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HCG Diet Review — Magic or Crap?

moussah I promise I will not rant I will not rant i won that rant woo I will do my best not to rant on this one hi YouTube it’s finally Turner from lien secrets allay I’m an generator a life coach and a health and fitness consultant and today I want to cover the HCG diet and let you know whether it’s legit or total BS oh the HCG diet is basically a very calorie restricted diet gist under 600 calories a daytime while working a hormone called HCG HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin and that is a hormone that is produced during pregnancy and it and this is also a glycoprotein and if you want to learn more about glycoproteins you are eligible to made a comment below and I’ll tell you all about glycoproteins but for now I’m going to keep it really simple so HCG is a hormone that you display when you’re pregnant so the philosophy behind the HCG diet is basically that you make this hormone it thwarts your muscles from chewing itself like it is generally would on a low-calorie diet and you’ll lose a whole bunch of heavines in a super fast amount of experience so does this diet work well heck yeah this nutrition acts you better believe this diet labors you’re eating 500 calories for 3 weeks straight heck yeah this food is gonna work for anybody who could follow a 500 calorie diet this this diet is definitely you bet your bottom dollar that you’re gonna lose some force feeing nothing about 500 calories a era but are you gonna be healthy are you going to maintain this weight are you going to be able to follow a 500 calorie a daylight diet for the rest of your life are you gonna want to inject hormones into your torso all of these questions add up to a reverberate no I hope for you and clearly there is some definite definite handicaps and some BS going on in the nutrition so let’s talk about the pros and cons really quick in the science to give you a clearer idea of whether or not you should be doing this to your form taking up anorexia basically for a few cases weeks for the purposes of the losing a pair pounds on your scale or even twenty or thirty pounds on your scale is very awfully harmful dangerous and could induce a lot more harm in the long run it’s very mentally draining it’s very physically draining you’re gonna be fatigued and you’re gonna feel like total total garbage you’re gonna feel very frightful eating nothing but 500 calories every single day and not to mention the fact that it’s almost impossible to do this this is essentially a glorified slam nutrition you can’t move you can’t think you can’t capacity you can’t practise you can’t properly go about a health life-time living a healthy living going on paths with your family running after your adolescents you can’t do that on five hundred calories a epoch you precisely cannot do that you’re gonna take all this food away from your mas and the nutrients from your body and you’re gonna Rob your body of all these nutrients and the hcg even though it is does impede some muscle loss it’s not gonna give you what health meat will give you and let’s get this clear right now food is not the adversary nutrient isn’t your antagonist is your friend you cannot lose weight without food Point Blank period you can’t lose weight without food you need food to lose weight you need food to build lean muscle you need food to function and live a health dynamic exertion crowded life-time I’m gonna impede this pretty brief and precisely if you want to look at the studies down below go ahead and look at studies and research but as of now there are no studies that show that this diet is safe effective or that it actually directs and be careful not to let parties sounds into your dangers that I I signify everybody wants to look good in a swimming trunks and everybody wants to lose weight and that’s a soft spot for millions of American so you have to be careful not to let beings tap in on your soft spot and that’s pretty much all I have to say about the HCG diet so overall the HCG diet sacrifices zero adepts in my book and it’s not safe or effective alright you guys so that’s my review of the HCG diet I hope that this helped you and I hope that this gave you some insight on how to avoid diet calamities and time-wasting things like the HCG diet and also if you want to learn how to lose weight and keep your body lean healthy and strong for the rest of your life you can go to my website leaning mysteries comm I expended quite a long time writing a book and it’s an phase downloadable ebook that you can get on your computer right now within time a minute and all you need to do is go to lean confidentials com throw in the promo code youtube’ and you’ll get 50% off plus you’ll get a free cookbook so again this book will educate you all about the meat you should be eating for your mas category how to move your figure how often to eat what kinds of menus solely to eat and every single detail that you could possibly need to start converting your torso and preventing it that way for good alright chaps thank you so much for watching and until next time precisely remember you are so much stronger than you could ever imagine bye

HCG Diet Application for Android: Ultimate HCG Coach Tutorial 1

