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HCG Diet: Round 1-Day before Loading-250lbs.

Hello Hello Here is my first VLOG and I am the day before I going to be lading on the HCG Diet. I am in Arizona working with a Dr. I will be doing the infusions and i thought it is useful to do this VLOG to be accountable tomorrow I am going to be doing the solids and uh … try not to gorge too much but like Sheepra says to do batch of healthy obesities. I genuinely recommend her website. even if you are working with a dr. there are great recipes and ways to make it work. I will post tomorrow and let you know how my my loading period croaked. See you tomorrow ..

Thin uterine lining? 8 Tips for those doing frozen embryo transfer (FET)

Studies show that women with a thinendometrial liner have lower frozen fetu gestation frequencies. So what can youdo to get your lining thicker? Here are eight tips you can try. Continue estrogen for a long period. If your torso is absorbing estrogen, you know this bylooking at your estrogen ranks on a blood measure, then you may merely need someadditional hour. Some studies among women with a thin uterine stringing after 10 to14 daylights pointed out that continuing estrogen for 30 or 40 eras would sometimes getthe ordering to improve enough to do a transfer.Try other types of estrogen. Most physicians begins with oral estrogen because it frequently wreaks, it’s easy andinexpensive. Nonetheless, formerly you immerse the estrogen tablet, some of it getsdestroyed in the tummy, some moves on to your intestines. From there, it has tobe absorbed into your blood and then disappears immediately to your liver. The liverchanges the form of estrogen from estradiol which is also announced E2 to estriol or E1. E1 doesn’ t work as well in the uterus so it may not be as effective ingetting the liner thicker in some girls. Estrogen can be absorbed through theskin so estrogen spots are an alternativeto capsules The estrogen from the spots doesn’tget converted to E1 as much.The better availability of E2 with patches maywork better in the uterine stringing. Eventually, another option is to administerthe estrogen through the vagina. Like patches, vaginal estrogen doesn’t getconverted to E1 and also has the advantage of being close to the uterusso that the amount of estrogen getting into the uterine lining is higher thanany other method. Try a natural cycles/second without medications. If you are a woman who ovulates then you evolve and liberation an egg each month. You could try to usethe estrogen that your ovaries create each month. The method can be trickyhowever because you could ovulate before the lining is thick fairly andproblems measuring exactly when your ovaries start making progesterone canlead to timing the transport incorrectly. Low-dose aspirin. A low-pitched doseof aspirin made every day may help improve blood flowing to the uterus. But theevidence is mingled as to whether it helps improve flourishing the uterine liningthickness.At bad, it’s easy, inexpensive and doesn’t appear to cause any impairment. Now, there are also some things that we recommend evading. Viagra. Viagra directs by allowing blood vessels to distend. Increased blood flow can help guys witherectile dysfunction but does it improve the thickness of the uterine stringing? Aninitial, very small series of four patients seemed to show some improvement but subsequent big studies with a ascertain radical that did not receiveViagra have failed to show a benefit.IVF professionals do not recommend this therapy.Squirting stuff into the uterus. Some physicians have tried squirting variousthings into the uterus to hopefully stimulate the uterine stringing directly.One programme worked a protein called G-CSF. Like Viagra, an initial very small seriesof cases experienced there might be some benefit, Afterwards, at least 7 more studies tried the same experiment. Six out of the seven studies showed noincrease in the thickness. The seventh one did interpret a small increase but therewas no improvement in the chance for pregnancy. We would not recommend thistherapy either. PRP. PRP or platelet-rich plasma is also squirted into the uterus.The evidence here is also mixed. Some big line of patients apparently haveshown some interest. The studies so far have been poor.Unfortunately, somedoctors have been billing patients a lot of money to do this even thoughthere isn’t any good sign hitherto that it employs. If you are considering tryingthis therapy, do it only at a core that is conducting research and you shouldnot be charged one penny. At IVF1, we are conducting such a study that you cancheck out here there are lots of forgeries and scammers and crooks out there whoare trying to charge you for ineffective or sometimes dangerous cares checkout this playlist to learn more about some of the other fertility scams ifyou have a topic you would like us to cover in a future bout leant it in thecomments if you like this video then like this video subscribe now infertility TV induces a new video each week it’s like having a fertilityspecialist in your telephone

