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hi guys today we’re gonna be talking about what I ate to lose weight so if you’re new to my canal my call is Sahar I recently just lost 70 pounds doing the HCG diet I previously did a video on more about the HCG and what it is but precisely to recap HCG it’s a hormone that you take that is a produce when in the early stages of pregnancy and what it does is the fact that it freeings your accumulated overweights and uses it as exertion while you spend 500 calories a day so I’m gonna excuse what you’re allowed to eat on this diet and what recipes and meal suggestions that I had when I did this diet so start by explaining what you can have on the nutrition so for breakfast you are in a position to have tea or coffee you’re allowed one tablespoon of milk every 24 hours which is kind of weird and then you can have Splenda or stevia like any type of sweetener really no carbohydrate then for lunch and dinner the lane it’s broken up is that you’ll have one protein one vegetable one fresh fruits and like a meat of some sort which I’ll justify I’ll begins with the protein so the protein that you can have is chicken beef like extra lean ground beef steak shrimp crab halibut and chicken breast you are actually gave eggs you are in a position to have I believe it’s one whole egg and three egg whites but it’s it’s rare like you can’t have that every day so it’s something that you can have occasionally but that should be fine then you can have a vegetable the thing is you can’t mix your veggies you can only have one so this is where it gets really really difficult so for veggies you can have any type of lettuce spinach cucumber tomato onions celery asparagus red radish I visualize the last month’s cabbage so retain you can only have one so for food you can have a handful of strawberries half a grapefruit apple or an orange so with those and then for the food you are in a position to have either melba toast or these like grizzly bread puts I don’t actually know what those are and I couldn’t know them in the storage so I time didn’t have melba toast and it’s fine so in your snacks you are in a position to have two one protein one vegetable one fruit and then have like melba toast you can split up your fruit and then the the melba toast in between your meal so that you have a snack so you’re not like you know feeling really hungry so that’s totally punishment and then when it comes to you lunch and dinner you can’t have the same protein I think you can’t have the same vegetable so like if you have chicken and for lunch you can’t have chicken for dinner you need to have something else like beef or steak for some reason you just can’t it’s very strict you can’t have any like no petroleum no butter no nothing else but those options you can have like like mustard vinegar you can have salt and pepper you can made different salts that’s all punishment you’re allowed with lemon or something like there’s a assortment of little things that you can have and then you can have there’s one give it a speedy epitome of what you can have on this diet so that you understand that when I tell you this is what I ate it’s because of the index of foods that I was allowed to eat during this entire diet so I want to explain that and even though you have to eat 500 calories you are welcome to track your meat on my fitness crony so you make sure that you are not going over the 500 personally I never actually captivated on MyFitnessPal I never got into the habit of it I just various kinds of determined the menu and cuz I’m snack prep so I knew everything was there for me so I only I just did that though for breakfast I would typically have either light-green tea or coffee so with the coffee I would keep a little of unsweetened vanilla almond milk which is my favorite I certainly am NOT an adult person at all I believe you can have any milk of your alternative but I intend when you have one tablespoon it doesn’t really make a difference have it with liquid stevia in it just like a little bit because I determined when I put like a great deal like not even like a rule I leant a little bit and it was super sweet I couldn’t so I put like tiniest chip of stevia the liquid acquired and it was fine and if I was hungry in the morning I would have either one of my outcomes so I’ll either have the only fruits I certainly ate with the strawberries orange and the apple anyways for lunch and dinner so I have about eight different dinner meanings so the first one that I actually recently started doing is lettuce wraps so I would make the ground beef and I would mix it with some onions and some spices and I would make little burger patties and I actually bought this thing to make it and it’s frankly it’s really good I got this thing from the dollar store and it’s a it’s like a hamburger press so you placed the beef in now right and then you like contour it and then you can like move it down so that it’s flat and you can also like make this out so you can flip it over and like just form it the practice you like it discovered that and I started utilizing that to attain the burger patties and they turned out so perfect and what the hell is I have with those is iceberg lettuce and I would employ mustard on it because mustard zero calories and you’re allowed that on the food and you’re not allowed to mix veggies that I convey I put tomato and onions in it and I’ve been punishment so I spawned kind of like a burger without the bun and it’s really really good I envision I’m gonna have that for lunch today so I’m kind of aroused when I firstly started the passage what I are really perform is I take the ground beef into two like in a drop-off trumpet and then I would simply bake it so when I did that I would have cucumbers on the side so like slice of cucumbers and that was my meal for a while like I had that and my other dinner thought was chicken with asparagus and the chicken I would just bake it positioned some flavouring on it asparagus as well I would roast it because like I said we can’t have butter or lubricant so after I reflect those I couldn’t stand ingesting it dry like I’m not the type of person that likes baked nutrient so I actually settled gravy on it and I was like this package gravy pull it on it kept losing heavines it was fine I want it’s not on its optional protocol but I would have chicken asparagus and gravy I had that for a while like I had that like every day same with the ground beef and cucumber and then now I exactly has recognized that I could draw lettuce wrappings so I’ve been doing that and it’s been a lot better another meal I met was taco salads so I would make the ground beef and I would throw taco seasoning and I would just cook it on the stove but I would employ like water in