welcome to the first tutorial for the ultimate HCG coach a brand-new android lotion this tutorial is going to focus on the fixeds section when we click on modify lays we are given six alternatives we have round determines starting value destination force meridian starting the measures and the number of HCG doses for your HCG diet we’re going to click on round situates item number one now as you identify I’ve already included some starting data in now for the purpose of this tutorial we can set the starting date where we could designated the number of daytimes for the round I have added a second round which you can get to by tick supplement around we can use the drop-down list to select rent our our second round from here we could decide the start date by snap this reform start time button we’re going to cancel the information requirements has already been added for you in here if you need to set a custom-built number of epoches for your HCG diet say your specialist is thought that you should only be on the food for a maximum of 30 days you would select custom enter in your number of epoches and press included epoches they are able to save the round as you notice here since we had already had a start date whenever you change the round provides it will ask you to update starting records or revise or not to update starting records this is primarily if you have made a change to the starting date because it will need to update any heaviness and measurements you added for that we’re go ahead and click update starting records you notice you get a a message it say to you where reference is has been saved successfully now we’re going to press the back button we’ve got give starting value and as you envision I have not already done so added a starting weight let’s say for instance you were a hundred and sixty-five pounds on July third which was our starting starting year you would enter your heavines and press save positions now if you recall for round two which is not yet came we did not supplemented a starting date if we were to select a weight around to enter loads or even on evaluations when we get to the measurement screen and there is no date it will spur you that you need to modify your round positions to include a year if you return you will not have the option to add a weight because there is no starting date associated with that round we’re going to press back now we’re going to look at goal value let’s say your goal weight was a hundred and thirty-five pounds you would enter 135 and press save settleds and you receive the letter indicating that it has been saved now we’re going to go into height trains now height situates are in inches ultimate HCG coach is not use metrics it exclusively consumes standard calculations so you would enter your summit in inches so let’s say you were five paw five and a half will participate 65 and a half inches and press save and we see that it’s been saved now let’s go back piece digit five starting appraisals now in the starting amounts you’ll see you have items six different items in now these pieces do not all have to be entered in but for any item you are not going to be tracking you will want to enter a zero in so “that were going” accurately compute the inches lost when you go enter in inches for added epoches now these measurements are all entered in a decimal percentage so what you’ll need to do is you’ll need to figure out your tape measure mesa a for instance maybe your appendage was 12 and 18 inch you’ll want to find out what 18 inches so you can press your menu button you’ll see you’re rendered five alternatives plus or more you want to punched more and here you’ll see you’ve got measurements cure now the tribes at kumas led onward and they lay in appraisals for the decimal percentage so that all you have to do is look up oh it’s was 18 so it was 0.125 so then you would go back and for your weapon you’d enter 12.125 and you would need to do that for each of your entries you would need to threw it in as a decimal/ senate or a decimal quantity so let’s say you have 42.5 and these are not accurate calculations these are just estimations I’m coming up with a top of my ability so that you can see how this works and we pulp save you’ll see you’re told that it is saved to the database and we can return our final entry in the locations is HCG dosages now you’ll notice that it’s automatically set to three doses that’s because that’s the standard number of dosages most people will be having while on the HCG diet so if you need to change that you would just change that amount and press save now one other thing you can notice is when I went into the menu button that places is available adjusts is available to you from any screen within the application by simply pressing the menu button and then you’ll come back to this modify establishes page thank you for watching the firstly tutorial for eventual HCG coach brand-new Android application available in the Google market for four dollars and ninety-nine from make code moves

HcG Diet~Round 4 Phase 2 VLCD#4 *Chard Weight Loss -2.2 lbs*