How To Inject Low-Dose hCG | Fertility Treatment | CVS Specialty®

[ MUSIC PLAYING] Hey there, I’mSophia and I’m going to walk you throughhow to infuse low quantity HCG under the skinor subcutaneously. These educations are brokenup into five immediate stairs. Let’s start by makingsure you’ve got all your furnishes ready to go– a multi-dose vial of lowdose HCG or deepened vial of HCG dilution at office tempfor your convenience, a syringe with needle attached forinjection, plus alcohol pads, a gauze pad or cottonsquare, a sharps container, and a clean-living surface.In contingency you’re wondering, a compounded medication entails the pharmacistprepared it in a way that’s unique for your therapy, and your vial probably reached in a grassland boxversus a special kit. All of this is totally normal. Now is a good timeto double check to make sure you’re using theright HCG at the right time. Low dose HCG is usedto stimulate follicles at the start of treatment. You don’t want to use the HCGtrigger shot at this stage because it has amuch higher dose and performs a differentpurpose later on. If you’re doubtful orhave any questions, call your health care provider. You may getprescriptions or supplyings that use “cc” or”mL” interchangeably. Don’t worry. They’re just different namesfor the same amount of publication. For sample, one ccis equal to one mL.Now go ahead and washyour hands really well with soap and water. Then you’re on to preparing thearea where you’ll give yourself the insertion. There are a few places whereyou can inject your drug under the skin– in the abdomen, just below or tothe side of your belly button, or in the leg in the upperouter field of your thigh. No significance which area you pick, try to avoid injecting yourself in the same exact spot each timeto lower your risk of a scalp action, and neverinject into any area that’s tender, red, bruised, or hard-bitten. For today, I’ll indicate youhow to administer in the abdomen since it’s the most common spot. First, you use analcohol wipe to cleanse the scalp about two inchesaround the injection area. Then impart it a couple ofseconds to cool while you get your medication ready.Now you’ll withdrawthe drug. If you’re using the vial forthe first time, remove the cap and erase the top of thevial with an booze swab. Only retain to do thisevery time you reuse a vial. There are two things youshould check before is moving forward. One, the mixture shouldbe clear with no particles swimming around. And two, make sure thelow dose HCG is not more than 28 daytimes from the firsttime you used it or expired. If you see any particlesor if it’s past the appointment, don’t use it, and call yourhealth care provider right away for next steps. When you’re ready, unwrap the syringe and remove the needle cap. Draw air into thesyringe by drawing back the piston to the unitmark that parallels your dosage. For instance, if yourdoctor prescribed 40 cells, draw back to the4 0 on the syringe. Place the vial ona flat skin-deep, and slip the needlethrough the rubber stopper and into the vial. Gently press theplunger all the way in, which thrusts theair into the vial and reaches it easier to withdraw.Without removing the needle, turn the vial upside down. Make sure the gratuity of the needlestays submerged in the answer as you gradually pull back theplunger to withdraw your quantity. You’ll only be using aportion of prescription for every injection, soit’s really important to double check and giveyourself the title quantity , not the entire vial. With the needle andvial still upside down, check to see if there are anyair suds inside the syringe. If there aren’t any, goahead and remove the needle and syringe from the vial.If you picture bubbles, press the piston to push the bubblesback into the vial. You’ll have to withdrawyour dosage again, so repeat the earlier stair of submergingthe gratuity of the needle in the mixture and slowlypull back the plunger to withdraw your dosage. You’re ready to introduce themedication, so let’s do it. Hold the syringe in one handand with the other hand, pinch a crimp of skinaround the injection area. Insert the entire needlestraight into the skin at a 45 to 90 stage direction. Slowly push theplunger until you’ve injected all of the prescription. Do a immediate counting of1, 2, 3, and then let go of the skinyou’re penny-pinching. Press down securely on theinjection place with a gauze pad and remove the needle. Nice work. Your final step is cleanup. Go onward and toss theused needle and syringe into the sharp-witteds container.And if you have anylow dose HCG left over, accumulate the vial in yourfridge in between infusions. Thanks so much better forwatching today. Take care.[ MUSIC PLAYING].

