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HCG Diet: Is It Working?

hello my identify is dr. return when I am a medical administrator of traffic to help were located in fiscal central new york municipality in a trinity building oh i am a board-certified psychiatrist and i’m too board licensed in weight loss medicine today I wanted to talk about are we close tradition on I get a lot of questions about HTT HTT died and HT to drug before taking any weight loss formulations I show first trying with sensible matched diet and exercise brigade if that doesn’t work and only if that doesn’t work and there’s some health risks or very significant cosmetic concerns then it concludes smell for medically administered weight loss a lot of ways that a doctorate in the payment appropriations was wait we’re going to prescribe a diet and prescribe an appetite suppressant or diet film and then of course there is an HCG HCG is the hormone of maternity so therefore it can trick a human body into thinking that now is the right time to sound into the flab reserves for vitality for that reason HCG diet can really work for parties “re just trying” other foods and miscarried can increase the tension in metabolism and can provide consuming overweight stockpiles for force complished you became very controversial as an aid in weight loss for a couple of reasons one is there is no fda-approved protocol oh that is a tragedy of all bioidentical hormones we cannot patent ovaries or testicles or adrenals there are human and of course gender is that a company can claim a patent on that to end more trouble for HCG and but i think is rather helpful method clinically is that there was a lot of gimmickry involved around HTG there was something that was announced homeopathic HCG which was basically now they learn it all but something that was just called HCG for commerce determinations that material clearly didn’t work and was misleading marketing and then did not result in any weight loss and simply resulted in patients become a very unhappy in wasting their fund so HTG does not have any fda-approved protocol but it is something that can be prescribed by a well-meaning position on who has his or her own clinical rationalizations to prescribe it HTG preparation is not enough for to achieve result person has to be on a very strict diet about 500 to 700 calories primarily of protein and lettuce veggies at trifecta will go very carefully about with every patient about the time that they are being prescribed together with a commodity typically it’s the liquid were set out in two hertzs Oh about 20 daylights spot 25 dates one cycle and then with a short break another 20 days as an option HTG is not forever sort of a saying it’s not a really sustainable life-style and a great deal of seasons people can lose all the heavines that they need to lose within 60 day date so HTG may not be an fda-approved drug for weight loss nonetheless it is a controlled substance and it is a proof for other purposes my advice to anyone who will saying do not buy HCG from a source you don’t know it’s a prescription produce that has to be prescribed by a doctor if you have any questions or concerns about weight loss complet repudiated inferno that don’t mean you

Chicken Apple Patties, HCG Phase 2

hi everyone my call is Chaz and thanks for watching HCG nutrients today I’m going to show you how to attain some chicken Apple caddies they’re super good and super crowding I think you’re going to like them let’s go ahead and is starting firstly grab your favorite type of apple and cut it in half now cut it into thin slices next remove the skin from each slice if you like you can remove the skin prior to cutting the Apple in half by using the peeler next apply your blade cut these slivers up into thin little pieces what we are attempting to do is mince this Apple into the smallest pieces possible so make your blade and exactly continue to chop chop chop chop until you get small teeny minuscule little Apple pieces once you feel you have successfully ament’s the Apple into the smallest bit as possible rectify it to the side we’ll use it here in a moment now take your 100 grams of soil chicken breast make sure it is all natural or organic and add melba toast smidgens from one melba toast that has been humiliated add 2 tablespoons of the minced Apple that we minced just a moment ago add 2 tablespoons of apple liquid either fresh squeezed or all-natural without any supplements 1 tablespoon of minced onions 1/8 teaspoon of onion pulverize 1/8 TSP of garlic powder a sprint of cinnamon a smash of nutmeg a small dash of chilli pepper nonetheless this is optional if “youd prefer” it to be less spicy omit the red pepper lastly add a pinch of some salt and pepper next desegregate all of these parts up fully now you can use a spoonful or if you like you can use your hands like I am I only find it easier to use my hand since I will need to use my hands in a moment anyway once completely desegregated part your flesh motley into three equal divisions wheel all sections into a bullet and then Pat it down to form three individual patties next rectify your burner to medium heat after about a instant your go is advisable to preheated rain a small amount of chicken broth or spray on your go next is moving forward and lent your chicken patties to your skillet one at a time they might stick a little bit to the spatula just go ahead and give them a little wiggle and they’ll come off real quick these smells so that it’s actually kind of odd I’m making a meat patty but my totality house smells like apple pie sporadically deglaze your chicken patties with your chicken broth or your irrigate after a few minutes of cooking on this back your chicken patties are ready to be flip-flop the underside should have a nice golden brown color when you flip it after another couple minutes I ran onward and turned mine once again so that they would get that delightful charred burger glance they smell so good let’s go ahead and get them off the skillet and dish them up you can plate these with some iceberg or romaine lettuce leaves they too will be very tasty with some tomatoes and some HCG friendly mustard and ketchup these look and smells so good I cannot describe how wonderful this reeks mmm I hope it savours as good as it smellings let’s go ahead and take a bite mmm this is so good I could just eat these like a hamburger add some ketchup a little of loot some relish oh that resonates really good I speculate I’m gonna do that if you guys want me to move something peculiarly leave a comment below and let me know if you have any questions I hope you guys experienced watching today thanks for watching HCG menu and you guys have a wonderful wrister day told you later bye