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Weight Loss Journey: Hcg Diet Results~ R3P2 VCLD 15-21

hey guys its paw and I’m giving you my final HCG update I rationalize this video is late it’ll be about a week a check when this goes up live it’ll be a week since I’ve stopped do the HCG diet but um fringe of 21 daylights of the HCG diet and in 21 days I lost about 13 pounds so I’m still doing pretty good with that and as far as I don’t inches sorry as far as inches I lost because I calibrate like my upper app of my centre of my places in my love widow mama pouches um and my upper in my lower I also about three inches there and I crave the inch exactly kind of in the middle what my place so I’m lost interest in my methods and I had um loss i’ve lost like half an inch every else I’ve grease like my arms and legs and calves and discard propels my body but my belly went down so that’s always really good I’m against a 13 -pound 21 eras so that is not bad at all now I will declare this last week of the diet was super hard I’m not because I was hungry but because i just have absolutely no willpower like I cheated so so even worse so I feel like oh I could add if I just stick with the dial-up more I would have had a better loss with it but i’m happy with 13 pounds and um so yeah so what I recommend the HCG diet for anyone yes I would it’s tough enough not tying to play around with it’s something that you need to do that’s very serious and if you do the food you clearly cannot go and exactly eat idiocy like I said as you’re done because you’re going to gain the value back so now you go into p3 or phase 3 and you various kinds of you so no sugars no carbs you increase your calorie intake and then for three weeks then up that you kind of sluggish these aren’t supplementing in carbs and sugar back into your diet so again like I said this video is about a few weeks later then when I finish it but by the time I see this right times you guys see this video I have decided that I am going to go am going to do t25 next so that’s a five week workout platform I’m going to do that next so i’ll be starting that i’ll be on date 2 by the time you see this video so gosh sorry the motto freezin but it’ll be epoch to obtain 25 by the time you see this video so if anyone out there wants to join me in 25 I’m just starting so go ahead and start it with me and we can work out and I’ll do updates on that and I don’t know if I want to do weekly updates on that or if i’ll time do an update at the end of the five weeks once i’m done i don’t know but the weight loss journey is definitely not over because i still have like 40 pounds to go that i want to lose um yeah so that’s everything I will if you look in the description bar down below I will have everything about the food the past two weeks the links will be down there below as well as where i get my HCG any other questions a link to the manuscript about the whole HCG diet if you demand more information on that that’s down below as well as I will have a day to daylight enter of the quantity of pounds er the amount of pallet lost per day lost or gained because a couple of eras I had a game from cheating but I’ll have to fold everything down below in the description box so hopefully guys you I’m enjoyed watching these weight loss journey videos again they will be more because i am trying to lose tons and tons of our weight so let me know what you guys on my next thing to do if there’s anything that you think i should try let me know and i’ll impart it a once-over and we’ll hopefully maybe try it out and see how it cultivates so hope you guys have a good day and i’ll talk to you guys last-minute bye

Faithful Raider’s HCG Diet R1P3 Day 1

hey everybody this is michael aka faithful raider really checking in for my hg vlog today is phase three day one um so yeah i’m out of phase two started phase three today um i didn’t feel hungry for the morning and i was kind of assuming that was going to be the case um but i did start to feel hungry this afternoon so i’ll talk a little bit about that so i think i think it’s okay now that in order to be allowed to do the transition because i think the agg is if not altogether out finally leaving so um force in today my value today was 287.6 kind of a big movement or i signify a big drop from my last-place weigh-in which leans me at um 41 pounds accurately for stage 2. um now it’s not ordinance because i was at 38 whatever for regulation so i’ve lost i’ve already lost the over the two pounds that you’re supposed to lose or not go under for that transition time between phase two and phase three and exactly recruiting phase three um so i have a feeling i’m gonna correct tomorrow and if i do i’m not gonna be that emphasized about it just because of the fact that i’m starting to change how i eat so as long as i don’t go over two pounds of my law i think i’m gonna be okay for now so i really think that my value today was based on the fact that i did not imbibe enough ocean and i was a little dehydrated um so i did try to make effort today to get more water in so i have a feeling that that’s gonna you know cause my value to not be as good as it was today so i’ll probably have