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LearningTools: Reading Syringes

-[ Josh] Hi. I’m Josh Farquharson andwelcome to Reading Syringes. Learning how to read a syringe could be the differencebetween return patients the chasten dosage ofmedication and assist them or imparting the patientswrong doses of remedy and mischief them. By the end of this lesson, you will identify and interpretthe graduation commemorates on many syringes, determine the amount of medication in various types of syringes. First, we will examine the parts of the syringe. The gratuity is where the needlehub attaches to the syringe. The barrel is a reservoir for propping the syringes materials. The content may be applied to liquids or gases, but for the rest of this lesson, I will time refer to thecontent as drug. Flanges provision asurface for the clinician to securely grasp the syringe during injection procedures. The plunger moves back andforth inside the barrel of the syringe. This allows the clinicianto draw medication into the syringe and expelmedication out of the syringe.At the top of the plunger is a rubbery tip called the stopper. The show-stopper prevents prescription from divulging around the plunger. You will notice that thestopper has a transcend reverberating and a tush ring. The top hoop acts as an indicator for assessing the medicationcontained within the barrel of the syringe. On the barrel are bold graduation recognizes. Graduation observes allow for the measurement of the syringe’s materials. The first graduation celebrate represents zero while the last graduation mark represents the syringe’s capacity or the total amount thesyringe was designed to hold. These marks often representcubic centimeters, ccs, milliliters, mLs or divisions. If you picture syringes that haveccs, mLs or both, don’t worry, the amounts are equivalent. One cc is the same as one mL. We will include the graduationmarks on five milliliter, three milliliter, onemilliliter, and U-1 00 syringes. There are many other sizes of syringes, but once you finish this lesson, you will feel confident inreading syringes of any size. Now let’s focus on interpreting the values of the graduation recognizes on the syringes.To interpret the valuesof graduation distinguishes, we will use a three-step process. Step one, define the increments of the visible crowds. To find the increment, detect the observable numerals and determine how muchthey are increasing by. On this five milliliter syringe, this strand represents one milliliter, this represents two milliliters and so on. Therefore, the visiblenumbers are increasing in increments of one. Step two, count the stepsto the next observable crowd. First, I require you to noticethat you have long rows which have the visiblenumbers next to them and the short boundaries which donot have any evident amounts next to them.So to determine the valuesof those shorter strands, we will count how manylines it may be necessary to get from one evident amount tothe next evident count. We will use a line of thefirst observable quantity, one, as your basic starting point. With your finger on the starting point, counting how many steps ittakes for you to land on the next observable number. One step, two step, threesteps, four gradations, and five. It takes five steps to getto the next noticeable crowd. Notice that we did notinclude the starting point as one of the steps. We only weighed the lines after the starting pointand stopped counting once we moored on the lineof the next visible count. So the responses to step two is five. It made five stairs for us toget to the next conspicuous list. Step three, divide the incrementby the number of steps.For stair three, all you need to do is divide the answer from step one by the answer in step two. When the increment of one is divided by the number ofsteps, five, it equals 0.2. Therefore, each text on the syringe represents a value of 0.2. That means this direction indicatesa appreciate of 0.2 milliliters. This is 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1, 1.2, 1.4 and so forth. So how much does this line represent? If you territory 3.4 milliliters, you are correct. How about this boundary? If you territory 4.8, you are correct. Now let’s get a little more realistic. Instead of using an arrow, let’s use the top reverberate of the show-stopper as our indication and fillthe syringe with medication. When observing the stopper, you will notice that thereis a bit of a cone shape at the tip. Ignore the cone-shaped area and meter the amount of remedy by focusing only on thetop pealing of the stopper.For lesson , notice thetop echoing was noted in red is touching the two milliliter line. This indicates that thissyringe contains two milliliters of prescription. You try the next one. How much medication is in this syringe? If you territory 0.6 milliliters, you are correct. One more. How much drug is in this syringe? If you