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Weight loss program Q&A with experts

[ MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, and welcome to theUniversity of Chicago Medicine At the Forefront live. The purpose of ourprogram is to allow you to interact with ourdoctors live on Facebook. So get your questionsready, and we’ll answer as many as we possiblycan over the next half hour. Now, we want to remind ourviewers that our program today is not designedto take the place of a medical consultationwith your specialist. Joining us today is Dr. EdwinMcDonald and Dr. Christopher Chapman. They’ll be speaking with usabout healthy weight loss options available hereat UChicago Medicine. I’ll start off with the twoof you inserting yourselves. Kind of tell us a little bitabout your areas of specialty. Absolutely. So I’m one of theadvanced endoscopists here at theUniversity of Chicago. There’s three of us now. So I do a lot of procedures thatdeal with pancreatic cancer, other illness like that. And one of my focuses ison endoscopic treatments for obesity.And that’s what I are happy to do. Great. Dr. McDonald? So I’m also one of thegastroenterologists now. I specialize in nutrition. So that wants Ibasically recognize people who suffer from malnutrition. So parties withshort bowel ailment who need alternativeways to get nutrients in. And I too do weight administration. So I likewise do someof the procedures that Chris mentioned, but alsofocus on medical weight loss, which is essentially talkingabout diet, practice, and then people who qualify maybeeven expending remedies. And you’re likewise a chef. We’re going to talk a littlebit more about that later.I’m also a civilized chef. That’s pretty exciting. That’s great substance. It is. I love doing it. I haven’t had hisfood hitherto, though. Really? Well, I should haveyou over sometime. I was just thinking. I think so. I think that’s anofficial invitation. Yeah, that was an invite. We have a witnesshere, so that’s great. You heard it here now. Absolutely. Well, countless peoplehave had their lives converted the healthyweight loss options available at UChicago Medicine. Let’s hear from oneof our patients, who had a wonderful outcome. I marched from my apartmentto the lake and back. And that was somethinglike 6,000 gradations. And you are familiar with, it’s not somethingI could have done a year ago. So I’m really happy about that. I’m happy. My wife’s happy. Everybody’s happy. Gregory Fulham isdoing things he hasn’t been able to do in years. The success has been spectacular. Gregory had aprocedure performed by Dr. Christopher Chapmancalled endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty. The procedure isquick, and the research results can change souls dramatically. The advantages ofthe endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty are that it’san outpatient procedure.There are no openings, so there is no scarring. And the healing timeis drastically reduced. The endoscopicsleeve gastroplasty is a noninvasiveprocedure designed to reduce gastric magnitude. Sutures are put inthe stomach, reducing the size of the stomach. Stomach volume isreduced by 50% or more. Cases devoured less, becausethey become full more quickly, and are satisfiedwith smaller portions. You feel full sooner. And that’s a good thing. The University ofChicago Medicine supplies a full rangeof bariatric services. For some patients, thisis the perfect solution. Others, though, willrequire surgical procedures, likewise available at theUniversity of Chicago Medicine.We’re happy to seeany patient who would be interested inprocedures or other methods for weight loss. However, for this particularendoscopic sleeve gastroplasty procedure, we’relooking for patients who are really in needfor that hop start to lose about 30 to60 pounds of value. Cases go through aprocess before the procedure to make sure they’reready for this stair. After the procedure, they will be expected to changetheir lifestyle, eating less and exercising more. At University ofChicago Medicine, we respect ourselves on ourmulti-disciplinary evaluation.That includes seeinga psychologist, an endocrinologist, adietitian, as well as a gastroenterologist. We have the patients encounter allthese providers before we even do the procedure. Gregory says theprocedure went very well, and the changes tohis lifestyle have been surprisingly easy to reach. I munched the same stuff thatI have been eating forever. I simply eat less. The procedure had Gregory in andout of the hospital in a period. He says the care has fucking awesome. It’s really a liberty tobe in a neighborhood that has an institution like this sohandy and so ready to assist. It’s wonderful. See, that was I thinkpretty interesting, because it genuinely showedwhat certain differences that acquired in Gregory’s life. I intend, he was talking aboutthese changes, and the fact that he can walkand get around now. Which is really neat to see. Absolutely. He’s had a remarkable travel. And you are familiar with, hekeeps telling me– I realise him where he isemployed– and he tells me how much of a differenceit’s made for him. Great. And Dr. McDonald, I imagine you encounter a lot of patients thatare in the same situation, where their lives areliterally transformed.Oh, emphatically. I convey, I’ve seen people– I mull the most weight lossI’ve seen in our clinic so far maybe proceeded probably closeto 150 pounds or so. So that makes a hugedifference in people’s lives, as far as mobility, as far as happiness, as far as exactly day-to-day, everyday interactions. So I know both of you are– what you preach to yourpatients is healthy weight loss, and healthy is theimportant aspect of that. Let’s just start off talkingabout which is what that makes. What’s the differencebetween healthful weight loss versus non-healthy weight loss? So for me, I thinkit’s better to define what unhealthy weight loss is.And that’s a goodplace to start. So harmful weight loss– you know, I look a lot of peoplewho try these starvation diets. So these various fasts, where people are just drinking water for daytimes on end. And a lot of those diets, it’sreally precisely not sustainable. So I think healthyweight loss is something that is going to havea sustained aftermath over period. And it is a pattern of eatingthat someone can actually stick to and continues its, as opposed to something that is going to lead to issuesover a certain period of time.So there’s a lot of differentvery, very low calorie foods out there that for the mostpart will lead to weight loss. But you can really merely dothose for about a month or so. And eventually, mostpeople, all the weight is going to come back. So what we tend tofocus on is really a road of snacking thatpeople can carry out throughout their entire life, as to report to only 1 month or merely a couple of months. Because again, like I said, we want the weight loss to be sustainable. It’s a lifestyle change. Yeah. I agree. And as Ed and I weretalking together– we work very closely together–that this is not just a single moment of change. This is a lifestylechange that we are intending to do. And that’s why themulti-disciplinary approach that we insure withEd working on some of the medicationsand the procedures that we do together, where thefocus is more about providing stability for those patientsthat yo-yo up and down with their weights.Because they do a fad diet. They gate-crash. And they get down, but thenit’s eventually unsustainable. And then they end up havingthese problems again. So we’re trying to findthese ways to build is not merely a medical affair, but a personal relationship that allows us to makelong term modifications. And when people yo-yolike that, it’s not only hard on them physically, but emotionally as well, I would imagine. Yeah. And it’s actually harderto maintain the weight loss when you go up and down.Primarily, every timeyou go up and down, that’s associatedwith hormonal varies. And that can impact your longterm weight loss overall. So the course I consider weight loss, it’s almost like a pyramid. And you have tohave the foundation. Without the foundation, the whole pyramid is going to fall apart. But there will be maybemultiple rungs on the pyramid or rings on the ladder. So lifestyle modificationis really the foundation. But for a lot of people–for most people– studies show that lifestylemodification on its own may not be as effective. And that’s why weprovide these adjuncts. And so you have remedies. You have bariatric andendoscopic regiman. Then we also havebariatric surgery. And each of them canplay an important role, depending on what the individualpatient is going through. Full continuum of care here. A full continuum of attention. Great. I do want to remind our viewersthat if you have questions for either one ofour physicians, simply character him in on Facebook, and we’ll get to him as quickly as we can.We have our firstquestion from a onlooker. And that is, is BMI the bestway to determine a healthful weight? So BMI is the waythat we use usually chiefly because forresearch roles, we do have to have somesort of classification, and likewise to decidewhether or not parties would benefitfrom bariatric surgery or prescriptions. We need some kind of markerto construction those decisions, and BMI based upon studieshas become that marker. But there are alot of limitations when it comes to BMI. So BMI is not a reflectionof your muscle mass , nor is it a reflectionon differences in terms of ethnicity. So specific ethnicitiesmay just in general carry a higher BMIor a lower BMI. So for example, accordingto research studies, people of Asian swoop mayhave a lower BMI to begin with.But that does notnecessarily mean that they don’t have obesity. So someone may not havea BMI that situates them in overweight category. But if you actuallylook at their fatty mass, technically they’refunctionally over weight. And BMI is not capturingthat population. So BMI is just onemetric that we use. But it’s not the solemetric, by no means. We look at other things, like waist circumference. Things like that. Or also we really look for likekind of visceral adiposity, or overweight magnitude we’retalking about.So I agree with Edthat BMI in itself is not the only toolthat we use and should be using to assesssomeone’s weight status. Great. We have another questionfrom a observer that asks, how do you know if youshould be considering bariatric surgery orendoscopic procedure or something else likemedical weight loss? And I’m going to throwthat one to you two are. Sure. So since we have thewide range of care here going all the wayfrom life-style managers to drugs tobariatric endoscopy all the way up to bariatricsurgery, what we try to do is work very closely withthe whole group to decide what’s the best for thepatient individualized.And so our general guidelinesare based on a BMI. So if you have a BMIbetween 30 and 40, that is likely to build youa good nominee for endoscopicbariatric regiman. However, if you havea BMI greater than 40, oftentimes bariatric surgeryis the most effective option to treat your obesity issue, aswell some of the complications that arise fromthe weight topics. And so either a BMI greater than4 0 or a BMI of greater than 35 with co-morbidities shouldbe considered for surgery. However, if you look atmedications, even a BMI of 27 would be an indication toconsider medical management to help with weight.So we can use the BMIas a starting point. But then we do tailorit to people. So if someone has a BMIin a higher class that is more interested inendoscopic procedure, that may be betterthan nothing at