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hello aaron now with eh cg nutrition recipes com and i wanted to give a speedy its consideration of the HDD die gourmet cookbook vol 2 we just got this in our office and the first thing I notice is the quality of the book is actually really fantastic the paper the shield is beautiful the other thing that is really nice about this work is that it’s more than simply recipes Tammy’s Kylie author genuinely goes through and discusses the steps of the HCG diet meat that you should feed meat that you can’t chew time 1 time 2 period 3 used to go and eating at restaurants of the HCG mindset how to stay focused and truly stays on the HCG diet during those restriction periods when your calorie limited the book itself has 150 recipes from chicken shrimp fish seafood entree is certainly just a entire bevy of nutrients that are actually don’t have to be restricted to the HDD diet itself I certainly recommend this work if you want to pick up a replica go ahead and click on the link below you won’t be disappointed

HCG Diet Boca Raton – Genuine Physician Prescribed HCG

hi it’s dr. SAS Mojave medical administrator for smart-alecky for life I want to talk to you about the HCG diet there’s a lot of jumble about the HCG diet let me tell you what not to do with the HCG diet first there’s a lot of homeopathic companionships that are selling HCG professions those occupations solely don’t work they’re hoax and in fact they’ve been banned by the FDA there’s also some other midsts that are doing HCG without a physician again that’s not the right way to do HCG there’s also sent us to do it with a physician or with that but they do a 500 calorie HCG program and I personally as well as the HB HB P and ml against those 500 calorie curricula so what is the right way to do HCG the right ways to go realize a doctor who specializes in what in weight loss a member of the M NASB P who has treated countless parties with HCG because not everybody responds to HCG and also the social sciences for HCG is still not clear there are some studies that show that it helps and some studies that show that procreates no inconsistency personally my experience is that patients who take HCG tend to lose weight well and they are retaining muscle mass a study published in the berry attrition showed that there are some benefits to HCG and recently in the last SBP meeting a study by Patel also showed that those muscle protection with HCG but we need more studies if you do HCG merely get it on with real HCG given to you by doctor that you trust with a low-grade calorie diet that’s the 800 compas Ohio in order to be allowed to make sure that you’re getting enough protein that smart-alecky for life of HCG program is done simply with those protocol we never go below 800 calories because below that you get muscle loss and a overweight loss and you want to lose solid likewise you want to be monitored on a regular basis because any low-calorie diet at 800 to 1200 calories is safe if it’s done with a physician and if you have an EKG and blood work done before you start and if you’re gonna start any HCG program if you have not had an EKG and blood work done before the program then it has not been done correctly you should also get a full physical exam and dietary record and a biography of what have you tried in the past for those of you who’ve tried HCG and it’s failed under the conditions I time described then it probably doesn’t work for you at smart-alecky for life we do have a percentage of people who fail and don’t succeed with HCG but I can tell you that most of our patients do HCG are happy and they get great decisions read about HCG find out more about it and if you have any questions you can come to smart for life for a free consultation with our physicians in order to find out whether your candidate for this program thank you you

HCG Diet “Tell it like it is” – Week 2

hi everyone it’s paulina today is two weeks that I have been on the vlcd at two weeks ago this morning it’s Monday morning I would like to start at 250 pounds of the very low calorie portion of the HCG diet this morning i’m happy to announce that I am 230 pounds so I have lost 20 pounds in two weeks and I feel incredible the only trouble i came across really was a bit of a stall for three days and i did an apple epoch and that got everything moving apple day was fairly easy for me i did record a somewhere now on the side you’ll see it my apples a video of a enter of apple date apple they really made me regard the amount of food that I’m getting because when i was doing apple day I didn’t really feel hungry and I expressed surprise that I wasn’t munching my own foot off but I did find on apple daylight and it gave me a new appreciation for the amount of nutrient you eat on the vlcd but I did want to talk about something else very important and I just want to say that I hope I don’t pique anyone I know some of you might be loyal users to a particular brand of HCG ceases but there’s something I genuinely would like to speak about that I certainly would like some clarification on so clod or socal or someone else out there if you know the answer to this please please please either criticism it below or if it involves a particular company email me private letter me somewhere up now you are eligible to send a private theme and I’ll be happy to exchange any private sends with you are familiar with with anyone who might be interested if you want to know where exactly i’ve got my plummets from or where if you’d like to share where you’re getting your lowerings from but i noticed that in the ingredients on the HCG my stops have 12 x 30 x+ 60 X along with a lot of amino battery-acids but as far as the HCG it’s 12 30 and 60 so the reason i ask is because i’m getting ready to order another bottle and i’m not really sure who to say from “ive paid” $ 79 for this one ounce bottle and I’ve been discover the two ounce bottle for seventy eighty or ninety dollars through different various websites but their parts are different one particular website has HCG 6x 12 x 30 x+ 60 X and another particular HCG product is 3 x 6 x 12 x 30 x 60 x so if anybody knows what all these X’s are all about please let me know i do i’m really interested if they’re stronger or weaker I’ve had amazing ensues on mine and mine are 12 x 30 x 60 x I don’t feel hungry at all so I’m curious if you’re watching this video feel free to refer me a private word up now because I think if you announced it down here in the comments it doesn’t really comply with the terms and conditions of youtube so I don’t want to get anyone in difficulty and also if you’re on my facebook if you’re in my facebook group I don’t post it on the wall because it is more likely to be like setting off a big old-fashioned stink bomb private meaning me on facebook or private content me now through youtube I truly am interested in knowing where you get your removes from how many types of different X is what you money and what the size of the bottle is because I just want to make sure that you know if I’m going to recommend this to other parties I’d like to know so that’s about it everyone have a great day and I’m looking forward to hearing your replies on this joyful dieting

