Nurse Lily’s hCG Diet Weight Loss Journey – WEEK ONE

Hi everybody. Its Lily from Atlantis Medical Wellness. Happy New Year! So, one of my objective for 2017 was to lowermy body fat percentage and to get back in a better place. So, I made the decision to do the hCG diet. I laded yesterday and the day before. Today is my first day on the 500 calories. Its a little tough. I think that Im not so much hungry as Iam having some salty itches because I like to eat salty things late at night. As embarrassing as it is, I wanted to sharemy weight loss journey with you guys and kind of just tell you what Im going throughweek by week.So, Ill be back next week. Bye !.

LearningTools: Reading Syringes

-[ Josh] Hi. I’m Josh Farquharson andwelcome to Reading Syringes. Learning how to read a syringe could be the differencebetween return patients the chasten dosage ofmedication and assist them or imparting the patientswrong doses of remedy and mischief them. By the end of this lesson, you will identify and interpretthe graduation commemorates on many syringes, determine the amount of medication in various types of syringes. First, we will examine the parts of the syringe. The gratuity is where the needlehub attaches to the syringe. The barrel is a reservoir for propping the syringes materials. The content may be applied to liquids or gases, but for the rest of this lesson, I will time refer to thecontent as drug. Flanges provision asurface for the clinician to securely grasp the syringe during injection procedures. The plunger moves back andforth inside the barrel of the syringe. This allows the clinicianto draw medication into the syringe and expelmedication out of the syringe.At the top of the plunger is a rubbery tip called the stopper. The show-stopper prevents prescription from divulging around the plunger. You will notice that thestopper has a transcend reverberating and a tush ring. The top hoop acts as an indicator for assessing the medicationcontained within the barrel of the syringe. On the barrel are bold graduation recognizes. Graduation observes allow for the measurement of the syringe’s materials. The first graduation celebrate represents zero while the last graduation mark represents the syringe’s capacity or the total amount thesyringe was designed to hold. These marks often representcubic centimeters, ccs, milliliters, mLs or divisions. If you picture syringes that haveccs, mLs or both, don’t worry, the amounts are equivalent. One cc is the same as one mL. We will include the graduationmarks on five milliliter, three milliliter, onemilliliter, and U-1 00 syringes. There are many other sizes of syringes, but once you finish this lesson, you will feel confident inreading syringes of any size. Now let’s focus on interpreting the values of the graduation recognizes on the syringes.To interpret the valuesof graduation distinguishes, we will use a three-step process. Step one, define the increments of the visible crowds. To find the increment, detect the observable numerals and determine how muchthey are increasing by. On this five milliliter syringe, this strand represents one milliliter, this represents two milliliters and so on. Therefore, the visiblenumbers are increasing in increments of one. Step two, count the stepsto the next observable crowd. First, I require you to noticethat you have long rows which have the visiblenumbers next to them and the short boundaries which donot have any evident amounts next to them.So to determine the valuesof those shorter strands, we will count how manylines it may be necessary to get from one evident amount tothe next evident count. We will use a line of thefirst observable quantity, one, as your basic starting point. With your finger on the starting point, counting how many steps ittakes for you to land on the next observable number. One step, two step, threesteps, four gradations, and five. It takes five steps to getto the next noticeable crowd. Notice that we did notinclude the starting point as one of the steps. We only weighed the lines after the starting pointand stopped counting once we moored on the lineof the next visible count. So the responses to step two is five. It made five stairs for us toget to the next conspicuous list. Step three, divide the incrementby the number of steps.For stair three, all you need to do is divide the answer from step one by the answer in step two. When the increment of one is divided by the number ofsteps, five, it equals 0.2. Therefore, each text on the syringe represents a value of 0.2. That means this direction indicatesa appreciate of 0.2 milliliters. This is 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1, 1.2, 1.4 and so forth. So how much does this line represent? If you territory 3.4 milliliters, you are correct. How about this boundary? If you territory 4.8, you are correct. Now let’s get a little more realistic. Instead of using an arrow, let’s use the top reverberate of the show-stopper as our indication and fillthe syringe with medication. When observing the stopper, you will notice that thereis a bit of a cone shape at the tip. Ignore the cone-shaped area and meter the amount of remedy by focusing only on thetop pealing of the stopper.For lesson , notice thetop