all. it really dependson individual patients. But we kind of use the BMIas a first useful starting point. And Ed, how do you feel? Yeah, I thoroughly agreeAnd what Dr. Chapman here wants by co-morbiditiesis really the other conditionsthat may be associated with profit extra value, or exactly other conditions in general. So say someone hassevere lung malady. That may put them atrisk for complications from bariatric surgery. We may have to consideralternate alternatives that aren’t as invasive. Or if someone hassevere diabetes and we know they need tolose weight immediately, bariatric surgery maybe the better option, simply because we know it’s alittle bit more effective, especially with a BMI over 40. And I review Ed bringsup a great point about the timing and the need. So we deal atUniversity of Chicago with a lot of patients withsignificant health problems in addition to weight controversies. And so we’re inconstant communication with our transplant surgeons, our orthopedic surgeons, our OBGYNs. We deal with fertility controversies. These are the individuals who, ifthey’re struggling with these conditions, sometimes helpingthem lose a little bit body weight– even 10% — can make asignificant difference for their outcomesfor other procedures or their plans fortheir families.I’ve got to get toa couple of things, because we have someprops now that you created that I’m mesmerized by. And so if you couldkind of explain to us what we’re seeing here. And we were talking a littlebit during the video that aired a few momentsago, and there was an animation that showedone of the procedures you do. And you brought in some things. Right. So currently, there areabout three procedures that are FD-Aapproved, or thedevice is FD-Aapproved for use. And these areendoscopic procedures, meaning that we use a flexibletube with a camera on it to go down through themouth and do interventions on the stomach.So there’s no cutsor no incisions. The meander healingis not really there, because it’s all internal. It’s very discreet. And so these are theoptions that we’re kind of employing fromthe endoscopic side. And there’s theintragastric balloon now. You see it’s a silicone balloon. There are about three that areFD-Aapproved on the market. They’re fluid-filledor gas-filled. They’re about thesize of a grapefruit. They remaining in your gut fora span about six months, and then we take it out. So this is a very niceoption for those patients who are looking for avery reversible option.Because formerly youremove the balloon, you’re completelyback to yourself. The other option that wedo is the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty. This is a where we usea suturing invention now that allows us to actuallytake full thickness chews through andthrough the gut wall to tighten the stomach. And we various kinds of announce thisthe accordion procedure, because you’re mostly foldingit and closing it on itself. And this is the onethat Gregory had and had such a great response. So you can see that you usethis device and a handle that allows you to close andbasically pass a suture and take burns of tissue. And then I’ll let Edhere finish and talk about aspiration therapy.Because we both dothis therapy here. Yeah. So there is aspirationtherapy, which is basically where we placea small tube in the stomach. And the tube allows peopleto empty out at least 30% of their calories thatthey take in a returned banquet. So you are familiar with, it’sactually only a variation of a common procedurethat we do all the time as gastroenterologists, whichis a Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy tube, alsoknown as a PEG tube. So frequently historically, we do the PEG tube for people who can’t munch. They have immersing issues orissues with their esophagus, and there is a requirement to feed themdirectly in the tummy. But with this tube, It’sa little bit different. So this allows peopleto mostly empty out their tummy simply a little. But one, you have to chewyour menu very carefully. So you just can’t empty outeverything you’re eating.Two, it’s always done in acontext of life alter. So it’s not a tool thatpeople can use and really eat whatever they miss andempty whatever they miss. Doesn’t work accurately like that. So beings are attended bymyself and our dietitians, and even “were having” psychologistsinvolved that help us out with the whole process. You know, that to meis I contemplate critical. Because this isn’tjust a procedure. When you both do yourwork, you involve a lot of folks in the process. And it is about alifestyle change. It’s really from beginningto end with them. Right. You need a fullevaluation for this. Because it is sucha drastic reform. A lot of experience, people arebattling 30 -4 0 years of habit that they’ve builtup that they’re trying to unexpectedly deepen. And kudos to them for comingin and starting that process. But because it isso challenging, we acknowledge that we haveto ask our patients to meet with a dietitianand a psychologist to make sure that we’removing in the right direction and it’s going to be safe.Great. Now we have a questionfrom one of our viewers. Stephanie is asking, shesees every one or two years there’s a new faddiet that comes out. I envisage keto, Whole3 0, paleo, there’s a bunch of them. Are these reasonable forpatients to do nutritions like this? Does it facilitate? Is this more of a drawback? What are your thoughts? I necessitate, everyone’s alittle bit different. And I judge whenever wesee someone in clinic, we don’t automatically tellthem exactly to do Keto, or said about just to do x diet. We genuinely have to takean individual approach to understand what people’staste preferences are, what their ability toafford specific menus, where they live at.So access is an issue. So we take all these differentthings in consideration. But what a lot of thesediets have in common, ultimately you’re avoidingultra-processed foods. So there’s no diet thatreally tells you to eat a whole knot of potato chips. Or other nutrients. Or other ultra-processed foods. And then most of the dietsreally involve some sort of calorie restriction. So there’s a lotof debate out there in terms of where we shouldplace those calories. Should those caloriesbe mostly protein? Should those calories be lessfat or less carbohydrates? But when you look at alot of different studies, eventually when peopledecrease their caloric intake– their calorie intake–people tend to lose weight.And if you addexercise to the mix, you’re even going tolose even more heavines. So basically, merely snacking fewer and munching more healthierfoods that aren’t processed is going to be the foundationto any of these diet programs. Now, there are some diets outthere that are just unsafe. And the majority of members of thosediets are really where you’re doing like8 00 calories or less for extended periodsof time, where you’re arrange yourself at riskfor starvation and too protein loss. So you know, Itend to tell people to be careful withthose, and too be careful withthings that sound like it’s toomiraculous is correct. So if there’s a diet thatsays the miracle diet, the supernatural dietreally does not exist. And if the foods reallyjust places great importance on complements, commonly a lot ofsupplements don’t really lead to a lot of weight loss. So case in point, there’s like the HCG diet out there, wherepeople are taking a lot of HCG, which is a hormoneassociated with pregnancy. You know, that diet has been– it’s out there inthe literature.But the food has beenstudied, and it’s not as effective as whatpeople claimed responsibility for. So ultimately, what I tellpeople with these nutritions, you really have todo your research. And a lot of researchshould include talking to a registered dietitian. Not inevitably a nutritionist. If they are anutritionist, you really have to find someonewho’s verified, as opposed tosomeone who is online claiming to be a nutritionist. Which that happens. We have another viewer who– there’s a procedure that theyhad done called the roux-en-Y.Is that correct? Roux-en-Y. Gastric bypass. Yeah, it didn’t maintain. But they miss a new beginning. What would you tellsomeone like that? Right. We check a lot of patients whohave had bariatric surgery, and then unfortunatelyhave retrieved force. So I anticipate when we bring theminto our clinic to discuss, we are genuinely precisely try to findthe underlying reason why they’ve had weight regain. Is it something behavioral? Or is it something mechanical? And if it’s mechanical, sometimes we are capable of try torepair those things. The restore could be surgical. So bariatric surgerydefinitely has played a role, like a revisionbariatric surgery. But also we’re utilize thisendoscopic suturing device to do certain things as well. So a lot of times, wefind that the opening of the stomach to thesmall intestine is dilated. So it’s stretched outin size over age. And this typically happensanywhere from five to eight years post-operative. And you can actuallyuse this maneuver to suture down that opening tomake it tight again to provide that level of limited. So one of the keyquestions I ask my patients when they come in withthis problem is, do you feel any restriction? Or can you eat more foodthan you could before? And so those aredifferent things that we want to tryto get at to try to see if maybe there’s amechanical ingredient that can be doing this.And even sometimespeople may model what we call a gastrogastricfistula, where there’s actually an abnormal connectionfrom their pouch into their age-old eliminated tummy. Because with a bypass, yourold stomach is continuing. So there’s an opportunity, actually, when you chew, the meat you’re going isback down the original move. And so we kind of do afull array of evaluation to see is there’ssomething mechanical, or is theresomething behavioral? And “theres going” from there. Dr. McDonald, can we talkabout coffee a hour? I’m objecting at yourUChicago Medicine mug.I’ve got to getthe plug in there. But talk a littlebit about chocolate, because we were discussingthis a little bit before the programbegan, and some of the benefits of black coffee. So extend us down thatpath, if you are able to. I want, for me, I’m probablya coffee junkie since years ago when I became a residentand had my firstly kid– my partner and I first kid– when I was an intern. So coffee became mandatory. And since then, Ijust have not stopped. Overall, coffeeis pretty healthful. So there’s a lot of concerns.A lot of times beings comein to me and in my clinic and say things like, I stoppedcoffee, I stop spicy nutrients. And I’m like, waita minute, where did all this negativeconnotation come from when it comes to coffeeand spicy nutrients and nonsense like that? Because ultimately, a lotof these foods are health. So black chocolate by itselfhas been associated with declined riskof liver cancer, and maybe even decreasedrisk of congestive heart failure. Now, when you add a lot ofsugar and a lot of cream some of the fancylattes and everything that have a lotof calories, that can be associatedwith weight loss. And also, thosearen’t very healthy, because it’s againsimple sugars. And that’s probably more alongthe lines of the processed food category. So there are somerecent concerns about coffee and cancer. Solely in thestate of California, at least at Starbucksand other chocolate places, they have to positioned a labelexplaining the risk of cancer with certain types of coffee. So a lot of that risk ora lot of those concerns comes from studieson mice, but not definitely studies in humans.So the majority of members of thestudies in