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Hcg weight loss diet – Hcg weight loss program Phase 1- Hcg Diet plan Tips Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi MD

Have you “ve tried everything” and still haven’tfound any mixture for your weight loss problems, if that’s the case was continuing watchingthis video and you will thank me last-minute. I don’t follow this , you can plan this. nowthere are two school of thoughts about this HCG protocol, every ha there own theory. we likewise say that when you start HCG for firstphase we cause a loading dates that case can eat anything, whatever they miss. from the third day you start with the HCGdiet. OK? people do it. results are almost the same. but here in India the problem is that whenyou ask a patient to go and eat whatever you want to eat, you know what they eat. Pointnumber 2 then it happens that they gain some load but they never consider the weight lossfrom that gained force. they read the weight loss from the day they had come. And if they gained makes say about 1 kg or1. 5 kg during those 3 dates they will say that we will count from the now merely. if they lose about 1.5 kg in 1 week they donot consider it as lost heavines. they compare it with the initial heavines beforethe loading stage. and say that this is not working. there is one trouble in this, in that i gotthe idea that this is not the right way to do.so we will start HCG only after the labsare done and the loading time is over.We will not start it on the day when patientstarts feeing a good deal. That’s what I decided and i started doingthat, and they answered well and I am happy. you can think either i go with the loadingor you can decide this mode it is not going to make much divergence in the final outcome. its like 40 daylights or 43 dates diet that’s nota big deal. but to avoid that hostility of the firstweek with both patients and they feel bad. What “i m saying” on the day one they come I tell themto go for the labs and start loading and chew whatever you want. and then come back in 3days. the day they come I weight them again andsometimes they have gained 1 or 1.5 kg. and I start from this reading.So I eschew thatloading stage with the injections. this is my protocol my space. much of people who follow what I say they seegood results. and how it helped me I will tell you. “ve been trying to find” a ground for this also thisadipostat thing wreaks, what happens that when individual patients is gobbling a good deal the day we spokeabout it, when there is hyperphagia there is balanced abridged stomach or anorexia, so you see if you are fasting for two days your appetite goes up the third day you willeat a bit more.Why? because this adipostat wants to bringthe load to the same weight. similarly if you dine a lot for two days the third dayyou dont want to eat again the same adipostat is working. so “youve had” made more calories and the naturewants you to come back, the third day you will feel bloated, i don’t want to eat, thatwhat you do when you had two days of party or something. Lets eat something light today.then this is the only way munch brightnes we don’t want to eatanything heavy-laden, and that’s what happens. so probably this loading time of 2 or 3 daysdoes the same and it becomes easy for them to start the diet. it is already i the phase of compensation. so we have all the options. we have alternative list 1 you start the patientright away on the hcg, or you can do two days of loading and continues its hcg n thethird era it would be rather than 40 epoches to 43 daytime and it can be handled. second is that you tell the patient to eatwhatever and then come back and from that day you start the hcg. third is from dayone you do the patient go on the hcg etiquette ..

35 Pound Weight Loss in 40 Days on the HCG Diet | Dr. Shel Wellness & Aesthetic Center

Hi I’m Shelly and I decided to do HCG and met with Doctor shel after having twins. I had tried working out weekly and time couldn’t lose the weight that I needed to lose. After doing the HCG program I was able to lose about 35 pounds. And have all along been actually hindered it off for over three years. It’s been a greatprogram, you lose it fast. There’s no time for cheating because it’s so rapid and which forms it really accessible and doable for all beings. I envisage anyone cando something for thirty or forty days and give your imagination to it, and genuinely mounted a objective. I guess Doctor Shel’s product is great because the special formulation that theyuse certainly helps you not be hungry, helps you lose the weight and actually keep it off.

