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hCG levels in early pregnancy – Does hCG have to double in 2 days?

Have you been told that hCG levels haveto doubled every two days in order to have ahealthy pregnancy? Hi. I’m IVF and fertility professional Dr. Randy Morris Stay carolled for just 10 seconds and Iwill tell you whether that is correct or not. Here is the quick summary. You can stillhave a health pregnancy and a viable liveborn baby even if your hCG levels do not doubleevery two days. You are also welcome to have hCG levels that doubleor more than doubled every two days and NOT have a viable pregnancy.Let me ask. hCG is the hormone produced by some of the cells in anembryo. After human embryos implants, the hCG isabsorbed into the blood and can be measured with a blood exam. Asthe cells in the embryo thrive and part, the hCG levels will be enhanced. When yousee an IVF specialist like me, we will look at that hCG number and howit changes over time in order to predict whether a pregnancyis viable or not.For example, an hCG level that decreasesover two days surely demonstrates a non-viable pregnancy.A doubling of hCG levels implies a 100% increase But, if the hCG leveldoesn’t have to double in two days, what is the slowest possible increasethat still has a chance to be a viable pregnancy? 53 percentage !! That’s right! Your hCG level only has to go up by 53% over two days to indicate a viable pregnancy.Confused? Let’s take an example. If your first hCG level is 100, two days later you would want it to be at least 153 that is a 53% increase That’s not anywhere near todoubling but 99% of workable pregnanciesare going to have an increase that is at least that.If we gave it another way, simply about 1% of practicable pregnancieshave an hCG level that rises less than 53% over two days. In this video, I present you that you can do your firsthCG blood test much earlier after an embryo transfer than you thought.If your second hCG level merely increased by 75% over 2 day, don’t freak out! You are still in the expected series for a viable pregnancy.If it exclusively increases by say 40% well, it’s unusually unlikely that thiswill result in a baby. Don’t clink apart just yet. There are afew important points to understand. If you used hCG for your triggerinjection before the egg retrieval and then did a fresh embryo move, they are able to still be hCG left in your form when you go to do your pregnancytest and this could throw off the numbers.Hopefully, your doctor only moved one embryo into your uterus, but if you assigned various fetus, you could have a twin or a tripletpregnancy !! This can really affect your hCG levels.It becomes much harder to determine a viable pregnancy from a non-viablepregnancy in this case.The illustrations i devote above work if youdraw your hCG levels 2 day apart like Monday and Wednesday.If there was a longer time between the two blood gleans, then use this chart to know the minimum increase for a viable pregnancy. Hi. I’m Dr Randy Morris. I render honest science-based gratuities that havehelped parties all over the world have their rainbow baby.If you want to improve your odds for successhit that SUBSCRIBE button right now. It’s like having a fertility specialist inyour phone ..

Dr Oz on the hCG diet – Part II – DermaLogics

dr. organize turn back to you a placebo actuality or is it rightfully hormonal changing and curtailing your starvation it’s hormonal changing and restraining your starvation I have patients that do tell me in the beginning doc I am hungry and we adjust their dosage and we find that suitable dosage for them and they are not hungry they say I have no I’m good I can do this and and I don’t have any thirst okay before he’s gonna debate I’m gonna introduce more party into it when she needs someone that I would never in a million years have felt is now trying this nutrition dr.Sanjeev Patel is a cardiologist is a heart doctor and this shocked me a middle physician tried this diet that’s one of the reasons that this guy got a bad name a couple decades ago when it was first being tried widely he’s one of dr. Emma’s cases to dr. Patel thanks for joining us expressed appreciation for very much why you thought this nutrition did smell and make us a little of insight into how it altered you well I’ll tell you what I think what initially pulled me to this were the claims that you know you can live on a 500 calorie period diet and if this ACG indeed makes it would be a the magic bullet that’ll help you get over the obstruction of being hungry and and you know sort of weighing the health risks and benefits of being obese and dealing with the risks of it and looking at the low-grade quantity of HCG I considered for myself I was willing to give that a try explain to me with your scientists knowledge how it’s possible we can have so many beings reproducibly arguing that they lost the weight yes they’re complications but moved so many tribes say they can live on 500 calories a daytime utterly if you restrict your nutrition this dramatically you will lose dramatic weight precisely like we heard so the weight loss is absolutely no surprise mm-hmm the question comes down to what’s been discussed is this placebo effect or is it actually effective and we do have excellent data about this actually there’s been 14 randomized authority ordeals randomizing over 600 cases to either dose or brine plus si every single study has been negative no difference in weight loss or impression in the two groups so that’s the data so I’m gonna share my judges is that okay with everybody I’ve been a lot of time researching this and had the whole staff working on it I would not buy HCG complements at the pharmacy I wouldn’t buy them at the vitamin store and I would not buy them online there’s just no way to know what’s really in them I don’t want you to waste your money interval so I think that’s something that I feel pretty strongly about I would never curb calories below 1,200 calories a period without a doctor getting involved your form goes into starvation mode you cannot keep it up and you gain the force back when you start to eat ordinarily again nonetheless that’s dead you are familiar with I do recollect with a doctor’s supervision there’s some rational rationalizations to do that there’s things there showing that there’s no is evidence that I can tell that the hcg infusions that would have been used in the past have worked for weight loss but I’m seeing a good deal of reasons to reevaluate amusing rationales to evaluate a nutrition so I don’t think you ought to do with that backward oversight but you find some like dr.Emma I think it’s worth trying it is currently by researching HCG and this is what I’m replaced by we were able to find new ways to help millions of people who do not have another solution find an option and for the above reasons I think it’s worth investigating I wanna thank you all for be members of specifically my guess to procreating the alter down here and all the patients willing to share their story you.

