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HCG Diet – How to get started (part 1)

hello I mentioned on Wednesday that I would be making this vlog this is for anyone who is unsure of how to get started it’s also the paper that I reproduced off for your best friend over at the organic grocery alright so the first thing I recommend is that you read pounds and inches by dr. Simeon you can find a free emulate online at HCG diet infocom or HCG medical com forward reduce simians scattered ASP the acces I found out about this diet was by learning the weight loss cure by Kevin Trudeau I checked it out from the library because I didn’t want to buy it I didn’t want to positioned any fund into anything I didn’t really know anything about so I likewise unquestionably recommend predicting smack two of his other notebooks it will help you understand the weight loss cure a little bit more if you do it this nature you guys get kind of redundant but i’ll tell you all his redundancy has helped because i haven’t forgotten a word that i’ve read but those other two books are natural dries and more natural medications both volumes show exactly how to do the protocol you can also acquisition leader to implementing the weight loss cure online if you assemble the yahoo HCG diet group highly recommended at state groups yahoo com forward slash radical/ h cg dieters once you’ve done that you can email a practical dreamer at yahoo com and she will give you a really nice discount which i believe is ten dollars off i also recommend the HCG cookbook and you can find it at HCG recipes net if you use the coupon code HCG dieters it will save you fifteen dollars I haven’t personally bought the cookbook because my monthly allow was spent on my brand-new we fit so I may be regarded getting it next month for my birthday I’ll ask for that for my birthday another really great resource is of course YouTube there are various other vloggers you’ll want to check out if you haven’t already mummy o’clock and Margo Zoe are the two that I obtained the most helpful and instructive so check them out you might also consider making your own YouTube video magazines it’s a good way to stay caused because you are accountable for your progress in front of all your viewers and it’s like your own little you are familiar with little journal thing so I look forward to making one of these every day once you’ve read the books the next thing you’ll need to do is buy your renders first you’ll need to decide if you will be injecting or if you will be taking it sublingual e under the tongue then you’ll want to buy your HCG for the best deal and the fastest shipping go to drug delivery CA you’re looking for the pregnyl and i’ll show that here try not to make it very fuzzy you can see and I found that it was best to buy three ampules of 5, 000 IU’s this will last the full 45 eras of its optional protocol it will be around ninety eight dollars and it will arrive within two to four weeks I get mine in a bit under two weeks and if you really think about it this is a lot better than going to see a clinic where they are able to sometimes blame hundreds or even sometimes thousands of dollars if you’re planning to insert you can buy your plies from HCG supplies appease if you’re planning to do this sublingually like me you’ll need to buy colloidal silver and a vitamin b1 2 complex this is the only one that I could find so I didn’t have a lot of options so both sets of components are available for consultation any nutritional collect or organic grocery while you’re there I too suggested that you buy a rail of organic soap a tube of organic toothpaste and some organic disinfectant as you won’t be able to use the category you ordinarily use while on this protocol too check out their smells and buy some fragrance and one more thing that really assists is this for the first I’m speaking for its own experience for the first three days you get really tired I couldn’t sleep more than four hours at a time and I just deterred waking up in the middle of the night you might want to get some some of that make sure that’s one hundred percentage organic and you check the label while you’re there you likewise want to buy some organic unrefined a innocent coconut lubricant this is a wonderful thing to cook with and it’s a smart obtain because you can’t really use any other kinds of petroleums on the protocol it’s not on its optional protocol but numerous beings including myself have had a lot of success with it it induces your flesh juicier and it also happens to taste great you will also need a mixing needle mix tomato could be within one inch and one and a half inch and anywhere between 18 to 27 ascertains I bought this one at walmart this is a this is a one inch 25 gues but I didn’t really like it because it’s really hard to get the liquid up to the syringe so I started looking around for another needle and I could not find one anywhere it drove me nuts I went to see four different CVS’s to find this needle this is a one and a half inch and it’s 18 estimates and really glad i ascertained it because it parts a lot better can get it up in the syringe a little better and so you don’t have to be jolly squeamish about what size that you get it’s just kind of up to you but i would go ahead and call around firstly and ask if they sell them and individually wrapped bundles because a lot of places merely sell them to you in packs of like 50 or 100 and they always cost a lot more than these did the issue is 25 pennies each i used bought four members of those so i got four for a dollar i’m planning on i’m probably going to end up doing three rounds so i’ll satisfy one for each round and then I have an extra just in case one of them doesn’t work claim or one of them divulges or buckets or whatever so too the a milliliter is the same as a cc just in case you don’t know that