How To Inject Pregnyl® (hCG) Intramuscularly | Fertility Treatment | CVS Specialty®

[ Music playback] Pregnyl hCGintramuscular injection Hi, everyone, Im Sofia, Im going to explain to you how toinject Pregnyl into your muscles, abbreviated as Pregnyl intramuscularly. This methodallows the drug to be absorbed into the blood faster. Before we start, one thing must be explained. Pregnyl can also beinjected under the skin, announced subcutaneous insertion, so you must know which method your healthcare provider tells you to use. The instructions are divided into fivequick steps.You can use the following sections tojump to different steps at any time. First, make us make sure thatyou have prepared all the supplies- including a bottle of Pregnyl, also known as hCG; a bottle ofbacteriostatic spray for dilution; a sterile syringe; a needle for mixing, it may It has been installed on thesyringe or may not have been installed; an injection needle; there are also alcohol swabs, infertile gauze, asharps box and a clean counter. The prescriptions or furnishes you receivemay be in gangs of “cc” or “mL”, andthey are interchangeable. Don’t worry, they are just differentnames, the measurement is the same. For example, 1 ccis equal to 1 mL. Today I will explain how tomix and infuse 10,000 IU. However, ifyou need a different dosage, check with your healthcareprovider what the hell is do next. Now please washyour hands well with soap and sea. First, we have to mix thepowdered Pregnyl with the diluent. At the beginning, removethe detonators of the two medicine bottles and wipethe top of each bottle with an booze swab.Unpack the syringe. If the syringe is notequipped with a needle, clamped the mixing needleonto the syringe and remove the needle cover. Next, you will use a syringe todraw breeze by pulling the piston back to let in the air, to the diluent dosage recommended by your healthcare provider, which is usually 1 cc or 1 mL. Place the drug bottle on aflat surface and thrust the needle through the rubberstopper into the bottle. Gentlypress the piston all the way to the end to push the air into the medicinebottle, which makes it easier to draw the remedy. Then, without pulling out theneedle, turn the prescription bottle upside down. Slowly pull theplunger back to draw out the recommended amount of diluent.In this process, make sure that the needle tip isalways immersed in the answer. When you are done, situate the medicine bottleon a flat face and pull out the needle. Now slowly pour 1 cc of thediluent into themedicine bottle containing the pulverized Pregnyl by inserting the needle through the rubberstopper into the medicine bottle and gradually propagandizing thepiston to inject the solution.While the needle of the syringe is still stuck in thevial, gently swirl the contents of the vialuntil the gunpowder evaporates into the solution. If the answer is difficult to ascertain or yousee any particles floating around, do not use it andcall your healthcare provider immediately to ask what to do next. Do not pull out the needle andturn the remedy bottle upside down. Slowly pull the plunger back toextract the dose you need, moving sure that theneedle tip is always immersed in the answer during this process.Now you can change the needle. First, withdraw the mixing needlefrom the medication bottle, re -fit the needle encompas, and unscrew the needle with theneedle blanket from the syringe. Discard the needle in the sharps box. Next, screw the injection needleonto the syringe and remove the needle cover. With the needle facing up, tapor movie the syringe to remove all breath foams. Then gentlypush the piston untila small drop of liquid is available on the gratuity of the needle. It is good to see big descends, which means that your prescription isready for injection. Replace theneedle cover of the insertion needle and set it aside.Now you can startpreparing your insertion website. There areseveral muscles in the human body that can be used to inject pharmaceuticals. Today I will show youhow to insert in the rears. You may find thatit is easier to ask someone to get the injection for you, but if you plan to get theinjection yourself, you can use a mirror, which will make it easier tosee what’s going on. To start, choose one of theupper outer quadrants( the upper outer side) on both sides of your trendies. Remember which sideyou took the infusion on, because you have to alternate injections on both sides every day, and never introduce in areas that are tender, red, bruised or hard-boiled. It may be a little embarrassing for you to give yourself an intramuscularinjection, sobefore “youre starting”, framed ice cubes or a crate of frozenvegetables on the infusion website for a few minutes to numb it.When you are prepared, use an alcohol pad to scavenge about 2 inches of skin around the injection site, and then waita few seconds to let it dry. Now that you are ready to inject themedicine, we will begin. Remove the needle plaster, impounded the syringe in one hand, and then usethe thumb and index finger of the other hand to stretchthe surface around the injection site. Just like propelling a projectile, immediately implant the entire needle instantly into the skin at a 90 -degree angle. Push the piston slowlyuntil you have injected all the medicine. Quickly count 1, 2, 3, press down the infusion website with a piece of gauze and pull out the needle. All well and good. Now, the last step you need to do is clean up. If there is remaining Pregnyl in the medication bottle, accumulation itin the refrigerator for up to 60 days. Then jettisoned theused needles and syringes in the sharp-wordeds box.That’s it! Thank you very muchfor watching today. Take care of yourself.[ Music Play] Need more advice? Encompass Fertility cases can call their pharmacy team at -8 55 -4 43 -5 357. If you have more questions, please contact your healthcare provider. The purpose of the information( “content”) provided in this video is not to change or replace the professional medical suggestion, diagnosis, treatment, and training courses you receive from healthcare providers. The material is for information purposes simply, and is not designed or intended to diagnose or analyse a health problem or disease. For more detailed instructions on your specific prescriptions and important safety information, please refer to the prescription information and patient information leaflets, and talk to your healthcare provider. No matter what information you insure or read in this informative video, ever use your remedies as be determined by your healthcare provider. For any questions or concerns you may have about a medical mode, be sure to consult your healthcare provider. 2019. ProCare Pharmacy, L.L.C. All titles reserved. 75 -4 9051 J.