humans, again, is demonstrating that coffeedecreases the risk of cancers. But issues of concern really comesfrom the fact that coffee, especially when it’s roasted–so like our darker rib coffee– may have higher quantities of acarcinogen– a cancer beginning agent– called [? acro ?] aromatase. But that’s alsofound in potatoes. It’s also found in bread. It’s also foundin a lot of nutrients that we roast in the oven.Now ultimately, howmuch does it take? You know, how much exposureto [? acro ?] aromatase does it take to cause cancer? I don’t thinkanyone actually knows that, because to set that upto answer that question, you’d have to do an unethical study, where you’re just pay parties [? acro ?] aromatasefor many years and then witnessing what happens. So we don’t know. But eventually, I suck chocolate. I probably suck maybe alittle bit less dark roasted. But I don’t really haveany concerns about it, for my own well-being. One of the questionstoo that’s coming in kind of along the samelines, and it deals with cancer. But the link betweenobesity and cancer. Would either one of youcare to comment there? Right.I make, so there’s definitely alink between obesity and cancer as well as outcomes relatedto cancer therapies. If you look at breastcancer, for example, that there have beenplenty of literature published and well-donestudies suggesting that if you have obesityand are undergoing treatment for breast cancer, that youroutcomes are less favorable. So we know that thereis definitely a associate not only to thedevelopment of cancer, but also to the outcomesrelated to therapy. So this is another reason whyI think some of these options should be on thetable for patients, even when they’re battlingsome of those extremely strenuous provisions. Interesting. So a few questions. Many of these favourite dietsor high-pitched protein diets. And issues of concern is, is there a correlation between all that protein andpossibly having kidney stones? Not consequently. So it depends on one, someone’s personal history with kidney stones. Because there’smultiple different types of kidney stones. Most of the stones are reallybased upon calcium , not undoubtedly protein uptake. Now in the past, especiallylike in the’ 90 s, everyone was concerned about eating toomuch protein and that starting kidney failure.So I recollect yearsago when I was playing football and athletics, and parties were trying to do protein shakes. And all the coach-and-fours werelike, don’t do too much, or else you’re goingto get kidney failure. That is not true to say. So that has all been discredited. And a lot of people– evenpeople with kidney disease– actually need protein, up until a certain point where they need dialysis. Then you really simply needto talk to a dietitian and make sure you’renot overdoing it. But for the most part, the protein concerns and kidney disease, you really don’t have to be concerned too much. Because most people aren’t goingsuper crazy with the protein. Another one of ourviewers says, I have a PCOS and aslightly high A1C. Would an endoscopic weightmanagement procedure be beneficial tohelping me lower my A1C? Yeah, I think that’sa great question. Unfortunately, one of thecommon gives of PCOS is weight-relatedchallenges in addition to menstrual cycleirregularities or having erratic stages. And so the medicine of PCOS orusing an endoscopic administration, it actually gets tothe bottom line is, does it alsohelp with treatment of those conditions thatare associated with weight, such as diabetes orhigh blood pressure? And there areliterature out there that suggests that theseendoscopic procedures, when they’re capable to lose that1 0% to 20% of your load, can improve hemoglobin A1C, canimprove parties with fatty liver infection, aimed at enhancing parties withblood pressure or cholesterol problems.So yes, for thatperson out there, I would say thatif you do have PCOS and you’re strugglingwith weight, this could be a viable optionto help you get over that hump and get you out of that. We examine a lot of patients whoare in that pre-diabetes phase, and they say theirnumbers are borderline. If they’re trying tocorrect that issue, weight loss will help tryto get them back down out of that range. So parties with that borderlinediabetes, that’s a signal. That’s an alarm signthat’s just going off saying that we need probably todo something more aggressive. Whether that’s lifestyle, whether that’s endoscopic, whether that surgery isvery adapted to the person. But that’s an alarmsign for people. Because these things can help.Can I answer questions? Yeah, absolutely. So too, PCOS canbe very complicated. And it’s somethingthat really requires a multi-disciplinaryteam to manage. So now at theUniversity of Chicago, “were having” parties seeingendocrinologists. We work with the gynecologists. And then we alsowork with ourselves as weight loss specialistand endoscopist. So I think that approach isgoing to be individualized. But it’s probablygoing to take input from a lot of differentdoctors to decide what’s the best overall approach. Perfectly. Because there aremedications that are great treatmentsfor PCOS more. Like a lot of patientsare on metformin, which also is an a bloodsugar self-control prescription. So that may be enough tohelp this person get out of that scope with amildly elevated A1C. So as Ed mentioned, we work very closely with the endocrinologistto make sure that they’re inthe right approach.We don’t exactly offerone thing and say that this is what we do. But you have to lookat the whole picture. And sometimes, proceduresaren’t the liberty option. Sometimes prescriptions are. But we do tailor itindividually, I would say. Another spectator question. I’ve heard that women’shormones make it more difficult to lose weight. Would you approach a woman’sweight loss medicine differently thanyou would a boy? No.I mean, for the most part, yes. So females can have a hardertime to lose weight. But at the end of the day, truly, life revision is the foundation. And those changes are the same. Reducing calories, trying to exercise, sleeping , not tryingto sleep too little , not sleeping too much. And then from there, we decidebased upon other conditions parties may havewhether or not they’re a candidate for bariatricsurgery, drugs, or endoscopy. But eventually, theequation, if you will, is relatively similar. It just so happens to be alittle bit more difficult, especially in women whoare post-menopausal. Yeah. We participate a lot of womenpatients actually come in who are interestedin endoscopic rehabilitations. And in fact, ourmost frequent patient are really those patients thathave had their second child, and they just can’tshake the force after their secondor third child.And so there is definitelya gender difference that I’ve seen in my practicein terms of how people do. But somebodies do wellwith the procedures and with lifestylechanges as well. But I think it is somethingthat we do try to tailor. And we look at other thingsthat they’re going through. Females may be more likely tohave thyroid canker than a male. So we have to ask thosekinds of questions and make sure those conditionsare ascertained or assessed as well.And so there are other thingsthat we look at same time. Another question from a spectator. Vegan diet, yes or no? Yeah. I imply, it depends onyour taste penchants and what you’re really into. So if you want to do fruitsand veggies and has become a vegan, you can do thatin a healthy nature. But you really haveto be a healthful vegan. So I’ve seen unhealthyvegans where, they’re just eatingpotato chips, and they’re callingthemselves a vegan. And technically, you canbe on a potato chip diet and has become a vegan. But that is an undesirable diet. Or you could just eat pastaall day and be a vegan, but you’re not eatingfruits and veggies. So I remember I was givinga community lecture, and someone came up to meand said they’re a vegan.And I ask questions like, oh, what’s your favorite fruits and vegetables? And they said, they hatefruits and vegetables. And I’m like, howcan you be a vegan and you hate fruitsand veggies? So that is an example ofbeing an unhealthy began. But vegan as a whole, a lot of studies show that people maylive a little bit longer, if you look at some of theSeventh Day Adventist studies. They are eligible to havea decreased peril of cancer. So for some people, thatis a unusually workable option. People who are interestedin becoming a vegan, you have to be aware of thepossibility of B12 deficiency. So that’s somethingthat certainly occurs in the vegan population. But outside of that, youreally merely “re going to have to” make sure you’re a health, whichapplies to any diet. And I would imagine you justhave to watch your intake of– Yeah, the macronutrients. Originating sure you get a protein. What are the protein sourcesthat are vegan-compatible. Those are why you see aregistered dietitian or someone like Dr.McDonald whocan help you understand what those macronutrients– What is a good proteinsource for a vegan, just out of curiosity? So you’d have to havemultiple protein informants. Primarily because there area few plant-based proteins that have all youressential amino acids. So the only ones Ican think of offhand, quinoa is a completeprotein that’s plant-based. And I repute amaranth is also. But everythingelse, you’re going to have a combinationof different seeds, different nuts, anddifferent beans.And utilizing thatcombination will get you all those essentialamino acids, which are kind of the buildingblocks of protein. We’re about out of time, butwe do have one more question from one of our viewers. Keto diet, good or bad? It can be good ifdone appropriately. So a lot of studiesshow that the keto died for peoplewho have seizures can decline therisk of seizures.It plays a rolein it, especially in people who have epilepsy. It may help out withpeople who have migraines. And people can lose weightwith a ketogenic diet. Now, the ketogenic diet is stilla relatively recent phenomenon, so in terms oflong term accomplishes, I is necessary to do alittle bit further studies. In words of how itaffects our bowel bacteria, those studies alsoneed to be done and are actively being done. And I think someof our investigates, precisely Jane Chang islooking at some of those, trying to answer someof those questions. But from a weight lossperspective solely, people can lose weightwith a ketogenic nutrition. But at the end of theday, the majority of members of these diets are certainly restrictingyour calories, and actually chipping back on someof these ultra-processed foods. Dr. Chapman, anyparting words for us? No. I think this was fantastic. I hope everyone learned a great deal. And you know, I hope you gota taste of how Ed and I wield very closely together, and thatwe are here to help people.And if you have anyquestions, we’re always happy to reach out. Clearly. Perfect. And we want to stressthe continuum of maintenance. Because there are a lot ofservices that are available here at UChicagoMedicine for kinfolks that want to lose weightand change your lifestyle in a safe mode. Yeah, absolutely. So I consider parties witha bariatric surgeons. For people who are candidatesfor bariatric surgery, I tend to at leastrecommend they have a conversation witha bariatric surgeon, just so they can seewhat their options are. Absolutely. Great. If you miss moreinformation about UChicago Medicine’s weightmanagement program, please visit our website siteat load management. It’s there at thebottom of the screen. Or you can call 888 -8 24 -0 200. Thanks for watchingAt the Forefront live, and have a great week ..