territory 3.2 milliliters, you are correct. Great job. Now that you are cozy with reading a five milliliter syringe, we will use this three-step process to read the coming few syringes. Let’s apply the steps to reading this three milliliter syringe. Step one, establish theincrements of the noticeable numerals. The conspicuous numerals are 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2 and so on. That signifies the visiblenumbers are increasing in increments of half or 0.5. Step two, count the stepsto the next noticeable list. Our starting point is 0.5. And as you watch, it takes five gradations after the starting point toland on the next perceptible multitude. Step three, divide the incrementby the number of steps. When the increment of 0.5 is divided by the number of steps, five, it equals 0.1 ml. Therefore, each position on the syringe represents a value of 0.1 mls. This line is 0.1. This is 0.2, 0.3 and so on. Now that we know the valueof all the graduation traces, let’s decide the amountof medication in the syringe. How much drug is in this syringe? If you stated 0.7 milliliters, you are correct. Try one more. How much remedy is in this syringe? If you stated 1.9 milliliters, you are correct. Great job. Now we’ll merely apply the steps to reading a one milliliter syringe. Step one, choose theincrements of the conspicuous quantities. The noticeable amounts are 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 and so on. That conveys the visiblenumbers are increasing in increments of 0.1. Step two, count the stepsto the next evident numeral. Our starting point is 0.1. And as you witness, it makes 10 pace after the starting point toland on the next visible list. Step three, divide the incrementby the number of steps. When the increment of 0.1 is divided by the number of steps, 10, it equals 0.01 milliliters. Therefore, each boundary on the syringe represents avalue of 0.01 milliliters. So this word is 0.01. This is 0.02, 0.03 and so on. Let’s jump-start onward so you can get a better idea of how the marks increasethroughout the syringe. Now is 0.09. Here is 0.1, but to makethis a bit more intuitive, you can also look atthis line as being 0.10 because after 0.10 is 0.11, 0.12 and so on.So what is the value of this text? If you territory 0.21, you are correct. Now that you know the value of all the graduation differentiates, let’s influence the amountof medication in the syringe. How much remedy is in the syringe? If you territory 0.59 milliliters, you are correct. Try one more. How much drug is in this syringe? If you stated 0.65 milliliters, you are correct. Great job. And that accompanies us to our lastsyringe, the U-1 00 syringe. The U-1 00 syringe is commonlyused for insulin injections and doses of insulinare measured in parts. Therefore, instead of saying milliliters in your final reaction, for this syringe, you will stateunits in your final answer.Now let’s apply the three-step process to this 100 unit syringe. Step one, calculate theincrements of the visible lists. The visible counts are 10, 20, 30, 40, and so on. That intends the visiblenumbers are increasing in increments of ten parts. Step two, count the stepsto the next noticeable count. Our starting point is 10. And as you read, it makes five steps to landon the next observable number. Step three, divide the incrementby the number of steps. When the increment of 10is divided by the number of steps, five, it equals two. Therefore each wrinkle on the syringe represents a value of two measurements. This cable is two, this is four, six, and so on. And now that you know the value of all the graduation marks, let’s establish the amountof medication in the syringe.So how much remedy is in this syringe? If you stated 38 contingents, you are correct. One more. How much medication is in this syringe? If you stated 74 contingents, you are correct. Well, we went through all of the syringes, but before I intention this lesson I want to assessment your skillswith a few random syringes. So formerly the syringeappears on your screen, press pause to figure out the answer and then press play when you’reready to end the answer. You’re ready? Let’s begin. How much remedy is inthis three milliliter syringe? How much medication is inthis one milliliter syringe? How much prescription isin this U-1 00 syringe? And how much drug is inthis five milliliter syringe? So did you answer all of them correctly? Great job and give yourselfa huge pat on the back for a job well done.And there you have it. You have learned to identify and interpretthe graduation marks on many syringes and determine the amount of medication in a variety of syringes. If you attained this video helpful, please click the like buttonand leave your feedback. To stay up-to-date on otherallied state read implements, you can follow me on Twitter @ ahtools1 or subscribe to myAlliedHealthTools YouTube channel. Thank you for watching this video ..

