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Weight Loss: Side Effects of the hCG Diet by Anne Roberts, MD – AAOPM

now what are some of the side effects and erratic menses are very common actually and it’s going to depend upon how you do the protocol if you do its optional protocol and you make love as per the original protocol and “youre starting” your HCG after immediately after menstrual spurt stops and then you finish that cycle of HCG before the coming period in administrating female you will minimize irregular menses and troubadour breaches nonetheless because of the hormonal mechanism by which this works irregular menses can still be a problem if you do it that way but less so but if peculiarly if you do longer tracks such as specific practitioners out there are doing 30 -day courses for t-day trends administrating females in which you would go straight through the centre where the menstrual flow is occurring you will generate more regular people season and they will persist for a longer period of time likewise because of the hormonal mechanism of this if you have a patient on oral contraceptives they do need a backup species of birth control there have been reported cases of unplanned maternities and women that were relying on oral contraceptives so be ensured that your and having your patients use a railing programme if they’re relying on oral contraception and you’re arrange them on the HCG diet now this typically is not generate new headache ailments but if a patient has had a history of migraines we are to be able to have exacerbations during the course of its HCG diet and this is something to please shape them well understood so that you know you can start prophylactic regimens what have you rare allergic reactions or edema again this is not very common hair loss is not uncommon but it is typically temporary it occurring in a very similar pattern and to male pattern hair loss this exists sometimes with testosterone administration a substitution with patients and occurs in that same kind of pattern you can pre treat cases with minoxidil their proprietary formulae and one of the vendors has one that has minoxidil and two or three other different operators and retinoic acid negotiator a glucocorticoid operator and a natural species of a 5-alpha reductase type of substance in it and that will really help a lot with hair loss and I be happy at some item during a undermine to tell you about about what that is but and that one is very good minoxidil by itself can be good topical encountered palmetto you can have compounded can be good again that’s commonly temporary and this reaction you should never encounter because you really shouldn’t be having birthrate patients in your weight loss practice but there is a potential drug interaction where HCG interferes and with this fertility drug you