The 700 Club – May 11, 2011 –

If you want to find out how to be successfulin the Kingdom of God, this is the way to do it. It’s called the eighth wonder of the world. This is a fundamental principle of human growthand development. Discover the law of use . . . . The most important law of human development. . . . . and learn how to make it work foryou. You’ll lose what you don’t use. Well, welcome to The 700 Club. The presidentis putting the issue of illegal immigration back on the table. He, of course, blames Republicansfor blocking it in Congress. In fact, Pat, they say that any reform billhas to make sure America’s borders are secure. Jennifer Wishon has that story. For the first time since becoming president,Mr. Obama stood along the US border with Mexico. He says it’s more secure than ever and arguesit’s now time to reform the nation’s immigration laws.What we really need to do is to keep up thefight to pass genuine comprehensive reform. That’s the ultimate solution to this problem.That’s what I’m committed to doing. The president proposes holding businessesthat exploit undocumented workers accountable, streamlining the nation’s process of legalimmigration, and requiring immigrants who enter the US illegally to take responsibility. So they broke the law. And that means they’vegot to pay their taxes. They’ve got to pay a fine. They’ve got to learn English. Andthey’ve got to undergo background checks and a lengthy process before they get in linefor legalization. That’s not too much to ask. The president’s strategy is to rally publicsupport, putting more pressure on Congress where, at least among Republicans, there areno plans to tackle immigration.The president will have to present a planthat takes amnesty off the table and focuses instead on making a real commitment to borderand internal security. Republicans say they’re focused on cuttingfederal spending. To counter concerns that illegal immigrants are a drain on public resources,President Obama argues reform will help the economy grow by bringing illegal immigrantsout from an underground economy, raising wages for the middle class, and spurring innovationamong immigrants who attend American colleges. The jobless rate continues to haunt the president.Despite bailouts and stimulus packages, unemployment has hovered around nine percent for years.Labor Secretary Hilda Solis tells CBN News bringing illegal immigrants out of the shadowswill only help the economy grow. When you have someone that’s brought in andworking under conditions, not being paid their regular wages or overtime or have any of thesafety and protections, that obviously disadvantages that other business that is playing by therules.So we want to get at the root of that cause and eliminate it. President Obama won 67 percent of the Hispanicvote in 2008. They’re voters he’s working to motivate once again and increasing an influentialpart of the American electorate that’s growing impatient. Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington. Thanks, Jennifer. Without question, we’vegot to settle the problem of immigration. There are about 12 million so-called illegalsin our country. These people work. Many of them, of course, pay taxes. They take careof their families. They’re good folks. And we need to work out some way where they canbe given a path of citizenship.But the Republicans are saying if they’ve broken the law and comein illegally, they shouldn’t necessarily be given, quote, “amnesty.” Well, there’s gotto be a solution to it. But without doubt, the president is playing politics. The Hispanicsare the fastest growing segment of our population, very influential people, and he wants to gettheir votes. So that’s what this is all about. It’s not so much a noble cause, but it is,”I’m running again for reelection, and I need your help.” Well, Lee Webb has the rest ofour top stories from the CBN Newsroom.Lee. Pat, once again Democrats are proposing newtaxes to help cut the deficit, and once again Republicans are saying “no.” Democratic SenatorKent Conrad suggested the idea of a surtax on millionaires and Senate Majority LeaderHarry Reid called for an end to tax subsidies for oil and gas companies. But House SpeakerJohn Boehner’s office said that would be the equivalent of a tax increase and it wouldbe felt at the gas pump. Republicans are pushing major spending cutsas part of any deal to raise the government’s debt limit. They still seem to be at odds,Pat. Well, isn’t it interesting, these leftists,progressives, whatever they’re called, have run the country into a huge deficit. Theyhave spent money like drunken sailors. And then they’re saying to the productive sectorof our economy, “Well, you’ve got to pay the bill.We’re going to send you the bill. We’regoing to surtax you.” Nonsense. It’s not going to do the job. It isn’t going to. If we wantto really raise taxes, we’ve got to go after the middle class, because that’s where themoney is. And this other is just posturing and it’s ridiculous. It’s not going to work.Well, you were shocked, as I was. Can you imagine “Bull” Halsey listening to the factthat you’ve got two gay sailors getting married on one of his ships? Whew! He’d turn overin his grave. Lee. Well, Pat, speaking of that, the Navy is puttingthe brakes now on a plan to train chaplains to perform gay marriages. The chief of Navychaplains says his decision has been suspended pending a legal review. The reversal comesafter 63 members of the House of Representatives sent a letter of protest to Navy SecretaryRay Mabus. They say the plan to sanction gay marriages violates the Defense of MarriageAct.That’s the federal law defining marriage as between one man and one woman. The lawmakerssay, “We find it unconscionable that the United States Navy, a federal entity sworn to preserveand protect the Constitution of the United States, believes it is their place alone totrain and direct service members to violate federal law.” The raging Mississippi River has crested inMemphis and left flood damage estimated at more than 320 million dollars. Now four millionpeople downstream are bracing for record flood levels. The river is moving at more than twiceits normal speed. The flood surge swallowed riverboat casinos and homes in Tunica, Mississippiand forced some families to ride it out in shelters. And we’re going to do whatever it takes tostay there.The velocity is much faster than is typical.And also, a lot of the landmarks that we’re used to seeing are not here. Further south in Carter, Mississippi, onefamily anticipates its 3,500 acres of crops to be wiped out. That’s cotton and corn countrydown there. And Vidalia, Louisiana, residents have been warned to start working on an evacuationplan. Rivers in the state of Arkansas are amongthe many that feed the Mississippi.They, too, are overflowing. The floodwaters therehave poured into both homes and churches. Members of one congregation came back to theirflooded church Sunday, and as Mark Martin, their faith remains strong. Pastor Jerald Dean tries to encourage hiscongregation during this time of uncertainty and loss. The Elnora Freewill Baptist Churchin Pocahontas, Arkansas, is meeting in a different building because floodwaters from the BlackRiver, nearly four feet high inside the church, destroyed the interior. The people just couldn’t believe it. Theyjust could not believe that the water could get that high in that area. But it did, sowe’re making history. Throughout the service, many church memberscould not hold back their tears.Dean says they did not have flood insurance, and itwill be long time before the church can get back to normal. I said, I don’t know what we were going todo. It’s just devastating to our congregation. I mean, they were so proud of that building. But despite the devastation, church memberssang out praise to God. In Des Arc, Arkansas, the White River is the ominous one, reportedlycresting at the highest level in recorded history. Gospel Mission Church there has fedand housed around 1,000 people.If it hadn’t been for our church, we wouldn’tknow what to do right now. The Cobbs’ house is about a half mile fromthe White River, and they do not have flood insurance. In Des Arc, even the shelter volunteersare displaced. I can’t get to it unless I go by boat. Yet residents here and in Pocahontas refuseto give up hope. The Lord’s going to take care of us, and we’regoing to be better than before. We believe that. Mark Martin, CBN News. Amen. Americans have an insatiable appetite fordiets. People are always looking for the quick and easy; but as Lorie Johnson reports, oneof the latest diet fads is unusual and could be dangerous. The new HCG Diet claims to make you lose alot of weight fast, so what’s not to like about that? Well, for starters, it involvesgetting a shot every day containing the HCG hormone that’s produced in pregnant women.The idea is your body thinks it’s pregnant, so your burn fat, not muscle. Dr. Lionel Bissooncharges 1,500 dollars for 30 days worth of injections and says his patients love it.I’ve seen people lose weight, people who havefailed diets, people who have failed pretty much everything; and we have seen HCG makesa big difference for them. The HCG Diet also involves cutting caloriesto, in some cases, 500 a day. Psychologist Guldal Caba is one satisfied customer. Shehas already lost 23 pounds. This is an opportunity to train the body toeat smaller portions, eat healthy foods, and learn what works for you. But in a recent survey of 23 doctors fromvarious sub specialties, none said there is any scientific evidence that the HCG dietis an effective weight loss tool and add there are risks, including blood clots, pulmonaryembolism, depression, and headaches. The question is permanence or impermanenceof the weight loss with this plan when the injections stop.The FDA has not approved the use of HCG hormonesfor weight loss. Lorie Johnson, CBN News. What will they think of next, Pat? Well, I tell you, making somebody like a pregnantwoman is about as nutty as anything I’ve ever heard. Don’t do it, unless you want to havea baby, and I really don’t want to have one, to tell you the truth. I think this is crazy.But they did fen phen. That was the latest thing. It was so popular. Everybody was intofen phen. Then it turned out that it was making heart lesions and having all kinds of problemswith you. And they, of course, banned it and brought off the market.But it was a fad,and doctors were prescribing it and putting their patients on this. And you just wonder,well, what are these doctors thinking about? What they need is to get back to good oldfashioned nutrition, eat fresh vegetables, eat fresh fruit, and exercise about an houra day. And if you do that, like Kristi, you lose weight. Well, good, I’m glad you threw me in there. I threw you was just waiting to dump youin. I know. But I will say this. You said it,Pat. It really is basic. Listen, there are so many schemes out there, and there are somany plans. If you get this shot, eat this food, do this, do that. It’s basic. If youeat what God grew, what came out of the ground or came off of a tree and run to it, and runback home, you’ll be fine. Run is an exercise. Yes. And if you don’t have a field to runto, you run around your house.Exactly, exactly. But it’s true. Thin people, you put a pedometer,and they do so many more steps. They’re on the go all the time. And more sedentary peopleburn