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How to FIX a Cheat on the hCG Diet

[ Music] hey chaps it’s easy chica so I came on today to talk about all about what to do when you’ve screwed up on the HCG diet it’s going to happen most likely hopefully not this round you are familiar with hopefully not but at some object or the other if you have a lot of heavines to lose you’re most likely gonna make at least one mistake so you know rather than dwell on the skunk earnest of it all let’s focus on what you can do um you know patently you can’t uh NEET whatever you ate but there are definitely things that you can do to minimize you know and get past the mistake as quickly as possible so a lot of eras a person’s first cable of security in their psyche when they Chi is to do an apple day I exactly kind of want to mention why I don’t think it’s definitely the right choice for follows on a chi you know it’s certainly you can you can do it if you choose but this is kind of my take on it um here’s the thing apples peculiarly like 4 to 6 apples they actually have a lot of two things which is carbs and sugar um in fact I I’m doing a berth specifically on Apple daytimes soon and one little breakdown I can give you in six medium apples there’s actually 114 grams of carbohydrate and 123 grams of net carbs so that I’ve already taken out the fibre carbs we know those don’t count that’s net carbs still 123 grams and you know if you compare that to a regular V lcd day that I detail out in the Apple Day post coming up it that would only be like perhaps 32 grams of sugar versus 114 for an apple day and 38 grams of net carbs versus 123 so mostly as an apple daylight could potentially have three to four times more sugar and carbs than a regular v LCD so I’m just kind of showing you guys that to situate it into perspective so back to cheating and at what what we do after cheating so being that that’s what an apple daylight implies and likewise of course no real protein on most likely on the day that you misled you probably had also a lot of what carbohydrate vehicle you are familiar with probably other substance fat things like that but most likely there’s sugar and carbs that you know we’re a part of that sheet so um to me the most wonderful road to get past that and to clear your arrangement out on putting an Apple D and there merely doesn’t seem to make sense because now you’re just having another day of high-pitched carb I should know real protein and so to me that doesn’t seem like you’re helping your body you know get back to fatburning so that’s just kind of my take on it I’m not against Apple daylights simply exclusively for this purpose I don’t think it utters the most sense so let’s move on to how I cook a cheat on HCG because I’m not excellent either so I have had more than more than one day on its optional protocol and I pointed up is totally off it is therefore took me a while to figure this out but I eventually came to the conclusion that doing a period of you know say 2 to 3 epoches of super clean eating on the LCD was the best way for me to reverse a cheat as quickly as possible and by that I make ingesting the protein and the vegetables and actually absolutely eliminating the fruits and the melba most people don’t eat them elbow grissini anyway but for those of you who do so you would actually take that out and the results perfectly what you would do cuz that’s a lot of calories right I’m not telling you guys to chew you are familiar with even far less calories or anything but what you can do is replace the calories from the fresh fruits and the crostini with like more p2 veggies or now I have to warn you guys this is a little bit a little bit off etiquette or you could replace it with a little bit of 0% fatfree Greek yogurt the phi a firebrand is fa GE that particular symbol has low-toned sugar you certainly want to check the sugar content because some of the fatfree yogurt have a lot of sugar so so yeah so I are sometimes do a quarter cup to a half goblet of the yogurt with some stevia in place of a peachy fruit now the purpose in doing this is to mostly get your body back to the fatburning mode as quickly as possible and like I said to get rid of that extravagance carb and sugar intake that you had getting getting your bodies like curing scorch through that faster it’s you know so if you’re eating more sugar and carbs like on an apple day your torso is gonna be using that for ga right it’s why will it use your overweight when it has all of this carbohydrate and carbs it’s gonna use that first so that’s why I felt like it uttered more gumption to actually remove that for a few daylights um and only yeah it helps your body use up any excess nonsense as fast as possible get back to fat burning you know so that you’re actually going smaller and and the other reason that it’s a good thing in my spirit is because it’ll help with any longings that have been caused as a result of you know caving in to whatever it was you caved to because that’s another thing when you eat carbs and carbohydrate it starts itches and then when you take it out there can be a little withdrawal so I feel like that practice you’re also understating that entire event and merely moving past it as rapidly as possible so I’ve done the clean-living eating