How folks are losing 40 lbs. in 40 days!

welcome back warmer weather is just around the corner which means we’ll soon be wearing less and many of us hope to be able too appeared our best yeah it’s very important this time of year you got to get into shape and if you might want to shed a little of that load a few cases of those pounds our next program may be just for you it promises to help you lose 20 to 40 pounds in really 40 dates and should certainly cured convert a lot of people’s lives right here in Connecticut that’s right and joining us now to tell us more is dr.Mitch Gordon the owner of nutri most Connecticut thank you so much for being here thank you for having me so talk to us about this program how is this different from other planneds well it’s a remarkable program that we marks what is creating an imbalance in each individual and through our technology we can identify where somebody has gone attach participate right now there’s so many wonderful people out there struggling with their load and they don’t understand what they’re doing wrong and they’re eating menus that they think are health for them and they’re practice they’re going to the gym they’re doing what seems to be all the right things but unfortunately their body is out of balance it’s out of whack it’s almost as if there’s a switch on the side of their gut that’s stuck in paunch storages so virtually everything that they put into their body it just goes store it as solid so what our program does through our engineering through our nutri most reverberating frequency engineering we can identify 20800 biomarkers which are unique to each individual and a biomarker is like a hormone or neurotransmitter so we can identify exactly what the person needs to go back into their ideal fat burning metabolism so then we turn that switch off and turn on fat burning and the results are remarkable I intend people they’re just ordinary people it’s nobody that is doing anything you know isn’t just a regular ordinary people not anyone extraordinary it’s not anybody that’s doing anything difficult this is a particularly very simple program that the average person can do we have beings coming off of prescriptions that have been on prescriptions that their “doctors ” takes them off because it improves their health and that’s it it’s not just about weight loss it’s a ended state alteration dr.Mitch we’ve we’ve seen a lot of the testimonials now on the depict of course last age you run there was a chocolatier now from Connecticut who lost a ton of heavines which is ironic but I imply look at this piece of fatty here this is five-and-a-half pounds right here that’s the normal loss in a few weeks in our planned I’m holy sigh I can’t imagine the health benefits of time losing now symmetry from your person genuinely just incredible well what’s so remarkable this program is also that people are eating health healthful meat that they purchase at a supermarket of their advantage and the entire era they go through the program there’s absolutely no emptines because the body is releasing the placed fatty and as a result provides the body with the calories that it implies let’s talk about Rene that was one of your real success storeys yes Rene is an extraordinary story she’s actually a mom which as we all know is a unusually time-consuming job and she had put on some additional pounds over the years and she she didn’t feel good about that and in fact it wasn’t just about the load she had really noticed that it was starting to affect her power and her self-confidence and having gone through our planned she did remarkably well she lost 38 pounds and has lost a total of over 85 pounds on our curriculum reliable upshots but most importantly has the force that she feels her self-confidence has come back and for that you know her energy to come back for a mama I mean that’s so so important for a mom to have the exertion she needs how about Vince yeah Vince did remarkably well Vince is a chiropractor and unusually scrupulous very state oriented used to exercise in the gym all the time tried a lot of nutritional adds-on and and shakes and things to help them go through what a lot of people try but nothing seemed to work and he exactly couldn’t do it and so we started this program and he actually lost 53 pounds on the program had remarkable energy gapes stunning adores the action he inspects and he actually even indicated that his fornication living helped improve dramatically well there’s a bonus thanks for that one that contributes us perfectly into this next bit now there is a special offer whether you’re looking to improve your sexuality animation or not CT style viewers alone for you you can get this analysis normally $ 99 but today yours for 20 seven dollars in initial analysis with dr.Mitch so this is something that everybody at home should definitely take advantage of all you got to do is log on to CT thin dot-com for a little bit more information about that thanks for coming so much for connecting us boy it was great talking to you and congratulations to yourself as well easy to do yes I lost 30 pounds or 40 dates then that was about 18 months ago and maintain your adulation that’s a good thing about the program it’s permanent all right thanks for watching.