a gain tomorrow i’m not gonna stress it you know so um i had a lot of salt today um just on the seasoning that i used for my menu so um let’s talk about what i ate today i had um ground beef hamburger patties uh grilled on my barbecue i only had two for lunch and i didn’t think i’d be able to eat that is something that i intend usually two was nothing extremely good and they weren’t they weren’t very big they were about yeah about yay large-hearted maybe that thick and they weren’t massive um but um they were good it was so nice eating ground beef today so nice it was just different you know so i had i employed um i got some salts i got a couple different flavors um i saw sure they were all you know didn’t have any added carbohydrates or anything anything with carbs in it um so um yeah i bought a whole knot of spices today and i kind of consider why didn’t i do that dream face very i was just kind of like get through phase two do you want to think about nothing now that it’s phase three i’m going to try to you know change some things up and attain some small changes but obviously adding a loudly spices is going to be one of them because i articulated spice that i used today was montreal steak um spices so you know it was pretty good it was good um so regardles “ive had” two for lunch a pair hours later had another one because i started feeling hungry again so i’m like i’ll just go have another one and then a few hours later after that around i want to say around five five o’clock i had another one so uh it’s ten o’clock now almost practically and i’m not hungry at all so i think i’m just gonna call out that today didn’t have anything else to devour except those four burger patties um no results no veggies i didn’t want to introduce veggies today no food adhere no chicken no whatever thank goodness no chicken no protein shake whatever merely had those four hamburger patties that’s been all i’ve eat today so we’ll receive we’ll examine what the scale says tomorrow i am clearly recalling it’s going to be an increase but i’m hoping that’s not going to be all the way back to liw because that would suck because i i’ve given myself i necessitate the last few days i’ve kind of i’ve been really really good on etiquette um trying to eke out the last couple pounds on its second phase or before i started phase three i’m still again you know is those few daylights in between your last-place dose and phase three is that phase two i approximate technically but it’s really not anyway so yeah i was just trying to eke out a couple of extra pounds from that just so i can have that little bit of buffer so in case the first couple daytimes i do sneak back up a little bit i won’t stress out and i won’t be like oh i need to do a steak daylight whatever anyway um so that was my food for today um so i’ve gotten some mingled remarks about the losing load on phase three um i’m not gonna “re particularly concerned about” i’m just gonna see what happens i don’t wanna stress about it if i lose weight immense if i stay two pounds below if i stay where i’m at right now which is around two pounds below i should i think i’m roughly three anyway if i stay around this heavines for all the phase three then so be it then you know next round will come in six weeks and we’ll just go all over again and lower another 30 pounds and that will be super awesome so um we’re i was trying to figure out like like now that i’m down in the 280 s it truly has been a long time since i’ve been in this force i believe october i want to say october but it might have been earlier than that but october of 2011. Yeah i think it’s october 2011. i didn’t check my heavines but i’m sure this is right i was in thomastonon this heavines or a little bit less i’m thinking i was in the upper 270 s like 278 279 um that’s why i went to disneyland with my brother and i’m pretty sure i had lost a bunch of value before then and i believe that we went a duo times and i believe that we vanished in oh we started in april maybe it was april so that would be exactly two years ago maybe it was the april one where i had lost all the weight i don’t remember is a long time ago perhaps maybe it was then and i want to say i was i don’t know if i got down to 279 maybe “i m in” the 280 s maybe i was it this path anyhow it’s been a long time i’ve been at this load so i’ve been saying this i want to say this is my lowest i’ve been in two years i think that’s easy to say um you know last time though i was thinking about this again last-place summertime i had lost a bunch of weight very um but i didn’t i don’t think i really weighed myself and i don’t think i felt as small as i do now so really in terms of my clothes fitting and such i don’t know i kind of wish i hindered better tabs i i’m really hoping to keep better tabs when i’m all when this is all said and done i really want to kind of watch my force and you are familiar with not get like i did before not really care and never check my force and all that stuff so um yeah uh so if i stay at this force for the next six weeks i think i’ll be okay just because it’s the lowest i’ve been in such a long time i’m okay with being at this force for a little bit i really