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HCG Diet Plan – Discover the list of food which don’t hurt your HCG Diet Plan

hello this is Lisa Allen and in this video I’m just going to go over really quickly the menus that you’re allowed to eat on the HCG diet so let’s get started and let’s move on to the next slither and the HCG diet you are allowed to have at each meal and that is lunch and dinner breakfast is slightly different and we’ll go over that in a second but at each banquet you’re allowed to have one protein from this protein listing there is one vegetable that you’re allowed to have from a directory also one crostini breadstick or melba toast and then too a fruit and I’ll show you the index of the results that you’re allowed to have so let’s begins with a protein index the proteins that you’re allowed to have are lean beef chicken tits shrimp and any kind of non oily fish for by lean beef we signify with all conspicuous fatty pruned and not very much overweight marbling in the meat things like a round steak are good you can do hamburger as long as it’s 96% lean or more with the chicken breast only the breast don’t do the tenderloins take make sure there’s no surface or solid on the outside of the chicken heart shrimp is punishment non oily fish no tuna or salmon and so go with something like a grey fish feeling or limp are all good choices on the prep and cooking make sure you purchase meat without additives or any kind of broth contributed or spice enhancers including information on the cooking no petroleums you can broil them steam cook them or pan concoct in ocean I like the slice excavation up really thin and concoct them in in just a tiny bit of spray in a fry pan it works enormous so the vegetable schedule here are the veggies that you’re allowed to have you can have tomatoes cucumbers asparagus onions radishes lettuce spinach celery beet commons charred green chicory and fennel on the tomatoes you should only have one medium to large tomato but on the other veggies you can pretty much eat as much as you like because they don’t have very many calories and not very much sugar but tomatoes do have just a little bit too much sugar in them so you should only have just the one prep and cooking again fresh softly steamed or you are eligible to framed them in soups no petroleums and organic if possible and be pointed out that on the veggies roll you’re allowed to have one of these per dinner and you are not supposed to mix veggies result selects lunch and dinner you can have one of these fruit picks you can have one small to medium apple of any kind now the pink madams are my favorite maybe you have another favorite that you like better medium-sized orange a half a grapefruit or a handful of strawberries but again only have one if it is required to like say you’re a person who really needs to eat a little bit more breakfast you can split your results up a little bit and have say half of the apple with breakfast and half of it with lunch and then have your orange at dinner but do not eat both outcomes at one meal the other things that you’re allowed to have two grissini breadsticks or melba toast daily make sure you split those up don’t eat them together one at each snack is the general way that it’s done you can have the juice of one lemon daily this is fantastic for stimulating lemonade also you can have up to one tablespoon of milk do not use non-dairy creamer as your milk because that often has a lot of supplements and stuff in it that will kind of halt your nutrition a bit spices these are some really great preferences salt pepper cider vinegar garlic cinnamon but make sure when you shop for your spices that there are no starches additives no aluminum no MSG in your spices you can also use stevia as a sweetener and I use the flavored stevia as a lot in our house and they are absolutely yummy so don’t miss out the chance to satisfy your sweet tooth a little bit with some stevia too so let’s go over really quickly what a day of dinners would look like breakfast you can have coffee or tea unlimited a lot of beings will introduce the 1 tablespoon of milk a period that they get into their chocolate or tea in the morning if you have trouble going with that your breakfast try feeing half of your lunch return dishing for breakfast don’t equivalent non-dairy creamer for milk and tea and coffee at lunch you are eligible to have hundred grams of one of the induce proteins that we talked about earlier one vegetable from the given veggies schedule no mixing also one grissini bread stick or a melba toast one providing of result from your allowed fruits and then at dinner you can do the same thing hundred grams of the lean protein now it’s important that a dinner you have a different four selects then you had it lunch just don’t dine the same thing every day that will help you a lot with not becoming digested and also it seems to improve the weight loss so where can I find out more well there is a whole lot more to find out about popping for the hcg food we’ve got a great essay on that on our blog at HCG diet one source a CD soothe now we also have HCG diet gives available at ww1 source HCG calm and I’ll see you there bye