echoing was noted in red is touching the two milliliter line. This indicates that thissyringe contains two milliliters of prescription. You try the next one. How much medication is in this syringe? If you territory 0.6 milliliters, you are correct. One more. How much drug is in this syringe? If you territory 3.2 milliliters, you are correct. Great job. Now that you are cozy with reading a five milliliter syringe, we will use this three-step process to read the coming few syringes. Let’s apply the steps to reading this three milliliter syringe. Step one, establish theincrements of the noticeable numerals. The conspicuous numerals are 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2 and so on. That signifies the visiblenumbers are increasing in increments of half or 0.5. Step two, count the stepsto the next noticeable list. Our starting point is 0.5. And as you watch, it takes five gradations after the starting point toland on the next perceptible multitude. Step three, divide the incrementby the number of steps. When the increment of 0.5 is divided by the number of steps, five, it equals 0.1 ml. Therefore, each position on the syringe represents a value of 0.1 mls. This line is 0.1. This is 0.2, 0.3 and so on. Now that we know the valueof all the graduation traces, let’s decide the amountof medication in the syringe. How much drug is in this syringe? If you stated 0.7 milliliters, you are correct. Try one more. How much remedy is in this syringe? If you stated 1.9 milliliters, you are correct. Great job. Now we’ll merely apply the steps to reading a one milliliter syringe. Step one, choose theincrements of the conspicuous quantities. The noticeable amounts are 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 and so on. That conveys the visiblenumbers are increasing in increments of 0.1. Step two, count the stepsto the next evident numeral. Our starting point is 0.1. And as you witness, it makes 10 pace after the starting point toland on the next visible list. Step three, divide the incrementby the number of steps. When the increment of 0.1 is divided by the number of steps, 10, it equals 0.01 milliliters. Therefore, each boundary on the syringe represents avalue of 0.01 milliliters. So this word is 0.01. This is 0.02, 0.03 and so on. Let’s jump-start onward so you can get a better idea of how the marks increasethroughout the syringe. Now is 0.09. Here is 0.1, but to makethis a bit more intuitive, you can also look atthis line as being 0.10 because after 0.10 is 0.11, 0.12 and so on.So what is the value of this text? If you territory 0.21, you are correct. Now that you know the value of all the graduation differentiates, let’s influence the amountof medication in the syringe. How much remedy is in the syringe? If you territory 0.59 milliliters, you are correct. Try one more. How much drug is in this syringe? If you stated 0.65 milliliters, you are correct. Great job. And that accompanies us to our lastsyringe, the U-1 00 syringe. The U-1 00 syringe is commonlyused for insulin injections and doses of insulinare measured in parts. Therefore, instead of saying milliliters in your final reaction, for this syringe, you will stateunits in your final answer.Now let’s apply the three-step process to this 100 unit syringe. Step one, calculate theincrements of the visible lists. The visible counts are 10, 20, 30, 40, and so on. That intends the visiblenumbers are increasing in increments of ten parts. Step two, count the stepsto the next noticeable count. Our starting point is 10. And as you read, it makes five steps to landon the next observable number. Step three, divide the incrementby the number of steps. When the increment of 10is divided by the number of steps, five, it equals two. Therefore each wrinkle on the syringe represents a value of two measurements. This cable is two, this is four, six, and so on. And now that you know the value of all the graduation marks, let’s establish the amountof medication in the syringe.So how much remedy is in this syringe? If you stated 38 contingents, you are correct. One more. How much medication is in this syringe? If you stated 74 contingents, you are correct. Well, we went through all of the syringes, but before I intention this lesson I want to assessment your skillswith a few random syringes. So formerly the syringeappears on your screen, press pause to figure out the answer and then press play when you’reready to end the answer. You’re ready? Let’s begin. How much remedy is inthis three milliliter syringe? How much medication is inthis one milliliter syringe? How much prescription isin this U-1 00 syringe? And how much drug is inthis five milliliter syringe? So did you answer all of them correctly? Great job and give yourselfa huge pat on the back for a job well done.And there you have it. You have learned to identify and interpretthe graduation marks on many syringes and determine the amount of medication in a variety of syringes. If you attained this video helpful, please click the like buttonand leave your feedback. To stay up-to-date on otherallied state read implements, you can follow me on Twitter @ ahtools1 or subscribe to myAlliedHealthTools YouTube channel. Thank you for watching this video ..