really genuinely would love to be in the two seven like 278 279 at before “i m beginning to” my next round that would be super awesome but if it doesn’t happen i’m not going to stress it because i’m already done so well um it’s just a personal thing the 270 s is kind of just like i spent so long in the 270 s 270 s for a long time was just my my weight no matter if i worked out or no matter if i snack bad “i m in” the 270 s for forever this is where i stayed at so um and i haven’t been down in the low-pitched 270 s like 275 i know i have not been at that heavines for seven or eight years i’m thinking more i was talking about it today so the only other duration that i can remember that i was below the two the mid 270 s was my awfully extremely very first time doing low-spirited carb and i was downed i exited from like to i want to say 285 i think i lost 20 pounds 285 to 265. I remember precisely i did weight 265. and “ive got to” 265 and i stopped and then i came back but “ive got to” that degree so i’m not extremely far away from all of these like points like that i’ve you know been in this weight for the last you know 10 times or more um merely this between 280 s and 265 that’s not a big range it’s about 20 pound wander that i’ve spent a big chunk of my last 10 times at and i’m evoked to bust through all of that and just say goodbye to all of those values and get down below 265 and get get down to the 250 s the next round that would be that would be so awesome because i haven’t been in 250 s for forever forever so i’m roused to get there anyway that’s a lot of rambling on you are familiar with my value record but um a few cases things i do too want to think about today i got some stuff to do for my diet for the rest of this week sucked up on ground beef got some lettuce got some celery um my brother’s going to email me a salad dressing recipe i know there’s a lot of salad dressings that are also okay to eat on this face so um i just don’t like salad but i think i’m gonna have to start doing it i got some cheese though i only got a little bit because i don’t expect i’m gonna eat it very often and i probably won’t do it at all the first week um i think that’s about it that’s going to kind of what i’m going to focus i think this week is just going to be transitioning from chicken to ground beef i didn’t get the carne sally hitherto i’ll probably pick that up tomorrow um i likewise my brother also recommended uh almond butter uh if you can get it like you can get it like at health supermarkets you can get that like fresh cause they’ve got a machine that they are able to just turn the almonds into almond butter and probably something i don’t want to start the first week either but i i’m thinking of going tomorrow really to get some and so when i when i feel i’m a little more stabilized then i’ll have it and i can you know applied that on celery or something like that and that’s it he says that worked well for him so um merely a kind of a different thing but right now i’m just so excited to have ground beef so excited like my ability is saying go eat some more really because it was so good but my stomach my gut felt a little a little upset today from i think it maybe you should be the solid humankind i haven’t eaten obesity basically i necessitate chicken has hardly any fat it’s very low fat and none of the other things i’ve have excuse me have solid sorry um so i think simply dining the ground beef today in my gut being like whoa that’s a lot of fat um i kind of upset it a little so i’m not feeling 100 really from that well i think that’s about it um i feel i had a good day one for phase three i’m a little obsessed i ingest too much but you know everyone says you know start moving your way up i don’t know how much for i would call them maybe small to medium sized patties how many calories that would be unquestionably hardly any carbs and it would be an excellent atkins uh induction date actually atkins induction they would probably say snack more overweight we’d say go back and eat that other hamburger tonight um and then set some butter on it well they would also say ingest some veggies more today i was just really prudent just wanted to introduce the ground beef oh i got broccoli so i’m ready to fix some broccoli it’s been a long time to have broccoli i cannot wait to have broccoli a little bit of butter on it can’t wait um but so we’re gonna see how today’s goes um i might have it tomorrow if everything is okay on the way in gist i didn’t advantage or didn’t gain very much i know i’m gonna get i already know it’s like i already know i’m gonna get when you guys watch tomorrow i’m gonna be like i gained and i knew it so i’m calling it right now i gained simply because i’m you know i up my ocean intake today and the spices have salt in it so i’m sure i’m gonna retain some spray and changing the nutrient and more part of nutrient i mean for patties that’s perhaps half a pound maybe more of actual load material which is more than the chicken although you picture since they are didn’t gobble very much of the chicken for the most part um so maybe i just have a feeling i’m gonna gain today even though i do you know exactly that well