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Cajun Baked Tilapia, HCG Phase 2

hi everyone I’m Chad sand thanks for watching HCG food today I’m going to show you how to make a baked tilapia with moment melba toast smidgen tops it’s super scrumptious I think you guys are going to really like it let’s go ahead and is starting firstly grab your melba toast and knock it into crumbs at 1/8 teaspoon of onion powder to your nova smidgens 1/8 teaspoon of garlic powder about 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper a rush of salt contribute a couple of pinches of age simply pinch the time between your digits and do this twice computed a hasten of spice now mix all of these parts up thoroughly formerly mingled spread the spice motley out evenly on a slab next contribute a duo tablespoons of organic lemon liquid to a small bowl now take care of 100 grams of tilapia and dip it in the lemon liquid try and cover the tilapia perfectly in lemon liquor next do your tilapia and situate it over your spice potpourrus try and perfectly cover the underside of this tilapia piece in the spice potpourrus then snap your tilapia over and do the same for the other side try and wholly cover the entire tilapia in this spice mixture don’t forget to get the sides as well abusing a foil strung cooking membrane place the tilapia in the center and if there was any left over spice mixture simply neighbourhood this on the top of the tilapia then Pat it down into the tilapia now you’re ready to cook target it on the center rack of a 350 magnitude oven for about 20 minutes or until lightly Brown formerly done remove your tilapia from the oven and don’t forget to turn off your oven I forget all the time immediately plate your tilapia you’ll want to eat it while it’s nice and sizzling then if you like garnish your fish with some fresh thyme or a lemon slice mmm this looks so good psyche you this is not your full meal you’ll want to eat a back salad with this or a side of 8cg friendly vegetables mmm let’s go ahead and take a bite I’m gonna cut right into this wow it’s so soft and flaky look at that grey pigment it seems simply fabulous let’s see if it smacks just as good mmm was really good truly crunchy really tasty that was really tasty really scrumptious I really liked it I think you guys are certainly gonna like this too and if you miss you can add added spices maybe some red pepper flakes some some other spices to give it a little bit more of a knock but that that was really tasty well I hope you guys experienced learning how to become that baked tilapia with Cajun melba toast toppings it was very tasty I hope that you guys have happy weight loss and besides that have a great wonderful residual of your daytime I’ll see you guys later bye

HcG Diet~Round 4 Phase 2 VLCD#4 *Chard Weight Loss -2.2 lbs*

hey HCG family it’s miss HCG girl here and guess what we got we got a lot of snow we did we did and I’m walking through my garden merely checking it out and I got my coat on and my little crocheted hat that I made and I found out there’s another HCG girl on now that crochets I think it’s HCG com we crochet regardless look at all the snow and they’re visit for more anyway I wanted to quickly get on now my load this morning was 179 point2 that’s a 2.2 pound I conclude perhaps the charred facilitated i also think perhaps the rub helped thanks Yolanda anyway I will take it and up for those of you who are counting I think it’s 8.4 that I have lost in three days that’s a record for me okay this round that is a record in 3v lcds 8.4 whoo I’ll take it regardles Ashley’s going to make a snowfall angel or she only did so I’ve got to go check it out I just wanted to say that a charity each and every one of you guys peace out

HcG Diet Round 2 VLCD#37 *60 Pounds Weight Loss!*

hey there ain’t CG family it’s miss HCG girl now and today is day 39 of my round 2 time 2 HCG diet and 37 of the very low-calorie and today I’m happy to report that I am stage six down from yesterday and likewise today is a couple of milestones first thing I want to mention oh I weighed 195 item 6 I started this diet at 255 pounds March 1st and today lines the large-scale 60 60 pounds loss on HCG so I am really really really excited about that too today and I’m going to step back so you can see I went to Walmart last-place nighttime and I are caught up them size 14 short-spokens and they were not snug at all when I draw them home and I tried them on so I’m gonna let you guys participate like my short-liveds if I should show you this is my short anyway I’m really really really happy about that oh and I was going to show you my big fat hat individual made a comment about that they speculated my cat pumpkin was big-hearted my “cat-o-nine-tail” pumpkin probably doesn’t even wear it weighed 12 pounds she precisely seems big because she has a lot of thick-witted hair but my cat hunter now that “cat-o-nine-tail” rock-and-rolls okay he weighs about 20 pounds he be applicable to weigh like close to 23 pounds or 25 pounds and when we got these Tintin’s in two years ago which we still call them the kittens even though they’ve been here two years Hunter weighs about 18 to 20 pounds now and I’m going to show you him check him out what’s great about him more is he sits like a follower he sits on the storey just like a soul sits had said some you know and looks at us like hey you fucking humans anyway I’m just checking in today today’s Wednesday August 11 th I just got back from the dinner I still haven’t even finished boozing my chocolate I had to give it up while they scavenged my teeth and they told me this time that I had unwarranted tartar buildup in between my teeth on the inside and I said she goes have you been drinking a lot of chocolate and tea I said uh yeah on this diet that’s about all you can have and so anyway I don’t know if anybody else had that question or notice that and too had some sense on my sole right side and they said they said I had a cracking in a tooth on the bottom right side and apparently it wasn’t inconveniencing me until I started doing this diet so it’s possible that the diet has egged the pain on in my tooth and he said it’d be okay unless it started beginning a lot of problems and then we’re going to have to replace it with a crown but I pictured I’d discard that out there as a little tidbit for all you people that are doing the diet and if never watched me before go watch some of my videos I’m going to try to upload my older videos I got to get do some revising to it and I want to thank all of you guys have posted statements yesterday you guys are so encouraging thank you so much better I envisage I have like seven Injection days left because I go into day 46 because I skip a daytime every week and so I have seven maybe seven or six dose daylights and then I’m gonna go three days post on the very low-calorie and I can be honest with everybody here because we’re all very honest with one another and that I’m so tired this round of doing the very low calories I actually has not been able to had any tempting anticipates or seducing menu hopes and told yesterday I was looking at all these marketings ads that I had missed while I was gone and one of them had a picture of a pizza and “its like” a de jure knows pizza and I swear to God all I required was about that pizza so I’m hoping that I can have that when I finished three weeks of p3 I’ m going to try some p4 nutrients before I come back to p2 so if anybody has any gratuities about getting to that place you know contact me or write mentions down here and anyway I time want to give you guys a big virtual hug you guys are all doing great I adoration communicating with you like this every day I’m gonna go watch some of your videos here in a little while after I get caught up on some other stuff now y’all have a great Wednesday and peacefulnes out