less calories. It’s just real simple but, oh my. We’ve got another one, too, andI disagree with the experts on this one. Lee. Pat, the latest debate over childhood obesityinvolves a possible ban on chocolate milk in schools. Flavored milks can contain highamounts of sugar, some as much as an eight-ounce can of soda. But many nutritionists warn againstsuch bans. Even flavored milk contains nine essential nutrients, like calcium and vitaminD. The superintendent of Los Angeles Unified, the second-largest school district in theUS, is pushing the ban, but other school systems have backed off the idea.So, Pat, you don’tthink a ban is called for here? No way. I want those children getting theircalcium and their vitamin D and their milk protein. It’s good for them. And the idea,if a little bit of chocolate makes them happy, good for them. I’m a fan of chocolate. I’mnot a fan of chocolate candy as such. I’m not a fan of milk chocolate. But I am a fanof dark chocolate, a little bit of it. It opens your arteries, and it’s good for yourheart, a little. Well, I’m an equal opportunist chocolate connoisseur.I believe in white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate milk, chocolatepie, chocolate cake, brother. If you were chocolate, I’d like you, too. I’m sorry. I’ve got white genes.It’s justthe way it is. All right. So much for that little contretemps What’s next? Coming up, a look at the farm of the future. If you take the greenhouse, and you stackone greenhouse on top of the other, you have a vertical growing system, going 5 stories,10 stories, even 20 stories high. We could grow 10 times what we can grow right now peracre. So could this be the answer to feeding theworld? Well, find out after this. Get ready, because the now the more fun youhave, the more fit you can get. Introducing the Curves Circuit with Zumba Fitness. It’sthe only class that mixes the music and moves of Zumba with the proven strength trainingof Curves for one wildly effective 30-minute workout.Dance on in for a free week. Burnup to 500 calories in 30 minutes and shimmy as you as you sculpt. Call now to reserveyour place in a class that will fill up fast. The Curves Circuit with Zumba Fitness. It’sthe wildly effective workout that’s only at Curves. Tomorrow . . . . We’re waiting. Go, go, go. Meet the Duggar family .. . . I have to go to all the bathrooms and getthe laundry. . . . . all 21 of them. I never dreamed in a million years that allthis would happen. Go behind the scenes with the stars of 19Kids and Counting. It’s been a lot of hard work, but much joy,much, much joy. Tomorrow on The 700 Club. Nineteen kids and counting. Boy, oh, boy.Well, scientists predict that the earth’s population could be as high as nine billionwithin 30 years. So how will the world produce enough food to feed everyone? Well, our ChuckHolton went out and looked at some amazing possibilities. It’s the bane of civilized society in the21st century: urban sprawl. Millions of people around the world move into cities each yearlooking for work and a better way of life. What they often find is pollution, traffic,and a high cost of living. A hundred years ago, around half of all Americans lived onfarms. Today, that number has dwindled to less than two percent, with almost all foodproduction taking place on super efficient industrial farms.Add to this the growingpopulation worldwide and the potential shortage of land for growing the food these peoplewill require. Pollution and climate change only make the problem worse as farmers strugglewith declining harvests on existing farms. To address these challenges, researchers atthe University of Arizona in Tucson are experimenting with futuristic alternatives to traditionalagriculture. With the concerns of increasing world population,reduction in farmlands, food security issues, food safety issues, I think there is a hugedemand for systems such as controlled environment agriculture to produce good quality, saferproduce with less use of energy, water, and labor. What we are doing here in the controlledenvironment agriculture center, we are focusing on resource savings on the systems. We aretrying to save energy, save water, and fertilizer to produce a high yield. These new theories are already gaining tractionin Latin America. It’s springtime here in Panama, and it’s the season for harvestingwatermelons. These ones are probably headed off to America or even Europe. And they’vebeen harvesting them this way for maybe 100 years. But that may be about to change ifone man has his way.It’s very simple. We have to do something,because the way traditional farming is, we’re not going to be able to feed the world populationover the next 30 to 50 years. David Proenza has been growing and exportingproduce for more than a decade. Panama’s climate, canal, and business-friendly government haveallowed it to become a crossroads for international shipping. But there are problems here as well. The climate is changing constantly. We findin our fields more and more of this problem with mildew.And it is created due to theweather, the rain. Growing in a climate controlled environmentsolves many problems being faced by farmers around the world. But the shortage of landis also becoming an issue. Extreme weather conditions such as cold snaps and droughtscan also cause shortages and higher food prices. Proenza hopes to tackle these agricultureproblems in the future. One potential solution, the world’s first vertical urban farm. Everybody knows what a greenhouse is, andaround the world they have environmentally controlled greenhouses where they controleverything. And they produce a much better quality food with less chemicals and someeven organic.Now if you take a greenhouse and stack one on top of the other, you havea vertical growing system. Obviously, what we want to do is we want to put it into abuilding, 5 stories, 10 stories, even 20 stories high. We can grow 10 times what we can growright now per acre. We can maximize the yield in the space, as well as produce a healthier,more nutritious food for the customers. The plan is to use high-tech methods to buildthese urban vertical farms around the world. If that sounds expensive, consider the costsavings of growing locally. A lot of the fruits and vegetables that youhave in the United States come from Latin America. And there’s a substantial cost inthe transportation. With a vertical farm right there in the city, there is no transportationcost. So you have a lot of savings right there alone. Proenza hopes his vertical farm will be thefirst of many to crop up in urban areas like this one around the globe. And if that happens,the farmer of the future may very well go to work in a high rise like that one. Urban vertical farms are going to be builtaround the world.It’s going to happen. Somebody’s going to do it, so we figure it might as wellbe us. Chuck Holton, CBN News, Panama City, Panama. That is far out. It’s far out, but it’s cool. Yes, it is. I’m digging it. I think it’s a great idea. In those science fiction things, they alwayshad some domed city that was under a dome, and then they have all these interesting thingsgoing on.But the Japanese did the hydroponic farming forever, and they had all kinds ofdelicious vegetables growing on very small plots of lands. The Israelis have pioneeredwhat’s called “drip agriculture.” It’s been very successful. They allow just a littlebit of water dripping. They don’t just flood these fields, a little bit of water drip.And it keeps the plants moist without depleting the water supply. So everybody is trying,and our hats are off to them. Absolutely. Interesting. Well, tomorrow, you’re going to meet America’smost influential farmer. He’s the man who started a food revolution right in his ownbackyard. See Joel Gallatin on tomorrow’s 700 Club. Kristi. But today, Pat, we have actually a story abouta man who was enslaved by addiction for 18 years. It was almost like an obsession. I tried thepatch. I tried cold turkey. And a lot of times when I would try to, I’d get the shakes. I’dbreak out in sweats.So watch how he finally kicked his habit overnightwith no withdrawals. We’re going to tell you about his story when we come back. What makes the miracles of Jesus even moremiraculous? Standing where they happened, in Israel. Come visit Capernaum where Jesusrestored a paralytic’s helpless legs. Sail the Sea of Galilee where Jesus walked on thewater. Stroll through the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus healed a servant’s ear. To learnmore about standing where it all happened in Israel, visit Come visitIsrael. Do you take fish oil? There’s an Omega-3 supplementthat’s better than regular fish oil. Staying healthy, it’s not easy. I exerciseregularly and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I used to take a fish oil supplement too,but then I discovered something better than regular fish oil.Arctic Wonder Omega-3 krilloil. It’s from the makers of One-A-Day, so I know I can trust it. The Omega-3’s in ArcticWonder, both support heart health and are scientifically proven to be better absorbedthan regular fish oil. You’d have to take six of these fish oil soft gels to get thestrength of just two Arctic Wonder soft gels. The Arctic Wonder does not have an aftertaste. They go down real easy. Arctic Wonder isn’t just good for your heart;it also supports healthy brain function, and a health immune system.This is one of the products that I plan totake for the rest of my life. Arctic Wonder is from One-A-Day and not availablein stores. For a special trial offer, call or go online now. Call 1-800-409-7339, that’s1-800-409-7339 or go online to now. To see this week’s top on demand videos, goto Did you know that 12 to 14 million Americansuse snuff? Well, Randy Geissler was actually 23 years old when he had his first pinch.And for the next 18 years, he carried a huge monkey on his back.Take a look. For 18 years, I was chewing snuff, every day.I had to have it. It was almost like an obsession. I tried the patch. I tried cold turkey. Itried weaning it so many times over the years. And a lot of the time I would try to, I’dget the shakes. I’d break out in sweats. It was almost like a drug. That drive to go forthe tobacco was just so intense all the time. But it wasn’t until I was watching The 700Club, and Pat comes on and he says, “I want to pray for those who want to be deliveredfrom addiction.” Some are enslaved to nicotine.And I thought, “Well, Lord, I’m going to prayand seek you to help me.” And Pat prayed and I prayed with him. Once he was done, I turnedthe TV off, laid down, and I went to sleep. The very next morning, I kind of had a lackof a taste for it, if that’s a proper way of saying it. So I just stuck it in my pocketand I walked out and I headed down to the shop. That whole day I had no desire to chewit. None. And I realized I’m not doing this on my own, because I’ve never had any willpoweror ability to do it by myself before. I said something’s going on here. I had no shakes,no headaches, no stress of any kind. I wasn’t breaking out in sweats and snapping at people.I wasn’t jittery and shaky. It was like it was totally gone. And to this day, I havenot touched the stuff.I was like, “Thank you Lord. It’s all you. I give you all theglory; give you the entire honor for what you’ve done, because it had nothing to dowith me.” When you allow God to intervene in your life, to