hCG Diet (Round 1 Phase 2 Day 22, Total Lost 25.8 lbs)

are ya ladies and gentlemen this is Gabriel Joseph nimb Purpose Driven producer and I’m coming to you this morning from my house for my daily HCG diet phase to weigh em so yesterday actually let me give you a little report so yesterday was daytime 21 and my space in force was 211 pitch three pounds so today’s period 22 undoubtedly I’m right at the halfway score of my face to portion of the food so really excited to see what today accompanies so we’re just going to make love real quick and way we go got other things to do it saturday it’s actually nice forecast out here in Utah which is crazy this time of year is still like nuts like one day it’ll be 70 positions outside the next day or even later on that evening it’ll drop down to like 32 grades and snowing craziness how the tornadoes come through during the springtime so anyway said to 11 object what did I say again said to 11.3 yesterday and we’ll really jump on the scale and discover what it is today so here we go to 11.3 to suck in a day guys I’m sucking them take it skinny thing again scrawny to 11.3 two to ten boom 1 extent 3 pounds that’s what I’m talking about adore it I adoration it all right so you know there you have it morning waiting for you one point three pounds this portion of the diet really is kind of like I said USA he’s kind of fooling with my president a little one day I’ll be down one point three pounds or even two pounds the next day I’ll be up like pitch seven pounds or moment three pounds or I’ll have only lost like place one or point two pounds so regardless it’s hinder the long-term perspective I know that it’s going really well my goal weight in another three weeks is or i think is april 21 st is my gold date but it’s 200 pounds so think i’m really well on my nature and very confident that I’ll not only reach that goal but crush the millennium development goals so anyways I’m done it’s Saturday like I said gone other things to do you guys have an amazing weekend and I’ll see you tomorrow see you bye

HCG Diet Recipes Phase 2 – HCG Tips

hi Lynn Ashby now from lifestyle menu and today I exactly want to talk briefly about the HCG diet and the different phases and seeing is particularly in relation to recipes for the different phases in a lot of forums and i also get the issues of my blog from people who are doing the HCG diet without any brace from a nutritionist or medical doctors or a support forum and i often hear a lot of confusion between the phases i get parties requesting what sort of recipes and suggestions do you have for HCG recipes for its second phase so merely to clarify phase one of HCG is only two days and it’s called the loading phase and in those dates you can eat whatever you like now naturally that doesn’t mean munch poisonous menus it doesn’t mean turn any candy all day or munch handled donuts and hot dogs and things like that but you can eat a lot of highfat food you can offset hollandaise sauce have steak have gravy lovely rich salad dressings pretty much anything you would like because the whole point of this phase is to load your body and get batch of fatty into it for those two days before the discontinues kick in and you start drawing the fat accumulations from your torso so that takes care of chapter 1 time 2 is the phase where you really need some advisory opinions and recipes because it’s a very limited calorie intake only 500 calories a period and you’re too very strictly controlled in what nutrients you can eat so I do have some recipes I’ve got some free recipes+ free gratuities on my site and if you check out the link below it will take you to the page where you can access those but as a general guideline you are allowed three articles or through today two serves of 100 grams or three and a half ounces of protein which can be beef veal lamb chicken ish you’re also will be possible to a era of selected veggies and unlimited quantities of some other veggies such as salad veggies tomato onion herbs spices garlic that sort of thing so a conventional date on the second phase of the HCG diet you are able to start with breakfast with an apple and then during the morning you could have some tea unsweetened of course or colors coffee and then for lunch you have a hundred grams of your preference of protein 1 goblet of vegetables with no sources of course and then a big salad with a dressing with our oil and I’ve also got some got some dressing recipes on my locate as well and then dinner is the same as lunch of course drinking plenty of spray and taking the augments that are suggested by your supplier and if you’re not in a support forum I would most recommend it it certainly worth the small extra investment made a huge difference to me so all the best on your HCG journey and thanks for listening bye

