of whole wheat toast and one egg cooked any way you like So much food.What am I gonna do Again, I like everything I’m eating but it’s just I don’t know if this is enough to get me through till dinnertime I’m a big boy. I gotta get some food in me I’m gonna eat it slow and to make it last Hey it’s dinner time the meal that I’ve been dreading all day And I’m eating a cup of tuna fish a half a banana and cup of vanilla ice cream I had to prepare the tuna a different way because I just wouldn’t be able to down it and this is My only meal and I really have to eat this so I just grilled it up.No oil or anything Just plain and then I did season it with a little bit of salt and pepper They said in this diet you can actually season it. So I had to do it. I’m praying that it made a difference Let’s hope. Here it goes. Oh my god so much better .Ten times better Why didn’t I do this before? It tastes like chicken now? It got rid of that fishy taste But if I would have known this I would’ve beaten tuna a long time enough. What a triumph So after I’m done with my tuna, I’m just gonna might get out of my ice cream and I’ll be done with this diet Thank God and we will see if I actually lost some weight So once your three days is up you’re going to then weigh yourself on the morning of the fourth day To see if it even worked.I hope I hope I hope time for the moment of truth 151 lbs (68.4 kg) I lost 6 pounds!!! It’s not ten but I’ll take it I haven’t been that small since pre-school Now this diet can be done once a week But weight loss will vary depending on a persons previous diet. And if you would like to try out this military diet I will leave a link in the description box So you can find out more information about the meal plan Now as far as me doing this every week i don’t think that’s gonna happen I think that is a great initial start to weight loss But now I think I’m just going to take it from here and eat healthier and exercise.Now even though I didn’t lose 10 pounds I actually learned a lot about my eating habits during this process in which I often eat because I’m bored and not because I’m hungry and I think that was the best lesson I could have learned over all So thats my whole tip, and I hope that you liked it! Make sure to comment down below, like this video, and subscribe to my channel And i will see you all next Monday for another cheap tip, and this Friday for another cheap laugh! Bye guys!.