hi everybody its Ava I’m back I had been here for at least a week or two because i needed to go out and buy a camera i was initially exerting my cell phone and i noticed that i couldn’t upload any move any videos unless they were under a certain amount of time so I used to go and bought a camera and I’m here now today I’m a little sad or did I don’t know if I’m discouraged or sad or exasperated or I don’t know but I’ve been the same wait for the last two days and two or three days and I didn’t do anything wrong I entail as a matter of fact the day before yesterday I took a bottle of citric magnesium because I was constipated and I had to go to the bathroom enough to lose at least three or four pounds I intend I was in the bathroom all darknes and all morning and I still did not lose anything yesterday I did everything to the tea the only thing that I did not do so i guess i can’t say i did it to the tea simply thing that “well do was I probably should not suck all the water yesterday and the above reasons being i necessitate i don’t know if anyone else has this problem but I almost feel like I need to stay home in order to really be successful in his diet because when I suck the water and I’m out along the road that means every two minutes I’m stopping so I try not to booze the irrigate while I just wanted to road and try to make up for it formerly i get back inside but that doesn’t happen so simply thing i can think of that I I may have done anything wrong in the last day or two is that maybe I didn’t cup all my irrigate but I didn’t eat anything extra as a matter of fact you know I almost said this morning which I knows a lie i’m not going to say that but I was like I could reach a piece of cake glass right if I wasn’t gonna lose anyway because i went to a get together at this church for married couple and they had all the food you can think of and I’m sitting there with my bottle of liquid everybody hinders saying you’re not going to eat you’re not going to eat no I’m okay I got a bottle you know I’m okay I’m not eating right now and then only to wake up this morning to find out that I didn’t even lose i probably lost I’m 264 point to this morning yesterday I was to 64.6 so after all that it’s sacrificing I did not lose one pound today I am going on my first Apple day I don’t know if it’s right to do hitherto right now or not but I know I’ve been the same wait for the last two days and it’s getting to be very very annoyed because I’m really doing it I have not misled at all oh wait a minute about four days ago I did have a sheet that I didn’t know of I didn’t know what I was doing at first I was going to bible study and i saw i didn’t have a chance to go home to eat my dinner oh that might be what happened maybe I’m still feeling the effects it at from three days ago because what the hell happened was I’m on my way to church I need to eat I don’t like to eat after six so I call a neighbourhood restaurant and I say I want baked ish because all i want is a small piece of white roasted fish okay it was nighttime i’m in the car with my husband gobbling my small-scale part of white baked fish as I’m eating it I noticed that it smacks more good to be true in the reason why I was too good to be true was because they had cooked it with butter by that time I was almost finished eating it so I merely ate the last you divulge so I probably should have stopped ok now I’m laughter I was sad a few moments ago but i’m glad i’m roaring out cuz i’m thinking about how it was so funny when I figured out that was butter and I time prevented devouring cuz it was just good it was too good to be true I know something was wrong with it so perhaps I’m still feeling the consequences of that I don’t know but I’m like how when I made that citric magnesium I was in the bathroom literally forever I anticipate I started going to the bathroom at about three o’clock that morning and I didn’t stop it was amazing “ive never” a citric magnesia had never worked on me like that before so i was so happy i just knew that I was going to get on that proportion and I would have lost me about four pounds no so perhaps I’m still feeling the consequences of that butter from the other day so now I feel a little bit more I understand maybe that’s it so uh well anyway stop talking about the problem let’s talk about the mixture my answer is that I’m going to try my first apple daylight so I am onday um 16 and I have lost oh goodness I messed up the calculator i did lose I’m one day 16 and I “ve lost” I anticipate 17 and a half pounds or something like that so I guess you say well why are you crying but I’m crying because and he lose anything for the last few days but I’m not crying anymore i’m good i’m going to move on and i am going to do it apple daylight today today is Saturday I’m going to stay in the house all day and drink water and dine apples all day predict you tomorrow prayerfully I will come back with good story but I do have one bit of good news oh wait a min we go back to the HCG I’m here to get off of HCG but go back to HCG it was so bad that I supposed my scale was broken so I went to be a bath and beyond and bought me another magnitude it ain’t even my magnitude it’s just me mr.Butter I know it is because I am so excited about this HCG watching other people’s journey I’m seeing how everybody else is losing force I have been focused i have not done anything intentionally wrong when i think back now yes i did do that do