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What is BETA hCG Test in IVF? Pregnancy Test ! Positive BETA hCG Test.

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Nurse Lily’s hCG Diet Weight Loss Journey – WEEK ONE

Hi everybody. Its Lily from Atlantis Medical Wellness. Happy New Year! So, one of my goals for 2017 was to lowermy body fat percentage and to get back in a better place. So, I made the decision to do the hCG diet. I loaded yesterday and the day before yesterday. Today is my first day on the 500 calories. Its a bit difficult. I think that Im not so much hungry as Iam having some salty craves because I like to eat salty things late at night. As embarrassing as it is, I wanted to sharemy weight loss journey with you guys and kind of just tell you what Im going throughweek by week.So, Ill be back next week. Bye !.

IVF Success Tips: How many eggs or embryos do you need to find one that is normal?

In 2020, the best IVF programs in theworld all do three things. First, they flourish theembryos until they reach the blastocyst stage, that is generally makes 5 to 7 days. Second, they freeze all the embryos for a frozen embryo transpose and thir, d they do chromosome measuring on the embryos if they came from olderwomen How countless embryos do you need toguarantee that you will have a normal fetu to transfer into your uterus? Stay tuned! First, a little background about IVF.Doctors use fertility medications to stimulate the development of multipleeggs in the hopes of creating multipleembryos This is necessary because there is asteep drop-off as you go through the various stages of IVF.Your doctor may identify 20 follicles on ultrasound, but simply get 15 eggs.Not all of the eggs will be mature eggs. Let’s say you get 10 full-grown eggs. These 10 eggs are injected with 10 spermand maybe induce seven fertilized eggs or fetus. Some of those embryos may never develop. Some may develop for a few days and then stop or degenerate.Let’s assume you have three or four embryosthat reaching the blastocyst stage. Is that going to be enough? The refute is perhaps yes but maybe no. The problem is that some of theseembryos may be abnormal. Abnormal fetus may have too manychromosomes or too few.Check out this video for moreinformation about embryo chromosome irregularities. Theolder you are the higher the chances for havingabnormal embryos. In information, the chances for a established embryoto be ordinary decrease a little bit every year.Stated another way, the more fetus you havethe greater the risk that at least one of those fetus will be normal.Let’s look at some real world data. A female under the age of 35 who had only one embryo which reached the blastocyststage has about a 42% chance that theembryo is normal. If she was able to impel two blastocyststhen there is a 64% hazard that at least one of them will benormal.For three fetus it’s 88% and for four or more there is a 98% risk of having at least one ordinary fetu At senility 41, if “youve had” four fetus reach the blastocyst stage, which is no easy accomplishment for a 41 time old by the way, there is only a 60% probability that at least one of them will be normal.Think about that in the opposite direction. At senility 41, you could have four beautiful face blastocysts under the microscopebut there is a 40% chance that all of them will be abnormal. At age 31, there is a 2% probability that all four blastocysts will beabnormal. Our InfertilityTV bottom line is this, IVF is a numbers game. The more fetus you have at any age, the greater the chance of finding normal embryos.For younger patients if you have four or more blastocysts, you’re in pretty good shape.If you are olderthen that same number of blastocysts will still not be sufficient for a majorityof women to find a normal embryo for delivery. If you likedthis video remember to like this video. If you havean idea for a future occurrence of InfertilityTV, leave it in the comments. Subscribe now !! InfertilityTV publishes a new episodeevery week. It’s like having a fertility specialistin your phone ..

Hcg weight loss diet – Hcg weight loss program Phase 1- Hcg Diet plan Tips Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi MD