hey HCG family it’s miss HCG girl here and guess what we got we got a lot of snow we did we did and I’m walking through my garden merely checking it out and I got my coat on and my little crocheted hat that I made and I found out there’s another HCG girl on now that crochets I think it’s HCG com we crochet regardless look at all the snow and they’re visit for more anyway I wanted to quickly get on now my load this morning was 179 point2 that’s a 2.2 pound I conclude perhaps the charred facilitated i also think perhaps the rub helped thanks Yolanda anyway I will take it and up for those of you who are counting I think it’s 8.4 that I have lost in three days that’s a record for me okay this round that is a record in 3v lcds 8.4 whoo I’ll take it regardles Ashley’s going to make a snowfall angel or she only did so I’ve got to go check it out I just wanted to say that a charity each and every one of you guys peace out

Finally… my LIW! + The Incredible Shrinking Fashion show! (HCG Diet VLCD 62 Part 1) Vlog #29

hey guys it’s happy self-conscious daughter here it’s nighttime occasion here so I hope doesn’t have like for you to see me regardless so I speculated I’d do a blog and it’s been a few daytimes a whole cluster of trash I predict I share with you but I want to start with the big-hearted word which is yesterday was my last-place dose and so I can now report officially my li w my last-place infusion wait which is amazing because it actually came out at the exact weight that was my own personal goal my dream objective for this round which is 65 kilograms my secret purposes kept under 65 because that’s the load but I was supplement my 20 s from I felt really happy that way to hoof attractive just the way it is but that is basically a overweight liberation total of fifteen kilograms which is huge that’s a nice round number fifteen kilograms it’s easy to tell people feeling all right about it which is 33 pounds I actually going to make a before-and-after video properly with my bikini photos that I have taken some of you witnessed them early on they have changed a lot since then but time a few quick measurement my little my waist has gone down by 11 centimeters which is 4.3 inches astounding like Tommy which is my fattest bit it’s gone down by nine centimeters time three and a half inches passed down by 3.1 inches trendy 3.3 projectile 3.3 my thighs of each gone down by 3 inches and my forearms even have gone down by roughly two inches which is great it’s amazing it’s really amazing but the thing that’s even more amazing is the places that have changed that I didn’t measure and that have induced the biggest difference in my clothes so my entirety living I ever was almost like I was a person with very big shoulders because I’m apple-shaped a much broader on the top a much narrower in the trendies so my entirety lifetime I’ve always been a size bigger in skins then I was in gasps sometimes two sizes or three widths bigger and caps and so the majority of members of my life even when I was at my slim I might have been a size 12 in fannies which is a size eight American but my top was always a 14 so it’s 10 American so that was a nice list so I’m used to that and what is really interesting after the HCG is I send you have liberated fatty around the top of my arms and my shoulders that I’m never ever liberated before under any kind of diet and the reason I’m wearing this top is because I’ve never shown my shoulders in my life because I always thought they were big fatty swimming shoulders like made me look like a big boxer or a warrior woman and now I feel like they’re quite skinny I represent there’s still large-hearted proposal to some people’s but you catch what they were there really really slim now I feel like a slim pears and slim shoulders and it’s making such a difference with buying drapes so I came looking for coats and cases that was shorter it’s freezing now and i’ve only got large-hearted bulky ones and they’re all now too big and long anyway I couldn’t believe it i’m going to show you this coat because it’s a width 10 which is an american six and it fits my shoulders “its like” two immensities smaller than I naturally would buy in a coat like this and I’ve just never in my life no matter how skinny I be I’ve never got into this sale jacket before and now a lot of the things I’m buying at this width around shoulders and is totally freaking me out and it shows that HCG truly does reshape you i’m going to show you this jacket it’s a puffer casing no overweight person would wear a puffer shell because you just feel too big so it’s not something I would normally buy but I’m so cold now and it’s such a charming little cap that I had to get it hindering me heated it’s full of featherings so I’ll testify you we check this out I’ll put your a bit low-spirited so you can see the whole thing mmm there you go see it’s a big puffer jacket filled with plumages gonna deter you so warm in winter here and more it’s quite slim searching through a thought it’s even came little built there see how you still look quite a small with it and the shoulders kidney which is miraculous and it’s only a immensity 10 plus six American I’m just like this is the biggest stupor of hair because I precisely never met a lot of strange sort of had a fitting two coatings my shoulders are always been too big anyway total miracle so the second big shot that I had is about genes halfway through the round I was able to fit into my biggest jeans and then I had a second pile of jeans hidden at the back of the cupboard that I recollected narla never going to fit them I skinny scrawny skinny jeans