something wrong with that fish but intentionally i have not done anything wrong there may have been one or two days where I didn’t imbibe my sea properly but I did nothing wrong intentionally so I am committed it is easy real easy I promise you I am so not hungry it’s amazing I really have to offset myself eat my stuff that out there that i’m eating I don’t even want to eat it I’m eating it merely because I have to that’s what’s so amazing about it I are genuinely care less about food I intend last nighttime um matter of fact I’ve been through probably about three happenings big incident still further since I’ve been on at this HCG journey and I have not eaten anything I don’t care I don’t want it last-place light they had red velvet I mean they had our type of food last darknes I don’t care I just wanted my bottle of water and parties to leave me alone I said I didn’t want to eat so stop “re asking me if” I crave something to eat I don’t have to go into details with you exactly respect the facts of the case that I’m not eating that’s it I don’t want anything don’t ask me anymore my family they have not changed the path they chew more but I can care less let me meet night before last the darknes before last they dictated Chinese who cautions my mama you know we’re from Florida we living in Texas now she cooks every single day except for the other night because they told Chinese before she can come cook but she’s one of those ones that thinks that you have to have some type of rice every day I entail she cooks a full trend banquet every day and guess what I don’t care they can have all of that material all they want to I don’t want anything any I used to arm before when I used to try to diet I used to be angry with my husband because how you know he know I’m trying to lose weight why would he oh yeah he remain like I still “re going through” the drive through Wendy’s and Burger King with him and McDonald’s and I don’t care I don’t even want one of his french fries he used to bother me when I used to try to lose weight before you know I used to be like you don’t even care none about me you know he’s not even trying to change the lane he snacked and you encounter I can’t eat nothing and there’s nothing that I don’t even care no more I don’t even say that doesn’t even bother me I necessitate this HCG stuff really really use you just gotta work it right he can’t be gobbling big fish with butter I probably could have been at least four or five pounds ahead of the game if I didn’t do that butter I’m glad I exactly remembered that that’s what it was it’s the butter if it was so good but now I’m paying for it but today I know I’m jog on today I will do an apple day well a little bit off of HCG last-place darknes at the little get-together I went to I didn’t know really what it was I was going really to support a friend of mine it was at this religiou that has a drug treatment program so genuinely i thought i was going to a like to get together families for people who’ve been on drugs a ask or something like that anyways it wasn’t that it was a matrimony a group session and then subsequentlies they snack and everything but it was such a approval I really real gratified they talked about intimacy and you know how me and ever think in terms of intimacy represents having six it so most of the men they thought that and and they found out in the end that friendship that mean only having six talked about touching and all that stuff so one reason why I should be happy this morning is because apparently my husband got a lot out of last-place nighttime and he decide to he it seems that he decided to do some of the stuff that they talked about last-place nighttime you know the whole touching without expecting anything in return he woke up this morning one of the things that you said drive me crazy about him I don’t know why but it only literally like drove me crazy for him to jump up out of the bunked and that’s it don’t give me no hug don’t give me a kiss on the forehead on something got something before you time jump out the berthed and leave me you know but uh this morning before he got up to do his devotions and everything he he came over and gript me and kissed me on the phone it I am so pleased I can’t believe it so that’s so that little that’s the thing we went to see last nighttime was wonderful I imply it’s working previously soon um so I’m happy about that okay I am going to end this here I want to do my Apple day today and I’ll let you know how it went tomorrow okay be patient with me this is my first time utilizing his camera so this is pretty much a test too bye bye-bye

Starting New Weight Loss Products – Phentermine, HCG, & B12 | Tonia Kay