take over, it is so mucheasier. Do you know, I love the fact that God delightsHimself in the desires of our hearts. And that means even in our prayers, that God delightsHimself when we pray.We rely on Him, because He wants to do a miracle. My wife as you probably have heard, is a registerednurse. She used to be a professor of nursing. When we first came down here, she was workingas a nurse in a local hospital. And there was an elderly woman in the hospital who wasdipping snuff. And my wife was there, and this lady didn’t want to let her know thatshe was dipping snuff. And so when my wife came into her room, she had to swallow allthis stuff. And they began to wonder, “Why is this woman getting so sick?” Oh, exactly. Throwing up. She didn’t want Mrs. Robertson to see herdipping snuff. It’s a filthy habit. It is a filthy habit. But listen, we wantto encourage you. Just like Randy who was healed, you can be healed, too. In fact, thereis another Randy. It must be the name, Randy from North Carolina. He was unable to walk,because there was swelling and pain in his left toe and foot.On January 31st he sawan orthopedic surgeon. He was diagnosed with a sprained ankle and a swollen toe. The doctorsaid it should take about six months to heal. March 29, terrible pain. He was unable towalk. He was watching The 700 Club. Pat said, “Someone has a big toe that has swelled up.You mashed it somehow, and it’s swollen, and it hurts like crazy. Right now, the swellingis going down. The pain is leaving, and you are going to be absolutely whole. There isa dramatic miracle, in Jesus’ name.” Guess what? That’s exactly what happened. Immediately,Randy’s toe became cold, then it became hot. Later in the day, there was no pain. How didhe know? Because he walked about a mile or a fourth of a mile without the pain. And heis back to work on his farm. How cool is that? Praise God. It’s pretty cool. Barbara in Kenner,Louisiana, had been suffering with pain down the right side of her body and was diagnosedwith degenerative disc disease and compressed vertebrae.Her doctor prescribed shots forthe pain and inflammation, but she continued to suffer from throbbing headaches and painradiating all the way down from her ear. Then one day, she heard you, Kristi, you, said,quote, “Someone is having a throbbing headache behind your ear that keeps your equilibriumoff. Put your hand behind your ear, because God is healing it.” Instantly, the throbbingstopped and the healing manifested all over her right side. Her ear, eyeball, shoulder,sinuses, head, and equilibrium were all healed. Amen. God is good, isn’t He? That’s awesome. All right, folks. Now is the time. Now isthe time for you. Now is the day of salvation. Now, we’re going to pray for you.And we’regoing to believe God for you. The Bible says if two of you would agree on earth as touchinganything that they’ll ask; it will be done for them by My Father which is in Heaven.Now, Kristi and I are going to join hands for you. And we’re going to believe for you.Now, will you pray with us now? Wherever you are, whatever the deal is, whatever is goingon, whether it’s an addiction, whether it is a sickness, whether it is a chronic illness,whether it is arthritis, or whether it is joint disease, or whether it’s diabetes. Whateverit is, God can and will heal it. Now, we’re going to pray. Join with us right now. “Father,in Jesus’ name, we agree together. And in the name of Jesus, let the power of God comedown now and touch people’s lives.” Somebody is throwing up, just from deep in your insides.You’ve just been vomiting.You cried out, “God, will you ever stop this?” Well, theanswer is He stopped it right now, and you are completely healed. Kristi. There is a young person who has a prematurecase of arthritis in your hand. And it’s scaring you right now. Place your other hand on thathand, and you’re going to feel a warmth. And the Holy Spirit is healing that right now.What you could not do before, you do it now. Thank you, Lord. There is a swollen tongue. You’ve got a swollentongue, and you’ve got all kinds of like sores on it. And it’s just terribly painful.Rightnow, just put your hand on your mouth, and in the name of Jesus that tongue is goingdown. Those lesions are healed, in Jesus’ name. Your tongue and your mouth will be totallywhole. Kristi. The Lord is healing an eye infection rightnow, in the name of Jesus. Also, someone, ringing in their ears. The Lord is healingthat in the name of Jesus. Someone else has a scalp issue. I can’t describe it. There’sjust a scalp issue. You put your hand on your scalp in the name of Jesus, and whatever thatissue is, the Lord is healing you.Thank you, Father. There’s a family. You’ve got five children.And you’re contemplating a divorce. You say, “I just can’t live this way any longer.” Well,God is going to make a way, and He’s going to bring harmony where there’s disunity. Thosechildren need you. In the name of Jesus, there is peace coming into your life. Now we speakthe word that the power of God will be present in your life, that you might know healing,that you might know deliverance, that you might have the ability financially you need,in Jesus’ name. Receive an answer. Amen. Amen. And amen. Wow! Go to your phones. Tell uswhat God has done. We’d love to hear from you. And it will blessyou as you give testimony. Jesus healed a bunch of lepers and only one of them cameback. And He said, “Ten of them were healed. Where are the nine?” Only one came back tothank Him.So call and tell us what God has done in your life. And keep on praying. Ifyou need further prayer, it’s 1-800-759-0700. Now, we’ve got something special for you. We do. More specialness. Well, still ahead,it’s called “the eighth wonder of the world.” Well, find out what it is and how it can actuallywork for you. How are you going to do this? Well, you’re going to find out when Pat talksabout the secret Kingdom. That’s later on, on today’s 700 Club. Brenda, you’ve got to see the video I sawon The 700 Club. I pray God will do the same awesome work in your life. Go to to, “I saw it on The 700 Club,”for a fast, easy way to see and share your favorite videos. My name is Roger Stump, and I’m a cancer survivor.The surgeon said it’s inoperable. “It’s already in your liver.” My wife, Brenda, sat thereand cried; and I’m thinking, “I can’t die right now.I’m only 52 years old.” I was sodistraught. I’ve heard Cancer Treatment Centers of America have experience with pancreaticcancers. It was like night and day. The hospital just breeds an environment of hope. You geta CT scan, and the next morning the results were read to you. We’d go up there; I justknew it was going to be a good result. You could just see the joy on Dr. Granik’s face. Call now and we’ll show you how the most compassionatepeople anywhere put you at the center of everything we do. Together, we’ll explore real treatmentoptions you may not even know exist. Cancer Treatment Centers of America. It issuch a different place, because they give you hope. I would strongly urge you to callthem and get a second opinion. Please call today. Welcome back to The 700 Club. A majority ofEgyptians want a civil society based on the Koran in their country. According to a newPew Research poll, two-thirds say they want society to strictly follow the Islamic holybook, but only 30 percent have a favorable view of Islamic fundamentalism. The Pew resultsare based on face-to-face interviews with thousands of Egyptians.It is the first crediblepoll of Egyptians since the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak. A Muslim man in Oklahoma wants to block thatstate’s constitutional amendment that bans the use of Islamic holy law. The amendmentprohibits state courts from considering international or Islamic law when deciding cases. MuneerAwad claims the ban violates the religious rights of Muslims. State attorneys say thatAwad has not shown how the proposed amendment negatively affects his Muslim faith. You canalways get the latest from CBN News by going to our website at Pat and Kristi will be back with more of The700 Club, after this. Have you ever heard the expression “good asgold?” Well, gold is on everybody’s minds these days, and rightfully so, having risenin value dramatically since 2001.For years now, I’ve been singing the praises of oneof the most recognized and trusted names in gold, Swiss America. They believe, like Ido, that people need to know what’s good about gold. Gold has withstood the test of time,and so has Swiss America. 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Survivorswere left starving, until Operation Blessing arrived on the scene. Two and a half million people living in Pakistanwere left homeless after the floods. Most still live in tent cities. Many families barelyhave enough food to survive. And with reports of deadly Taliban attacks against foreignaid workers, it’s difficult to get to the hardest hit areas. But Operation Blessingpartnered with Shelter Now International to bring in enough food for 2,000 people. Aswe entered each refugee camp, crowds of hungry men, women, and children surrounded our truckto receive bags of rice.One was an 85-year-old woman who told us she had never seen sucha disaster in her life. Before we arrived with food, she was afraid that she would diein her tent. At the end of our trip, we prepared a specially cooked meal in one of the villages.It helped them understand that during their time of suffering, there are many people whocare. That simple gesture brought hope into thousands of people’s lives. It doesn’t matter what the politics are. Whatmatters is the fact that human beings are there and they suffer. And all over the worldthey’re suffering. Wars, revolutions, and natural disasters,causing tremendous suffering. And we’re there with Operation Blessing to help them.Andif you want to participate with us in helping the poor and the needy and the suffering aroundthe world, it’s real simple. You pick up the phone. You call 1-800-759-0700. Or you canlog on to and say, “You can count on me.” We want you to be a part of this importantministry. So please call. Kristi, what’s next? Up next, we have some amazing teaching, Pat.Check this out. It’s the most important law of human growth and development, but do youknow what it is? And do you have it working for you? Well, if not, you’re about to findout from Pat in this segment of The Secret Kingdom. The Kingdom of God, what’s it like? Well,there’s something I’d like to submit to you. It’s sort of upside down. It isn’t like whatwe assume here in the world. The greatest virtue in the secret Kingdom is a reverseof the greatest sin.The greatest sin was pride, and pride really has no place in theKingdom of God. But the reverse of that is humility. And the Lord Himself, when He cameto earth, the Bible says He humbled Himself, and He took on the form of a servant. He cameto serve. Now, He is King. He is King of the Kingdom, Jesus. And yet when He came to earthand when He lived among us, He lived as a servant. As a matter of fact, in what wascalled the Last Supper, you remember He laid aside His cloak, and He took a towel and Hewrapped it around Himself and a basin of water and began to wash the feet of His disciples.That was the work of a slave.And He says, “Now, you see what I’m doing.” He said, “I’myour Lord, but I am among you as one who serves.” And He said, “This is the way you should dofor your