HCG Diet R2P2D33

good morning love from some other fathers it’s Friday we constituted it the weekend I have a half a era payday the vacation weekend do g’day it’s Jake day get my nephew very excited awfully very excited and then I’m going to the pool today after exertion my friend is coming over and well my my yoga teacher she is pregnant and so I was of the view that it “wouldve been” amusing to have her “re coming up on” and hang out with me and Jake my little nephew because she’s going to have a son and it’s her first so i can’t wait i’m looking forward to it so today is a another zero which is fine i think today is my actual ovulation day i’m not really sure I’m not testing you think I would be but kind of applied that up a long time ago after I expend several hundreds of dollars and tests and I get tired of temping and I get tired of doing everything so I just know that this is the day that i ovulated the last few repetitions so if it’s not today it’ll be in the next couple eras and that’ll explain the zeros no biggie rolling with it I can take anything after that dentist Oh everything’s fine gosh it really does introduced things in perspective huh so what did I wants to speak to you about today um I had beings telling me how immense i looked yesterday saying I was melting away strangers is not damage like beings I don’t talk to but attend me at work like at the gym and stuff so that was a that felt really gone and that’s about it I don’t really have anything for you guys I have lots of nonsense on the honey-do list this weekend to do and I’m just looking forward to having three days off in a row because I definitely sounds like I could use three days off all the Tanakh right so I hope you guys are all doing terrific and you have an amazing weekend and I I don’t know if I’ll vlog over the weekend i may or may not I’ve been so you’ll probably get one out of me today is vlcd 33 by the way so seven more is 40 and then if I give another week looks like I got about two weeks left on the lcds my original purpose was to get to 167 i’m at 182 that’s 10 11 12 it’s well ok so 10 10 is 172 plus 5 so that’s 15 two weeks left 15 pounds even though i did lose in p3 last round I lost a lot in those three days of no quits so even though you have your lowest dosage wait I wonder why he does that you have your lowest dosage load but I foresee almost everybody quits in those three days where you where you don’t dose but you still do the lcds so I think that’s where i lost like the highest proportion of my that’s where I rule I continue to lose in the last round so let’s say I lose five in those three days plus phase 3 then I merely have to lose 10 but that’s still five pounds per week which is a lot so you know I may or may not get to 167 it’s no big deal my thought process was if I thumped 30 per round my goal was to lose 90 so if I did 30 per round then I would need to only I was able to it is necessary do three rounds but my next one is going to be short very so that’s another issue but you know what I make all in due time it’s coming off and that’s the bottom line and if I are set to do IVF today I’m still in a better stance I was then then I was in January before I started though some 50 pounds lighter so so it’s all about us anything I lose from here on out really is just a bonus and it will situate me in a better a better importance for my upcoming an IVF cycle so I’m just going to be grateful for whatever comes off whatever decides to release handouts so that’s it alright chaps i’m going to keep this short and I will catch up at the UH hopefully over the weekend to enjoy yourself by