HCG Diet R2P2D53 – LDW

good morning everyone it’s Friday today is my last vlcd I had a zero released today kind of stinks to end at the round that practice but that’s fine Anna you are familiar with I didn’t I did well so my last-place dosage value will be one I think it’s 174 point2 so i just took my plummets this morning I’ll do one more dosage tonight and then I am done and moving into my next three day change of no puts so regardless I’m inside again and you know when I’m inside that makes I got something to show you so I didn’t get to do my thrifty thursday yesterday I exclusively get to show you the shirt I was wearing so I’m just going to show you a few of my discoveries real quick before I head out the door I’m going to do it very quickly so here “theres going” I forgot to mention these yesterday when I “ve told you” about my mansions but a beautiful duo of linen gasps these are a size 14 and they’re too big already I didn’t try them on there but I’m gonna have to have them adapted anyway because they are too long so I’m going to take a min and get an adapted these were only ten horses and super cute for the summer I’m debating if you guys want to give feedback should i get them adjusted so that i can wear them like to work with ends or should i get them reformed so that i can wear them with flip-flops i really like that casual ogle and they are the really long cheese for me they’re really long they are the wide leg gasps so you know those truly sometimes appear cute with flat so i am only 52 so I like the stature but if I entered into with the plains I repute I could still wear them to work if I entered into with flats i am only can’t my flip-flops to work on regular work days so anyway linen pants ten horses sizzles outlet and this is by the brand UK i think it’s called you you verify the French Connection other outfits the French Connection totally cute okay him so then you saw the shirt I wear yesterday I imparted it down it’s obviously wear in Derby um I might throw a word-painting at the end of this to show you the getup standing up like I took a picture of myself yesterday in the reflect I’m just because in the car it’s hard to tell but this is the shirt it’s beautiful everyone complimented me on it I adore it that ain’t stolen laundry oh that shirt was three dollars in 50 penny sizzles outlet all of this is from this year’s outlet thanks to Kathy I’m this about charming hello look at that and it hold us four horses when it starts my acknowledgment look at this I’m going to do a immediate demo charity the complexions right check her out this look at the back are you able verify beautiful sound braided leather and this is a size medium/ enormous so I really like it and I was actually gonna wear with the shirt yesterday but I decided against it because the shirt was already flattering enough I don’t think it genuinely I needed this to accentuate I was actually “ve been thinking about” working out with my dress today too but I didn’t okay last duet acquires the swimsuits by Cole so it’s just the ruffled sole really cute like I said these all precisely wearing my dockyard by myself I don’t you know I just like to get tan everywhere so I like to have my skin uncovered so on all the swimsuits worth three dollars apiece so three dollars for the top three dollars to the bottom and you have to mix and accord because generally there’s not full positions there so I just I don’t even know if this this probably doesn’t go with that bottom but it is made by cool as well so the type of the pitch-black fabric you probably can’t see cuz I’m deeming it up against black but it’s got this golden ornament there and I can’t really get away with the bamboo style crests because of the size of my dresser but because it has this it affirms me up punishment it gapes good and I like that I can do this because then I’ll make the leash off my cervix while I’m laying out and then I’ll time not have tan threads I hate having brown order so again three dollars a piece so six dollars for that clothing and six dollars for this suit desire the color of this this is also by Cole so merely basic undersides has the little things on the side here and it says cool in the back there that’s a golden label and then the top is a little too small so if I contract at the top at some item and this will fit me this is an interesting top by the way because it starts like this and then made me a while not a long time to figure it out I was like what the heck I couldn’t figure it out till I physically tried it on because on the shelf it only didn’t make sense and then you go like this and then it holds in the front but look at the back it’s got the x’s which is probably all jacked up right now I can’t really secure it for you but anyway charming privilege I like the colouring I mean for six horses you can’t go wrong so it’s just something to lay out in amongst my numerous suits um and that is all i have for thrifty thursdays but i did want to mention to you guys if there’s any Yogi’s out there because i’m getting ready to go to work right now and do yoga um if you have a costco if you have a costco near you they are carrying lululemon knockoff yoga clothes and if any of you know lululemon it’s really expensive so like i just wanted to show you real quick these paws which are now approximately too big on me these yoga pants circuitry ones with the violet through them the issue is 1999 at costco and then the shirt was 12 99 and it’s just a t-shirt you know and then they also in some locations have the cap to to go with it the pitch-black casing but um i just want to show you these because that is an amazing price if you like i said lululemon is top-of-the-line yoga and here’s another pair i have a turquoise parer cute right again they’re getting too big because i bought them an extra large and now i think i need to go down inside so i’ll have to go back and see if they still have them i got him a while ago and this is not the it’s kirkland brand by the way kirkland if you’re a yogi and then this is add a kirkland firebrand i forgot i think i got this at TJ maxx but it’s still cute because it coincides the turquoise pants so anyway that’s all I get um if you’re yogi go check out costco I’ll I was there last week and they still carry this um so they are only they also um sorry i keep coming away from the camera they likewise had the full-length gasps so i really like the full-length throbs they just i think they’re more flattering on me so i have a pair of those as well and sometimes they have them in stock and sometimes they don’t i just got to keep your eyes rind and you just have to check every time you go so um so that’s it this video is getting long today hubs had a point 8 liberation yesterday he had a point 8 liberation so he’s doing well he’s previous over 18 pounds in 18 epoches so he’s he’s averaging over a pound a date and and again “i know i m” officially on my last-place vlcd for period 2 and my last heavines is 170 4.20 which foliages me with a 20 i’m at 28 site 20 for this round i anticipate that i’ll thump the 30 pound score over the next week if not you know through stage 3 if i follow the same pattern i did last round which was i lost five pounds during after my ldw so that’s all I deity I hope you guys have an amazing weekend I hope you have a great friday it’s rainy and gross now but that’s fine i’m going to go to yoga and then my nephew sekiya emergency room last-place light he has a upper respiratory infection infection my poverty-stricken child so i don’t have him this weekend my sister hasn’t she’s not working so hopefully he’s better soon poor baby alright chaps love you talk to you later bye-bye