Quick & Easy Chicken Spinach Salad – HCG Diet Recipe

good afternoon ladies and gentlemen this is Gabriel Joseph and again I’m here with my little oompa loompa say hi Benson say hi what are you doing oh yeah you saying hi say hi okay were you in there messing with all of mommy’s Tupperware see yes okay should we show everybody what we stirred for lunch today on the hcg diet say yes oh there you go okay so good-for-nothing super figment today in fact it is very very simple something that I’ve done got a couple of epoches before but you are familiar with sometimes you simply don’t have the time and the vigour or the effort to prepare a gourmet meal so what I did today is a really very simple I needed my meat as well as my two veggies and so I have chicken let’s see I won’t dig it in with my thumb but you appreciate I’ve got chicken globs throughout their then I’ve got cucumber and spinach that’s in the salad and all’s I did was fling it together make a tossed salad but the secret is the dressing so I had a good friend show me this dres the other day and I kind of like non milky dress I like vinaigrette type of things so for me this drape is amazing for you might not be but what I do is I take about a quarter cup or an eighth of a beaker of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar then I throw in whatever spices I just wanted to and I throw in the towel some stevia to candy it up a little and I simply kind of mix it to perceive that stops for about 810 periods in the refrigerator and so what I do is I just use that as my salad dressing and you can see in now I’ve got my salad dressing down there at the bottom and so I really turned my my spinach my salad through it take a bite and apart we go now another I like to do if you like something spicy you could do something like this this is called the nothing and it’s got a lot of different stuff in there in fact it’s got onions paprika chili pepper cumin garlic jalapeno coriander cayenne oregano and lemon lubricant so that is hands it a little bit of kicking is not over the top or anything but kind of moves my nose run merely a little bit but hey those spices in and of themselves are amazing to keep health and power grades up so anyway it’s just I know it’s not super complicated or anything else like that oh by the way I’ve already eaten them because I was hungry I emptied the house today but it was super hungry so I once munch my two Grisanti breadsticks but those are pretty decent as well so anyways there you have it nothing involved super easy little toss salad and away you go Benson what are you doing dude well that’s pretty cunning you needed to get your water bottle huh I accompany okay well that manufactures feel other than that that would be a no no but that’s pretty damned smart-alecky my little bloop is so funny all right gable Joseph I am The Purpose Driven producer see you last-minute

hCG Diet Round 1 Phase 2 Day 17, Total Lost 21.5 lbs

good morning ladies and gentlemen this is Gabriel joseph and “i know i m” now with the daily road in and let’s see what date it is ok i think it is phase two day oh 16 was yesterday epoch 16 was yesterday I came in weighing in at two-hundred 14.7 pounds that was kind of cool but a little bit of a plateau it’s alright the only one or two days I’m not sweating that once the plateau knows 34 daytimes that’s when you want to bring down and do an apple day and since I haven’t gotten to that point hitherto I haven’t made a video on it or an clause but i’m sure i will in the future but mostly what an apple period is is you ate six smallish apples within a 24 -hour period of time between lunch to lunch so that’s in a nutshell what it is and it helps you break through the plateau that you’re going through but for right now i was to 14.7 yesterday and let’s go ahead and weigh in real quick i’m a little concerned you know that that little coldnes that first my little newborn my little seven-month-old had and we were at a business retreat and it all sudden he started throwing up everywhere my spouse and i cut it short and came back home well that has now gone through the whole entire family and in order first my 20 month old-fashioned got it and then the day after my three and a half time aged little booboo got it and then after that now it is my six-year-old brently and my eight-year-old Sienna Sienna she’s really really healthy she doesn’t hardly catching me defects so she’s just kind of got the sniffles and not feeling superb but my little Brenly oh my goodness I was in bunked with her until five thirty this morning when I kind of woke myself up and gone over into my berthed and had a sleeping foot and sleeping lega sleeping appendage it was nuts you are familiar with a 217 pound whatever I am now 215 pound gentleman snuggled with his little daughter on its way and oh it was horrible I imply like I loved it and everything and coughing all over my face I hope I don’t get this but air becomes life as a parent I adore it sometimes it’s challenging sometimes it’s hard but it’s always worth it so anyways