hCG Diet (Round 1 Phase 2 Day 7, Total Lost 14.5 lbs)

well good morning ladies and gentlemen this is Gabriel Joseph again coming at you for my daily weigh-in and too a duet beings have been asking me some questions I got my little booboo now what’s up dude can you say hi he’s eating is he’s eating what he calls his granola it’s his granola cereal regardless so he’s here with me he’s got a little chocolate from my little a little itty bitty jumble of a bear my eight month old-time he has like a little stomach flu and he’s running a excitement this morning so so now some petitions his style I would appreciate that so I moved site so it wouldn’t be waking them up as we’re talking and I’m here in my kitchen anyways a duet people have asked me some questions let me really look who it is real quick I want to answer those is ground beef lean meat for the diet the answer is no you can either than stage 1 and time 2 of the food sure as shooting get the room good fatty trash for time 1 when you’re doing your laden and you’re loading up your sags but for stage 2 you’re super concerned about your calories so you can eat ground beef if it’s the 95 to 97 percentage overweight free but a it’s pretty dang expensive and B you’re still talking about 215 calories nearly for only three and a half ounces of meat so each meal for lunch and dinner you’re looking to perhaps pound I don’t know 220 to 230 calories or 210 – perhaps 230 calories per snack and you’re going to burn all of that up with your flesh if you do it like that so my suggestion get three and a half ounces of shrimp or you know which is about 90 calories or three and a half inch ounces of crab or something like that which is about 44 to 50 calories so you can eat more meat but what I propose is having the calorie tally come down so you can load up more on bed terribly full oh my little buster is coughing so I hope he’s not coming down with what his little brother how so anyways that’s the responses to that question you can eat it in face to make sure it’s a really really lean stuff but I don’t suggest that you use your calories somewhere else alright second question is how long is the HCG diet how does it work in a nutshell look for a blog post on Gabriel Joseph comm from me on this I’ll write it up today if I’ve got time if not I’ll throw it up there tomorrow but there’s three chapters to the su G diet phase one is a quantity chapter it’s for two days it’s where you need as much food and as fatty as is practicable that you can while taking the HCG so either the injectable if you get the prescription or the homeopathic which are the rhythms that I do the second phase is phase two and it’s where you’re on a very low-calorie diet it’s very restricted highly very strict protocol and that’s gonna run you anywhere from about 25 daytimes if you’re doing a short period tubing if you’ve got really a little bit of heavines to lose or up to 40 days like myself if you’ve got a lot of force to lose so on that time you’re on a very low-calorie diet then you get into stage 3 which is really setting your moisture your load time and that phase is much higher calorie it’s about 1,500 calories per period of can you know food intake which is more normal but you’re still cutting out carbs and sugars and a whole assortment of other things and bread starches whatever but that’s a three week process so you’re looking at I don’t know forty daylights plus another 21 eras it’s about two months of a diet so I hope that reactions that question again I’ll detail out all of those different phases and what’s included what’s the protocol and I’ll do that in a blog affix the last one is how do I dispense my discontinues well that’s pretty simple and I’ll appearance you right now so this is going to get kind of hairy slow let me actually evidence you how to administer those throws it’s pretty simple okay so here I’ve got my homeopathic puts if you’ve got the drug of course it’s an injectable so I don’t know where you inject it was likely your leg or your buttocks I would assume but I don’t know regardless the homeopathic quits are like this so it’s ten slips three times a day nearly so you simply fill up your little dropper appalling thing like this you drop it right on your tongue count out ten descends and then you keep it there and I usually keep it there for about you are familiar with 20 seconds or so I’ll be immersing quarry now pretty quickly all right here we go ten throws got it under my tongue that’s why I’m talking funny crazy all right while we’re doing that let’s go ahead and lay away in this preset well that’s how you do the puts let’s go ahead and weigh in now so I’ve got my magnitude now so yesterday I was at 220 two degree seven pounds if you remember sue come going on since then no air I lost so much can’t even tell let’s go ahead and reset it was likely waited too long once I reset it two hundred and twenty two time seven pounds yesterday’s so we’ve got going on today to 21.5 another 1.2 pounds down that’s what I’m talking about another 1.2 pounds down to 21.5 in fact I’m going to exactly write that down so I don’t forgotten to 21.5 recording is key ladies and gentlemen recording is key so again this is Gabriel Joseph and coming live from my kitchen hope these blogs these vlogs are doing good for you that you’re getting tons and tons of information from them like I said check out Gabriel Joseph calm you can connect with me on Facebook from there and if you got any questions go ahead and leave them in the comments here or on Facebook or on my blog and I’ll be happy to address them oh my little dude hey gentleman I hope you feel better everybody’s watching it and they’re saying I to be expected that little man’s feeling better because he’s so cute what do you have to say I was drinking some all right this is Gabriel Joseph and I am out