hCG Diet (Round 1 Phase 2 Day 19, Total Lost 23 lbs)

well good morning ladies and gentlemen this is gabriel Joseph I am The Purpose Driven producer and I’m coming to you live this morning from my my home and now to talk about my HCG day I fantasize I’m on yesterday was daytime 18 that means today is era 19 so my 19 th day of my phase two of the HCG diet I I make the liquid drop so the HCG I know a good deal of beings have been asking me do I make the lowers don’t take the insertions but I’ve been doing the homeopathic plunges and I’ve been having some pretty good success with it and so to date let me see here and I’m going to be referencing I demo you guys this all the time but I’m going to be referencing all my notes this is my HCG diet daily journal where I record my breakfast lunch dinner and snacks so I save a calorie count going on whoa yesterday was kind of high I went to see 605 because I had steak and broccoli regardles steak and broccoli that Oh that’ll do it every single time regardless so the whole entire point is so I demand a little high on my calories which then gives me the opportunity to sit and say okay google feed a great deal of calories steak and broccoli is bad eat shrimp and tuna tomorrow so it’s just kind of little notations for me to get to stay on track it also moves my heavines my pounds lost as well on a daily basis as well as my total weight loss to date so anyways I pond yesterday was era 18 and I was down 23.5 pounds my course in was 212 pounds 200 12.3 pounds so anyways going to weigh in today this morning to see how that departs I’m a bit anxious actually because the protocol is pretty strict 500 calorie nutrition on a daily basis and clearly I triumph you know one-sixth over that or one-fifth over that yesterday so we’ll see how it goes regardless weighed in at 212 stage three is the magic number let’s check it out this morn what it is and apart we go so we go to 12.3 hopefully that list goes down sometimes it fluctuates up and down but you know that’s what progress is all about ah to 12.8 all right for 100 calories over i’ll take to 12.8 dessert so to 12.8 i’m going to go ahead and record that down in my gazette right after we get done with this but you know people that’s the way it arrives i don’t i really don’t worry too much my weight loss kind of disappears like this it moves large-hearted weight loss big-hearted weight loss large-hearted weight loss little little little sometimes there’s a wavering I’ve even gained up to a pound and back down and then all of a sudden like you know so it’s two or three days of good weight loss and then it’s you know two three up to four days of time incremental up and down this and then boom large-scale throws again so overall “i m still” down about 23 pounds and this is going on 19 dates so I’m super fuelled about that I was really really skeptical at first about the HCG diet because I heard that you could lose up to a pound a day and I are of the view that a that wasn’t safe and be that was bogus and I’ve really precisely been going on this wander having a great experience with it so check out my blog read up a little bit more about this I’ve also recorded all of my other videos and threw them on my blog was a lot of diet recipes that I found to be successful and a great deal of other tips so that’s on the HCG diet if you’re here you know looking about that but check out my blog as well I talked my entire entire extent in my content is all about insight energize and motivating you to take action in an area of your life that needs to be improved somehow so whether that’s weight loss or whether that’s in the other area of your life cool you’re going to find inspirational words there make the muse challenge check out what that’s all about again Gabriel Joseph calm is my blog you follow me there love you guys thanks for the supporting and hindering me accountable every single morning this Gabriel Joseph The Purpose Driven producer and I’m out