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[ Music playback] Pregnyl hCGsubcutaneous injection Hi, everyone, Im Sofia, andIm going to explain to you how to introduce Pregnyl under the skin, for short-lived, subcutaneous insertion of Pregnyl. Before you start, one thing to say is that Pregnyl can also beinjected into the muscle, or intramuscular for short-lived, so you must know which technique your healthcareprovider tells you to use. The teaches are divided intofive quick paces. You can use the followingsections to jump-start to different gradations at any time. First told us make sure thatyou have all the supplies ready. Including a bottle of Pregnyl, also known as hCG; a bottle ofbacteriostatic spray for injection for dilution; a infertile syringe; a needle for mixing, which may or may not have been installed on the syringe; Only injection needles; in additionthere are alcohol cotton pads, infertile gauze, a sharps boxand a clean-living counter. The prescriptions or supplyings you receivemay be in legions of “cc” or “mL”, and they are interchangeable. Don’t worry, they arejust different appoints, and the measurements are the same.For illustration, 1 ccis equal to 1 mL. Today I will explainhow to mingle and introduce 10,000 IU. However, if you need adifferent dose, check with your healthcare providerwhat to do next. Now please washyour hands well with soap and spray. Next, you need toprepare the injection site for yourself. There was still severalplaces on the human body where dopes can be injected under the skin.The abdomen, the expanse justbelow or next to your belly button; or the legs, which is the areaon the outside of your thighs. No matter which site you choose, try to avoid consecutive doses at the same site to reduce the risk of scalp reactions, and never introduce at any tender, red, bruisedor hard site. Today, I want to show youhow to inject into the abdomen, because this is the most commonly used website. First, utilization an booze swab toclean the surface about 2 inches around the injection site, and then wait a few seconds to let itdry while preparing the medicine. Next, you will want to mix the medication. You need tomix the pulverized Pregnyl with the diluent. At the start, removethe detonators of the two medicine bottles and wipethe top of each bottle with an booze swab. Unpack the syringe. If the syringe isnot furnished with a needle, shafted the mixing needle onto the syringe and remove the needle cover. Next, you willdraw air with a syringe by pulling the piston back to let in the air, to the diluent dosage recommended by your healthcare provider.Usually 1 cc or 1 mL. Place the drug bottle on aflat skin-deep and pierce the needle through the rubberstopper into the bottle. Gently press thepiston all the way to the end to push the breath into the medicinebottle, which moves it easier to draw the prescription. Then, without pulling out theneedle, turn the prescription bottle upside down. Slowly pull theplunger back to draw out the recommended amount of diluent, making sure that the needle tip-off is alwaysimmersed in the solution during this process. When you are done, lieu the medication bottleon a flat surface and pull out the needle. Now slowly pour the1 cc diluent into the medicine bottle containing powdered Pregnyl by inserting the needle through the rubberstopper into the medicine bottle and slowly pushing thepiston to inject the solution.While the needle of the syringe is still stuck inthe vial, gently swirl the contents of the vial until thepowder dissolves into the solution. If the answer is difficult to ascertain oryou experience any corpuscles hovering around, do not use itand call your healthcare provider immediately to ask what to do next. Do not pull out the needle andturn the drug bottle upside down. Slowly pull the plunger back toextract the dose you need, making sure that theneedle tip is always immersed in the answer during this process. Now you can change the needle. First, withdraw the mixing needlefrom the drug bottle, re -fit the needle sheathe, and unscrew the needle with theneedle covering from the syringe. Discard the needle in the sharps box. Next, screw the dose needleonto the syringe and remove the needle cover. To remove all air froths, theneedle is up and the plunger is gently drawn back, or the syringe is tapped or flicked untilthe breath bubble rises to the top, and then theplunger is gently propagandized until a small amount appears on the tip of the needle.Drops of liquid medicine.It is good to see small-scale fells, which means that your medicine isready for injection. Now that you are ready to inject themedicine, we will begin. Hold thesyringe with one side, and pressure the bark at the infusion locate with the other hand. Insert the part needle directly into the skin at an inclination of 45 to 90 positions. Push the piston slowlyuntil you have injected all the medicine. Count 1, 2, 3 quickly, then “lets get going” of the bark you pinched. Use a piece of gauze tofirmly press the injection locate and draw out the needle.Well done. Now, the last step you need to do is clean up. If there is remaining Pregnyl in the medicine bottle, accumulation it in therefrigerator for up to 60 epoches. Then jettisoned the usedneedles and syringes in the abrupts box. That’s it! Thank you very muchfor watching today. Take care of yourself.[ Music Play] Need more steering? Encompass Fertility patients can call their pharmacy team at 1-855-443-5357. If you have more questions, can be contacted your healthcare provider. The purpose of the information( “content”) provided in this video will not oust or supplant the professional medical advice, diagnosis, medication, and training you receive from healthcare providers. The material is for information purposes exclusively, and is not designed or intended to diagnose or consider a health problem or disease. For more detailed instructions on your specific remedies and important safety information, please refer to the prescription information and patient information leaflets, and talk to your healthcare provider. No matter what information you discover or predict in this informative video, always follow your healthcare providers teachings to use your medications. For any questions or concerns you may have about a medical position, be sure to consult your healthcare provider. 2019. ProCare Pharmacy, L.L.C. All rights earmarked. 75 -4 9051 K.