this way and I believe that it makes are you all right I’ve actually done this way of ingesting on HCG for like part rounds not just to follow a defraud where I don’t eat the result or the crostini and I gobble additional vegetables instead but that’s a story for another day but anyway so that’s my favorite direction to fix it and then that might be something you like to try and if “were trying” it and it is to work for you I’d love to hear from you as well um you can email me HCG chica HCG chica calm and you can just you know tell me how how that worked for you the other thing that’s always mentioned of course this is to drink enough water um you are familiar with precisely again clearing your system out but you can’t actually drink too much ocean and sometimes I definitely sounds like we we talk so much about sucking a lot of water and of course the word a lot is relative liberty it’s not like a specific amount and you are familiar with some of us may take that to mean not sufficient by however much we have preferred to drink we think it’s a lot but maybe it’s not and then some of us we are like oh that makes 2 gallons you know and then we’re just drinking so much water and there’s been more than one HCG or who is actually kind of getting messed up like not losing kind of gaining way and having some issues with water heavines because of course if you suck the right amount you will molted sea value but if you get your electrolyte balance off and you’re imbibe too much water it can mess things up and I signify actually you can die but hopefully I don’t think any of us are gonna be that extreme but anyway I’m gonna link to only a little article that I wrote about that topic just to help keep things in perspective because you know some of us are very dedicated and you know we might be drinking gallons and gallons of liquid and you know within reason of course it’s healthy but you know also I want to make sure to present the the other side of it where you don’t want to actually do too much so merely unquestionably suck a good quantity but if you mash some lemon in it that will help replace electrolytes you know stuff like that and precisely keep it in match so let’s talk now about why it is good to avoid future cheating um you guys know that I I don’t believe in the whole guilt thing and I think it’s really important that you know rather than dwell on mistakes that you’ve made and feeling bad about it to make a plan and move on from that and and I securely believe in that and you know for those of us who’ve done two to three rounds of HCG at least I’d endeavour to say that I don’t know 99 percent have made at least one slipup during the course of their weightloss journey you know each round is 3 to 6 weeks um life happens during that time changing your relationship with food is it is a huge deal and that’s often what’s going on when you’re on the protocol and sometimes you’re not prepped for that you don’t realize that that’s what’s gonna happen you’re gonna end up in this you know mental boot camp for your relationship with food until you’re on it you know you recognise like wow I can’t eat and I realise there’s grounds I want to eat even if I’m not hungry so so there’s just all this going on so you know scripts are gonna happen just looking at my own jaunt I can’t say exactly the stats that I I surely had well my second round and was the whole thing was just one large-hearted screwup cheap horrible you know that one I really swept that one off my roll that one was I had to mostly three do that one but so that one we can leave out but even among my other rounds I probably had you are familiar with four to five days total out of the other four rounds that I that I wasn’t on protocol and I you know whatever I did at perhap I called it a mini quantity whatever but truly I was just cheating and I didn’t inevitably it is necessary undoubtedly but it’s what I did um you are familiar with I made a poor select but the thing is is it didn’t prevent me from getting to my ultimate objective and that’s what weighs you know clearly it took me a little longer you know because I had to fix those mistakes but I’d still got to get my ultimate goal the thing is is it’s still good you are familiar with despite not wanting to feel bad about what the hell happened and moving on I mean that’s all good of course but it’s still good to talk about you know why cheating on HCG is such a bad thing why we should try to avoid it because obviously if she ting becomes unending or like a chronic thing um I I do think it’s a big concern not just because you won’t get anywhere you know you’ll precisely you’ll merely impede losing and gaining the same 20 pounds or whatever and of course that’s discouraging but even more than that I do think you can harm your health if you remain you know we know yoyo dieting isn’t good right yoyo dieting on HCG to me is even worse it’s just something you don’t want to do I truly think you can mess up your different hormone plans so you know I chisel here and there as you get through the process fine you can still get to your goal but if it becomes a chronic thing I would be concerned just about you know longterm health and of course simply the facts of the case that you know you want to actually get somewhere for all of that