Hcg weight loss diet – Hcg weight loss program Phase 1- Hcg Diet plan Tips Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi MD

Have you “ve tried everything” and still haven’tfound any mixture for your weight loss problems, if that’s the case was continuing watchingthis video and you will thank me last-minute. I don’t follow this , you can plan this. nowthere are two school of thoughts about this HCG protocol, every ha there own theory. we likewise say that when you start HCG for firstphase we cause a loading dates that case can eat anything, whatever they miss. from the third day you start with the HCGdiet. OK? people do it. results are almost the same. but here in India the problem is that whenyou ask a patient to go and eat whatever you want to eat, you know what they eat. Pointnumber 2 then it happens that they gain some load but they never consider the weight lossfrom that gained force. they read the weight loss from the day they had come. And if they gained makes say about 1 kg or1. 5 kg during those 3 dates they will say that we will count from the now merely. if they lose about 1.5 kg in 1 week they donot consider it as lost heavines. they compare it with the initial heavines beforethe loading stage. and say that this is not working. there is one trouble in this, in that i gotthe idea that this is not the right way to do.so we will start HCG only after the labsare done and the loading time is over.We will not start it on the day when patientstarts feeing a good deal. That’s what I decided and i started doingthat, and they answered well and I am happy. you can think either i go with the loadingor you can decide this mode it is not going to make much divergence in the final outcome. its like 40 daylights or 43 dates diet that’s nota big deal. but to avoid that hostility of the firstweek with both patients and they feel bad. What “i m saying” on the day one they come I tell themto go for the labs and start loading and chew whatever you want. and then come back in 3days. the day they come I weight them again andsometimes they have gained 1 or 1.5 kg. and I start from this reading.So I eschew thatloading stage with the injections. this is my protocol my space. much of people who follow what I say they seegood results. and how it helped me I will tell you. “ve been trying to find” a ground for this also thisadipostat thing wreaks, what happens that when individual patients is gobbling a good deal the day we spokeabout it, when there is hyperphagia there is balanced abridged stomach or anorexia, so you see if you are fasting for two days your appetite goes up the third day you willeat a bit more.Why? because this adipostat wants to bringthe load to the same weight. similarly if you dine a lot for two days the third dayyou dont want to eat again the same adipostat is working. so “youve had” made more calories and the naturewants you to come back, the third day you will feel bloated, i don’t want to eat, thatwhat you do when you had two days of party or something. Lets eat something light today.then this is the only way munch brightnes we don’t want to eatanything heavy-laden, and that’s what happens. so probably this loading time of 2 or 3 daysdoes the same and it becomes easy for them to start the diet. it is already i the phase of compensation. so we have all the options. we have alternative list 1 you start the patientright away on the hcg, or you can do two days of loading and continues its hcg n thethird era it would be rather than 40 epoches to 43 daytime and it can be handled. second is that you tell the patient to eatwhatever and then come back and from that day you start the hcg. third is from dayone you do the patient go on the hcg etiquette ..