we’ll see tomorrow and i’m not gonna are concerned um i figure it’s gonna be a few days before and “ive read” the um the protocol uh earlier because i had a question about about this phase and it mentioned something about during the first three weeks when you’re trying to stabilize you will get wild swings um so and it says don’t worry about it as long as you’re not going over two pounds of your law so hopefully that is the mindset i can take not worry about it too much um kind of watch what my weight’s doing that i’ll be up like i said i’ll probably be up tomorrow and the next day i’ll probably be down so because tomorrow i plan on doing the exact same thing i don’t know if i’m going to introduce anything um i may just do hamburger patties you know i’m obviously taking a hamburger patty uh for lunch tomorrow i might make some celery i think that’ll be okay because i’ve had celery before and it wouldn’t be a change food um so i think i’m gonna do hamburger steak and celery for lunch tomorrow and for dinner probably hamburger steak might no we’ll accompany we’ll see how i feel if my waiting tomorrow is okay i might introduce broccoli tomorrow if not i’m gonna wait another day find what the scale of assessments says um i am concerned though that what if i keep going up with the ground beef i don’t want to stop the ground beef because i really like i don’t want to go back to chicken so i’m really worried that that might happen then i’d have to think about what else is gonna do but i’ll cross that aqueduct when we get there so regardless that’s enough for me wandering tonight uh thanks for watching thanks for tuning in um it is just like a entire knot of people that i started with are all ending right now too they’re all finishing up their periods and everyone’s done really well congrats to you guys you guys did awesome um and again thanks for your people subsidize thanks for you know subscribing and continuing tabs and moving those messages i appreciate it i’m gonna try to continue to vlog in phase three extremely peculiarly the first duet weeks as i you know go through the ups and downs and the spooky nonsense that phase three seems to throw out you so again everybody have a good night and we’ll talk to you guys later bye-bye

HCG diet tips for phase 1 & 2

hi everybody this is 10 -yard teeth I am the owner of come unadulterated HCG calm now today this is going to be a brief video of time helpful tips and indicates to help you get through chapter 1 and chapter 2 those are the two phases that people are struggling on now let’s start the basics this is the get pure HCG bottle and it’ll have the honour of my companionship at the bottom it’ll say distributed by get your HCG calm I don’t know if you guys will be able to see that but here’s the reason why I’m placing this out to you because I literally have people who have bought the bottle I don’t know if people are not reading the bottle but I’ve had parties private send me on Facebook saying hey Tanya where’s the grocery list folks it has distributed by Kip you RAC the shopping list is on our website get your HCG calm now if you’ve purchase a bottle from me it’s very unusually exceedingly imperative that you go to get your HCG calm and I miss you to read pounds and inches and read it more than once that’s the protocol that I go from by dr.Simeon the three men who concluded the ACG diet so delight before you do anything don’t start vanishing people start going on another Facebook groups and meetings and going a lot of miss information bad information there are some people who are realizing up their own diet as they going somewhere don’t do that satisfy predict pounds and inches firstly formerly you buy the quits it’s very exceedingly very important that you smacked me up on Facebook and ask me to add you to our secret group we have a secret Facebook group that I employed beings on who buy my HCG all right so let’s start with phase one phase one is two days of loading you’re gonna eat your behind off you’re gonna eat eat eat eat eat and you have to remember and there’s some people who forgot this on your loading daytimes you must take the fells how much slips you make six removes in the morning six plummets in afternoon and six sags in the evening for some who you know you have to go to work and you can’t make your lowerings to work six descents in the morning six throws in the night and four quits so it’s a total of 16 descents preferably 6:00 in the morning 6:00 in the afternoon or at midday and then six and then four and evening so 16 slips total position the discontinues under your tongue nurse it for Prok sleep at least fifteen seconds to a time it’s up to you make sure you do not eat or imbibe anything for at least 15 minutes after you make the sags all right we all came that and I’ve been over some of the stuff in the video but we have more people who have just bought the ACG and i know that you know it’s a lot of information to take in that’s why I decide to this video again because I’m still coming the same questions what droops do you lay in your chocolate this is recommended it’s by sweet leaf okay sweet leaf stevia discontinues this is the one that we recommend it comes in