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hCG Diet Recipe – Spicy Shrimp Salad Delight

are ya ladies and gentlemen my honour is Gabriel Joseph and today I am known as chef Joseph yep that’s right I’ve got another recipe intuition here for you and so this is something just super quick super easy and what a steam it down to today is I didn’t have any spinach left and I really like to have spinach for my banquets because like a entire entire bowl full is you know approximately a big handful there’s only about 78 calories and so you’re talking about you can have a lot of spinach certainly fill up your stomach and have very little calories with that so but I didn’t have that I’ve already feeds all of that and haven’t gone browsing yet and so I did have two other of the approved veggies here at members of this house plainly which was celery and celery for about a goblet cup and a half you’re talking perhaps 2025 calories and then I also had broccoli and broccoli as a really high-calorie vegetable in a goblet of broccoli you’re talking perhap 40 45 calories something like that so what I do to offset that is the the flesh that I devour when I have a high calorie vegetable is I have a very low calorie meat and so today I cooked up shrimp shrimp is about 90 calories for a whole entire you know three and a half ounces worth and so you can also have a lot of shrimp and likewise maintain a low-pitched calorie tally so anyways that’s how I various kinds of offset it because as opposed to eating like a 3.5 ounce steak is about 140 calories versus the 90 calories that’s in my banquet here today so with that being said let me show you guys something really quick and I exactly call this my my crunchy prawn salad surprise and what I do is I take my broccoli and I don’t like to eat you know real big huge cases of broccoli inside of like a little salad now I do like little pieces of bra or big portions of broccoli if I was to steam it but this is just raw broccoli terribly very good for you and then I also take and I cut up my celery bits relatively small as well the reason why is because they’re kind of stringy a little bit you know they’ve got that fiber that runs through them unless I cut them up small-minded I get big bits stuck in my teeth and it’s embarrassing I have to go floss not that I don’t floss every day anyway so I’m just saying not after every meal all right then what I do again this is kind of how you trick yourself on the nutrition even though you’re only having a handful of shrimp which normally you can really pound down and like you know ten seconds flat if you trimmed them up into little portions and then trimmed all of your other food up into little patches when you put it into your container and you’re eating through it it’s going to feel like a better longer tastier dinner ordeal because of the fact that you’re dining more of it now the last thing that I’m going to show you guys is for your carbs you’re gonna want to have like a melba snack or some type of approved cracker like that these are absolutely awesome and for three crackers well for four crackers you’re talking 260 calories so for three crackers you know you simply you might be hitting 45 or so so anyways what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna name this off to the side then I’m gonna applied my tripod down as well and let me show you how I get everything there is braced up okay so relatively easy what I do is just kind of throw all my stuff into One Bowl oh that was like soup ream you can tell that chef Jeff is not a professional okay so then we’ll take all of the other stuff and that’s just simpler and formerly we get it all into the bowl then the the real secret to establishing something that’s really appetizing and delectable are the different costumes that you have now I proved you guys and I “ve given you” the recipe on one of my other blog posts for this mustard dressing and I use it various kinds of as my staple I framed a lot of spices and herbs into it and I use apple cider vinegar with spray depending on how tangy you like it you know how zesty you like it and then I put in you know just like mustard merely straight out of the bottle that’s zero calories zero sodium or very low sodium regardless and I merely gave it in there until I get the right compatibility so today what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna include a little bit of that here to my salad and there we go now another thing that I really like particularly with shrimp it generates it a real good teriyaki spice is this Bragg Liquid aminos and this literally I necessitate it only savours precisely like soy sauce except for the fact that if you’re looking now you’re talking about that zero calories and soy sauce has high-pitched calories and it’s relatively low sodium in comparison with other soy located produces and so even though it has more sodium than probably you want to be using every day and every snack on the on the hcg Phase two diet they’re still pretty good if you use it sparingly so what I’m gonna do is just go ahead and scatter some of that in there now I’d be good for flavor then the last thing that I like is I want to have it various kinds of be spicy today so I’m just gonna take in cayenne pepper is really pretty spicy so I’m gonna be a little bit lenient on that as well as vanquished red pepper so I’ll be a little conservative on that as well but I’m gonna go ahead and framed some of that in there and guys I forgot right now so we got a spoon okay so then what I do is I genuinely only kind of mix it up yeah because I don’t want to simply be gobbling broccoli dead celery then get to my shrimp so I simply mingle it all up and I know a lot of people say hey don’t mix up your vegetables on your chapter 2 of your HCG diet but frankly it I need to research up on that because I think that is bull crap here’s why situated it into my cheek I ruminate it up I swallow it where does it run that’s right tribes goes into my gut then what happens does I leant something else into my speak I ruminate it up I swallow it and where does that extend yeah that’s right it goes into my tummy so it all regions in the same place what’s the difference between having it perceive you know with a variety of stuff as it’s going down so anyways that’s what I do so let me go ahead and applied this back up real quick all right whoa okay so the illumination is this way make sure to selfs chef Joseph okay so anyways that’s that’s mostly what I do for my spicy shrimp celery broccoli salad so let’s take a bite shall we mmm this is something that you can put in Tupperware and precisely put it on the go and here it goes down my cavity mmm-hmm okay mm-hmm tastes good shrimp has good compatibility but I had a little piece of broccoli and I had a little piece of celery in there I don’t know if you guys could hear it but it was crunching some of you guys that you know that type of thing might inconvenience I want to cover your ears mmm let me show you again mmm that’s good all right so that’s my tip for the day Oh got a couple little peppers in there my documents is gonna start irrigating now pretty soon cayenne pepper and other seasonings are also stunning at truly helping to keep your immune system up and flush out anything that is entered into it that’s not good so obstructs you healthy all right this is chef Joseph Booya that was my tip for the day whew ceiling