hCG Diet (Round 1 Phase 2 Day 8, Total Lost 16 lbs)

good morning ladies and gentlemen this is Gabriel Joseph and it was one crazy night last-place night definition I have a little six month age-old and I think he’s now with the belly flu and he was up and crazy and coughing and throwing up and craziness and we’re not at home right now we’re at a little business duos withdraw my spouse and I and our little newborn boy and got a whole bunch of friends and everything else and so with the the biggest growth comes the biggest adversity I guess where the biggest adversity ie comes the biggest growth so packed up all my food and a cool and I’m doing my thing but anyway it’s just kind of crazies not by my regular define opening number so we’ll be seen to what extent I did on that diet so I’m looking here at my planned yesterday we were looking at phase two day 7 and I was 221 and a half pounds so 221 and a half let’s jump on the scale and consider what it says alright so today we are from to 21 and a half to two 20.2 so we’re down a little bit more than a pound nice like 1.3 writes ouch one point three pounds lover I’ll give that on a crazy darknes with no sleep and carrying up my menu feed it cold up now at the Surratt retreat which is beautiful place up now Midway Utah is absolutely amazing swiss swiss architecture up on the side of the mountain I necessitate what’s not to love about it and what’s not to been fucking loving another pound and a half lost that’s what I’m freaking talking about all right you guys stay true to your nutritions they penalize I’m out