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FOX News Special HCG Diet Craze Imitator Alert featuring Dr. Sam Walters

a rather unappetizing area sits in the hallway of this Scottsdale clinic a wagon full of overweight forge solid actually each of these representing five pounds dr. Sam Walters weight-loss patients like to pose with the solid props showing how much weight they’ve lost each of these women dropping more than 75 pounds on the HCG diet program before after and on the pound half a daylight for men of merely fat if it’s done right women will lose a half a pound to a pound of really solid before after and I’ve never seen anything this exciting of this successful in my life I entail it’s road better than 90 percentile success rate that’s with no exercising but a limited diet of only 500 calories a daylight and without being hungry if you follow the program says dr.Walters who is a naturopathic md the thing about the HCG diet is it helps the body to mobilize your own paunch so you’ll burn up your own overweight so you’ll get about 2,500 calories a daytime right off your person so with this kind of success the doctor says there are plenty of impersonators he says HCG can only be prescribed by a licensed physician go on the internet and HCG weight loss concoctions are offered in abundance while dr. Walters weight loss program compass from six hundred dollars on up depending on how much load you want to lose offers on the internet start at a fraction of that they just don’t work quite as well as a real stuff and there’s a lot of HCG type concoctions out there they’re very misleading if you look at the label it’s not true HCG the doctor likewise cautions there is a health issue if you’re eating 500 calories a day he says you should be monitored by a doctor this is the HCG in a bottle but his HCG program includes this plus supplements to keep your energy up some of these people are coming in here in her body HCG off the internet wow that is dangerous you have no idea what you’ve got your hands on there with the popularity of HCG spreading like wildfire savvy food ventures are taking note midwestern fitness a Mesa restaurant and delicious bowls of Phoenix restaurant are taking advantage of the HCG craze fifteen percentage of my consumers are on the HCG diet so it’s kind of a new a brand-new nutrition that’s on the market now so it’s it’s growing Kyle demerit the nutrition chef for midwestern fitness actually delivers previously organized nutrient to clients Britney birdie is getting her bringing at work on this day I required 14 chicken tits 10 steaks and 14 asparagus they genuinely want to focus on you know certain fractions because they’re only tolerated 500 calories with this you know this this diet birdie says she’s busy but wants to eat healthful and stay on her food she’s also a student doesn’t want to deplete a good deal I wasted probably 60 horses today and I got two weeks worth of menu of lunches and dinners and it’s all cooked for me so it’s really good go across town in Phoenix the owner of savory recipes will make up special meals for HCG dieters as well then we box everything up for young cook and owned to D Frank Johnson says she experimented the food online after several clients said they were on it she says she’s happy to cater to her HCG diet patrons meal by dinner or a week at a time it’s pretty simple for us to do because when we’re making these things say we’re making pork tenderloin which is on the lean thing we can leave the oil off you know we can simply perform it up and then slice it and have the excellent components perfect parcels for beings dining smaller to get smaller a weight loss plan is easy as ABC or some would say HCG Linda Williams