fellows. I am a servant.” And as a result, He gave us the key to the Kingdom.The Kingdom is one of humility and service, not of self seeking and pride and trying toget the best of other people. But the Kingdom is one of service, because our King has said,”Here is the way to do it. I’m washing feet. You wash feet. I’m taking role of servant,you take role of servant.” And the amazing thing about it is, though, in the Kingdomof God, the best leader is the one who is the servant, which is precisely what Jesussaid. It’s kind of upside down. He said, “The kings of this earth lorded over people.Andthese people, they call them benefactors.” But He said, “It’s not supposed to be thatway with you.” He said, “He that is great among you shall be servant, and he that isthe greatest shall be the bond slave of the servant of all.” Now, that doesn’t make anysense, does it? It’s upside down. You want to be a big shot, and you want to be liftedup.And the Lord said, “No, that’s not it. You want to be great in My Kingdom, you getdown, and I’ll lift you up.” And in business and in the military and in various other activitiesof human beings, it’s discovered that the servant leaders are the ones who are the mostsuccessful. The greatest general is the general who serves his troops. The greatest businesspersonis the one who serves his customers. He is fanatic about serving his customers. I knowWal-Mart came from a little dry goods store in Bentonville, Arkansas, and has become thebiggest corporation, I believe, of its nature in the whole world. And the guiding principleis a fanatic observance to service. They do everything they can to cut prices, to makesure that they can serve their customers with the lowest possible prices that they can get.And they’re always, always, always attacking their cost structure so that they can havelower prices to serve the general public who come to shop in their stores.And as a result,they have been enormously successful, because they follow the principle of the Kingdom.But you see, it seems to be upside down. You say, “Oh, no. You want me to be a leader?Well, I’ve got to be sitting up on a horse or in some exalted position and have peoplesaying, es, sir,’ and o, sir,’ and bowing and scraping before me.” That’s not it. You’regoing to follow Jesus; you’ll be like one who serves. And if you are like Him, and thegreatest of all, the greatest is the one who serves the most people. So you look at somebodylike Thomas Edison, or you look at somebody like Henry Ford, or I mentioned Wal-Mart,or whatever, the greatest ones are the ones that serve the most. So if you want to bea great servant, reach out to serve many. If you want to find out how to be successfulin the Kingdom of God, this is the way to do it. Now, as I said earlier, there are severalprinciples that I call the laws of the Kingdom.And I want to talk about what’s probably themost important, the most important law of human growth and development. And I call itthe law of use, the law of use. How does that work, this law of use? There was a story thatJesus told about a nobleman who called his servants to him and gave them certain sumsof money, and then he went into a far country, and he said, “You occupy with these untilI come back.” The first one he gave 10 talents; to another one he gave 5 talents, to anotherone, 1 talent. Now, he says, “I’m going away. And I’m going to come back, and you occupywith what I’ve given you until I get back.” So he left and left these people to theirown devices. The one who got 10 talents took his master’s money and he began to trade withit. He bought goods, took them on a caravan ride to the next country, sold them at a profit,bought additional goods, brought them back, sold them at a profit, traded back and forth,until such time as he had doubled his lord’s money.So now instead of 10 talents, he’sgot 20 talents. The one who had 5 talents did the same thing. He exercised what hadbeen given him. He used the money and he made deals. He invested in the stock market. Hebought merchandise. He perhaps bought a small business. He did all these things. And whenhe finished the work he was doing, he doubled his lord’s money. Now the five had become10.The next one took the one talent that was given him and he said, “My master is atough guy. He is about as hard nosed a businessman as I’m aware of.” He said, “He gathers wherehe didn’t straw and he reaps where he doesn’t sow. And I don’t want to run afoul of hisnasty cruelty.And so what I’m going to do is dig a hole in the ground and put that moneyin the hole, and cover it up, and then every so often I’m going to come back and look atand make sure it’s still there. And when he comes back, I’ll give him his own like I gotit. I haven’t lost anything.” So the lord came back. He had received the kingdom thathe had gone to get. And he called the servants to him, and said, “Okay, I’m interested inwhat you did with my money? What did you do with the trading that I gave you?” So theone with the 10 talents, he came, and he said, “Well, I doubled your money.” And the lordsaid, “Well done, good and faithful servant. I’m going to put you in charge of 20 cities.You are in charge of something. You have shown that you are responsible, and you used mypossessions well.” The one with 5 talents came, and the lord said to him, “What didyou do?” And he said, “Well, I traded with your money.I took risks. I had caravans goover the desert. They bought goods. They sold goods. And over a period of time, I have doubledyour money. So you now have 10 talents.” And the lord said, “Well done, good and faithfulservant. I’m now going to put you in charge of 10 cities.” The last one came to him, andhe says, “All right, tell me what you did.” And he said, “I knew you are a hard man.”He said, “I knew that you gathered where you didn’t straw and that you reaped where youdidn’t sow. And I was afraid. I was afraid.” And so he said, “I took your money, and Idug a hole in the ground, and I put it in it, and I’m now taking it out. And I haven’tlost anything.” You know what the lord said about him? It’s amazing, because it’s in theBible, by the way. He said, “You wicked and slothful servant.” Wicked and slothful.Wicked.Wicked, because he didn’t invest his lord’s money. He was wicked because he didn’t usewhat had been given to him. And he said, “Take that away from him and give it to the manthat had the 10 talents.” And there was a gasp in the audience. And they said, “My goodness,this other guy has got 10 and he doesn’t have anything. You’re taking it away from him.”And then the lord gave this principle. He says, “Unto him who has, more will be given.And he that has not, even what he thinks he’s got will be taken away from him.” Now, I waslooking at that and contemplating the full significance.And I was introduced to whatis called the exponential curve, which is a mathematical phenomenon that is simply inexorable.It works in our world. And how does it work? Well, it’s the law of compound interest. BaronRothschild called compound interest the eighth wonder of the world. Why? Well, because ifyou take a given amount of money and you compound the interest, in other words, each year youget the interest and you add it to the principle, and then you take that again and compoundit and compound it, over the years, you will have an enormous amount of money.If you take100 dollars and let’s assume that you doubled it. That’s 100 percent, and not everybodyis going to get that, very rarely. But let’s assume that you do enough business that youcan double 100 dollars. So next year you have 200. The next year you have 400. The nextyear you have 800. The next year 16, the next 36, the next 72, then 14,000, then 28,000and so forth. At the end of 20 years, what do you think you’ll have? One hundred dollars,double it every year for 20 years. You will have 50 million dollars, in just 20 years.So if you’re 30, by the time you’re 50 you’ll have 50 million dollars, if you can double100 dollars every year.If you double it some more, at the end of about 25 years, you’llhave 1.6 billion dollars. And if you double it for 50 years, you’ll have about 12.8 quadrilliondollars, so you’ll have more money than there is in the whole world. One hundred dollars,law of use. You occupy. Now, this is a fundamental principle of human growth and development.But just take, for example, your arm. Assume that you lift your arm, have a weight on yourarm. And day by day or week by week you add a little bit of weight.Say you’re doing fivepounds and then you go to seven pounds and then you go to 10 pounds. And then littleby little. And before long, believe it or not, you’ll have arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger,big, strong. And the ladies say, “I don’t want arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger.” Well,you’ll have beautifully shaped arms, whatever. But on the other hand, you take your arm,and you bind it against your chest and you don’t use it for say eight months. You don’tlift anything. When you get through, you won’t have the strength to lift a teacup. You willhave lost what you have. And that’s exactly what Jesus said. “Unto him who has, more willbe given. And he that has not, even what he thinks he’s got will be taken away from him.”You lose what you don’t use. It is the law of use. It is the fundamental law of humangrowth and development. If you use what’s there, if you have musical talent and youuse it and train it, you’ll get more.If you have intellectual prowess and you use it andtrain it and explore more and add and you get compounded and you move into new realms,new realms, new realms, it will grow enormously. But if you don’t use your mind, if you don’tuse your talents, if you’re a singer and you don’t sing, you’ll lose it. You’ll lose yourvoice. You’ll lose your ability. It’s true at every aspect of life. The more you exercisesomething, the more opportunity you have to get into a new level, because you move up,and then you move out more, and then you get out more and more until you can accomplishamazing things.The law of use. The fundamental law. And this is a law of the Kingdom, becauseJesus Christ said, “Unto him who has, more will be given. And he that has not even whathe thinks he’s got, it will be taken away from him.” Amen. Well, those are some good nuggets oftruth. We’re learning about humility, being a servant, and the law of use. And I’m sittinghere thinking, “What kind of talents do I have?” And I’m not sure, so I’ll have to figurethat one out, because I don’t want to lose them. I want to use them. I’ve got to figureout what I have first. You don’t sing, do you? I sing. But in the weeks to come, we’re goingto be bringing you more segments from The Secret Kingdom. So if you’d like to watch the segment thatwe just saw again or you’d like to share it with a friend, all you have to do is justlog on to I tell you what, not only will you be blessed, but many otherswill be blessed. That share button on is really cool thing. I learned principles. I prayed for about fiveyears that the Lord would show me some secrets. And this is it. And I wrote a book. And ittransforms lives, and it transformed my life, my understanding of how things work. And it’sjust so profound. I think the thing that’s so cool about theLord is that He is a mystery, but He’s not. So it seems like there are secrets, but thereare not, because He is like, “Here it is for