How To Have Twins: Get the Truth from a Fertility Expert

Here at InfertilityTV, I get a lot of questionsfrom duets who are trying to have twins about the chance for twins with fertilitytreatments. Much of what is out there is wrong so today I will separate the fact from fiction Most people are familiar with the fact thatthere are basically two types of twins. The first type are identical twins. Identicaltwins arise from a separate in the embryo shortly after fertilization. Now are some facts about identical twins Identical twinneds are exceptional. Only, about3- 4 of every 1000 deliveries are identical twins. Identical twins even off about of all twinsWith a few rare exclusions, this doesn’t seem to vary much based on where you live or otherfactors Analogous twins dont generally run in families, though there are some very rare categories where it might happen.These rare houses point to the possibility that there may be genes that increase thechance for identical twin, though scientists have not yet been able to pin down any specificgenes hitherto. The fertility medication Clomid is well knownto increase the chance for fraternal twins but this 2006 study too found that the proportionof identical twins was higher when twins appeared with Clomid compared to a group of naturallyoccurring twins.The only well documented ingredient that increasesthe risk of identical twins is IVF. Growing fetus in the laboratory seem to increasethe chance that an embryo will separate. The longer they stay in the lab, the greater thechance. For fetu assigns that are available after growingembryos for 2-3 dates, identical twins occur about 1-2% of the timeWaiting until the blastocyst stage at 5 to 6 days increases the an opportunity to about 2-3% and making a hole in the husk surrounding the embryo, known as “Assisted Hatching” roughly double-dealing the fortune that the embryo will split Fraternal twins are a lot more interesting.Fraternal twinneds arise from fertilization of two different eggs by two different sperm.There are several factors that seem to influence a woman having dizygotic twin naturally, that is without the use of birthrate drugs.GeographySub Saharan Africa realise about 23 dizygotic twin for every 1000 births.Asian countries have about 5 per 1000 deliveries. The US is in the middle with about 10 to 12 per 1000 births that are available naturally Body typeTall women appeared to have one and a half to two times the chance for twinneds in somestudies but not in others Gals with a BMI over 30 had a 62% higherchance of twinneds and women with a BMI less than 20 had a 38% lower possibility for twins. Genetics. Fraternal twins do run in families. For agiven couple, if twins run in the females family, or if the woman herself is a twin, the couple has a higher chance for twinneds themselves. If twinneds run in the males household, the coupledoesnt have a higher chance for twins but if the couple have daughters, they will havea higher chance for twins. The overall significance of family history may increase the chancefor a twinned by 1 and a half to two times – so about 15 to 20 twinneds per 1000 transmissions. Age. It is the case that as girls get older, they havea higher chance of exhausting more than one egg at the time of ovulation and so – theyhave a higher chance of a twin pregnancy.The impact here is pretty strong. Women intheir late 30 s and early 40 s have about four times the chance for twinneds compared to womenin their late teens. The twinned pace in older maids is about 40 per 1000 births What about food? Yams – Some beings have theorized that the reason why some regions in Africa, like Nigeria, have a higher twin rate is because of the presence of yams in their nutrition. The evidencehere, nonetheless, is extremely weak. Dairy concoctions – One small-minded study suggestedthat the milk from kine that received increment hormone would have higher levels of a hormonecalled IGF-1 and that women who drank the milk from these moo-cows would therefore havehigher IGF-1 stages themselves – which would in turn, stimulate the ovaries to produce multipleeggs. However, studies in women who drank a lot of milk saw no an increasing number of their IGF-1levels. Dairy commodities are unlikely to influence the chance for twins What about medications? Metformin – Metformin is a medication that is used to induce ovulation in women withPCOS.Metformin does not increase the risk for twins.Folic acid – folic battery-acid or folate is a supplement that all women should make if they are planningto become pregnant since it increases the risk of certain birth defects. The attest ismixed now – with some studies picturing a slight increase in twins and other studies findingno increase. At this place, the