HCG Diet Recipe – YUMMY Frozen Grapefruit Spears

good afternoon ladies and gentlemen this is gabriel joseph AKA chef Joseph and I’m in my kitchen right now because I want to show you how to make a really yummy HCG face to approved recipe and it’s really pretty simple and you know not too complicated induce or anything else like that and you know it’s more of a tree or a dessert if you will rather than a meal or anything else like that even though it is will weigh for one of your result provides for the day but with that being said make it for breakfast and have a yummy treat or you snack on it throughout the day if you really wanted to whatever the case is ok cool so we’re going to be preparing frozen grapefruits Pearson let me show you what I’ve got now real quick so right here I’ve got some immense about half a grapefruit that I cut up and then took off the rind from it and everything and then the other parts that you’re going to need is stevia some pulverized Stevie I’ve also got some liquid stevia because it’s vanilla paste and I is of the opinion that it might smack pretty good now and too some plenty remove if you like removes or if you demand a particular flavor the recipe doesn’t really call for that but I envisaged whoo let’s experiment then too you’re going to need some lemon juice whether you want to pressure your own limit or whether you want to get the lemon juice here that’s got zero calories zero of your nonsense like that take and store the rest of your grapefruit you know for another day and I “d no idea” what this trash was so the recipe calls for lemon zest and I queried my spouse I might hey hon do we have any lemon zest floating around that no sentiment you actually make it from any guys out there peculiarly this is a zester if you will it’s a little cheese grater right or not a cheese grater but a little greater and it’s got some really fine grading defects so what you do is you merely hold that down and you run the husk of your your lemon right on the top of it and that’s what this determines right here so it is necessary to some of that because we’re going to sprinkle it on the top but with that being said let me kind of just go through how we’re going to make this and apart “theres going” so okay first thing is you’re going to want to cut your grapefruit up and you know you know how to do that so I’m not going to show you then here’s how we’re going to do it oh and by the way all of these ideas are coming directly from this bible the HCG diet gourmet cookbook and this is an amazing cook book by Tammy sky it’s got over 200 recipes in it I highly recommend it you can go to my blog if you’re looking for the link i know a lot of beings have asked me hey we’re just get your cookbook precisely follow the little association instantly below this video or make me up on Gabriel Joseph calm and you should be able to see this particular video or likewise employed it in the recommended section or the recommended resources that’s among the awfully top navigation rail of my blog ok so the very first thing that we’re going to do here is let me show you and we’ll precisely give me oh sorry for the racket I’m moving my camera that was craziness I’m sorry about that alright so here is what we’re going to do the first thing we’re going to do is watch out that’s a sharp-worded pierce I’m going to take all of my grapefruit and I’m actually going to position it into this bowl right here and the reason why is because you have to plunge and instead of simply dipping I’m just going to sort of slosh it around if you will I various kinds of take a shortcut like inspection good because I’m trying to make it quicker ok so here we go so the first thing is you’re going to throw your grapefruit into a bowl and once you have it in your container we can now move this away that is gone ok very good so now you’re going to take your lemon liquor and it calls for about 2 tablespoons it just going to throw some lemon liquid in now okay and you’re supposed to coat your grapefruit with lemon liquor all right so then we’re going to be placing it on the dish okay and I’ll time register you guys a couple of slices instead of oh heck I told you I make short slashes all the time when I’m cook so that’s what we’re going to do right here okay so we have now dipped all of our wedges and I want to kind of separate them out because we’re going to freeze them so I don’t want them to freeze together I want them to freeze separately because you eat them separately and there we go okay terribly very cool honey could you give me a little towel please be my little eight year olds here in the kitchen with me then we’re going to take our zested lemon and we’re going to sprinkle that over the top there we go so we’ve got zested lemon slicings and rinds all over there all right that’s to add some spice and penchant sugary okay then the next thing that I’m going to do is I’m going to take some of my heap remove and I should have actually put this into the bowl while I was drawing it but i’ll go ahead and merely sprinkle a little of the mint extract all over there don’t want to get wise too spicy or to concentrate girlfriends that would not be good all right the next thing that we’re going to do is I’m going to take my lemon or my vanilla ointment stevia and I’ll just go ahead and introduced a got a couple of quits all over here and have had an opportunity to leant that in there as well I like to made to ensure that i’m hitting every square so that it’s real truly appetizing in autumn sad this is this is really saved my bacon a lot of epoches when i’m looking for something sweetened the last thing that I’m going to do is I’ve got some powdered stevia and this is just pulverized ste bsd be in the raw there’s a number of other brands that are out there as well that one I only are caught up from walmart so i know they carry most everybody has access to a walmart and then i’m just going to go ahead and open these bad sons up and i’m just going to disperse it on there dining this substance like only straight out of the packet is not like feeing carbohydrate it’s got kind of a bitter taste to it and then leaves various kinds of a bad embittered after flavor in your cavity but when you desegregate it into something liquid or when you articulated it on top of something like this particularly that “ve got a lot” of liquid in it it really is transformed into a very very nice sweetener it’s a inkling percent natural it’s not artificial and it’s the only thing that the food really calls for so sweet and low-pitched and all of those other artificial sweeteners you want to stay away from okay so okay we’re done I’m going to use two multitudes that is and I’ve got somebody coming to the door so I’m going to have tons and tons of children guiding to my house because they adore get the door when the doorbell resounds so just as little tip chaps stay on track with your HCG diet sorry for getting motion sickness I cannot work my camera and reverse this is being crazy okay so you are well aware make sure you stay on track I to go get the door this is a really fun and easy method to clear something that’s very healthy and good for you i’m going to go stick it in the freezer now and in a couple of hours mmm buon appetito I’m going to enjoy tons so this is chef Josef coming at you with a really cool HCG tip talk to you last-minute see you bye