let’s just get right down to it so 214 pitch seven pounds yesterday let’s go ahead and get this bad boy set up yeah here we go okay learn we weigh in at this morning to 14.7 yesterday and we’ve got ooh to 14.4 I’m not going to complain too much about a to 14.4 I represent station three percent difference point three nine percentage over pitch three pounds divergence okay that’s good so like it was saying yesterday a lot of times what happens that I’ve noticed over the last three weeks regardless is I got to get a level where plateauing for a couple of eras simply a little fluctuation wait either a couple of you know sites or like not sites but a little of weight income or a little of weight loss and then i have three four dates where I’m just fell a pound a pound and a half so it’s good substance can’t complain particularly you know being up till five thirty this morning and then getting about three hours of sleep until I woke up so all right so the last thing i want to show you if you can’t hear my inspection screaming in the background so check out this little note that my daughter wrote me yesterday so I form these videos every day and I don’t know if you can see that but it says my pa determines em aks videos cuz k has he likes to do it my dad obliges videos because he likes to do it so that’s my little one that’s sick right now my six-year-old anyways I’m just saying it’s cool “youre starting” having fun with your nutrition she also is really rekindled about dining each time I dine or every time I make a healthy meal now she’s always having a portion of it because we talked about why it’s important to take care of your person and you know stay health and all this other material so regardless it’s good substance your adolescents can learn with you through this process and if you make it about the pilgrimage instead of about the heavines undoubtedly you’re going to come out on top at the very end no matter what the scale says so regardless this is Gabriel Joseph I belief for the day and my highway in with the HCG diet I’m out

HCG Diet Recipe – Yummy Tuna Salad & Homemade Mustard Dressing

are ya ladies and gentlemen my reputation is Gabriel Joseph and I am The Purpose Driven producer but for the next four or five minutes you can call me chef Joseph last-place liberty chef Joseph I’m here to talk to you about an HCG diet phase two recipe and it’s just going to be a real quick tip right look it’s Saturday afternoon I exactly looked at the clock it’s Saturday afternoon and my partner took off this morning and she took her little newborn son but I was left with the other four children here at home which is absolutely amazing I adore spending time with them and literally one of the biggest backings in my life is that of being a father and one of the endows that I cherished the most I’m not the best that’s for sure but I try and I genuinely enjoy my boys so I had to feed them today and get their meals are developed and I was just you know hadn’t had anything except for my grapefruit this morning for my breakfast and I was getting kind of hungry right so I was I was realizing the menu got them all done got them all take good care I wanted to start pounding some meat so what I did is I made something really quick and really easy and where I get a lot of my inspiration from don’t know if you guys can see this this is the hcg ultimate or the hcg nutrition gourmet cookbook and I bought this offline is absolutely amazing it’s got over 200 recipes that are HCG approved most of them are time 2 some of them are phase 3 but you know you can take any of your phase-two diet recipes and then you can time grow the calories and you know get it for period 3 nevertheless here’s the whole entire point so there was two recipes in here today that I want to really share with you those were my inspiration for what I made today it was quick it was easy and the entire dinner is simply 160 calories includes the breadsticks which is 40 calories so we’re talking about it’s only a hundred and twenty calories for what I’m about to show you so with that being said chef Joseph is on the on the instance and we’re going to go ahead and see about what’s going on done okay disregard that ax assassin bayonet there I cut a whole lot of my substance okay so right here what you see is a really super yummy spinach salad okay and what I like to do is I actually like to chop up my spinach because it determines it more practicable when I’m eating it instead of having erect spinach leaves spraying garmenting everywhere so then it’s also went tuna clumps in there and I also have cut up about perhaps 2 beakers of celery so you’re talking about the celery is perhaps 25 calories the spinach in here is 2 cups or so which is about 15 calories and then the tuna is about 80 calories perhaps 75 80 calories because I did that about three and a half ounces or about a hundred of the other metric organization thing you know what I’m talking about we don’t use that here in the position so gulp okay so that is the salad but let me show you I also made