hard work and struggle so let’s talk about there’s actually two things that I have in knowledge when it comes to why cheating on HCG especially is kind of worse than only cheating on some other diet so the first thing I would like to speak about is the fact that it seems like solid income happens faster on HCG than off of it four for the same amount of calories or fatty grams ingested so take all of this part with a grain of salt because this is kind of exactly more I don’t know a bit more time my presumption or remark but I don’t think there’s much proof about it exactly various kinds of when you look at the different factors you know that I’m going to talk about it moves it it reaches it seem as if fatty amplification happens faster on HCG so we know that on HCG you seems that you lose a higher rate of solid a higher amount of solid I should say when you’re on the protocol in that given time period right so if you weren’t taking HCG and like you wouldn’t lose as much overweight you lose more muscle and and it also would come off in different places you know somehow when you’re on HCG it seems to pull fat from difficult to lose areas I I have personally known that and and realise it in many cases so but the fact that it originates solid volatile in that way it’s it seems that it disappears both paths so not only does fatty go out more readily I feel like the committee is also comes in more readily so and that’s kind of why I definitely sounds like dr.Simians was so strict when he was like no overweights no petroleums you know make sure you remove any piece of overweight you consider on the flesh I’m not coming nonsense on your hands and you are familiar with perhaps that philosophy will be completely refuted at some stage but for now I still I still stand by that and I it’s not gonna hurt you and I still am very leaning towards that that it does alter you in that way on the other thing to think about is the fact that you know if you eat a thousand calories on HCG you either exactly maintain your channel or you gain weight um which is crazy right it’s normally for me I would lose weight ingesting a thousand calories a epoch yeah on HCG if I do that I gain weight so again it’s like the HCG is interacting with your organization in a different way and that’s why you know doing the right things that its optional protocol will render additional good results but doing the wrong things on the protocol on which for which what I mean by that is taking in overweights exclusively or too many calories can also produce extra bad results and then normally so you know in normal daytoday life I probably eat 2,500 calories or maybe 3,000 it diversifies you are familiar with but um yeah obviously I wouldn’t yeah I is undoubtedly not gain weight 2,000 calories but with HCG that’s a common a common thing for beings to notice where they’re just various kinds of minimally misleading throughout the round and by the end of it they’ve barely lost anything so um I just think that that’s really interesting and I merely be considered that that registers we need to treat HCG and this protocol with the respect to that it deserves that it can achieve a lot but if we don’t respect it and how it controls which we don’t totally understand exactly how everything is operating with it but if we don’t respect that we can hurt our mas so basically what my concern with cheating on HCG peculiarly especially consecutively like too much um is I think you might potentially mess up your muscle to fatten fraction on your person so you know like with your torso you’re made up of a certain amount of fatty and a certain amount of muscle right and that’s your body fat percent whatever your body fat percent that goes to show how many pounds of fat you have on your form so like for me right now I’m 125 pounds about I’m 18 percentage person overweight which intends about 22 pounds of me it’s overweight the rest of me is water muscle and all my parts so my concern is you know when you’re losing load on HCG the idea is is really that you’re losing principally fatty and I’ve seen that in many cases my own overweight loss I’ve had I review my highest was 88% solid you know that was lost and then of course there was some water and a small amount of muscle and I’ve had another interrogation I’ll actually link to it with Sabrina she lost I conclude 90 90 or 95 percent fat out of all the force she lost in one round which was amazing so what my concern is if you are losing a certain amount of fatty but then you gain because you cheat and you gain overweight then you have to lose it right so then a pair eras go by where you have to lose that but I suspect I’m a little worried that in that process the ratio gets off whereas in like perhap you be brought to an end losing a little more muscle when you liberate the cheat heavines meaning that now say you’ve lost 15 pounds total originally twelve of it was fat or thirteen if it was fat but now merely eleven of it is or something I don’t I don’t know again this is all kind of theory but it’s just my concern and it genuinely it actually it can only do you good to do its optional protocol the correct way right um so maybe in the future we’ll catch out like oh yeah doing solids doesn’t change anything about your solid loss and you know there