that I used to wear look at my twenties it that won’t happen this round regardles a couple of days ago I attracted one of those on from the really skinniest Paula jeans and they fit strange office in them I mean if I was to buy the now I would probably buy them as I smaller than that and I was just like dude liebe Thermidor good present you these jeans which were the first ones I are integrated into on this round which was so excited about because I had me how to finish the genes for years there now fallen off so these are the ones i’ve frayed and a lot of videos i can now take them down and off without even i’m doing them that’s a big there they just loose you’re falling off if i wear them for a few minutes they end up down there cause they’re just too big now totally surreal so anyway as I said I’ve got skinny jean smaller than these and there’s still a bit large-scale that’s like creepy so regardles on the day of my liw i decided to reward myself by to purchase a brand-new pair of jeans that really fit me and i pointed up 12 because it was so exciting i bought them in a size that i’ve never worn in my totality life-time ever even when I was accurate same value i am now so the last time i was 65 kilos I was very genes in a sizing 32 and I bought jeans yesterday in a width 29 for 1 Peter and the other pair oversized 28 depending on the style so I’m like how am I the same weight I was then and a couple of sizes smaller in jeans now either they’re changing the channel they oblige jeans it is a different brand they are different symbols but I was the 29 or 28 if all the brand’s I tried and lots of them fit me and I retain in my 20 s when I was this weight trying to find jeans and I could deplete the whole day try thousands of duos on in every supermarket and you find one shop with one form that fit my mas condition whereas now most genes I’m trying a fitting me so that testifies me that the overweight must have defrosted off in a totally different way leaving me a different determine than I was before that fits much more easily into these things I’ll demo you one other pairs i bought because i just love them and I can’t believe that I are integrated into it hang on okay so check these out then if you can see them in this daybreak it made such 29 there three two or three lengths smaller than the one coach check me in a minute ago and they entirely fit not falling off not too tight fitting perfectly it’s amazing I’ll demonstrate you them from back in at the back how cool is that it’s a total supernatural and I feel like I’m spending a fortune on robes but then I prompt myself about the last three or four years I didn’t buy any clothes I exactly didn’t buy any I exactly refused to buy clothes at that size so I’ve saved a luck what digits by finger go away now that I’m getting back to the size that I’m happy we’ve I’m enjoying blind drapes I feel like I deserve it it’s a good reward I know I’m going to wear them for ages if my force goes up or down a little these a little sore feet so very excited about that so that was the fad procession now let’s get back to most more serious substance I went to my HCG clinic yesterday after taking my liw and get her to do all the tests on me and “theyre all” very good results I haven’t like destroyed my person by make 61 days vlcd myself fluid equilibrium is still very high my muscles gone down a tiny bit since starting HCG but we know that’s because I had stomach influenza for a week couldn’t feed any protein that week my mas merely 89 muscles that week so apart from that week my muscles are good everything was really really positive so she was very happy she had been a bit worried that if I stood and write this long there’d be some damage but there wasn’t so I’ve been any very good quality organic food for every single meal so that’s probably why and I had been devouring is a good one for the year leading up to doing HCG which I’m sure has helped what well she is willing to do phase 3 for three to four week so I was thinking of doing it for six weeks but she reviews I should then move on to face for because she wants me to start doing some muscle building exercise and I don’t really just wanted to do muscle building exercise while I’m doing phase 3 because it will it’ll modify the research results on the scale of assessments and I certainly want to make sure i stabilized properly on the scales and I conceive will be confusing to have muscle going up and down so i’m just going to time treading for the next few weeks nothing with muscles so i can really attend my force and stabilize and then once I’ve stabilized and I’m going to go into face for and start make going to the gym and built up some muscle because it’s something that I need to do because as you all know I suffered from chronic pain for many years and it messed up my entire metabolism and I had many years where I couldn’t activity and now I’m better I have gradually started practising again but there’s still a lot more work to be done rebuilding my muscle mass so I’d like to continue with that wander now look at this HD do break and my muscles are still below average so we need to do that and we’re going to see what reshaping happens in terms of phase four I don’t think that we that countless changes to how I eat it’s more gonna be adding in the muscle building exercise