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HCG r1p2 vlcd21 – Miracle Noodles caused my 0

hey you so a little update for today today I’m a zero I didn’t lose anything um so I went back and that i did what i ate yesterday and i did a little experiment with miracle pates I had it with salsa and some chopped chicken on top it was extremely filling and I felt full for um I had it like in the late afternoon I felt genuinely full and i still feel fault like full fiber but hey it’s so much like they picked out or something so because of this i got a zero and i’m not going to try them again so even if they are I maintain experimenting to mix things up this I predict and chocolate love “re not for” me my person is extremely sensitive and it responds to being in um more of a residence a destitution procedure more of a low-spirited low-pitched low-toned calorie and strictly exclusively on the protocol without any altering so it’s a little update I’m a zero today and today has been super good and i even had clients and we finished off all my meat from Friday that I cooked up meatballs with sprout gravy and rice beef and carrots I cooked up 15 different salads and fresh bread and tarts and I had my protocol meal I am so good I’m just kidding so on ciao and I’ll make another video

HCG Diet Recipes: HCG Phase 2 Vinaigrette Dressing

my honour is Taylor today we’ll be making a recipe from the very low calorie diet phase or face to this recipe is going to be the vinaigrette dressing which you can find in 101 obses free HCG diet recipe book for this recipe you’re going to combine you can combine about 20 stops of the clear stevia which you can write in a Porsche store or online and likewise three packets of sweetener putting in two shakes of onions salt in two shakes of celery salt also you will add some black pepper which you can do it to your penchant I like a good deal so how do you position them in quite a bit and then likewise to add to this is one-fourth cup of apple cider cider vinegar and half a bowl of spray you can whip that together and this apparel is great on about it and all you need to do is articulated it in a plastic container dart and you can refrigerate it for any future recipes.

Mixing HCG 23 Day 5000 IU – Injection

we are mixing 5,000 IU’s of HCG for your 23 daytimes for your mixing plies you’ll need your booze obliterates your mixing syringe your bacteriostatic liquid and empty vial and your HCG first you’re going to bath your hands then clean the place that you’re working with next you’re going to disregard the sea that comes with the HDD it is not enough to get you through the eight the 23 de stage so precisely throw it away next you’re going to fumigate all three bottles make the caps off open an alcohol humid wipe down all three characters next open your mixing syringe make sure the needle is on tight give the cover off and then we are going to pull five cc’s of breeze first into the syringe we’re going to insert the breeze into the bacteriostatic spray and then because the vector Oh static liquid is pressurized you fling it up to a 90 position tilt and it is desirable to automatically come back to five cc’s you’re going to want to make sure that there are no illusions in the syringe if there are you’re not get a full five CCS then pull and make sure that you have a total of five CCS in your syringe next you’re going to inject one cc’s of sea into your HCG and then make sure when you mix it because the HCG is freeze-dried it should automatically mix accurately but if there’s anything at the bottom really twist and turn make sure all the powder is liquefied then introduced the rest of the four cc’s in your vacate vial then go and extract the HCG mixture and said to your exhaust bottle leant the detonator back on your needle twist and turn separate the needle from the syringe put your HCG in the fridge and that will last-place you for 23 epoches you

Perfect Portions Steak Seasoning Review for HCG Diet

this spice has actually a little bit of kick to it so it can really give you that perceive that you need when you feel like you don’t have it it’s really good on steak but you can use it on other hits two and it’s good for after the diet as well and it’s both men and women approved so it’s not one of those things one of those diet menus that you’re going to be feeding your family where they’re going to think we have to eat this stuff again fling us on your steak and you’ll have a happy family all around

Winchester Weight Loss | HCG Diet in Winchester, Harpers Ferry | Dr. Robert Bowen MD

my first impression of this diet after I read about it was that it was too good to be true so I prescribed some and I tried it on myself first as a guinea pig I “ve tried everything” I tried tons of different things and I I work out and I eat healthful but I couldn’t lose the wig I couldn’t lose it would just wasn’t going anywhere and definitely what I observed was that I lost 15 pounds in three weeks and was not hungry at all in fact I felt less hungry and had far more energy eating this channel and so at that point I felt cozy offering it to patients and since then we’ve had over a thousand patients who have been very successful what they “ve been told” was that you know the fact that you have isn’t accessible by your figure so I that various kinds of aroused my interest and then I followed the program to the to the tea it utilizes HCG which is produced by the placenta during pregnancy if momma isn’t getting enough to eat it drags vigour from her overweight and allows the baby to continue to grow and we’re utilize matte upshot to allow weight loss without feeling hungry without blood sugar is dropping the HCG compiles you feel amazing you you have tons of energy the percentage of solid that’s lost compared to muscle is much higher with a simple calorie restriction you lose about fifty percent lean body mass and fifty percent fat with this it’s almost all overweight loss my first six weeks I lost 18 pounds maintained it off for a further six weeks and I did a following six weeks and lost another 10 pounds in that and obstructed that volunteer up to now I still haven’t gained any back and it’s been probably eight weeks now there’s an infusion given in to the thigh once a day first thing in the morning and then there’s two snacks at lunch and supper which is comprised of a meat a vegetable and a fruit and there’s no special menu there’s nothing that you order from the internet or comes in a chest and wrapped in plastic it’s all real groceries the reason that people feel better right away on this food even before they’ve lost five pounds is eating real healthy menu really manufactures us feel better immediately I feel like my person is back to where it was supposed to be before the nutrition is contributing to kind of get back to a to a good plaza as far as the inside as far as your your torso vanishes and you feel it nothing else has worked for me nothing else has worked you you