IUI – Fertility expert secrets for maximum pregnancy rates

IUI is one of the most commonly usedfertility cares “in todays world”, I am going to discuss how IUIworks and what proficiencies you can use tomaximize your chances for success Stay adjusted. IUI is a technique in which sperm is putdirectly into the uterus. Why would this help? When a duo hassex, the sperm from the three men is released intothe vagina. Most sperm are going to be killed in thevagina. Some will reach the opening of theuterus known as the cervix. The cervix is a long tunnel filled withsticky mucus. Of those sperm that don’t die in thevagina, most will get stuck in the cervix and never make it out. Together, thevagina and cervix portray a considerable barrier to the passage of sperm.This is a problem since the egg comes manured in the fallopian tube.If the sperm are not making it into the fallopian tube, then pregnancycan’t happen. So how does an IUI work exactly? IUI stands for intrauterine insemination. During an IUI, the sperm are placeddirectly into the uterus. This bypasses the vagina and the cervix.As a make, a lot more sperm can swim into the fallopian tubes wherefertilization happens.Many studies have shown that compared to intercourse alone, the chance for pregnancy with IUI isbetter. In order to become pregnant with IUIthere are three absolute requirements. 1) The malemust have sperm 2) the female must ovulate either on her own or withfertility remedies and 3) the female must have at leastone fallopian tube that is open. What testsshould you have before aiming IUI? All maidens should have an HSG to make sure that at least one fallopian tube is open.All males should have a semen analysis to make sure that the government has spermand to see how many sperm there are, how many are moving and how many look normalunder the microscope.Finally, if you subscribe to this channel, and you should definitely subscribe to this channel, youknow that we also strongly suggested that husbands have a sperm testcalled a Cap-Score. Watch this video for detailed information about the Cap Score.In order to be most effective, the IUI must be performed at the time ofovulation. IUI timing needs to be more precise thanfor intercourse. Figuring out the time of ovulation can be done at home with an ovulationpredictor measure of some type. These assessments are generally prettyaccurate. Watch this video to learn when not to trust an ovulation test.Women can also be monitored in the doctor’s office by havingultrasounds of the ovaries and blood tests. Do not try to time an iui by using an app or employing temperature showing. Another tip-off: if you are a woman with one fallopian tubeor have one blocked fallopian tube observing with ultrasound may be abetter choice since you can see when the eggs arematuring on the same side as the open tube.You may hear your doctor refer to something called a sperm wash What’s that? Well, we are notactually washing the seman. Before sperm can beplaced into a woman’s uterus it must first be prepared. Here’s thereason why When a soul ejaculates, the fluid that hereleases is composed of two main components: seminal fluid and seman Seminal fluid contains countless each type of hormones and chemicals. One group of chemicals in particular cancause problems and are known as prostaglandins. If highlevels of prostaglandins are arranged directly into the uterusthey can cause the status of women to become very sick. The evidences ofprostaglandin absorption include nausea and upchuck, fever, diarrhea and cramping. The evidences frequently begin within a few minutes ofperforming the IUI. To avoid this problem, we separate thefluid part from the sperm and merely administer the sperm into the uterus.This is called a seman washing. Sperm wash for IUI is actually a bad termbecause the sperm are not actually being laundered or emptied justseparated from the fluid. The report contains various methods for performing a spermwash for an intrauterine insemination. The medical literature does not clearlyindicate that any method is better than any other.It is therefore up to the personal preference of the physicianperforming the IUI. One question that I am queried a lot is about male sperm weighs and their impact on IUI.IUI seems to work best with men who have normal sperm countsor counts the hell is mildly low-pitched. Guys who have very low sperm countings have a much lower chance for gestation with IUI.At my fertility midst, we recommend that those marries lead directly to IVF.This produces up a very interesting question. If doing an IUIincreases the number of sperm that reaches the fallopian tubesand the number of sperm clearly matters for gestation, would it be better to do two IUIs than one? The answer to this question was provided by this study: Couples with infertility were split into two groups.One radical had a single IUI at the time of ovulation.The other group had two IUIs each month one about a date before ovulation and the second one at the time of ovulation.Couples continued to do either single or double IUIs for each month up to four months.At the end of the study, there was nodifference in the number of marries who became pregnant.Multiple IUIs each month do not assist !! What about remaining after IUI? Does thathelp? This question was answered by awell-done study in the Netherlands. About 400 marries with sterilization whowere going to have treatment with IUI were split into two groups. In half thecouples, maids rested for 15 times after theIUI.The women in the other half of the groupwere allowed to get up right away and walk around. marries whodidn’t get pregnant right away could reiterate the IUI a few more months.The develops were relatively stunning! Women who remained for 15 instants after an IUIbecame pregnant more commonly than women who didn’t. By the time duos had tried four IUIs, 27% of the resting radical hadbecome pregnant versus 18% of the get up and travel group.That’s a 50% an improved the success rate Another question i get a lot is about men who have a lot ofabnormal look sperm. All souls have some sperm which appear abnormal under the microscope when a adult has a high percentage ofabnormal seem sperm it is referred to as tyradospermiaguys with tyradospermia seem to have more difficulty create pregnanciesthan their development partners several studies have looked at theimpact of abnormal sperm and the success rate of iui and foundthat on any given attempt the chances for pregnancy are a littlebit lower after four attempts with iui the totalnumber of duos who have achieved a pregnancywas about 20 lower when the men had a lot of abnormal look spermdoes the use of fertility medication improve the success rate of iuithe answer here is a little more complicated some womenbenefit from employing fertility remedy and some ladies don’tthe group who does benefit from the use of birthrate medicationare couples who have unexplained infertility the group who does notbenefit are women who are using donor spermbecause they either don’t have a partner have a female partner or who have apartner without any sperm as this graph proves even after severalmonths abusing birthrate remedy did notresult in those women getting pregnant more quicklyor more often our sterilization tv bottom line is thisiui is a relatively easy non-invasive inexpensive fertility therapy forcertain duos it can speed up the time it takes to get pregnant compared tojust having sexuality by following the gratuities i set out in thisvideo you can maximize your chances for iui success hi i’m dr randy morrisi give honest science-based gratuities that have helped peopleall over the world have their rainbow child if you want to improve your oddsfor success thumped that agree button right now it’slike having a fertility specialist in your phone