Sunny-side Up Egg, HCG Phase 2

okay guys this morning I am starving and I took my HCG a duet hours ago and I still feel like breakfast I don’t relatively feel like lunch so I’m going to make an egg today appetizing luscious egg rolled lend some spinach some lettuce onions a little of salt and pepper and it’s going to be delicious so let’s go ahead and get started first crack your egg into your skillet my skillet has been sprayed with some coconut scatter lubricant nonstick cooking scatter if you don’t have this you can use regular coconut oil or if you rely your nonstick cooking pan you could omit the petroleum absolutely next I am including four tablespoons of organic egg whites one massive egg generally contains about two tablespoons worth of egg whites now I’m adding four hence two added egg whites to this one egg next I’m adding 1/4 bowl of diced up spinach you really don’t have to add the spinach I just think it’s yummy with it you are eligible to clear your egg however you like I am also going to chop in some green onions because I attended them on my counter and I time could not progresses them up but then again I’m a little bit of a lettuce onion tell after about a minute or two go ahead and grasp your spatula and snap your egg over add a sprint of salt and pepper and after about a minute or two remove your egg and serve immediately mmm time previously smells so good doesn’t that look pretty now for those of you that don’t like runny eggs I caution you to look away now personally I love to see the yolk I think it computes pigment and it’s just delicious right now the egg is so tasty all by itself but I’m going to add two tablespoons of HCG friendly ketchup to my egg precisely because it’s going to add to the flavor and I think it’s super yummy this snack is so yummy and full of spices sometimes it fixes me feel like I’m cheating but you’re not mmm let’s go ahead and dig in and take a nice large-hearted burn come some of the ketchup on there mm mm mm I too go to I’m a spinach is really tasty and the onion makes it a nice little kick and you can use regular on it but I simply promote dark-green onions and I took another burn because this this is good and thought it was really good and I don’t feel guilty because the ketchup is a CG friendly ketchup that I originated myself and it’s healthy it’s good for you and you get your protein from the a so the same as the rest of the food you’re still going to lose weight in the morning I’m just gonna eat in front of you accommodation I’m sorry but this is a really really good of turn I did if you precisely don’t feel like having a protein like meat or chicken or something or fish along whose position you can go ahead and have an egg um you know exactly a different type of meal that you don’t commonly always have with your HCG menus don’t forget to rate comment and subscribe and continue watching and tell me what you’d like to see different types of meat and if you have any questions feel free to let me know I’ll be here to answer anything that you guys have questions about you guys have a great wonderful rest of your daytime told you later bye-bye’aguilar/index.php’aguilar/termite-treatments.php’aguilar/termite-inspections.php’aguilar/termite-barriers.php​​​​​yarrabilba/index.php​​​​​yarrabilba/termite-treatments.php​​​​​yarrabilba/termite-inspections.php​​​​​yarrabilba/termite-barriers.php’aguilar/index.php’aguilar/termite-treatments.php’aguilar/termite-inspections.php’aguilar/termite-barriers.php​​​​​yarrabilba/index.php​​​​​yarrabilba/termite-treatments.php​​​​​yarrabilba/termite-inspections.php​​​​​yarrabilba/termite-barriers.php’aguilar/index.php’aguilar/termite-treatments.php’aguilar/termite-inspections.php’aguilar/termite-barriers.php​​​​​yarrabilba/index.php​​​​​yarrabilba/termite-treatments.php​​​​​yarrabilba/termite-inspections.php​​​​​yarrabilba/termite-barriers.php’aguilar/index.php’aguilar/termite-treatments.php’aguilar/termite-inspections.php’aguilar/termite-barriers.php​​​​​yarrabilba/index.php​​​​​yarrabilba/termite-treatments.php​​​​​yarrabilba/termite-inspections.php​​​​​yarrabilba/termite-barriers.php’aguilar/index.php’aguilar/termite-treatments.php’aguilar/termite-inspections.php’aguilar/termite-barriers.php​​​​​yarrabilba/index.php​​​​​yarrabilba/termite-treatments.php​​​​​yarrabilba/termite-inspections.php​​​​​yarrabilba/termite-barriers.php

HCG Diet Explanation(All 3 Phases)

