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HCG Diet Recipes Phase 2 – HCG Tips

hi Lynn Ashby now from lifestyle menu and today I exactly want to talk briefly about the HCG diet and the different phases and seeing is particularly in relation to recipes for the different phases in a lot of forums and i also get the issues of my blog from people who are doing the HCG diet without any brace from a nutritionist or medical doctors or a support forum and i often hear a lot of confusion between the phases i get parties requesting what sort of recipes and suggestions do you have for HCG recipes for its second phase so merely to clarify phase one of HCG is only two days and it’s called the loading phase and in those dates you can eat whatever you like now naturally that doesn’t mean munch poisonous menus it doesn’t mean turn any candy all day or munch handled donuts and hot dogs and things like that but you can eat a lot of highfat food you can offset hollandaise sauce have steak have gravy lovely rich salad dressings pretty much anything you would like because the whole point of this phase is to load your body and get batch of fatty into it for those two days before the discontinues kick in and you start drawing the fat accumulations from your torso so that takes care of chapter 1 time 2 is the phase where you really need some advisory opinions and recipes because it’s a very limited calorie intake only 500 calories a period and you’re too very strictly controlled in what nutrients you can eat so I do have some recipes I’ve got some free recipes+ free gratuities on my site and if you check out the link below it will take you to the page where you can access those but as a general guideline you are allowed three articles or through today two serves of 100 grams or three and a half ounces of protein which can be beef veal lamb chicken ish you’re also will be possible to a era of selected veggies and unlimited quantities of some other veggies such as salad veggies tomato onion herbs spices garlic that sort of thing so a conventional date on the second phase of the HCG diet you are able to start with breakfast with an apple and then during the morning you could have some tea unsweetened of course or colors coffee and then for lunch you have a hundred grams of your preference of protein 1 goblet of vegetables with no sources of course and then a big salad with a dressing with our oil and I’ve also got some got some dressing recipes on my locate as well and then dinner is the same as lunch of course drinking plenty of spray and taking the augments that are suggested by your supplier and if you’re not in a support forum I would most recommend it it certainly worth the small extra investment made a huge difference to me so all the best on your HCG journey and thanks for listening bye