you.” Do you know what I’m saying? Does thatmake sense?” It’s there all along, but not many peoplehave found it.Yes. So it’s hidden. Well, speaking of hidden, we have stuff that’snot hidden right now. Those are some of the questions that we want to bring to you realquick. Please, go for it. We only have a couple of minutes, so we’regoing to have some fun with some viewer questions. The very first one starts out with a viewerwho says, “In these uncertain economic times, it’s tempting to hide your money under themattress. What suggestions do you have for investments?” Well, that’s timely. Well, as I’ve said over and over again, thepopulation is growing.The amount of money is expanding dramatically. The value of thedollar is going down year after year after year. And so you can’t get any interest onyour money if you put it in a bank. It’s like that guy that buried his talent in the ground.So I’m recommending, and I have, that investment be in natural resources. And I just reallybelieve gold and silver, sure they go up and down, they fluctuate. But over the long haul,gold has gone from 30 to 40 dollars an ounce up to 1,500. So it will be the place, in myopinion, to go with natural resources. Next question. Okay. Let’s hop on to the next one. It startswith, “Is there a special way that God talks to people?” Sure He does. The main thing out of His Word,we have a sure Word of prophecy. He will also send angels. He will speak to us through dreamsand visions. And He will speak by His voice. You will hear a voice in your ear when youturn to the right or the left saying, “This is the way.Walk ye in it.” So God will alsospeak to us through the advice of godly friends. There are many ways. He will order circumstancesto lead us. He will speak to us through numbers. There are a lot of ways that God will speakas to what is going on. So you just have to have your ear attuned to listen to what Hehas to say. That’s true. Okay, really quick, last one,Dee writes in and says, “If our sins are forgiven, and God says that they’re forgotten, do westill have to stand before God at the Judgment Seat?” If you read John 5:4, He says, “He that hasfaith in Me and believes that God has sent me shall not come into judgment, but is passedfrom death into life.” If we trust in Jesus and we have received Him and we believe Godsent Jesus Christ, then He says, “You are going to be passed from death into life.”That’s what’s going to happen when you accept the Lord, so no, you’re not going to haveto account for your sins anymore, but I think there are going to be some rewards.Paul said,”We stand before the Bema, the Judgment Seat of Christ.” Well, that’s all the time we’vegot for those. Tomorrow, we take you behind the scenes with the stars of 19 Kids and Counting.And today we leave you with these words from Nahum . . . . . . . . “The Lord is good, a stronghold inthe day of trouble. And He knows those who trust in Him.” See you tomorrow. Bye, bye. Here at CBN, we see amazing things happenwhen we stand together. That’s why we want to say thank you to thethousands of you . . . . . . . . who recently pledged to join the 700Club. Your monthly gift makes it possible to bringcrucial help to those who need it most. You help heal the sick, feed the hungry . . . . . . . . and preach the Gospel across Americaand throughout the world. You’ve brought health and hope to people indesperate need. And changed their lives forever. Just like you did for Samuel who developeda skin rash that spread into ulcers all over his little body. The nearest clinic, a two-hourbus ride away, couldn’t help Samuel. That’s when you sent a medical team to his village.He received the medicines and care he needed to save his life.You were the answer to thisfamily’s prayers. So please watch for this mailing and sendin your pledge. This year millions will know . . The love and saving power of Jesus Christ. And that only happens, because you were there..

Being Fooled by Empty Diet Promises

Everyday, we’re bombarded with weight losspromises. “One pill can turn your torso from this, tothis.” “Drop five pounds in a week with liquid drops.” “Spray apart your flabby ab muscles.” When it comes to commodities boasted as weightloss miracles, don’t believe the promotion. From dietary complements to the latest dietschemes, weight loss fraud is in the air, on the airwaves, and online. FDA has procured more than a hundred weight lossdietary complements that contain hidden drug ingredients. Some weight loss produces labeled as supplementsare concoctions filled with blood pressure medication, seizure medication, or narcotics not approvedin the U.S.Lets adjusted the record straight Dietary adds-on for weight loss are notevaluated by FDA, numerous construction inflated allegations, and some areeven hazardous. For instance, the ingredient Sibutramine, whichwas pulled from the prescription drug market for increased risk of heart attack and stroke has been found in weight loss commodities. Yet another chemical compound tucked awayin some over the counter weight loss remedies is a suspected cancer generating agent. Weight loss produces can even interact withother prescriptions a consumer may take. Risking cancer, heart attack, stroke, anddangerous side effects … Not precisely the most efficient way to lower a few cases pounds. Another favourite impostor manufacturing the rounds isthe HCG diet plan. This design blends descents or infusions ofHCG, a pregnancy hormone, with a 500 calorie a epoch food. Yep – time 500 calories a day.But utterance this fact– HCG has never been provento be effective for weight loss. Not merely does it not work, promoting HCG inany over-the-counter weight loss product is illegal. Know fraud when you hear the views and see it. Customer testimonial? More likely to have been written by the owner’snephew. Is the make claimed as a brand-new discoveryor scientific breakthrough? How many true-blue health care breakthroughs areannounced only after midnight on cable TV, or only on the web? Before popping an uncharted capsule, or utilizing anunproven or little known medicine, Talk to a health professional. Don’t give the word of an actor in a lab coat.Avoid the swindles. Losing weight is also difficult, but it can happen with a healthful food, properexercise, and by listening to your doctor. Yep- the old fashioned ways ..

IVF cost too high? Best IVF protocols & tips to reduce IVF cost w/o hurting IVF success

There is no doubt that IVF is the bestfertility treatment with the highest pregnancy rate. However, IVF is also themost expensive fertility treatment. There are lanes that you can reduce some IVF costs and make it more inexpensive stay adjusted. First, let’s talk about the differentcomponents that make up the cost for IVF You have IVF medications, checking, theIVF egg retrieval, the stuff that’s done in the laboratory and then the IVFtransfer. Let’s talk about IVF medications first. There are several different types of remedies used in the process of inducing the ovariesbefore the egg retrieval. The most expensive of these medications are called gonadotropins. These are the prescriptions that containthe hormones FSH or LH Some of the firebrands that are commonly used include: Follistim, Gonal-F and Menopur Both Follistim and Gonal-F contain FSH and serve as the primary hormone to stimulate the ovaries.Some doctors, however, like to add Menopur Menopur contains both FSH and LH.Doctors who like Menopur use it for the computed LH but this is an expensive select. Thedaily cost for an average 150 international legion dose of Menopur is $180 per date. Over the course of an average 10 days stimulant this addsnearly $2,000 to your drug payments. A less expensive alternative, which I useat the Naperville Fertility Center, is called the low-grade dose hCG protocol. hCG and LH are very similar hormones. You can use hCG in place of LH and it actually worksbetter because it lasts longer in the body. One firebrand of hCG announced Pregnyl payments about 110 dollars for one bottle But that one bottle will previous you for theentire stimulation. So this one change to your etiquette is not merely wields better, butcan save you about $1,700 in medication expenses by not having to use Menopur.Butwait – there’s more !!! hCG is roughly six times more potentthan FSH So formerly the FSH has started yourfollicles flourishing, and you start hCG, you can reduce the dose of FSH or in somecases stop it totally How much does this save you? If we use an average IVFdose of FSH of 300 international contingents per era A 600 international unitcartridge of Follistim would previous you two days and cost about six hundred andtwenty dollars Over a ten daylight foreplay, that’s about $3,100. But if you start low-grade dose hCG by am telling the sixth period and abbreviate the dose of FSH to 75 youwould save another $1,300 in medication payment If you’re individual patients who doesn’trespond well to birthrate remedy which fertility physicians call a poorresponder, this reform trying to save you various thousand dollars. Just think whatyou could do with all of that extra money How about the IVF laboratory? Doyou know that there are two different ways that eggs can be fertilized withsperm? In the first approach, sperm are placed in the lab dish near the egg.Thisis called standard insemination. The second procedure involves inserting a spermdirectly into an egg. This technique is announced ICSI, which stands forintracytoplasmic sperm injection. Most IVF middles will blame an additional $ 1200 to $2000 dollars to do ICSI. So should be used pay the extraamount? If you’re a duet with a male factor, like low-toned seman tallies, poormotility or an abnormal Cap-Score or a history of failed fertilization, then youshould perfectly invest the money to have ICSI. But what if you aren’t inone of these groups? First, it’s important to understand that maternity frequencies withICSI are not any better than with standard insemination.ICSI is just a toolto get the eggs manured. If you have a ordinary semen analysis and Cap-Score and “youre using” standard insemination, the risk that none of the eggs will manure issomewhere around 5 to 15%. In other words, there is a 5 to 15% likelihood youcould end up with zero embryos. If that risk is acceptable to you, then youshould discuss standard insemination with medical doctors. What would really begreat is if you had medical guarantee that plastered the cost of IVF.Here in theUnited States, there are various states that require insurance coverage for IVF.The best two states for IVF coverage are Illinois, where the Naperville FertilityCenter is located, and Massachusetts. All over the world, there are somecountries that pay for IVF as part of their national health services, like theU.K. But there are often restraints. In Ontario, Canada, for example, you can get one cycle of IVF paid for, but you are still responsible for the medicationcosts. So my gratuities would be very helpful to our close friends to the north. If youlike this video remember to like this video. If you have an idea for a futureepisode of InfertilityTV, left open in the comments.Subscribe now! InfertilityTV liberates a brand-new episode every week. It’s like having a fertilityspecialist in your phone.

What is Beta hCG test for Pregnancy | test को समझे और जाने प्रेगनेंसी Result Positive है या नहीं

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