are people who say that but I haven’t actually investigated any proof of that yet so that’s why I simply don’t feel comfortable recommending that because if you totally screw up your you know there’s beings my weight who have 30% form fatty that’s a lot more pounds of overweight on the same body size than I have so and that makes a huge health difference so the idea is we really want to be in control of losing fatty and remaining our muscle and I dread I fear that cheating can you know too much on HCG can really mess up that fraction so that’s my concern with that so now the second thing that I want to talk about in regards to why cheating isn’t a good opinion is is kind of the bigger one you guys are gonna relate more to is just that you’re wasting time and you’re getting nowhere in exchange for a lot of time and effort on its optional protocol because let’s face it even feeing 800 calories or 900 calories a daylight for weeks on end you know is not not a walk in the common you know it’s like in fact I “ve got a bit of a” little picture I’m going to show you of what it’s like yeah so it’s like amble through a muddy puddle in high heels it’s like no one wants to live on a thousand calories a daytime so it’s like you’re cheating so you’re getting to eat a little more but you’re still just losing anyway or it’s not nearly as much as you could have lost and you’re still contemptible you know because thousand calories still doesn’t cut it so either way you’re gonna be frame in a lot of effort additionally when you frequently kind of fall short of your own possibilities it’s really demoralizing right um it doesn’t it only doesn’t feel well emotionally to feel like that so every day you have this goal of eating around 500 calories and then if you’re generally only ever extending past that and going against what you had kind of strategy and it can really not feel well and it’s oh so this whole thing regardless of how you do the protocol it’s a lot it’s a lot for you to handle mentally and you don’t want to have to get to the end of it and just have achieved anything you know my second round that I talked about that was you know totally time messed up I did still manage to lose I don’t know if it was perhaps 20 pounds or 16 or 17 pounds in the six week season but like I said the way I travelled about it wasn’t good I was trying out all these random like online sugarfree fiber cookies that had a riff retal and I was chewing a bunch of those instead of you know vegetables and meat not not a good craft and stuff like that you know so it time wasn’t good and it really it was just a really the whole thing was bad I should have just objective the round early which is really what I advocate parties do if they find themselves starting to perpetually “feel like i m cheating on” the food you know you either have to get your ring back on it and just really get back to being strict and if you can’t do that it’s okay but time recognize okay I need to stop I need to abort abort mission you know abort the round early and and come back to it when you are more mentally ready again I think it’s it’s it takes a strong person I recollect actually to admit that they’re not ready to something at that time for whatever reason you know there’s there’s always multiple things going on in life right sometimes things come up in life um when I watched everybody’s youtube vlogs crazy things happen you know you planned your round and everything’s going fine and all of a sudden your suitor foliages you or someone’s divorcing you or someone has to go to the emergency room and or so or somebody starts to die and it’s crazy things happen and sometimes you know you might retain trucking on and manage to do it but if you find yourself genuinely contending rather than hurt yourself by doing the protocol wrong for the majority of members of it precisely you know just stop and instead it aside for a era when when things are you know a little more lowkey again one little thing that I thought of like in what cheating on HCG especially over and over can do is is if you’ll picture in your thought someone plodding on a treadmill at ten km / hour while trying to eat a $50 gratified lunch at the same time so large-scale mess right in fact I have a picture to show you guys so that’s my little stick thing here so regardless so obviously it just doesn’t make sense title it’s like how much term did it make you to construct that fifty dollars to pay for that lunch and then of all times you choose that time oh and you’re jogging on the treadmill to try to eat it you know it’s it’s just such a debris so that’s the thing with HCG you expended the money you set aside the time to do it it takes a lot of planning all this mental struggle so you you exactly you don’t want it to be a big waste if it doesn’t have to be now sometimes it is gonna be waste right my second round was a waste I’m so sometimes it happens you know and if that if that’s the case you know that’s why you have to do either what we talked about earlier by sterilize the defraud or stopping and starting another time but if you think this to yourself and you know these these things and why it’s not a good theory that might help you when the situation’s come up to stand a little stronger realizing what’s at stake and in