HCG Diet R2P2D22

good morning good morning good morning to you I can’t sing so I’ll leave it at that oh how if we go to another week thomson knocking on my entrance today actually a organization was going to show up yesterday but that was a false alarm so I feel like he’s probably going to show today which probably contributed to my inch period today I had a zero release this morning just fine just got to get through these next few dates out and we’ll be back on track I forgot to mention in my blog yesterday that I when I went to the doctors on friday i did have strep throat i tested positive even even though it was the tail end of it so my doctor was going to placed me on a high dose antibiotic and i asked her not to do that simply because my belly you know she was on my overhead umma cashews plus i’m just not a huge fan of antibiotic so so i asked her to gave me on a low quantity and so i am doing a low-spirited dose and I’m just being my antibiotics or I’m sorry my probiotics that I’m taking my foot and so I only have to get through this round of it still further it can not affected the frown at all that I’ve seen I’ve had lost systems i started taking it because i started making it friday and i had a release on saturday and sunday so i think that it doesn’t have any impact on p 2 so that was good news and a duo parties left feedback a shirt well not assuring me but are saying that they didn’t personally have any issues either when they had to take antibiotics mp2 so that was good to know because I was really concerned it would have really sucked to have to have a setback because of that but it goes with the territory I suppose so that’s all I have for you today I am at my current heavines is 185 and some lady simply altogether uttered like a left turn in front of me and she was hesitant and so I’m like kind of like let off the gas wait for her to go but i was still cruising along and she she hogs it being curves at me like like oh looking after for me I precisely I really cut in front of you so don’t made me satisfy freaking parties “i m telling you” i did mention town ok right ok so anyway 0 release a current heavines is 185 total this round is 17 pitch 20 which is about point2 or 40 above where i was last round things are going well i did have more hunger in the beginning of this round than i did last round but now it de-escalate my thirst has it’s been penalize i’m doing emptines proportion extremely so i don’t always come in my returns or the i certainly go into my proteins but i don’t get in everything every day because i’m doing starve flake so am i hunger seems to decrease when Tom comes which is probably opposite of what most people have I don’t generally have craves or a major appetite it actually kind of goes away a little bit so unfortunately my tom is only about three days and hopefully not like i said i’d love to lose during Tom if I could I could have releases that’d be awesome but if not a naked minimum it’d be nice to exactly you know stay the same and then when it’s over have a nice large-scale liberate which is usually what happened so oh I forgot to mention i got my brows threaded see it didn’t really hurt as bad as a even worse as some of the reviews online site but it’s pretty cool so i did pencil in a little bit too because she said that my hilltops were over tweezed and certain areas are waxed or whatever so so i penciled in a little tiny bit but not much and I really liked it i think i’m going to use the threading instead of waxing from now on is this going to do sorry okay I considered that I shouldn’t drive when I have meter on the way if we could get a little petulant lumber and on case oh ok so that’s it guys that’s all I get for you i hope you all had a great weekend wonderful Mother’s Day for those of you who celebrated and I hope your having huge liberates and good stabilizations and life is good for you ok i will talk to you soon I

Vegetarian HCG Diet Preparation

hello it’s jun 7 2010 and haven’t started my food more i’m still waiting on my HCG to get now but I picked up a few cases more things today i got my coil silver so i have that the b12 and the brownish-yellow bottle I need to get some syringes I already have a needle I get stevia the liquid stevia the flavored I got cinnamon and chocolate I like cinnamon and tea so I’m going to give that a try and see if it cultivates and I am doing this or going to attempt to do this vegetarian or as much as I possibly can and I picked up something today I’ll show it to you if i can get it cameras backwards sorry mrm all-natural egg white protein and it has 100 calories in a scoop and 23 grams of protein has zero solid zero sugars and 1.5 carbs so i think i’m going to give that a try as a good substitute we had there’s another type Roy I’ve heard people talk about it on now before Rob Bray or something like that another symbol which had the egg white which is similar but it had sugar alcohols in it and more carbs and I envisage gram and a half of solid so I extended with this instead I’ll probably try and use the powder for a protein once a day and either do an egg and egg whites later you are familiar with for my second meal but I don’t know you know you know supposed to have the same protein twice in the day so I don’t know if egg white powder and having the eggs weighs is the same thing so I can’t do cottage cheese because that’s one of my trigger menus and I know if I started office to eat the whole tub so I don’t know I might try and do some tilapia or maybe some shrimp I might be able to get that down and even trying to find a source of organic free-range chicken which I might try some of this chicken breast and see right now I can’t even imagine swallowing it but you know I’ll give it a try so that’s where I’m at I get got a question though I don’t know if anyone knows the answer but in dr.Simians protocol it says as far as artificial sweeteners you can use the stevia and saccharine and what I’m wondering is he developed this protocol so long ago when he developed it was there any other artificial sweetener accessible other than stevia and saccharine so I’m wondering I don’t know if he’s dead or alive but our other artificial sweeteners may be okay maybe they aren’t on the protocol only because they hadn’t been developed when the protocol was put into place so I don’t know if anyone else has tried that but I would be curious to know if some of the other artificial sweeteners are okay like for the day I know that like aspartame was bad for you I made trivia myself but I don’t mind Stevie at all so I’ll stick with it but I was just curious there were some other artificial sweetener alternatives but I probably won’t said so until either i buy something new or get my HCG I am trying to eat indulge a little bit more not a lot i’m not doing any gut onus until you know the first day of my HCG but I’m trying to indulge a little bit because I’ve been eating just so principally vegetables I’ve been pretty much carb free for a while and get protein from cheese eggs and not so I’m trying to just indulge a little bit and doing some carbs really to kind of wrap up my system a little so i don’t know i guess i will check in when i have something to add see ya