it just to like help it cook and I would position that over that is and then I would have it with sour ointment and sriracha I threw minuscule tiny bit though like a tiny bit and I deterred losing load so I preserved doing that for a while and then I got sick of it so I decide to switch now the real idea I do is steak with red radishes so steak I would either have it I was BBQ it or I would simply cook it on the stove and some water and just really get truly cook it and then I’d have red radishes on the side and it was just raw and it was pretty good like that was one of my dinners when I firstly started the food I rarely had eggs because I was told that it’s not a good idea and I was reading up online that having aged where it’s not part of the protocol so I said I actually abode away from it but most recently I came really tired of eating meat and I just needed some eggs so I took a chance and I still hindered losing load so I started incorporating eggs again into my diet and I would have it as an omelet so I would take actually one entire egg two egg whites kept a little bit of that unsweetened vanilla almond milk and I would just cook it and then I would put spinach in it and move myself an omelette and I would have that with strawberries so it was just really good and yeah that’s one of my banquets oh my Instagram I affixed an image of this chicken that I fixed which was vanquished up melba toast with some spices in it like basil oregano rosemary and I dip the chicken in lemon juice I cooked it and it was actually really good I make I put too much rosemary when I first did it but that was a really good meal idea that I so had with cucumbers with my meals I would either have like I indicated by the strawberries the Aqua or the orange and I never certainly I never had the grapefruit like I’m not a I’m not a grapefruit party and then I all those snacks as well I’d had and all the toast so that was a very close I must be given to dough so toast and I’m gonna die you need to make sure that you have two liters of water a day so it’s really really important to make sure you’re giving a lot of liquids and water water so I would suck a lot per era and I’d likewise have a lot of tea and green tea I had a positive lust video which “its what” facilitated me stay full throughout the day when I’m on these 500 calories so I obviously check that out to see more of what helped me so that I’m not going crazy so super important not to cheat on this diet because when you do you will have rapid load increase so you’ll increase a duo pounds and then after it’s like one whole week of hard work went to waste so we’ve got to be careful not to have any cheat banquets I signify it’s not I sound like a hypocrite because I had a lot of cheat dinners but I represent it happens because it’s really hard to limit yourself for those forty eras on this diet so if you do have a cheat meal it’s not the end of the world time you know keep going the next day but just know that you will have rapid rapid heavines advantage it depends on what you eat very so like I is my finding that if you have something a little healthful you won’t increase just as much but if you go eat like a burger then you’re gonna advantage like two pounds so and a lot of that I feel like it’s just irrigate heavines so it’s not actually like force addition but I want just know that if you do have a cheat meal that the course you came is rapid but I represent it’s very easy to get that off after when you keep going so hope you found that really helpful I feel like you don’t need to just be on this food to have those types of I mean you can just establish desegregate about framed some vegetables in it these meal these banquet recipes is something that I’m probably going to continue when I get down the diet I’m all I’m going to do differently is add more things and veggies and protein so that it’s more pleasant all these plans you can definitely you know put to your everyday life this is just what I did and what worked for me and I just want to share that thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you the next video

HCG Diet: What I eat (day 6 down 10lbs)

hey guys so I wanted to kind of show you the things that I chew while on the HCG diet diet I have outcome vegetables and my proteins so in the beginning what I do is as soon as I wake up I make my insertion and then I box my multivitamins and my food or my lust suppressor so that when I working on this then that’s when I make that nonsense so in the morning for breakfast I have half a goblet of fatfree cottage cheese and I have strawberries or do strawberries with pineapples what I do because the cottage cheese is very bland so I tell the the strawberry various kinds of like use a syrup and then I set the syrup in the curd cheese for flavor sometimes I gave these in the freezer to establish them hard and then when I’m driving to work I will you know devour these on my acces in okay so that is breakfast and you can go like I go to fresh and easy and I buy the frozen strawberries and then all I do is I get a quantifying cup and amount 1 1/2 cup likewise I’m doing the blueberries they don’t have to be organic but that’s what they had and then for lunch I have my chicken 4 ounces of chicken which this is what 4 ounces of chicken looks like I concoct it on the stave I made ocean in there and I basically boil it you don’t you know concoct with oil or anything like that and I’m going to draw 5 fastens of asparagus and I have 5 cherry-red tomatoes that I will snack on when I’m coming back home lastly oh you want to make sure that you buy chicken that is boneless and skinless because it has to be 4 ounces so I have this cool scale that I got at Target for 23 or something you demand you want to cut it I chipped my chicken and blocks like I indicated you on the stave and then I evaluate it and you want to measure four ounces you can have two serves of four ounces of meat lunch and dinner and I likewise suck I got this from smart and final this is 2.2 liters of sea I booze one of the following options a era time a little side note for those of you guys who start if you notice that your pit if the Malta if the vitamins that they give you our shining yellowed like mine your “if youre using” when you pee-pee it’s going to be shining yellow so don’t get scared basically what’s happening is you are peeing out the additional vitamins I learned that in nutrition class back in college I think that’s about it depending on what your prescribed to eat or what your list is this these are things that were in my list and so this is what I eat um I really guys I really don’t get hungry it’s interesting and I am down ten pounds it’s era six and I could definitely tell my face my face is slim so yeah until next video bye-bye