weight of evidence quarrels against any effect.Letrozole – This medication is used to induce ovulation in women with PCOS.Studies havefound a twin rate of ten% or higher or at least 100 twinneds per 1000 pregnanciesClomid or clomiphene citrate has about the same rate of twinneds as letrozoleInjectable fertility medications like Follistim or Gonal F has a twinned proportion of 25 to 30% anda reasonably substantial charge of triplets and quadruplets With IVF,. the rate of fraternal twins dependsprimarily on the number of embryos moved. If two embryos are changed, in a worldclass IVF program like IVF1, the chance for twin pregnancy outdoes 60% If you liked this video, retain to Likethis video. If you have an idea for a future escapade of InfertilityTV, leave it in thecomments. Subscribe now. InfertilityTV publishes a new chapter every week. Its like havinga birthrate expert in your phone ..

How I lost 20 POUNDS, Improved energy, Better Sleep and loved the recipes at Platinum Wellness!

Hello, my figure is Horace, I have started at Platinum wellness as two months ago, I’ve lost 20 pounds I have lots of energy, the stamina is great! I’m sleeping well at night! I used to have a problem waking up three or four times a night, and now can go back to sleep. And if I wake up now, I go back to sleep within ten minutes. Everything is going well. I adoration the recipes they have. I just like the programme. And I recommend this to anyone who wants to go ahead and improve their health, and too I’m 67 years old And I am doing great !.

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How to lose 240 pounds without hunger

Can you lose more than 200 poundswithout even feeling hungry? Today I’m going to talk to a woman who did just that. I’m Andreas Eenfeldt from and I’m here with Lynn Ivey. Thank you for being here. Oh Andreas, thank youso much for having me. I appreciate this opportunityto share my story with you and with the tribes who would be watching the interview as well. So with match several times before and I knowyou have a remarkable storey to tell.How did this start? I mean you had some weight questions before. What was it like? I will really kind of start with the beginning. I have always striven with weight. In my 20 s it was a lot easierand into my 30 s it was bit easier. In younger times I was a dancer, so quite active … I had the hormones of youth on my slope at that point in time. In the summertime college job I was a dancerfor the Walt Disney Company, so I was in live productionsmoving all the time, but I’ll tell you that I did have an unhealthy … as numerous parties in the amusement business or in theater or dance might have, a love-hate relationship with food and it was an exercise, if you will, in starvation and in trying to keep up with everything that was going on.So as the years went on and as I gotinto my 30 s and later into my 40 s, hormones converted, things modified … I was munching a low-fat diet my entire soul, I conclude since I was 10 year olds … I recollect going on my first nutrition and just being hungry all the time. And so when I got into my 40 s the weight came on with a vengeance. And I was at 49 when I eventually got to get a place, at my highest value, which was 374 pounds I was at my tethers and I did not know what to do. I was doing everything that my specialists were telling me to do. They were doing very good they knew to tell me and that was to eat an 800 to 1200 cal diet a day and rehearsal. But at 374 pounds that is impossible. And “weve heard” numerous lectures yesterday now on the sail talking about that aspect of simply feelinglike something is wrong with us … It’s my courage, I’m not punished enough, it’s something wrong with me…I’m lazy, I must be stupid…Obviously other parties don’t have problems…They can handle this … So it was a frightening place to be to see my force almost approaching 400 pounds. My mother at the time…she passed away five years ago. She had type 2 diabetes and was experiencing the complications of that … So she passed away from thatand I was terrified. You thought you would havethe same sort of–? I knew I was going down that track more, if something did not change. And I’ve tried everything at that point. From age 10, my first food, to age 49, my own experience had been up-and-down. I have been as low-spirited as 124 pounds without starvation. That was a dancer’s load and not a health route to get there up to 374 pounds to eat a low-fat diet, and it was not workingand I was terrified.My mama died from complicationsof kind 2 diabetes at age 74 and I did not want that to be my floor. And so that’s how I intent up– What happened? Because something happened certainly. I am fortunate to work at DukeUniversity in Durham