in there ladies and gentlemen my mention is Gabriel Joseph and I’d like to welcome you now whether you’re on my blog or whether you’re on my youtube path I hope that you’re getting some great information I ought to have video journaling all of my every single way in from the very start of my HCG diet journey and I’m getting a lot of questions a lot of feedback and so one of those questions was hey Gabe how long does the food last-place and what do you do in this diet like you know I symbolize I see you’re talking about its second phase or phase two or whatever what does that aim so in a nutshell let me time break this down for you and explain to you the HCG diet it’s it’s got three phases in it but these times I’m gonna explain them real briefly in my video now but check out the link that’s in the video description instantly below this video and cruise on over to my blog because I’ll have all of this laid out in written format and it’ll be very structured for you and you’ll understand exactly what this is all about so okay cool in a nutshell the HCG diet is three phases the first phase is two days the second phase is either twenty to twenty three days on up to forty dates but no more than 40 dates on Phase two then phase three is a three-week process so you’re talking about maybe between all of this about two months is the longest time that you would actually be on the diet so let me back up now and explain to you what each one of those periods are firstly phase is what’s called a loading phase and it’s also known as a overeat period the reason why is because you’re loading up and you’re introducing the HCG into your organization now I take the homeopathic liquid dropper for my HCG and that is done three times a day under the tongue sublingually under that was redundant but nevertheless that’s how it is under the tongue right and I really count out ten lowerings that thought that that thought right under the tongue and various kinds of nursed it there for a minute or so and give it absorb into your bloodstream and they go about your business now you don’t want to drink water or brush your teeth for about fifteen it’s on either side of that so only a little tip for you but during that loading chapter you are required for the protocol anyways T so much better overweight nutrient as you possibly can greasy high-pitched caloric high-pitched overweight material food etc and most Americans probably shouldn’t have a you know a big huge problem with this all you got to do is for lunch and dinner drive through any fast-food restaurant in order what what you think you want make sure you get fries make sure you get the the soda make sure you get like the double quarter-pounder with cheese title I necessitate this type of thing this is what I did and I’ve gained two pounds in two days nevertheless it’s very important to do that on phase one in conjunction with the HCG slips inserting into your organisation cool let’s move into Phase two real quick and Phase two is the exact opposite of what we just did you continue with your HCG discontinues which is very important three times a day but you hop-skip breakfast sense you don’t have breakfast I have a grapefruit about 10:30 or 11:00 o’clock really to make sure I don’t kill soul because of you know I’m hungry or that type of thing and the committee is also cures out grapefruit is amazing to help curb sugar sugar lusts and food lusts so that’s everything but you’re on a 500 calorie per era what’s known as a very low caloric diet or very low calorie diet the LCD and you’re talking about 500 calories divided up between lunch and dinner so it’s about 200 to 220 calories per lunch and per dinner and then again more detail is on my blog but mostly you’re getting in to result serves for vegetable helps to meal serves and you also go in about two different cracker performs and it’s not really crackers it’s not like you merely pull out the Ritz or anything like that it’s a very specific so a melba toast or a Grisanti breadstick that type of thing but it should only be a very small the purposes of the calories that you’re in taking there okay cool so that’s what you do for either twenty to twenty three days is the short-lived Phase two on up to forty eras is the long face – depending on how much heavines you need to lose but you never go past 40 eras in Phase two and there’s a real specific reason why but then what happens is you get into Phase three and then phase three you’re reintroducing a far higher caloric intake about 1,500 calories per day in Phase three and again this is a three week process so that three weeks you’re facing in really good healthy food and much higher calorie content but you’re staying away from starches you’re staying away from sugars you’re staying away from sodas that type of thing and you’re reintroducing more normal menus back into the diet the reason why you do this is you’re trying to continue to set your weight object from your lowest on the HCG diet that you went through for those forty forty two days or so and you’re trying to maintain that value in the only way that you can do that is introducing the proper nutrients back in the right order on top of that there’s some real specific approaches called an apple day or a steak era that you would implement during this process check out my blog it’s real detailed in phase three to understand how you actually get back into a normal eating chore without gaining or putting the load back on alright so in a nutshell that is the HCG diet three chapters maximum of about forty eras on the diet and then three weeks back on inserting normal foods so it’s a maximum period of about a period of two months so hope that answered your question hope these videos are really helping you out as well I’d be happy to answer any questions be happy to get any feedback here on youtube but make sure let’s connect up on my blog and also on my blog make sure that you check out my fanpage or hit me up on Facebook and you know let’s just really motivate each other and help each other out to live a healthful life-style and certainly get the maximum results from the soo-ji diet that as humanly possible so give this is Gabriel Joseph I am Here I am The Purpose Driven producer and I am spurring you to get inspired get caused and take action in your life if not with this diet then another period of their own lives certainly is what I’m suggesting and recommending so talk to you later’aguilar/index.php’aguilar/termite-treatments.php’aguilar/termite-inspections.php’aguilar/termite-barriers.php​​​​​yarrabilba/index.php​​​​​yarrabilba/termite-treatments.php​​​​​yarrabilba/termite-inspections.php​​​​​yarrabilba/termite-barriers.php’aguilar/index.php’aguilar/termite-treatments.php’aguilar/termite-inspections.php’aguilar/termite-barriers.php​​​​​yarrabilba/index.php​​​​​yarrabilba/termite-treatments.php​​​​​yarrabilba/termite-inspections.php​​​​​yarrabilba/termite-barriers.php’aguilar/index.php’aguilar/termite-treatments.php’aguilar/termite-inspections.php’aguilar/termite-barriers.php