Have you “ve tried everything” and still haven’tfound any solution for your weight loss difficulties, if that’s the case please continue watchingthis video and you will thank me last-minute. I don’t follow this , you can plan this. nowthere are two school of thoughts about this HCG protocol, every ha there own hypothesi. we too say that when you start HCG for firstphase we afford a loading dates that patient can eat anything, whatever they demand. from the third day you start with the HCGdiet. OK? parties do it.Results are almost the same. but here in India the problem is that whenyou ask a patient to go and eat whatever you want to eat, you know what they eat. pointnumber 2 then it happens that they gain some heavines but they never attend the weight lossfrom that gained heavines. they verify the weight loss from the day they had come. And if they gained gives “re just saying” 1 kg or1. 5 kg during those 3 daytimes they will say that we will count from the now merely. if they lose about 1.5 kg in 1 week they donot consider it as lost heavines. they equate it with the initial value beforethe loading period. and say that this is not working. there is one trouble in this, in that i gotthe idea that this is not the right way to we will start HCG merely after the labsare done and the loading period is over.We will not start it on the day when patientstarts gobbling a great deal. That’s what I decided and i started doingthat, and they greeted well and I am happy. you can think either i go with the loadingor you can decide this way it is not going to impel much gap in the agreed outcome. its like 40 periods or 43 days diet that’s nota big deal. but to avoid that conflict of the firstweek with patients and they was all right. what i say on the day one they come I tell themto go for the labs and start loading and eat whatever you want. and then come back in 3days. the day they come I weight them again andsometimes they have gained 1 or 1.5 kg. and I commencing from this reading.So I shun thatloading stage with the doses. this is my protocol my way.Lot of people who follow what I say they seegood results. and how it cured me I will tell you. “ve been trying to find” a intellect for this also thisadipostat thing parts, what happens that when individual patients is devouring a lot the day we spokeabout it, when there is hyperphagia there is offset abridged stomach or anorexia, so you see if you are fasting for 2 day your craving goes up the third day you willeat a bit more. why? because this adipostat wants to bringthe weight to the same weight. similarly if you snack a lot for two days the third dayyou dont want to eat again the same adipostat is working. so “youve had” made more calories and the naturewants you to come back, the third day you will feel bloated, i don’t want to eat, thatwhat you do when you had two days of party or something. Let eat something light today. then this is the only way snack light we don’t want to eatanything heavy, and that’s what happens. so probably this loading time of 2 or 3 daysdoes the same and it becomes easy for them to start the diet. it is already i the phase of compensation. so we have all the options. “were having” alternative number 1 you start the patientright away on the hcg, or you can do two days of loading and continue the hcg n thethird epoch it would be rather than 40 dates to 43 epoch and it can be handled. second is that you tell the patient to eatwhatever and then come back and from that day you start the hcg. third is from dayone you oblige the patient go on the hcg etiquette ..