this yummy dressing and I want to kind of explain to you how I originated it if you can see it’s really kind of orangish or yellowish instead and that is a really yummy mustard prepare and instead of making an utterly from scratch what I did is I exerted about a quarter cup of sea and then maybe about another half cup to 3/4 bowl of apple cider vinegar it was just eyeballing it to be honest with you but that’s about the amount that I did on here if you were to look on the nutritional information materials and the nutritional facts there’s zero of anything there’s no calories there’s no sugars there’s no sodium there’s nothing that is detrimental to your HCG weight loss so that’s why I use that and vinegar establishes a real good kick and love it an apple cider vinegar Oh amazing then I use cayenne pepper in all spices are you know they’re going to be zero calories zero sugar eggs as well so I use cayenne pepper because of the spice oh really like a little hotness then the next thing is some ground ginger and then the last thing that I supplemented was a little bit of dill weed okay so I situated all of that in now and then I also got a do and my little mixer bowl is mix it up Booya just like that pow and like I said likewise I situated a little bit of mustard as the the base instead of attaining my own I just put-upon some mustard we’re talking about we we’ve only got about three percent sodium so 60 milligrams in there but overall we’re talking about zero calories in very low sodium so that’s why I use this specific one then spiced it up with my vinegar and my spices made a little dressing and then what I did is I’m gonna put a little bit more in now oh my goodness this garment guys really is to die for so with that being said let me mix that up let’s zoom back out and made you up for simply a little last thought here so here’s the whole entire deal look that take me about 15 minutes right I symbolize upturn thunder spurt chef Jose Jeff is all over it when I get hungry I turn into the Incredible Hulk or an indignant permit or you know large-hearted nut beast out of care what you have to say about it but my partner she’s told me about about it before way long ago in our wedding to discontinues hon when you get you know hungry you turn into a not a nice person or friends don’t like to be around you and neither do I quite frankly slap in the face to me right I mean that was coarse but you know that’s why I enjoy her and that’s why I increase her so I have made quite the effort to make sure that when I’m hungry I just kind of calm down and go into my fortunate like don’t talk to me I’m not going to talk to you we’re gonna be okay taking place but that’s the place that I was in because of my partner cruising out and prepping all of the menu for my other four boys just made 15 times maybe 15 times it was awesome so that being said let’s go ahead and have a little taste together yummy that’s what I’m talking about mmm it’s so good almost brought a rip to my nose virtually but not quite because I’m tough like that okay so what that being said hmm pardon me for talking with residue all over my speak and teeth and whatever else but it was good there’s your tip for the day hope that helped you to really consider what to do as far as making a fifteen-minute you know 160 calorie banquet in combination with the meat 620 calories is what’s in now and I don’t know that container was about the dimensions of the my heading all right beanie well okay maybe it’s a little bit bigger although everybody tells me I have a big head but it’s the size of my principal that’s a lot of food in there ladies and gentlemen a lot of food so it’s not like you’re starving on the hcg nutrition you just got to do it smart you got to have food that’s very low-calorie extremely nutrient thick-witted and then settled it together with your HCG puts or doses golden and you’ll be like me I imply more like just about everybody else is onto diet and has success I want to you know preclude or merely eliminate myself but I lost another pound and a half this morning I’m on date 14 or maybe today is epoch 15 but I’m down 20 pitch 8 pounds so far so loving it ladies and gentlemen check out my blog and that little relate down here below gabriel joseph mollify that’s where i’ll framed all of the recipe for this and how to prep it and all of the nutritional information that’s it I’m out you guys make it a good day remember be inspired get motivated to take action in your life I’m chef Joseph Gabriel Joseph and I’m out

Awesome Apple Cinnamon Crisps – HCG Diet Recipe