I don’t see myself certainly computing in any starches or carbohydrates I convey I don’t eat that kind of food the only ones i have been able to think i might want to add in might be maybe some land implements or some spelt crackers or something or some slightly high-pitched glycemic vegetables like sweet potatoes but i’m never going to be eating bread or past or i don’t snack that meat so i’m not going to be snacking carbohydrate or treated corn high-pitched fructose corn syrup or anything like that by the way if any of you are feeling allured by sugar I did promise I tell you about this movie ice or I’m not going to go into in great detail now because I’ve got million quantity things to share with you but I interpreted a life-changing film on the internet a few weeks ago it’s a documentary it’s called hungry for alteration you can watch it online I repute the first 20 minutes is free and honestly the first 20 minutes is enough it’s brilliant if you want to watch the whole movie it’s like a few dollars to download but it’s totally worth noting it explains why sugar is completely addictive it explains why they settled artificial additive into our meat that meet us addicted to that meat it explains why it’s so hard to break these feelings eating practices because there’s actually chemicals in the foods that are made King us want to eat them and explains why the menu fellowships set them there just like why the tobacco corporations performed their cigarettes addictive it also said something in that formula has dramatically changed my relationship to sugar I previously didn’t gobble very much sugar because I know it’s a disaster for me but um this was the final tack in the coffin for sugar for me at this movie there was one sentence in the film if you don’t even watch this film really remember this one sentence basically said sugar is as addictive as heroin whoa sugar is as addictive as heroin and I’m really equated carbohydrate to cocaine and heroin it said they’re taken away from a flower the whole plant is very good for you it’s fine it’s got all the enzymes and digestible and healthy but when you extract out really this white managed powder it becomes highly toxic and highly addictive and it’s the same with the sugarcane flora you obtain this white process powder out of it table sugar and it becomes extremely toxic and extremely addictive and creates ravage with our mass originates Candida a million things anyway watch the film you will never have the same troubles fighting junk food again after watches filmed and I can share a personal story about carbohydrate when I was in my 20 s I did a year eating low-carb for weight loss and it was very effective for me I felt magnificent on low-grade carb I did a very healthy version of low-grade carb lots of raw veggies organic vegetables tofu fish I don’t eat flesh so it wasn’t i wasn’t sort of make the bacon and cheese form of local i was doing that so with more health-conscious account regardles and i lost a lot of weight that time and what was interesting was only for 12 whole months chewing no sugar or flour anything handled at all and then the lord of the rings movie came out the First Lord of the Rings movie and i was living in london at the time and it was my favorite journal and i’d been looking forward to this film opening for like two years regardless a group of friends and i went to the opening of Lord of the Rings and we went to see one of those special expensive cinemas where you compensate a luck and he stood in his recline seats we can lower back and they bring you food like maids they come and bring you food every half hour they bring you this junk food and another wouter create that clutter so I Gorge through the whole movie 3 hour for our movie buff it was anyway after the film we went out for coffee or dinner or something group bus and all my friends noticed and i noticed that i turned into a complete lunatic I was a I was to people I was shrieking at parties I was a girl I was angry at the waitress you know I’m not like that very happy light hearted person typically so no I think about this I code and it was from the carbohydrate because I’d had no sugar for 12 months and then crazy extents and I had a headache for about a few weeks I felt terrifying Toxie go drunk water water water for the coming week and that showed me what carbohydrate does to you when you have it out of your arrangement and then you articulated it back in but of course formerly I’ve had it the addiction was back because remember sugar is like heroin you merely have to have it once and you’re addicted so this time I feel really ordained I’ve had 61 dates on p2 with no carbohydrate I’ll have three or four more weeks on Phase three with no carbohydrate but the Talmud face for that’ll be three months of no carbohydrate that is long enough to break any carbohydrate addiction I is not reintroduce it because carbohydrate is like heroin I know for me if I have it once I want to have it again and I’ll never stop so I’m gonna be strict on that you can hold me to that cuz I’ve said it in public on a vlog and that’s why I’ve declared it in public so that forces me to stick to it so you guys are my deficiencies and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna stop this video now so I’ve got a lot more things that I predict on to talk to you about about time 3 about my mac not fast about my dowsing and proteins all that material and I’m going to film a second vlog alright chaps I’ll see you in a minute bay

