35 Pound Weight Loss in 40 Days on the HCG Diet | Dr. Shel Wellness & Aesthetic Center

Hi I’m Shelly and I decided to do HCG and met with Doctor shel after having twins. I had tried working out weekly and time couldn’t lose the weight that I needed to lose. After doing the HCG program I was able to lose about 35 pounds. And have all along been actually hindered it off for over three years. It’s been a greatprogram, you lose it fast. There’s no time for cheating because it’s so rapid and which forms it really accessible and doable for all beings. I envisage anyone cando something for thirty or forty days and give your imagination to it, and genuinely mounted a objective. I guess Doctor Shel’s product is great because the special formulation that theyuse certainly helps you not be hungry, helps you lose the weight and actually keep it off.