Why You Should Consider Walking 3 Times A Day -HCG Diet Coach

What’s up, my people Colin F Watson in the house HCG diet coach and I was doing one of my 10 time walk through three 10 -minute walk throughout the day with – perfect, but I’ll get into that a little bit in a minute, but you have someone ever ask questions like, what is the best diet? They is a well-known fact that I’ve been the fat that released game a overweight secrete professional and they ask me what is the best diet and I although I have my own personal rulings on All personal protocol the true answer. Is that the one you’ll follow right? What is the best lifestyle plan? What is the best employ strategy? It’s the one you’ll actually Implement and do on a consistent basis, you are well aware parties invite, you are well aware, there’s so many different ways to release body fattens out there and so many parties really good at teaching how to do that.But ultimately the key to success in any nutrition and nutrition project is adherence to the plan every nutrition run. As long as you follow it with strict obedience long enough to achieve the results you require. The difficulty is most people don’t want to follow it follow it and “re going through” the suffering and exasperation sometimes of gradual sluggish or no, wait secrete, you know sacrificing something today that you can have tomorrow, you are well aware, emotional eating is and triggers that that you’ve been mode yourself. Of to comfort yourself with food or other activities versus abiding strictly exclusively to put into practice your etiquette. So what I like to share with you today is sip a little gratuities. You can Implement to any nutrition or nutrition intention that’s going to help you achieve your goal. And that is these three 10 x ambles three times a day three Tim and it marches you to set your watch or your path you call it. You’re a little Fitbit or whatever it feels like to your smart-alecky watch smartphones or five minutes out and you get on it.You take it a pace as well. I can talk to you but you guys also know that I’m walking you can hear me breathing do late wheezes. That’s that’s the that’s as fast you need to do it. And the reason why he’s a great because they help the body utilize your nutrition you’re taking in. So ideally the best time to do it first thing in the morning. If you are a breakfast person then the first thing you do after breakfast if you are a person that fast it’s a bit last-minute in the morning.Me I get up in the morning. I tread my bird-dog. Let her do her business come back drop her off and then I run do my 10 -minute walk because it’s not the same way you walking a hound to finish and smelling and wanting to poop and we’ll have you so and then I get it on again after lunch simply had lunch and then eating my lunch is a protein shake. I’m still allowing my torso and my suggestion to absorb the nutrients from it and partition it into all the places it needs it so I get the carbs the protein carbs and fatties from my shake and now being partitioned. Into my bloodstream into my muscles helping my assistance me grasp and process what I’ve taken in and allow me also to burn calories.So these three 10 -minute walk sir, so crucial because in fact that they’re easy to do and I typically don’t share something unless I’ve been doing it for a while. So it’s not an original notion. I got this idea this concept from stand efforting, you know world class to world champ record owner actually life record incumbent in the strongman. And I adoration his doctrine because it’s like it’s something anybody can Implement any time and you really have no excuse doesn’t matter. If you’re catching a plane at international airports or having dinner just last night and a partner and I were so friends had dinner out and we rather dinner.I said, I named our clock with five minutes. We had our puppies with this we made them down we walk through the parking lot went down. It was a big shopping center trod five minutes out turn around walk five minutes back off the car went home and it was good to go. And it’s just an amazing thing because easy to here at you, so I said I didn’t wouldn’t share it. So I’ve been doing it for a few weeks now and I merely find myself looking forward to it. I feel better doesn’t matter how ponderous are how like the meal is it handles digest better? Because it gets your bowels moving and drawing down the menus and the fact that it means you’re out the same time.So some people are focusing on getting their 10,000 stairs a day, which is also a great goal, but they did a study comparing these Really short 10 -minute walks to those who are getting 10,000 stairs a epoch and what they found is that three 10 -minute walks will come out to be about 4,500 stairs a date. So half the distance but was coming peak fatty loss peak nutrition separating into the muscles are getting a lower blood sugar lower insulin Spike. So therefore if you had a meal that some say simple carbs in it and your insulin Spike, we frequently tell your body to to process or secrete more solid. This will actually drop your insulin stages from that meal by more than 50% in some cases even higher. So the benefits are great what I like about it most I’m going to turn around here at my illuminate is not going to be as enormous. But hopefully you guys get the gist what I like about it most is that it’s simple to implement you can do it anytime there’s no excuses and the benefits of so huge.That’s going to pay off on any food and Tricia plan you’re following. So even though I am the aac’s diet coach and I speculate have the fastest fat loss system on the planet. I want to encourage anybody to do the nutrition or nutrition schedule that works best for you that you find that you can Implement frequently with as much Perfection as possible and throw in these 10 three-minute walks. They will assist you contact your goal faster, but more importantly you’ll create a Style a attire that you’ll do for the rest of your life to help you maintain the body of Life. I’ll see you guys next video. Thanks lodging around, satisfy like and share this video subscribe to the channel. We sure could leave some more so partisans give it a thumbs up. If you like the theme leave me a message if you want me to cover any of the topics and it’s just been awesome. Which can we did our website has everything you could ever want to know about the advanced issue diet check out ColinFWatson.com See you later.Peace out.