North Carolina, which is the place where Dr. Eric Westmanwith the Duke Lifestyle Medicine clinic is … He is located there.And actually colleagues of mineat work were already patients of his and were experiencingwonderful arises. And so I had done everything up to that item in terms of starvationand liquid protein foods, hospital-based liquid protein diet, 600 cal a date for three months at a time, lost a ton of weight three times, very expensive to do that. But when you were brought back on to food, it was skim milk and wheat cereals and entire wheat toast and margarineand fruit, nature’s sugar. Another acces to start it to be drawn up. Absolutely, the perfect business sit, because it kept me coming back as a woman who needed and wanted to lose the weight. But I was hungry all the time. So the other option for me I predict was going to be the bariatric surgery and that’s a very popular option at a lot of places around the country and certainly at Duke. Duke is one of the primarymedical centres in the US. And a great deal of people go to thatwhen they’re at their humours aim, without knowing about what you and Dr.Westman so beautifully teach us about. And that is real food. So I went to Eric, I went to Dr. Westman and I was like, “You are my last chance, I don’t know what else to do.” And that was Novemberthe 5th of 2009 and two and a half years later I travelled from 374 pounds to 139 pounds , no surgery … -That’s incredible.-No surgery. Yeah, it is … it’s a miracle. No surgery , no pills , no shotsand now I am today. -Were you hungry? -I was never hungry. Because you said you were always hungrybefore, even when you were much heavier.Yeah, for the first time in my life since I’ve started my first nutrition, if you are able to, at 10 year olds I have felt nourishedfrom the inside out. I mean that is such a gift, so thank you for what you are doing, because spreading that word andgiving parties that message … the information giving peoplethe truth is the greatest gift. So what did Dr. Westman say when you met him that first time? I enjoy this, we laugh about it actually now … First I recollect when he stepped in the door in my first appointment … Of route “hes having” on his white coat andhe was very calm, very relaxed … We he’s very Zen about all of this, which is great, because by the time you knowa lot of beings get there, we know that there’s something wrong, there’s something happening and I now know it was metabolic syndrome, I was broken metabolically, I thought it was my fault…So he comes in and he goes, “How may I help you today? ” Just very calm and lovelyand I simply burst into tears. I foresee I cried through thatwhole first appointment, simply because I was expecting, “Here’s another doctor … He is going to tell me I need to eat 800 cal and employ an hour a day.” And my joints were killing me, I was in pain, I is more difficult to breathe, I could hardly move. And instead I had thiswonderful attendance, this wonderful man come in and say, “How can I help you? ” And when I told him, “I’m afraid”…I only basically said, “I’m terrified” and told him the storey with my mom. And he said, “The first thing you need to knowis this is not your fault.” And I burst into cries again, because I did not know that.He said, “This, the weightis not your fault”, and then he started to explain, “It’s more than calories in, calories out. “It’s the kind of foodthat you’re eating. “Low-fat wants high-pitched carbohydrate, high carbohydrate and high sugar, high-pitched starch, or high starch represents high sugar…” I had no idea that the most nutrient that I was ingesting for 40 something years was the very thing that was setting me up for what happened with my momma. I had no clue. So I remember after that first appointment I literally had to go home, lie down on my lounge and employed a coldnes compress on my premier, because it exactly blew my mind.I’ve never heard this before. So this was quite different from anythingyou’ve been told by doctors before? Yes, and so I reckoned, “This manis either truly onto something, “or he is totally crazy. “But I’m willing to bankon the crazy right now. “I’m going to try this because there’ssomething that reverberates with this, “that voices right and true-life “and it speaks to the wisdom of their own bodies and to the way we were fixed, “and to the fact that so much better of whatwe’ve been sold and told over the years has been undoubtedly not effective.” And that stimulated me on not only to clean up my nutrition, or to get on the right path with it – nutrition … I don’t think of it as a diet anymore, it’s a lifestyle and as we are familiar, it’s nutrition, it’s feeding their own bodies from inside out , nourishing.And the starve totally went away ..