HCG Diet Plan – Discover the list of food which don’t hurt your HCG Diet Plan

hello this is Lisa Allen and in this video I’m just going to go over really quickly the foods that you’re allowed to eat on the HCG diet so let’s get started and let’s move on to the next slip and the HCG diet you are allowed to have at each banquet and that is lunch and dinner breakfast is slightly different and we’ll go over that in a second but at each snack you’re allowed to have one protein from this protein index there is one vegetable that you’re allowed to have from a roster also one crostini breadstick or melba toast and then too a fruit and I’ll show you the listing of the returns that you’re allowed to have so let’s start with a protein register the proteins that you’re allowed to have are list beef chicken breasts shrimp and any kind of non oily fish for by lean beef we intend with all discernible fat snipped and not very much fatty marbling in the meat things like a round steak are good you can do hamburger as long as it’s 96% lean or more with the chickens breast only the breast don’t do the tenderloins take make sure there’s no surface or overweight on the outside of the chicken tit shrimp is penalize non oily fish no tuna or salmon and so go with something like a white-hot fish mind or struggle are all good picks on the prep and cooking make sure you purchase fleshes without additives or any kind of broth lent or flavor enhancers including information on the cook no oils you can broil them steam cook them or pan cook in ocean I like the slice excavation up really thin and cook them in in simply a tiny bit of sea in a frying pan it manipulates immense so the vegetable roster here are the veggies that you’re allowed to have you can have tomatoes cucumbers asparagus onions radishes lettuce spinach celery beet parks charred green chicory and fennel on the tomatoes you should only have one medium to large tomato but on the other veggies you can pretty much eat as much as you like because they don’t have very many calories and not very much sugar but tomatoes do have just a little bit too much sugar in them so you should only have just the one prep and cooking again fresh lightly steamed or you can employed them in soups no oils and organic if possible and keep in mind that on the veggies roll you’re allowed to have one of these per banquet and you are not supposed to mix veggies fruit alternatives lunch and dinner you can have one of these fruit alternatives you can have one small to medium apple of any kind now the pink girls are my favorite maybe you have another favorite that you like better medium-sized orange a half a grapefruit or a handful of strawberries but again only have one if you need to like say you’re a person who really needs to eat a little bit more breakfast you can split your returns up a little and have say half of the apple with breakfast and half of it with lunch and then have your orange at supper but do not eat both returns at one meal the second thing that you’re allowed to have two grissini breadsticks or melba toast daily make sure you split those up don’t eat them together one at each snack is the general way that it’s done you are eligible to have the liquor of one lemon daily this is fantastic for constituting lemonade also you can have up to one tablespoon of milk do not use non-dairy creamer as your milk because that often has a lot of supplements and stuff in it that will kind of halt your nutrition a bit spices these are some really great choices salt pepper cider vinegar garlic cinnamon but make sure when you shop for your spices that there are no starches additives no aluminum no MSG in your spices you can also use stevia as a sweetener and I use the flavored stevia as a good deal in our house and they are absolutely yummy so don’t miss out the chance to satisfy your sweet tooth a little bit with some stevia likewise so let’s go over really quickly what a date of dinners would look like breakfast you can have chocolate or tea unlimited a good deal of parties will give the 1 tablespoon of milk a daylight that they get into their coffee or tea in the morning if you have trouble going with that your breakfast try munching half of your lunch outcome helping for breakfast don’t alternative non-dairy creamer for milk and tea and chocolate at lunch you can have hundred grams of one of the pas proteins that we talked about earlier one vegetable from the granted veggies roster no mixing also one grissini bread stick or a melba toast one serving of return from your countenanced fruits and then at dinner you can do the same thing hundred grams of the lean protein now it’s important that a dinner you have a different four preferences then you had it lunch only don’t dine the same thing every day that will help you a lot with not becoming tolerated and also it seems to improve the weight loss so where can I find out more well there is a whole lot more to find out about popping for the hcg diet we’ve got a great commodity on that on our blog at HCG diet one informant a CD mollify now we also have HCG diet renders available at ww1 source HCG calm and I’ll see you there bye