that this is only three to six weeks although in all honesty it feels like forever it feels like forever right when you’re on it so I kind of detest to say that because yeah it’s only three to six weeks is just not not the right vocabulary when you’re really in it but regardless I hope that that helps you guys a little bit and again so again to fix a mislead for what I like to do regardless is to do the clean eating no result no Melba replace those calories with more ptoo veggies and or again this is off protocol a little bit of fatfree Greek yogurt with like a little stevia or something that’s what I would do for you know a marry few daylights I mean that gets things leading again the last thing that I want to talk about before I close here is don’t let a mistake dictate the overall outcome of your travel that’s that’s the biggest thing I want to tell you guys um I have eaten pork cuts sauteed in butter you know on my fifth round I didn’t intend to do that but I pointed up doing that one day and I chose to make love I was trying not to and I aimed up doing it anyway I munch a assortment of cashews you are familiar with so I’ve clear mistakes on its optional protocol but it didn’t prevent me from getting to a final point and from maintaining my weight loss longterm I did have to change my overall way of living when it comes to eating in my lifestyle but I didn’t see that change overnight it happened gradually and there were those mess ups along the way I still got to the goal and it’s because I didn’t allow those meters when I stirred mistakes to make me feel like that’s all I was capable of that’s what allowed me to move past them and to continue trying and working on changing and getting better and better at it so again I simply want to reiterate it you know don’t let a mistake dictate the outcome of year round and your whole weight loss journey when you make a bad choice one day that doesn’t mean that you’re a los or that you don’t have what it takes to succeed that doesn’t mean that at all people who succeed they fail at times or apparently disappoint and some people don’t even believe in using the word fail I I’m just applying it because it’s a word and people know what I symbolize by that but but I kind of agree with that attitude that it’s not really a los it’s mostly it’s a part of the process that you realize you’re gonna manufacture mistakes that you can learn from that and continue deepening every time I acquired mistakes it hit home again that this is not what I want for my life I was miserable when I was still dealing with my binge eating disorder and I felt caught in it and I was sordid and you know as I realized these changes and then at times I slipped back a couple seasons it hit home it reminded me you know this is a disagreeable residence to be and I don’t want this so then I picked myself back up you know and and chug along and um I’m so much happier I I see how much more ability and how much more useful I am to my family in my current state than where I was at and and those phases along the way I’m not saying that you I’m glad I screwed up I various kinds of wish that I could have somehow done it perfectly but that’s just not realistic so um realised that that’s a part of it can help you to keep going when those things happen so you have to continue to believe in yourself despite mistakes mistakes happen to everybody I think that’s the thing that I and you know I’m kind of young I’m 32 so I’m you are familiar with still learning about life and everything I feel like I’ve learned so much these last few years but um I think that’s something that I used to think to myself like as if I was the only one who compiled mistakes like this and that other people who got to their goals like they never acquired those mistakes but that’s actually not the case so we have to eliminate that sensation that like oh I’m the only one who has these types of hassles with doing the right thing everybody does it’s just the people who succeed they realize that it that’s a part of it and so because of realizing that they’re able to time pick themselves up and impede keep working at and knowing that they will succeed if they stick to it and that yeah those mess ups don’t mean nothing about them as a person so that’s what we have to realize about ourselves so lastly remain tuned because we’re gonna have one more video about cheating and that is what to do if you know you’re going to cheat type thing so we’re gonna have a whole post talking about mostly doing things off protocol in a smarter lane so that you can minimize damage that’s done you know I’m not trying to encourage cheating at all but I’m just being realistic I precisely it’s impossible for most people to be completely perfect all the time this is such a process of change not just bodily but mentally so we might as well discuss the things that come up and how to perhaps you know deal with little breakdowns and stuff in in in a smarter route so that you can limit the damage that’s done from from cheating so we will talk about the next you can find me on facebook hcc chica on instagram HCG chica and you know those are the main two homes you can find me on titter yeah that’s it of course my blog HCG chica pacify all right you guys thanks for watching take care bye-bye[ Music]