all right there ladies and gentlemen this is Gabriel Joseph or should I say chef Joseph and that actually kind of rhymes and that was just right off the top of my thought okay I’m flippin astounding all right so check this out my little partner she is a time a little temptress I make she is insane check this out what she did okay so we just got done with a little party over here in our live do you guys see what’s in here oh my goodness I cannot throw him believe what she did yep that’s right she made brownies with chocolate frosting and with some other kind of yummy frosting now I’ve had those brownies before they’re very very good but you know what this is what I’m doing to those brownies in the top dog if you are eligible to even see that I’m arrange the top on moving those over because guess what I’m a hundred percent dedicated and a hundred percent trained to my HCG diet and guess what I exclusively have about five hundred to five hundred and thirty calories and just like smelling those I study I time breath like 10 billion calories seriously so I want to continue to lose weight so what I do boom remain punishment stay focused so here is what I did ladies and gentlemen I want to show you how easy it feels like to procreate some desserts so this is the hcg diet cookbook and there’s over 200 low-spirited calorie recipes in now and they certainly are flippin astonishing I registered you this a little bit before I just have you know all of my different tabs now for different snacks and whatnot but I’m going to turn right here and this is my Apple crispies section and that’s actually what I’m cooking right now you can see likewise need is one Apple a rush of cinnamon and stevia to savour and I’m going to show you what that looks like so let’s come on over here to the stove I actually I don’t even know if that’s yeah that the ugliest nastiest what do you expect and five children last-minute and that’s the way it sees okay so alright out of the stave or oven I guess that would be the staves on top we’ve got some Apple crisps let me show this to fact sorry if you’re throwing up right now because you’re trying to follow that camera I apologize so here we go so mostly this finished product is the apple crisp that we were talking about but before I actually figure out if it tastes good or not what I want to do is show you how I constructed it and as you can see here I’ve actually got my my apple and a little food scale fact I’ve varied regions I simply cut up a half of the Apple and let me show you why this meat scale and you know it’s not that big you are familiar with the size of my hand food scale is really really pretty cool here’s how you figure out how many calories and I’ve got about 80 calories budgeted for this dessert so what happens is I come down here fruits canned returns fresh and then I understand apples raw with surface yep that’s the one so it’s code 263 and so what I do is I turn on my proportion and wait for it to boot to 63 is what I’m utilizing and I applied my Apple on that and half of this Apple going to get I don’t know if you guys can see that it’s a hundred and one calories so a hundred and one calories that’s crazy 236 no I set that in wrong that’s what I thought that was a little bit hot so we’re gonna reset that good that simply jacked up my totality entire show but now we go it’s 2 6 3 2 6 3 and we’ll sit the Apple on the scale that’s more like it it’s actually 69 calories if you can see that so 69 calories so I planned 80 I’ve got 70 in this little dessert pan here and the committee is also dishes as my second fruit for the day my first one was a grapefruit in the morning but you are familiar with I only kind of wanted to show you guys that it’s not that hard to actually cook a dessert and enjoy yourself without you know diving back into bad practices and bad decorations with chocolate brownies and fudge and you know whatever else you’re indulgent food is or you’re unhealthy food and that motif that you get and whatever the prompts are that get you to that station you can be trained so with that being said what I want to do is kind of see how this bad boy savors so oh that’s kind of hot still so I’m going to do myself a little fork ooh chef Joseph is gonna taste what he’s got all right so I had some stevia had some cinnamon and half an apple here we go mmm when it collisions the palate so good you’ve got the cinnamon in there and then the stevia if you guys don’t know what Stevie is here’s one of the labels of stevia and I actually have it flavored this is vanilla cream so is not simply do you get the cinnamon but you get this it’s not an immediate appreciation of vanilla cream it’s more of an aftertaste it just various kinds of sits on your tongue forever it’s amazing so here’s my our target I’m going to announce this recipe up on my blog Gabriel Joseph calm I precisely followed the link down now right below the video and the information tab and you can get this this video or this associate preferably with the recipe that’s what I was trying to say and literally I necessitate it’s good material good thought 70 calories you’re gilded stick with the nutrition and I wish you good luck and success oh here’s one last-place thought it doesn’t have to be complicated right I symbolize like I cut up an apple I swarmed cinnamon on it positioned some stevia in it and I attach it in the stove and then exactly gale got it out so you know oh I cook meter for about 12 minutes so some people like more some people like less there you go Gabriel Joseph I’m out