PracticalCME Weight Loss Certification Training Course HCG Diet Certification

thanks for visiting practical cma medical learn where you can learn practice and profit guaranteed today we would like to spotlight our weight loss in ketosis diet develop courtrooms accessible as a video exercise or as a live single daylight certification in places taught throughout the country I’m Gregory zynga the medical administrator of practical CME since 2006 myself and our module have improved hundreds of specialists mid-level providers and nannies and have awarded thousands of hours of cme credits our patients need a great deal of assist with their weight almost half of all Americans died at every year and we invest over 46 million dollars on augments that usually don’t work we educate you how to get a piece of that market for your pattern by giving you all of the options first we undermine the superstitions about practise and weight loss and discuss literature on sleep and why it’s so important we educate you how to offer and predict body composition testing we detail the safety and effectiveness of ketosis foods including HCG we school you how to incorporate meal permutations into your practice successfully and profitably and we demo you how food addictions must be addressed if any case is going to lose weight permanently unlike the inexpensive weekend bariatric forums our track is completely unbranded “havent been” patronizes and does not endorse any products whatsoever there are no franchises to buy we learn you how to have the most profitable practice at the most reasonable cost for your composure we are the only course that schools you how to devise nutritions that help your patients defeat their food cravings we prove the physiology of ketosis nutritions and evidence you their incredible safe record we discuss the dosing pros and cons of the HCG diet and how to it successfully administer it in your rule we break down meal substitutions and help you choose the best ones for your pattern and your patients ultimately we register you how to provide everybody has their own opinion on weight loss most opinions and countless popular diet volumes are not even based on medical facts our core strives to cut through the opinions and back up all of our recommendations with actualities instantly from the medical literature since our track has nothing to sell we can be completely impartial and time focus on helping you and your patients our directions likewise come with a start of customizable part figures and permits the evidence-based weight loss course is approved for up to 36 CME credit hours you are eligible to even contributed bioidentical hormone training and train in both works in one weekend our department dwells merely of board-certified medical doctors who too have university teaching appointments finally we are the only medical CMA training provider to offer a money-back guarantee on– it’s live courses if you cannot earn back at least doubled of what you paid to make our teach so you really have nothing for more information or to register for any of our live courses please going to see practical CM e com if you have any further questions about our weight loss and ketosis diet training course please email me directly at md at prac

Weight Loss – Benefits of hCG by Anne Roberts, MD – Empire Medical Training

some of the second thing only in general and men typically lose one to two pounds a era they are not nearly as hungry as they would be on a 500 calorie food otherwise maids normally lose about half to a pound a period HCG is natural and now we of course have already talked big area on workout we know it’s very important for patients to exert but it’s request to countless patients that rehearsal isn’t needed with the HCG diet protocol in order to lose weight and so this is part of what’s popularized it although I still think it’s a great mind to go ahead and do some stepping or incorporate some sort of activity in into your curriculum and the first question numerous patients query when they hear that this is a hormonal e located and program is they want to know about breast cancer so that’s always the first issue maids query it appears that HCG may increase the rate of breast cancer now that having been said it’s very important for your patients to have their cancer screenings and we do know that HCG doesn’t appear to increase the rate of breast cancer may reduce it but we do know that and in very rare instances we all are aware of choriocarcinoma that HCG can be a marker and so we want to only make sure cases are healthful they’re up to date on their pap slanders their annual GYN quizs mammograms all of those things but it doesn’t appear to increase and may in fact reduce the rate of breast cancer in particular some patients do and have almost a reset and they don’t have a lot of force recapture after they’ve done the HCG protocol and again it is safe from for most cases a large number of patients and we’ll talk about the contraindications in just a moment