Vital Solutions MD HCG weight loss program may be the secret

we’ve all heard a lot about the HCG diet but what you may not know is that there are a lot of different versions of it well today we are here with one of our wonderful sponsors this is jeff dana and he is the owner of vital answers md and jeff you introduced a client with us today with you today kim sharp and we’ll get to you in simply a second kim but let’s go ahead and start Jeff with this on the table because I recollect a lot of beings are looking at it starting what is that that’s five pounds of fat it’s not real solid but it’s one of the aides we use to help people understand what five pounds of solid really really is what’s a lot is what it is absolutely yeah and so when people see that they you know automatically when I show people like Kim Kim’s lost 40 pounds on our planned and that’s eight hours that so you’ve got a envision how much heavines that really is right and so we have patients losing you are well aware a pound a period and they come in and they see that it actually drives dwelling how much they’ve really lost what kind of progress they certainly form precisely well we’ve heard a lot of pretty impressive storeys with people losing a lot of weight but it’s really important don’t you think to really customize the program to each individual yeah most platforms out there are a onesizefitsall off the rack HCG program meaning everybody gets the same thing right having personal experience with that type of program I found out very quickly you can’t do that because certain people have certain needs Kim has certain needs I have certain needs and II you’ll have certain needs we all have to be attended to both medically and physically so that’s one of the reasons I fetched a replica of Kim scan along today and so you can see Kim scan and the aspects of red indicate areas of the highest percentage of person overweight yellowed is still in the overweight and then green is the normal body fat and by that scan we can customize every program to the specific needs of that person okay well let’s um also now look at the before and afters of Kim and then we’re going to talk to her she’s so excited oh yeah it was gonna marry yeah she’s done fabulously all right Kim you’ve lost 40 pounds and what was it like it feels lighter it feels better I have learned more about how to eat and only I haven’t been very very happy with the program I recommends the following to anyone trying to lose weight so was it was it easy was it difficult did you have you know what were your hopes and did it outdid the expectations i did a pound a day okay and when you stick to the program and journal the education that you receive it worked for me so Kim tell me about the eating attires plainly you had to change that a little bit i did and it was great and it wasn’t just great for me it was great for their own families they give you recipes they’re very flavorful and my family doesn’t know that I’m doing it with them and they’re all eating healthier oh they are they are so they taught you to now did you do there’s a cream and there’s also a shot right right we do injections okay it takes a lot of excuses off the counter we just know how much is the clients coming and so it’s much cleanser than the other way so radiant not a big deal no and I “re afraid” needles prior yeah I thoughts a lot of parties are but actually when you hear from people like you that say not a big deal and I not on the Bodhi pounds it’s amazing correct well congratulations on that and thank you so much for coming in and sharing this with us and I like that you really individualize the program yeah has to be done that way okay all right well we want you to mention Sonoran living and you are going to receive a free consult and two hundred dollars off the vsm d upper-clas 12 week HCG program vital solutions MD has two bureaux in the hollow and you can reach the Scottsdale office by christen for a tow for 77 6334 or the Mesa office at for 80 to 89 3690 or check them out online at vital mixtures md tranquilize

Alaska See this before you buy HCG Diet Plan RAC diet weight loss system

hey Dave my epithet is Jessica and I merely want to say that at first I various kinds of announced if the rack weight loss combo kit would work for me and this is really because it resounded more good to be true since I had contended with my heavines trouble for countless many years but the great thing is that the formula made perfectly for me by reducing my meat thirsts shortening my appetite well at the same time strengthening my form so now there is 20 pounds less of me and this wonderful outcome from these commodities was absolutely amazing I definitely have wonderful weight loss and overall I have had a healthy suffer so I want to say thank you so much blue pipeline concoctions you are amazing highly recommended.