THE TWO WEEK WAIT: Week 3 Pregnancy Vlog

welcome back everyone last week wetalked all about optimizing natural fertility so if you missedany of those great tips-off about going pregnant fast go back and check outepisode two which implies this week we are on weekthree of our 40 -week pregnancy journey and we’re going to be talking abouteverything that happens after ovulation fertilization the embryo’s journeyimplantation and the dreaded two-week weight make sure you stay tunedat the end of this episode we’re going to take a pregnancy test we’re bothreally excited about that area but in cases your first time meeting us we’reboth physicians documenting our own trying to conceiveand hopefully our own pregnancy travel sharing some professional medical informationalong the way i’m sarah i’m an ob gyn i’m kurt apediatrician and we are the doctors the part so today is week three in our week byweek leader to everything that’s happening in pregnancyfrom the doctor’s side of things this 40 week series is going to covereverything in terms of children growth and pregnancylabor and delivery in addition to all that we’re also going to be sharingwhat’s going on in real life the books we’re reading things we’redoing to prepare and other things we’re learning as hopefulsoon to be mothers we’re going to find out if all that advice we’ve been givingpatients over the years is going to stack upand stay sung at the end of this episode we are going to takea pregnancy test after our very own two week wait yeahlast week we talked all about ovulation tips-off to get pregnant fastbut what about after all that effort what happens nextso in other words this week we’re going to be talking about during that two-weekwaiting period after ovulation before you can take apregnancy test so the two-week wait is brutal uh thedays kind of time creep by and you’re waiting and waiting andwaiting and i’m feeling my tits to see if i’m feeling any changes and i’mlooking for body changes and googling all sorts of things i’m inob gyn and i’m googling these meetings on when people got their firstpregnancy positive pregnancy research and i’m googling what people’s earlypregnancy indications were and looking at things about implantationbleeding and it only constructs you crazy and then you have another two week waitbecause you weren’t pregnant the first time and then you have another one andi’d say by the third one i was convinced i would probably never get pregnantum and i know that these things are all normalso it’s a crazy process and that’s where we’re at which means thatwe’re going to talk about the very first meeting of sperm and egg and thatjourney and developed at a baby fetu so around daytime 14 of the menstrual cyclethe ovary secretes an egg and that is called ovulation that isthat big occurrence that you are trying to time sex with to optimize your chancesof getting pregnant after that egg is released the fallopiantube cleans around the ovary and picks up that egg in about two to threeminutes and then pushes it into the upper end ofthe fallopian tube and there is where that egg and seman converge frequently within2 4 hours of the egg being liberated that that fertilized egg hangs out inthe upper culminate of the fallopian tube for about three daysbefore making an epic three-day journey down the tubeto the uterus this first six days howeverisn’t just about making a journey from the ambulance to the uterusduring this time the fertilized egg is actually ripen ripening and dividinggrowing and subdividing going from two cadres to four cells to eight cadres untilit’s a 64 cadre blastocyst which at that time is already startingto differentiate in between the component that is the placentaand the part of that is baby over the week after that there’s a complex seriesof happens that are available as this does ready for implantationimplantation occurs often around daylight 9 but could be anywhere from era 6to daylight 12. It is also around this time of implantation that that outer seam ofcells of the blastocyst start secreting human chorionic gonadotropin or hcgand that is the hormone that you’ve been waiting for because hcg is what isdetected by a pregnancy test hcg can be detected in the blood asearly as eight days after fertilization and that level only preserves originating andgrowing until it’s able to be detected in a urinearound 10 to 14 epoches after fertilization and that’s what you’re picking up onyour home pregnancy test okay let’s talk about pregnancytests some people say wait till you’re missedperiod some people start testing on post ovulation day eight that with mei just couldn’t wait and started pee-pee on a stickas soon as i thought there was a chance that there was hcg inthe urine um so there’s a variety of tests if you’re going to experiment earlythis is a the one i use because it sees an hcglevel of like six to ten um there are the digital ones that have a digitalreadout that say pregnant or not there’s the triple jam-pack where one is anearly test one is done in 60 seconds and then one’sdigital um they’re all super expensive and soby my second or third two week wait i said we just can’tpay for that and so i discovered these wandfo six dates sooner on the lovely amazon iwill introduced a relation for them below um and then there little divests it comesin a jam-pack of 25 testing and they spy an hcg of ten. so this is how to pregnancy test early on a budgethaving done all this testing in early testing i will say the one downside tostarting to test early is that you get that negative onpost ovulation daytime eight and then you get a negative on berth ovulation daytime 12 and then you get another negative and then you get your period and it was justso many epoches of kind of being let down thatit can be really hard and so you are going to have todecide what is best for you and what your heart can handlein this process so we want you to know that even though the buildinganticipation you may be feeling during this two-week wait can border on torturethere’s a couple of things you can keep in mind that might make it a little biteasier the maternity hasn’t really deposited untilsix to eight epoches after the seman encounters the eggand then after that there’s still a few more eras until the maternity hormonegets to a tier that’s detectable on your home maternity exam rightknowing all this for us having established it a bit more exciting as we are rooting theprocess on uh every two week journey we wentthrough and also made it a bit more exciting knowing whentest day was coming so keep sung we are going to take apregnancy test here at the end of our two-week wait right after thisand satisfy keep in mind you may have to endure a few of these two-week weightsbefore you get your positive pregnancy evaluation and that is verynormal so we’re back we’re on month three of trying one threepost ovulation day number eleven eleven eleven um and we’re gonna see if uh thismonth was the month paws spanned more calamity ormaybe some excitement um i think neither of us are thatoptimistic this month for whatever reasonum partly because sarah was negative yesterday when she experimented without meum but we’ll see what happens today yeah is it time can you walk now we canlook now okay he’s like you can glance sure how am i gonna looklook is that a sham one this is no longer a drillthis one’s real this one’s real you’re kidding noyou’re not kidding no there’s two cables this month no way do you have to keep recording i entail ithought it would be really funny to get this livebecause i knew he would cry anyway well that’s excitingthat’s exciting i didn’t think that was gonna happen how does it realize you feelreally scared um and stimulated and nervous andum we’ll find out now we get to see what happenswe’re hoping it lodges yeah things can happen a lot of things canhappen one in four clinically recognized pregnancies ends with miscarriage andthis is not clinically recognized hitherto wewould be three weeks and four epoches along at this phase socool nature to genuinely making the commotion statu up for this momentso uh obgyn brain exactly doesn’t shut off anyway there’s two boundaries that’s fun ohyeah yeah yeah there’s also this one you what did youdo these did you know this did you know this yeah you knew todayyeah you’re such a beard i may or may nothave experimented this morning while kurt was at work heis on call this weekend and um i thought it was too early i didn’tthink it’d be positive but i make those stupid little experiments every dayand actually yesterday i thought it was starting to turnpositive on that little deprive but i thought i was imagining iti was like no that’s just an evaporation text i’m making this upi always reposted it it was very much what they call a squinterum well yeah because i sent scenes to mel and she was liketake another one so anyway well uh the tests say pregnanti probably can’t read that out of focus but anyway umi guess we’ve got um 38 weeks to go so uh we’ll told you next week surprise we’re doctors but not your doctorsanything we’ve said in this video is for education orentertainment roles merely “its not” medical adviceany specific medical questions you have should be directed to your provider