HCG Diet Approved, Phase 2 (Yummy Recipe Idea)

hey there ladies and gentlemen this is Gabriel Joseph okay so anyways longtime friends we’ve been friends what something like that been crazy they’ve been following us ever since we lived in Vegas they follow us to Utah then they cruise up to Idaho now they’re out in the golden coast baby oh so um your best friend Chrissy she schools Zumba she’s absolutely amazing and that’s what she’s very passionate about then we got literal Benson up there what are you saying buddy do you want to have some do you want to have some appetizing spinach yeah okay well don’t fall off the counter while we’re making this video okay cool so it’s it’s midday here and you know I’m on day I anticipate seven of my HCG diet I’m down 14 and a half pounds and Chrissy you know Chrissy went through the HCG diet how long ago nine months ago she lost 25 pounds ladies out there that’s what I’m talking about so anyways so she knows all about the food and here we’ve got a very low curbed calorie tally but in this salad we’ve got some spinach we’ve got some celery and then also that’s about three and a half ounces of steak that’s cut up on top so Chrissy this was your your recipe that you constituted for me and I actually appreciate that so if you could explain what’s going on here you affix it in a little cup and framed it on there it time kind of dedicates it some flavor so you’re not eating dry cheeks I don’t have you yeah I merely I precisely grab the it’s it’s mostly because I’m just trying to get on with my period so I merely cram it in my cheek and I’m done with it you know life does have to be fun yeah go ahead let’s see how you do and it exactly kind of establishes it that soak feeling it has the same exact feel that’s what I’m talking about hey one one last thing be demonstrated by the show me the apple cider vinegar that is Bragg’s apple cider vinegar absolutely amazing and then with the salt we get the real Redmond sea salt which is is really good it’s really low in sodium if you will because it’s naturally so yep utterly it does it has trace minerals in there absolutely okay that’s how you do it this is Gabriel Joseph Chrissy rich and little bit what what you want to be cute told you later crony all righty told you buddy