Simple HCG Diet Tip – Watching Calories & Making Dressings

ladies and gentlemen my call is Gabriel Joseph and I am The Purpose Driven producer this like the fifth time we’re making this video because I’m trying to incorporate my babies into it and they’re charming and shocking but you know it time hasn’t worked out who’s gonna that’s right they started arguing about something behind me that we just had okay so here it departs so again Brittany say hi nice perfect boo boo say hi boom with the mad face eyebrow that’s what I’m talking about okay so what we’re gonna do today is we’re gonna be talking a little bit about the HCG diet and I’m gonna give you a real quick tip and I’ve already demonstrate you this recipe but I want to go into more of the drape on the back end of it because that’s the amazing part of the cg diet or that’s what adds to the amazingness which is we all know that the meat register is like you know that big right and you know there’s not tons and tons of trash that we actually can eat as far as selection so in order to make it taste different we got to spice it up differently so with that being said let me show you this is a really appetizing hold on honey we’ll show them the dressing in just a second but this is a really yummy salad it takes about five maybe ten minutes to prepare talking about maybe three and a half to four ounces of prawn in a duet and a half or so of celery and about two bowls worth of spinach so we’re talking with spinach that’s about fourteen calories talking about twenty calories and then maybe ninety to a hundred maybe a hundred and ten calories for the shrimp so we’re well within our calorie limit but here is now my little beautiful auxiliary is showing us this awesome dressing that we uttered so let’s talk about it knowledge yeah salad yes everything delightful because I adore it so let’s talk about that clothing as compared to other dress now as you see in front of me we have a lot of different garbs right now these are pretty common that you would accompany and everybody’s fridge around the country and these are common in our fridge more I intend duty that’s right we’re no different than any other family but what I actually started to do is pay attention to the backside of this right so let me precisely register you one of these clothes and the nutritional points so we’re talking about in this particular dressing one helping is two tablespoons which you know you usually do a little bit more maybe but you’re talking about seventy calories inside of that and 60 overweight calories so that is an insane amount and if you pay attention as well when you’re talking about it’s pretty high-pitched in sodium so all three of those things that’s like one two three strikes you’re out with the HCG diet you’re trying to avoid almost every of those things so instead of having drapes like this on your salads there’s a duet two alternatives that I would suggest okay so let’s talk about the first alternative the first alternative is mustard okay and let me show you why so in comparison with those our prepares that we just looked at look at this okay so we have dishing immensities one teaspoon and it builds 136 helps but there’s zero calories and zero fatty calories in this then on top of that the sodium is only 3% as you can see right here then it’s got none of the other saturated fat or cholesterol etcetera etcetera so mustard is an amazing drape that you can use either use it directly or what I like to do is constitute covers like this and here’s how I do it and before I talk about how I shape those other attires let me too register you one other thing a lot of parties for maybe shrimp may you know different sauces maybe chicken or steak different sauces a great deal of seasons beings use soy sauce or worse asure sauce I don’t even know if I said here today right but if you could understand what I was talking about then congratu-fucking-lations okay so keep them in soy sauce let’s just talk about on the back side of this just real quick okay so if you can check that out there’s very low in calories but that’s very delude on the HCG diet because you’re not just looking for low-pitched in caloric uptake you’re likewise looking for right here sodium okay is 38% of what’s in this bottle that will originate you retain your force your your weight loss will get really really slow and you’ll be very frustrated and dour because a you’re on 500 calories a day then B you’re not learning the value drop off so you get exasperated you get mad you get angry and then you just stop the diet and that’s no good so a really good alternative to that that I found that’s amazing it’s Bragg Liquid aminos and here’s why with this you have let’s see here let’s just look at the sodium you have zero calories bonus and the sodium you’re only talking about is 6% okay so that’s a great alternative and it tastes merely the same as soy sauce the last thing that I’ll talk to you guys about today does bragging apple cider vinegar times amazing there’s zero calories in now there’s zero sodium in here it smacks super good I represent if you were to suck it straight which you can and it couldn’t induce your cheeks pucker that’s for dang sure but it’s really good substance so what I do is I use Bragg organic and water as my two foundations for all of my sauces because ocean has zero calories in it it’s also came zero sodium in it we’re good to go does have that fluoride in a lot of places which probably isn’t immense for you but you know you can only do so much filter it though so we use filtered ocean and what I do is I really like the the apple cider vinegar renders so I use as far as a mixture probably 3/4 of my potpourrus is the apple cider vinegar and then 1/4 is water but then what I do check this out oh so not only will your cheeks pout but then your tongue will burn off too depending on how much cayenne pepper you use a kindnes cayenne pepper it’s got tons of health benefits particularly if you’re getting sick or to help boost exemptions and everything else so like red pepper I likewise like the zip right let me show you something and this will be a real popular theme throughout our discussion zero calories zero sodium zero paunch zero carbs and zero protein okay so spices are stunning is not simply do they provide tons and tons of flavor and really vary up its own experience but they too man they’re so good because the ad they had spice to what you’re doing title duh spice supplement spice okay the whole entire point is this it certainly desegregates up what you’re doing and it cuts through the blandness or the tedium of dining the same thing all the time reaches it savor different sometimes I do the dressing like what I exactly told you sometimes I’ll put ginger in it and really kind of spice it up so it savor gingery other occasions instead of ginger I’ll throw in mustard powder and combination that up and it really tastes more mustardy so there’s a lot of things that you can do but you’re talking about zero calories zero fatty zero sugars and an amazing dressing that savors different so again this Gabriel Joseph that’s a tip-off for your HCG diet but go ahead and tour my blog at Gabriel Joseph com simply click on that little link below this video or just go to Gabriel Joseph calm I talk about a lot of things not just the HCG diet I’m heartfelt about it because that’s my first step in achieving health and wholeness again in my life which is losing a lot of the load that I gain access to an amazing business implosion a number of years ago that we departed upside down multiple multiple multiple multiple seven and eight anatomies and it was just nastiness right and from that stress I gained a lot of load but through that entire entire process I’ve learned tons I appreciate it I blog about that as well so take my lessons to heart don’t repeat them my whole entire intent with the blog literally is to inspire and motivate you to take action in their own lives so do that make it a good day join my inspiration challenge where inspiration converges reason and induces you to action it’s on every single one of my blog announce read up on it insure what I’m all about Gabriel Joseph that was like a doubled batch upturn upturn okay probably one at a time would be good alright say you say see you last-minute boo boo see you last-minute alligator alright I like your hair dude that’s cool did you graze it just now sister covered it what that was sure nice of her okay this is Gabriel Joseph I’m out be good on your ECG diet stick to the protocol mix it up yeah be good all right construe Mike