hCG levels in early pregnancy – Does hCG have to double in 2 days?

Have you been told that hCG levels haveto double every two days in order to have ahealthy pregnancy? Hi. I’m IVF and fertility expert Dr. Randy Morris Stay aria for just 10 seconds and Iwill tell you whether that is correct or not. Here is the quick summary. You can stillhave a health maternity and a viable liveborn baby even if your hCG levels do not doubleevery two days. You can also have hCG levels that doubleor more than doubled every two days and NOT have a viable pregnancy.Let me explain.HCG is the hormone produced by some of the cadres in anembryo. After human embryos embeds, the hCG isabsorbed into the blood and can be measured with a blood test. Asthe cells in the fetu thrive and partition, the hCG levels will be enhanced. When yousee an IVF specialist like me, we will look at that hCG number and howit changes over time in order to predict whether a pregnancyis viable or not. For example, an hCG level that decreasesover two days clearly demonstrates a non-viable pregnancy.A doubling of hCG levels means a 100% increase But, if the hCG leveldoesn’t “re going to have to” doubled in 2 day, what is the slowest possible increasethat still has a chance to be a viable pregnancy? 53 percentage !! That’s right! Your hCG level only has to go up by 53% over two days to indicate a viable pregnancy.Confused? Let’s take an example. If your first hCG level is 100, two days later you would want it to be at least 153 that is a 53% increase That’s not anywhere near todoubling but 99% of workable pregnanciesare going to have an increase that is at least that.If we situated it another way, exclusively about 1% of workable pregnancieshave an hCG level that rises less than 53% over 2 day. In this video, I depict you that you can do your firsthCG blood test much earlier after an embryo transfer than you thought.If your second hCG level exclusively expanded by 75% over two days, don’t freak out! You are still in the expected scope for a viable pregnancy.If it merely increases by say 40% well, it’s excessively unlikely that thiswill result in a baby.Don’t sound apart just yet. There are afew important points to understand. If you used hCG for your triggerinjection before the egg retrieval and then did a fresh fetu commit, it is able to still be hCG left in your torso when you go to do your pregnancytest and this could throw off the numbers.Hopefully, your doctor only conveyed one embryo into your uterus, but if you displaced severals fetus, you could have a twin or a tripletpregnancy !! This can really affect your hCG levels.It becomes much harder to determine a viable pregnancy from a non-viablepregnancy in this case. The examples i leave above work if youdraw your hCG levels two days apart like Monday and Wednesday.If there was a longer time between the two blood selects, then use this chart to know the minimum increase for a viable pregnancy.Hi. I’m Dr Randy Morris. I impart honest science-based tips-off that havehelped parties all over the world have their rainbow baby.If you want to improve your curious for successhit that SUBSCRIBE button right now. It’s like having a fertility specialist inyour phone ..