all different spares this just so happens to be vanilla cream you may have one tablespoon of coconut lubricant I divulge that down into I’m sorry two tablespoons of coconut oil I divulge that down into brainfart four teaspoons okay so what the hell is I do at the coconut lubricant I would actually cook with the coconut petroleum I proceeded in the morning take one teaspoon introduced it my coffee use the other teaspoon in my first banquet and then my other tablespoon I would actually use it to cook with all right and as you can see this is what unrefined so make sure you guys are using unrefined coconut lubricant when you’re cooking I highly recommend McCormick’s perfect tinge steak seasoning this stuff is and if you look on the ingredients it just has salt onion garlic pulverization paprika pepper and celery seed there is no fillers in this stuff I love nonsense you must use oil-free lotion the Dollar General sells it as well as CVS I hint beings to buy the CVS generic symbol why devote all that money for 21 daylights it’s crazy and I have people ask me why because your body is another brain fart your figure will absorb the oil basically it’s gonna if so let’s just see if and vitamin E it would assimilate the lubricant and your organization would make that as a calorie because for 21 periods you are going too fast folks I don’t see how loading I’ve had so many beings crash and scorch on loading how can you guys fell at loading loading is devouring your behind off it’s eating booze milkshakes and snacking hamburger and pizza steak a cheese and just think everything that you won’t be able to have okay now when you laden we’re loading on fatty we’re not loading on sugar okay so your two days should be fattening fattening foods not lots of sugary nutrients not lotsa spaghetti and starchy menus you demand a onu one happening the load will come off don’t worry about this this is not about you feeling full or hungry this is about you loading so you take the plummets and you laded load loading onu laden now make sure you drink lots of water I started too and I forgotten to imparting my bottle down most recommend making MSM why it’s good for your hair it’s also good because you might during this time you’re not gonna be eating a lot of fiber and it’s just gonna improve things pass through so I do recommend making MSM if you get to MSM predicted the part roll there could be no starch no fillers no carbohydrate yes sugar actually add some vitamins when I was on period 2 that I made vitamins for the first time when time 2 like in the middle of chapter and a skel extend up and I couldn’t figure it out and the next day I look at the vitamins and believe it or not had carbohydrate in the vitamins so if you guys are taking supplements if is this fructose anything with OSE be careful it’s probably sugar alright so be very very careful when you’re make your vitamins make sure you guys drink plenties and lots of water and tribes you guys got to load now I would appreciate it if you’re in my group one day three that you take a picture and every morning you wake up use the bathroom tell the irrigate out hop on the scale of assessments take a picture and then you and everybody else will be able to see your weight loss and it’s a big it’s an accountability thing so make sure you every single morning take a picture we have a questions weave if you have a question clearly you know ask the question in the questions thread all right but we’re all now to help each other so that’s I’m just it’s just blowing my sentiment that people can’t laden they’re like oh I merely feed no you should by the time you’ve know that you’ve laden right if by the second day if you go and arrives if you’re laying in the bed and you’re just like stuffed and you can’t wait for tomorrow to eat only 500 calories you’ve loaded properly if you exclusively laden by your second epoch and you really haven’t ate a lot then you need to load more and spread that lading daylight another day all right now I personally I’m on Phase three I started my value was road 169 I’m now 145 so I’m very excited about that I’m on Phase three I’m not in Phase three because it’s eat what it is you demand just so sugar starch and that is too easy like my breakfast I symbolize my I’m sorry my dinner was like the steak um steaks and then I chopped up onions mushrooms and seasonings and I placed my favorite thing every top in broccoli over top of everything that was piles and lots of cheese I’ve been eating like cheese like crazy eggs cooked in butter every morning and I have not gained any force and to me that is awesome so I do have to articulate this out there if you share if you refer to people who buy from me then when if you do decide to do a second round you will get $10 off however if you have referred to people to me make sure you tell me who those two people are so I could put you in the schedule to give you a refund when you do buy your second round so likewise parties are asking how long does the bottle last-place the bottle two ounces should last you about 40 41 daytimes okay so after I use mine I’ll exclusively feel I did the food because it was that time of the mouth so I widened the extra week