HCG Diet Plan | FDA WARNING-HCG Diet Plan Causes Heart Arythmia,Gallstones | Natural HCG alternative

HCG Diet Plan | HGC Diet Dangers HCG or Human chorionic gonadotropin has been approved by FDA for things like female sterilization and other medical conditions but it has not been approved by the agency of weight loss HCG Alternative these load HCG weight loss concoctions, FDA hasn’t received specific reports of harm about them but we are very concerned because the products instruct users to take them with a 500 calory per day food This kind of diet dhould only be done under medical oversight. The jeopardies of such a nutrition include things like dizziness fainting gallstones or even soul arrhythmias FDA along with the Federal Trade Commission has issued seven forewarning letters to farms marketing these concoctions. We’re telling them that they need to stop marketing these unapproved and illegal concoctions. containing eight powerful parts each with a a long track record of helping fight excess weight, proshape rx has been carefully invented to drive and buoy safe long-term weight loss without the negative side effects associated with many of the other fat burning complements being sold today the success of pro shape rx has been driving in its multi tiered coming to weight loss rather than addressing simply one component of the digestive process that leads to the storage and excess that deposits throughout your figure proshape rx has been working to drive weight loss at four crucial stage throughout your digestive organization including stage one or proshape rx’s works to suppress your lust and eliminate unhealthy cravings rapidly extended working your daily calorie intake then at theatre two proshape rx drastically reduce the conversion of starch into sugar again reducing the number of calories sucked from high-pitched fatty meat at stage three pro shape rx achievements works to decrease the absorption of venom in the digestive organisation abbreviating your cholesterol and finally at stage four through special compounding of parts proshape rx numbers accelerates them to burn more calories a daytime even when the body is an a lie mood this multi tiered coming stirs proshape rx one of the most powerful nonprescription weight loss complements available today if you would like to try proshape rx we are currently provide of jeopardy free inquiry and you can start your trouble by simply crowding out a form on his web page and we will send you your risk free test of proshape rx immediately but don’t delay a test quantities are restraint and we don’t want you to miss out