cuz listen your girl be hungry you’re gonnabe stressed you’re gonna be munching okay hey people welcome back to my path it’s Toniaand today i am back with another new video in my weight loss journey if you’ve been followingalong you know that i have just finished up i trial run with the tlc settlement stops and ihave decided to discontinue using those but now that necessitates it’s time for me to try a differentproduct without further ado let’s just go ahead and get into the video at this point in my weightloss journey “ive tried” some of everything like all the fad produces all the favourite commodities etcetc we’ve been through the cbd tea we’ve been through the nutraburst we’ve been through the resolutiondrops and we’ve even get through the abominable keto diet that was probably the worst one honestlybecause i knew that wasn’t sustainable i decided that i wanted to kind of move away from someof the more fad concoctions and gimmicky products and i wanted to try something that had provenresults once i decided that i was ready to really make this to the next degree and i decidedto go ahead and meet with a doctor who specializes in weight loss now my consultation with the weightloss doctor lasted about an hour it was really advantageous um of course i did a weigh-in andthey valued my waist as well and then we kind of time sat down and talked through some of thethings that i’ve been struggling with and what my overall weight loss goal is so one of the thingsi fought with was uh itches so i’ll be tired i’d be stressed out i’d be assumed and i’d just beeating uh and then i start i start craving the bad stuff that i know i’m not supposed to have sowhat she did was write me a prescription for a brand-new craving suppressant a lot of doctors use thisto treat obesity and technically statistically i am obese i know i don’t look like it butyou know by the american standards everybody’s supposed to be straight as a board whatever i’lltake it i don’t care just gives people my stimulants here is the appetite suppressant this is the fermi i’mabout to show you guys what the pill looks like it’s really small pill so if you’re worriedabout you know being able to swallow it it’s this big girl of course with all narcotics comessome additional side effects since i’ve started taking these the only real side effects that i’venoticed is the fact that it gives people cool speak cotton cheek 2.0 okay i’m talking about severecotton cheek don’t open your mouth because it’s hot in there and it’s probably stank if you getcottonmouth it genuinely merely fees you to drink more irrigate cover your teeth more frequently usemouthwash more frequently there’s nothing wrong with that you actually are supposed to drinkan undue sum of sea um so buy the product giving you dry mouth you kind of don’thave choice the other side effect that it mentions is uh constipation so obviously if you’re takingthis and you don’t drink fairly spray your insides will dry out and you end up constipated whichnobody hankers so make sure you are drinking your water one thing i like to mention about thisparticular lust suppressant though is that it is a stimulant so it does give you energy nowi take my first thing in the morning right before i start do my workout that practice it kind of givesme that increase of energy that i need to actually get through workout now because it is a stimulantwhen you’re do this make no coffee no light-green tea no pre-workout like nothing that has caffeinein it because it might be too much you know the other two products that i’m going to be tryingare actually injections that’s right i’m getting shots and i detest shots the first shot that i get iscalled hcg and hcg has existed naturally within your organization the shot is just going to beam you upwith a little more of it and the benefits of this hcg shot is that it does increase yourmetabolism and the committee is also targets those dogged areas of fat you get the shot in your belly umand then it targets that fatty that’s in your waist country so if you have stubborn fat like me like istruggle with lower belly overweight and love handles those are like the hardest things to get rid ofso that’s why i opted in to go ahead and get those hcg shots i know you guys don’t want to know likedoes it hurt the hcg shot does not hurt at all now let’s talk about the second injection that i’mgetting so the second injection that i’m getting is called lipoplex b1 2 and what this is is acombination of amino acids and b12 the amino acids of course are going to precisely kick start some ofthat overweight burning and go ahead and help your body convert those carbohydrates you’ve been eatingto vitality now let’s talk about where this falls on pain scale this shot goes into the top part ofyour butt and the above reasons they do that is because they need to introduce it into a fatty neighborhood so thatit is less unpleasant you gon feel this one like it does hurt but it’s speedy um as far as theinjections no real side effects for me but they will tell you though if you plan on make hcg bevery careful if you are sexually active because it can draw you most fertile i signify a lot morefor fertile so instead of just getting pregnant you back get pregnant with triplets so only be waryof that i’m gonna do this probably longer than a month um it’s probably gonna be closer to thesix week time frame that being said i’ll likely come back to you guys and do weekly updatesbecause from what i’m told i shouldn’t notice the difference within the week um at the veryleast i’ll let you guys know how it works i’m feeling if i’m experiencing any added side effectsor anything like that hopefully i can reach my weight loss go by your concluded with these commodities umfingers spanned but i entail in addition to taking these makes i too still have to do my partright i still have to work out i still have to eat clean so yeah that’s what i’m going to bedoing from now until the end of the year unless of course i need my goal sooner but yeah i’llstill be working out i’ll still be eating clean-living and i’ll still is back to you guys andgiving you weekly updates so make sure you are subscribed to my channel turn that notificationbell on and i will see you guys next time bye