★ Starting Hcg Diet and Meal Prep Tips ☜

hi everyone so I want to share with you guys I’m going to start the HCG diet which is a very lowcalorie diet and I have a lot of friends I did it and it’s really successful auctions like you know what I want to try this and like my goal is to look really good for the summer time so I have been meal prepping all my meals and this is such a great idea I intention I’d done this sooner and so this is so great like it saves meter and it saves fund instead of like going out to buy your dinners because usually what I do is I scurry to work and I grab something like a fast food on the go and still undesirable for you and so this way I can like restrict my fractions and really pop it into the microwave and I’m done okay so the acd HCG diet is basically a 500 calorie food and you’re only allowed to have two portions of protein and then you can have like two helpings of fresh fruit and two helpings of veggies so I prep everything and then I only threw them in the freezer and it time represents life easier doing just the way it is and just take it out when I need it so I will probably do a video on how to meal prep because I previously did everything once and exactly have like I have these also is just season checkin and lera like little zip like nothing I can’t talk today and there’s a troop valleys and it’s already all pushing out in these are actually tilapia and I need to season these and I’ll probably make like little recipe videos I’m not sure if you guys are interested or anyone’s doing the ECG I attained quite a few recipes online so I’ll “re just trying” do those and then too bought these strawberries I’m not a big fan of strawberries are you so sour but I hope like me wording them and having them in your own juice would make its meat rifle is fresh strawberries and then I have these broccolis that are frozen that I want to try to make a pizza with so really excited like if you guys want recipes I’ll sit like I’ll represent videos then I have these meridians to La Pia fillets that already come like each like little baggie and some of them eat up to 100 grams but you really still have to measure and for oranges I really like tangerines because it’s more sweeter if they’re not in season or I don’t really like American oranges like a absolutely sour but if you go to like the Asian markets like they’re really sweet but I just got these stressed big apples and so I likewise have arugula and spinach I really like this as my salad and for Brock I have to use chicken broth or veggie broth to help cook because you can’t use lubricant and even the Pam spray you’re not supposed to use too much of it so cooking it with this helps concoct the menu better and won’t affix as badly so add these are the things that I use next for the seasoning and spices and substance we’re only allowed to use Divya we can’t use like the other kind of sugars so if I crave something to sweeten I would use that and for spices I pretty much squandered it same thing everyone else use probably I have onion powder I have miss salt free I too have this new soul that’s in salt alternative and it’s a good thing that we are able to like season the crap out of our meat but you still have to like look at the calories and trash amino battery-acid is awesome it perceives just like soy sauce and I have Italian seasoning oregano and the majority of them things you can find at Walmart Central Market or even Dollar Tree like it’s such a good deal finding anything at the Dollar Tree and then I have I have like a lot of herbs because I like their B or B is adding the rich herb character stuff and I have dark-green tea also I’m not a fan of cheese and irrigate to be honest so I’m trying to sip a lot of dark-green tea cause it has a lot of health benefits but I hate anything like red-hot like everything needs to be like ice cold or I can’t wither um next is melba toast we’re allowed to have like one for each know so it’s like lunch and dinner pretty much you can only have like two meals a day and I usually only eat try for breakfast so let fatty and I “think thats what” saves me sane on the working day because some daytimes I would be like oh my god I’m craving like spaghetti or something or like carbs because I I cherish carbs like but you can’t have that so exactly one or two a day it precisely facilitates me a great deal so thank goodness we can have that and I also take gummy vitamins because I suck at making capsules like I would literally leave it in my cavity forever until it gives you like that bad flavour in your lip so I take the gummies and it’s like three gummies for 30 it’s like 30 calories so yeah I take those and then the science I use is this one I came that one from Walmart you but I push it up is just like electronic one because it’s more precise and this one kind of all right have to kind of play with it move it around but it succeeds nonetheless so this is what I use so a usual meal is going to look like this I’m actually having this for my lunch it is bryceton asparagus and onions in one melba toast and you can see isn’t it any road you demand um so um crack season it as much as you crave and then for the strawberries or fruit in general I get to eat for breakfast because I am hungry in the morning gonna have green tea that I tell seep and then I get about four or six goblets out of this teabag because I don’t really like how strong it is so I actually make like six goblets of these so that’s what my typical dinner look like and bison is actually really good I was really like roused that we are able to have this in our snack and it’s always good to have something written down to help you or even like make love on your telephone app or something I exactly jot down what I can and cannot eat and calories and simply memoranda and recipes like that and it’s always nice to have something like that because you can see your progression or even use like an app I use my fit pal to to help me and so yeah that’s pretty much it I hope you guys enjoyed this video I will be doing like more recipe videos for you guys and I do have a blog I will relation it below that I do my daily blogs on my HTG journey and all that good material and how I’ve been eating and things like that so I hope you guys enjoy the video thanks for watching guys