HCG Diet VLCD 24: +.80 | 0 Loss | 0 Loss – Total 16.60 lbs lost

hi believe says Kim I just wanted to jump out real quick and leave a speedy update it’s just been a few days actually nothing’s happened after I -lsb- updating you i think i had lost 1.40 that was after a detox soap the next day I gained back detail 6 of that so I still had a point 8 loss but target six came back so I’m guessing i lost some water value there and since then i have not lost anything so now it’s two more weigh-in since then and i’m just remaining it the same way so if tomorrow morning i don’t lose I certainly have to come up with something because I will have four dates at the same way but as of now I’m hoping I don’t have to do an apple daylight or steak day or whatever because I’ve speak that you just lose sea value to those used and normally you gain it back but I also see how emotionally I need to see the scale move again so one of the things that I did want to talk about today was some of the improvements that I’ve seen in my overall state since i started the HCG diet one thing is look at this i have fingernails “i havent had” nails they might be a little dirty or they need to be cleaned but i haven’t had nails in like I don’t know 15 years they are so brittle and they always transgress and they never last long so for some reason they’re flourishing and they’re developing and strong and they’re not breach and their last things I’m very excited about that and then the other thing is I had like a I would get like this sarai as its arise so sauruses the itchy scalp a skin condition with my autoimmune malady I haven’t had that at all since I’ve started doing the HCG diet as well so that is definitely improvement which is actually these things are listed in pounds and inches and dr.Simians original etiquette his manuscript that he said people do notice improvements in these areas and I have the other thing is my hair is not falling out anymore my whisker used to fall out from my autoimmune illness and that has also stopped now some of this could be like a double like a double whammy because I had the surgery to remove my endo and so that could have been cause like an autoimmune flower in my body which could have actually fomented and provoked some of those interesting thing with my itchy scalp and my hair loss but either way I’m super roused to see all of these issues going away so anyway I simply want to give you that quick inform I certainly have nothing exciting I don’t even know what vlcd I am i think i’m 26 now i don’t have a lot of occasion left on this round so I’m kind of starting to panic a little bit because i have my my repetitions coming up to and another week and a half and that i know is going to be a stall for me as well so i really need to get things moving now and i’m not really sure what to do oh I know what I wanted to tell you part of this is my fault I attended all that stuff about that chocolate delight and I decided to make it because Valentine’s Day I met my husband a little treat and I thought well maybe I can give this a try and see you know if I can have this little treat and I know that it’s not part of the protocol and it could go either way but I didn’t benefit from it but I too didn’t lose so I don’t know you know I frequently my lost blueprints ought to have vanishing a marry days with no loss than a loss than a duet dates with no loss than a loss so I don’t know if I can contribute it to the chocolate rejoiced or not but I’ve decided not to eat any more of it because i don’t i don’t need to make the risk and it was good but it wasn’t all that good that like i’m craving it or that I was like ever really a big chocolate freak anyway so I suspect I just wanted to treat myself on Valentine’s Day which I really didn’t need I mean we have the outcome in our programme and that’s really just as satisfying so I think that’s about it i hope everyone is doing well I hope you’re having good freeings and I hope that you got through valentine’s day without the same desires that i had and i hope that all is going MA we’ll talk to you soon

Quick & Easy Chicken Spinach Salad – HCG Diet Recipe

good afternoon ladies and gentlemen this is Gabriel Joseph and again I’m here with my little oompa loompa say hi Benson say hi what are you doing oh yeah you saying hi say hi okay were you in there messing with all of mommy’s Tupperware see yes okay should we show everybody what we stirred for lunch today on the hcg diet say yes oh there you go okay so good-for-nothing super figment today in fact it is very very simple something that I’ve done got a couple of epoches before but you are familiar with sometimes you simply don’t have the time and the vigour or the effort to prepare a gourmet meal so what I did today is a really very simple I needed my meat as well as my two veggies and so I have chicken let’s see I won’t dig it in with my thumb but you appreciate I’ve got chicken globs throughout their then I’ve got cucumber and spinach that’s in the salad and all’s I did was fling it together make a tossed salad but the secret is the dressing so I had a good friend show me this dres the other day and I kind of like non milky dress I like vinaigrette type of things so for me this drape is amazing for you might not be but what I do is I take about a quarter cup or an eighth of a beaker of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar then I throw in whatever spices I just wanted to and I throw in the towel some stevia to candy it up a little and I simply kind of mix it to perceive that stops for about 810 periods in the refrigerator and so what I do is I just use that as my salad dressing and you can see in now I’ve got my salad dressing down there at the bottom and so I really turned my my spinach my salad through it take a bite and apart we go now another I like to do if you like something spicy you could do something like this this is called the nothing and it’s got a lot of different stuff in there in fact it’s got onions paprika chili pepper cumin garlic jalapeno coriander cayenne oregano and lemon lubricant so that is hands it a little bit of kicking is not over the top or anything but kind of moves my nose run merely a little bit but hey those spices in and of themselves are amazing to keep health and power grades up so anyway it’s just I know it’s not super complicated or anything else like that oh by the way I’ve already eaten them because I was hungry I emptied the house today but it was super hungry so I once munch my two Grisanti breadsticks but those are pretty decent as well so anyways there you have it nothing involved super easy little toss salad and away you go Benson what are you doing dude well that’s pretty cunning you needed to get your water bottle huh I accompany okay well that manufactures feel other than that that would be a no no but that’s pretty damned smart-alecky my little bloop is so funny all right gable Joseph I am The Purpose Driven producer see you last-minute