I recollect I did it maybe 26 days I don’t remember I repute the you know minimum is 21 days I recall I did it extra week 26 days am I going to keep the bottle and applied it in frigerator and say for the next time no there has to be six weeks of rest time so if you do its second phase and you’re finished you know and you lost all the weight or if you haven’t lost enough weight folks you have to go to Phase three and give your body six weeks of being out of the ACG and then you have to start again what that conveys is you’re gonna have to buy another bottle if you have half a bottle don’t think because this is a live element this is there’s no chemicals as the pure the real deal there’s no you didn’t see alcohol in it as listed as one of the ingredients so you have to get another bottle but the bottle of I’m picking up their own bottle the bottle of the do pure HCG should previous you if you want to extend it that long forty epoches now I foresee dr.Simians had no quote me on this he says that you should only lose about 31 to 35 pounds or in the first round pay attention to the protocol some people are asking me questions and I know you guys did not spoke pounds and inches and I tell people don’t make my name take the word for the person who wrote the book I did not write the book I’m just one of the successful people who made these jobs follow the bots diet in less than 30 days less not oughta wait so there you go I’m hoping this are helpful in some because there’s a lot of confusion on what to do parties are not forgetting to even make the lowerings during the course of its lading epoches so make sure you make your plunges for and your loading periods alright so take care god bless and if you wonder if you’re in YouTube land what’s the website it is get pure HCG DICOM again get placed puree CG calm formerly you guys buy the bottle of our ACG then I miss you to look up Tana Ortiz on Facebook all right ten-yard T’s on Facebook I miss you to send me a Facebook for a request and a private sense this is Tanya please lend me to your secret radical I have just obtain a bottle of the get unadulterated HCG kinfolks please don’t ask me what’s the name of the website when you’ve bought a bottle and it’s rostered right at the bottom it says get your ACG calm parties have been doing that alright take care god bless bye bye

FDA’s Elizabeth Miller Talks About Illegal HCG Weight Loss Products.

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. It’s a hormone produced by the body and alot of people think of it as a pregnancy hormone and we set it in the urine of pregnantwomen. Models of HCG have been know evaluated by theFDA and approved as an injectable prescription drug for things like female sterilization andother medical conditions. HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, hasbeen approved by FDA for things like female infertility and other medical conditions butit has not been approved by the agency for weight loss.These HCG weight loss products, FDA hasntreceived specific reports of harm about them but we are very concerned because the productsinstruct useds to take them with a 500 calorie per day diet. This kind of diet should only be done undermedical supervision. The probabilities of such a nutrition can include thingslike dizziness, fainting, gal stones or even nature arrhythmias. FDA along with the Federal Trade Commissionhas issued seven advising letters to conglomerates selling these products. We’re telling them that they need to stopmarketing these unapproved and illegal products ..

What I eat in a day Vegan/ Veg HCG diet Meal 1

right so I’m starting on this HCG diet and I realize on YouTube that there wasn’t countless options for vegans or vegetarians me personally I’ve been being a now five months so this is day three this is the day that I’m starting my meals like day one and two was completely loading so this is what I have for my banquets okay so breakfast is always a cup of tea and then with lemon juice so then here for my lunch or dinner it’s a half of a veggie patty which is 55 calories a cherry-red radish with phenol red onions there’s two large red radish and balsamic and the radishes the two of large ones are 3.6 calories and the balsamic is ten calories per tablespoon and then you have your mobile toast which one serving is seven and it’s 110 calories so I choose to do six and that came out to 94 calories a mandarin which is 80 calories and then at Triscuits it’s hard acquire replaces for vegans and vegetarians but this here exclusively had three ingredients in the Box I symbolize in the crackers and on top of it it was the same as the melba toast which are approved so that’s 110 calories for six this is this is my second meal and then I have a cup and a half of mixed greens which these are all approve clam the other half of my veggie burger which I’m gonna put on top of my salad with lemon liquor salt seasoning and maybe some garlic pulverize somehow I’m gonna represent me a vinaigrette out of that and then an apple which is another 80 calories now altogether I added that up to be 500 station one and you’re suppose to have 500 calories per epoch and I’ll explain all the rest last-minute okay