HCG Diet R1P2 Loading Day #2

everyone this is michael akb4 8 ur only now to check in and talk about my epoch to laden on the hcg diet well today was a lot harder than yesterday I should not want to eat at all so it was really hard I was really sickened that today was like that I’m really impressed so far only on the hcg I had to force myself to eat every bite that I detest today so um just real click on what I did he eat I started this morning I had three donuts and six sausage links tons of solid in that so and for I did not have a midmorning snack and I don’t think so for lunch I had three wedges of pizza and that was actually easier to eat then I was you know compared to breakfast breakfast I didn’t want to eat at all but lunch was a little bit now but once I chew lunch it was over I have felt perfectly stuffed ever since I’ve eaten much um oh I did have a morning snack I had hot cheetos yeah so and so that and the pizza I was done so um he don’t remember if I had an afternoon snack I can’t imagine I did it doesn’t i have felt like crap today exactly feeing all of this nutrient I feel terrible and I had wonder if that’s part of the mental thing of the of this phase only I don’t want nutrient I don’t want you if you don’t want to see nutrient I just like blah and so it’s part I think it’s doing well to help me be prepared to I can’t wait for tomorrow so i don’t have to eat well i only have to eat 500 calories I can’t wait I’m sick of eating debris and I I feel like I slept I heading toward our catnap today didn’t want to wake up afterwards I feel really listless not like like I don’t have vigor like I have vitality i just want to like like not be doing anything with the vigour that i have i just did i feel kind of lazy and we just want to sit around it’s just all the junk that my body’s trying to process right now oh I would imagine so oh I did want to uh first time I finish my the what I’ve feed today I had for dinner I had my worldfamous tater tot casserole that people who know me know all about that probably so um I had a pretty big plate of it because I was thinking that’s gonna be the last thing I chew because I did not want to eat anything else tonight so but I’m gonna try to have ice cream my project last nighttime just for people who are watching to eat the burrito and then to you have popcorn butter popcorn is my number one comfort food favorite food snack whatever I have it typically almost every night before I go to bed that’s my preferred kind of snack is some popcorn butter popcorn um last night I could not even think about eating it and I was thinking of maybe doing that tonight instead and I don’t think it’s going to happen either ice cream seems so much easier on my belly because I don’t probably cuz i don’ts not very much you know just like a scoop of ice cream compared to a container full of popcorn I exactly and it’s my favorite thing so I don’t know what’s going on anyway so that’s what I’ve feed today I is beginning to settled my my oh “ive forgotten” i likewise had can you get max down I also had a small can I feel like a 6ounce can that seems various kinds of big-hearted maybe not that much of cashews and that was a quite a bit of fatty and I’m thinking up with everything that that I know on low-pitched carbon EE you know the flab sevigny not hungry but today I have snacked so much it is just like maybe that’s what it is so um also last darknes I “ve had my” stomach was really bugging me from all of the the garbage that I gobble I suspect yesterday um like I woke up in their own I have a lot of acid reflux i often don’t have acid reflux unless I dine pretty bad during the day and for a very long time I haven’t had problems with it but last-place light I woke up with some reflex and in the morning light wasn’t it my tummy wasn’t feeling so good so hopefully that doesn’t happen tonight and tomorrow I can only win back and be starting now on the very low carb very low calorie day so anyway um yeah I just feel sorry this video is probably like digesting everybody because this one I exactly feel grisly I really want to go to bed um and but I get a still gotta do my prep for tomorrow I got to get get my chicken cooked and solely to have something else before it’s only kind of early at seven fortyfive so I should have something else before I go to bed to eat merely to finish up the onu so um do you want to say I bounced I Septimus scale this morning and I did it first thing when I woke up well not first thing because the GI stuff I’d so after that I is therefore necessary to step on the scale and I was a 3 29.4 so what that wants is well yesterday when I when I weighed myself in the afternoon I was what did I say 331 I envisage I said um but that was I had a you are familiar with I was fully dressed it was a middle of date after feeing um felt that it was going to be kind of high but I didn’t think that it was two pounds hi so um yesterday I merely gained I meditate less than half a pound dining all that stuff so I know I said I didn’t want to you know game very much weight but I needed to get in song and half a pound worried that it’s not enough so but I detest a ton yesterday and it was you know lots of obesities it wasn’t a entire assortment of carbs so today I’m thinking that I it’s probably as good either because i feel like i haven’t eaten that much either i was thinking that yesterday didn’t sip a lot of water and i’m wondering if some ocean loss or you know it was kind of part of that so today I’ve really been trying to increase my spray and I have a feeling tomorrow maidens again the talent I’ll have a better digit to start with and then we’ll vanish from there for the very low calorie epoches so um I think that’s about it for today I’m elicited for tomorrow ready to give this a try yeah that’s it all right I’ll talk to you guys everybody