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HCG Diet: What I eat (day 6 down 10lbs)

hey guys so I wanted to kind of show you the things that I chew while on the HCG diet diet I have outcome vegetables and my proteins so in the beginning what I do is as soon as I wake up I make my insertion and then I box my multivitamins and my food or my lust suppressor so that when I working on this then that’s when I make that nonsense so in the morning for breakfast I have half a goblet of fatfree cottage cheese and I have strawberries or do strawberries with pineapples what I do because the cottage cheese is very bland so I tell the the strawberry various kinds of like use a syrup and then I set the syrup in the curd cheese for flavor sometimes I gave these in the freezer to establish them hard and then when I’m driving to work I will you know devour these on my acces in okay so that is breakfast and you can go like I go to fresh and easy and I buy the frozen strawberries and then all I do is I get a quantifying cup and amount 1 1/2 cup likewise I’m doing the blueberries they don’t have to be organic but that’s what they had and then for lunch I have my chicken 4 ounces of chicken which this is what 4 ounces of chicken looks like I concoct it on the stave I made ocean in there and I basically boil it you don’t you know concoct with oil or anything like that and I’m going to draw 5 fastens of asparagus and I have 5 cherry-red tomatoes that I will snack on when I’m coming back home lastly oh you want to make sure that you buy chicken that is boneless and skinless because it has to be 4 ounces so I have this cool scale that I got at Target for 23 or something you demand you want to cut it I chipped my chicken and blocks like I indicated you on the stave and then I evaluate it and you want to measure four ounces you can have two serves of four ounces of meat lunch and dinner and I likewise suck I got this from smart and final this is 2.2 liters of sea I booze one of the following options a era time a little side note for those of you guys who start if you notice that your pit if the Malta if the vitamins that they give you our shining yellowed like mine your “if youre using” when you pee-pee it’s going to be shining yellow so don’t get scared basically what’s happening is you are peeing out the additional vitamins I learned that in nutrition class back in college I think that’s about it depending on what your prescribed to eat or what your list is this these are things that were in my list and so this is what I eat um I really guys I really don’t get hungry it’s interesting and I am down ten pounds it’s era six and I could definitely tell my face my face is slim so yeah until next video bye-bye