hCG Diet Recipe Fruit With Warm Vanilla Sauce

hey there ladies and gentlemen my specify is Gabriel Joseph otherwise known as chef Joseph and today I’ve got a really interesting little recipe that we’re going to fix together now you know that on the hcg diet including stage 2 you’re allowed to fruit dishes for vegetable saucers and two protein or meat saucers throughout the day so or functions I guess so the whole tear point is you got to really maximize the appreciation and spice it up with smorgasbord so tonight what I’m going to do is we’re going to stir some fruit with heated vanilla sauce okay so nothing new you know peculiarly I enjoy an apple for my snack it’s one of the approved nutrients on the hcg nutrition and so what we did is and I’ll show you all this in just a second so what I did is I rolled out and I went this cookbook this is where I take a lot of my inspiration from this is the HCG diet gourmet cookbook and this is amazing it’s got over 200 recipes in now and some of them are pretty complicated and some of them are pretty simple but one of the things that a great deal of parties are asking me about is hey how do you make savory snacks or desserts because I need something immediate i need something really good it’s something that kind of you know slakes that sweet tooth right so again tonight we’re going to be attaining the fruit with heated vanilla sauce it’s one of the recipes in here and I’m just going to go ahead and situated this down now on the bar and we’re going to get down to it right so let’s talk about some of the things that we are able to need for this it’s really pretty simple I cut up half of an apple right here we’ve got already get that proceeding then I went vanilla powder and this is kind of is not extremely hard to find but I didn’t find it exactly at my regional food market I actually went to see a health food store and I get this vanilla powder and I smacked a little bit of it you can use it instead of vanilla extract and the reason why we want to do that is because it’s got zero calories in the vanilla gunpowder you know as well as it because it’s a spice etc but the real reason why we want that is because it coagulates up the sauce then for the locate we’re going to be using time lemon liquid and so this is a hundred percentage liquor or you can grab a lemon and liquor it’s basically the frontiers of one juice is what you’re looking for and some apple cider vinegar specially i really enjoy brag it’s all organic fresh unfiltered and it parcels a punch the last ingredient you’re going to need is some pulverized stevia and I have this symbol in particular stevia in the raw and it’s got you know just like any coffee sweetener or sweetener etc this just got that in there so then you need exactly a marry different little evaluating spoons and either a sauce wash to heat it up on the stave or a bit microwavable safe dish so with that being said let me go ahead and made this down and noses on the concluding of the recipe if you know what I’m saying so with that being said here we go alright okay chaps genuinely it’s pretty simple the first thing we do is grab our dish and we just stick it now and the recipe calls for one tablespoon of vanilla pulverize and what we’re going to do first though is we’re going to just go ahead and add the vanilla pulverization and the stevia and we’re going to time set it right here into this little Bowl and you’re not kind of have a sweet tooth so I’m going to realise maybe three or four packets now if you have a different type of stevia that’s pretty cool these are pretty handy you know I’m going to do is pop those bad was open thumb in now and so we’ve got the vanilla and we’ve got the sweetener now what we need to do is I says boppa bah too the lemon juice and vinegar so we need 12 tablespoons of the lemon juice and if you guys can’t tell I haven’t made this yet so I’m going to go ahead this is an experiment to see how it smacks then I’m sure it’s going to be good because the other recipes i have done have been absolutely amazing for this ok so there’s 1 tablespoon here’s the second tablespoon ok so we throw that in there and then we also need one half teaspoon of apple cider vinegar so a half a teaspoon now like I said this stuff actually parcels in a pouch let’s go ok so now we’ve got all of our parts in there now what we’re going to do is mix it up so you merely mix it up in now and the gunpowder and the stevia are going to add to or half compatibility or contribute some coagulating in here now we’re going to place that into the microwave or you are eligible to heat it up on the stove in a little saucepan or whatnot but we’re just going to back this bad boy up and as you can see I’m professional in my professional kitchen so we’ll really shy this in here we’re going to go for me and easy instant BAM okay so as we’re permit that heat up this is about the time generally speaking that I would be chopping up my apples but I already did that for sake and appliance reason and assembles no sake of flags of convenience so I’ve already said and done and my apples once looking good fact a little something something that’s not used to call here boom voil we’re going to go a little bit of cinnamon on this as well so i’m just going to powder my apples with just a little bit of cinnamon that’s something i typically do if i’m just going to be doing it really quickly easier whatnot but you are well aware not too much it’s just a savour I only do a little bit of sentiment on there some good nonsense okay I can’t wait to taste what this plunge sauce savor like I make could be good it could be bad but I’ve had a couple other things that I’ve made as far as recipes out of this recipe book hmm it’s been very good okay well let me show you what I went here with all sorry for this week that’s just kind of the method it goes all right so I’ve got my plunge sauce and you see that the uniformity is really really runny so generally speaking what I would do is I really hurl that into the fridge for really a couple of minutes but because I want to see what this nonsense perceives like I’m going to go ahead and give it a try so let’s see here people let’s check this bad boy out okay so it’s going to go on to a freezing apple regardless and exactly pass it a little dip dip in there and I experience oh wow okay I “ve told you” the spice of lifetime right it’s not cook although it certainly is fun but to keep truly punished on your food in my opinion I pointed out that I need to have you know you can only have so much stuff so generally speaking a half steak every once in a while I have chicken every once in a while but my two staples ought to have tuna and shrimp so you are unable cook that nonsense up a certain number of ways and you’re only allotted 500 calories total then you’re a good deal of too little fruit foods in the morning I generally have grapefruit because it helps curb the stomach and sugar lusts etc and in the night I either do an orange or I’ll do an apple there’s also some strawberries and I’ll appearance you some recipes with that as well a little bit later but anyways the big-hearted thing for me is spicing it up moving it taste different and that’s done a great deal of durations with the prepares that I put on my nutrient as well as the sauces that I’m able to dip it in etc so this is uh I can’t really show him it doesn’t fairly tastes like caramel it doesn’t I necessitate it’s vanilla there it’s good vanilla it’s a vanilla with a little bit of up to it it certainly is nice and sugared so you know this is going a week three for me I haven’t had anything sugary or sugared except for my little desserts but certainly no like you know frosting or sugar or anything else like that my diet and this is really satisfying that oh so I’m going to go ahead and wintry that right now and then enjoy it with the rest of my Apple in about 10 instants from now so chaps I most promote you mmm much about spit Apple everywhere I highly inspire you to really you know spice it up experimentation this recipe bible for me has been absolutely amazing because it’s opened me the the ideas for me to attain the things that look yummy to me so that’s something that you’re looking for i highly support you I think it’s only 2995 to buy that that work and you get an instant access and download it right to your computer print it off and apart “theres going” so with that said I know you can be successful in the diet my refer is Gabriel Joseph I am working on epoch 20 and I visualize I’m up to 25 pounds that I’ve lost so far so if I could do it heck anybody can do it that’s for darn sure but this was a chef testifies f moment i’m gabriel joseph and i am out see it